Moon Geun Young Holds Fan Meeting in Seoul

Despite doing two dramas in 2010, which was rare for her, Moon Geun Young hasn’t had an acting project yet in 2011. She’s went back to school for the first semester and is spending the Summer break on other activities. The first being her third fan meeting in Seoul, and the second being a series of fan meetings in August along with Jang Geun Seok to promote Mary Stayed Out All Night in Japan.

For her solo fan meeting in Seoul, Geun Young was her usual multi-talented and sincere self, playing games and answering questions with her fans, doing a dance performance that forever shocks me with how great of a dancer she is, and sitting down with a guitar to sing a lovely song for her fans. She’s not the best singer, but her voice has this rasp to it that always sounds great.

She’s so beautiful inside and out, and I simply worship the very ground she walks on. I can’t wait for her next acting project, whether this year or next, because I know she’ll have put thought into it and select something she finds substantive and meaningful to her.

Moon Geun Young singing for her fans:

[Credit: all pictures from Namoo Actors agency official stills from Moon Geun Young’s fan meeting]


Moon Geun Young Holds Fan Meeting in Seoul — 52 Comments

  1. Aw, I’ve always loved her, too ^^ The instant I saw her on the screen, I just liked her XD She has this natural kind of honesty and charm that is very endearing, and, of course, she’s a wonderful actress, to boot!! ^^ I wish her all the best =D

  2. I hope against that she and JGS will reteam under a more auspicious star and make the next national sensation drama a la Sandglass and then get married and have talented, beautiful babies and live happily ever after.

    • Hi estel, I agree with you that both jgs and mgy hit vy well and hope they will get to act a vy gd drama like what you have said a national sensational drama. and with this beautiful drama, may they win all the awards on this drama. O they are both so adorable esp mgy, shes such a darling, her face shows an angelic innocent girl even tho shes in her 20s. I too wish they work together as a couple for life and get married and have vy wonderful children like them. I just cant wait for the producers and directors to call upon them. Hopefully their agencies are doing a gd job for them too. Love u my darlings. O Estel, also spread the word to the geungeun lovers to vote for them in the sda award – actor, actress, drama and theme for both of them in no. 2 position, pls pls spread the word to your friends too to keep on voting for them and we wish them a vy gd luck. fighting.

      • pls do vote our fave actor and actress MGY and JKS.. feel free to ask question on how to vote.. we need your help..

  3. She is SO adorable.
    I still remember her as a cute 15-year-old student in My Little Bride.
    She & JGS … cuteness overload!! πŸ™‚

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her. It’s amazing how much talent her petite frame can hold. One of the best actresses i’ve seen in dramas/movies from south korea.

  5. Love her too! Agree with Captain she’s beautiful inside-out. Her’s is a beauty that the more you look at her the more she will look beautiful in your eyes probably because her inner goodness and sincerity naturally comes out. I feel lucky to be one her fans. And hwaiting for her next project. πŸ™‚

    • Hi M3Lover, of cos mgy have natural beauty in her. both inside-out. Look at her when shes was 12 yrs acting in autumn tale, wow so natural for a young little girl i fell in love with her in this drama. While looking at this drama, i said to myself wow i am goin to love this girl till i die, shes so talented and i foresee that whatever character she portrays she did it excellently, and i was vy right. Like one said shes multi=talented, some ppl commented shes not pretty well that may be true to their eyes, but one must not forget Beauty is the eyes of the beholder, however most of the actress and actors are more or less plastic (surgery) unlike her. a natural beauty, innocent looking…. and no matter whatever i wl always be on her side. love her too much and of cos hopefully she will marry our darling jgs too. A perfect couple.

  6. it is so great!!!! that there is a site like this that we can appreciate such a unique beauty like moon geun young…. She’s so talented, we can’t believe that her small body frame can possess so much talent!!!if you can watch other korean actress, MGY is one of a kind… so pure and innocent… she seems to have a child like attitude, that whenever you see her smile!!, you can see the inner beauty of herself not her physical appearance… I wish that I could see her personally!!!!!

  7. Yay. Thank you Ms Koala for posting this, I was looking at some of the usual haunts for English K entertainment news and did not see coverage so I am grateful that you are her fan as well. She is multi-talented indeed. Since she has not picked out any project I do believe that when she chooses, it will be something great. She is so lovely in all her photos and as most say, that comes from within. I rarely say this but God bless her.

    Earlier you had the lovely Lee Min Jung’s banner, she is my number two actress.

  8. I love you Captain for this post!!! Yes, MGY is just awesome in my book and i love her too! Everything about her is full positive energy! I look forward and excited for her next future projects..hopefully again with Suk as they promised cuz they make a great tandem!

  9. Thank you for this captain! Indeed, she is beautiful inside out. And this is why we love her. I am hoping that she will continuously receive love that he deserves from her adoring fans.

  10. I’ve waxed lyrical about this Loveliness personified ,till I’m almost .. almost outta words . When did she ‘get’ me ? When her sweet beauty captured my attention & when her angelic personality captured my heart ! * Kisses MGY*

  11. It looks like she is in blooming age. She looks prettier and prettier after MMM.
    I love that she puts more meat on and now she is indeed beautiful.
    Wait patiently for her coming back with a drama!

  12. Nice. Looks like she gained a bit weight again last year. I can well remember her anorexic look in 2009. Still far from beeing healthy but that frail aura is gone.

  13. She always amaze me. She’s can do everything. I wonder if there’s something she;s not good at… hmmmmmppp I sorry cooking but that’s okay Sukkie is good in cooking so not a big problem.. Hope to see her in drama.
    My respect is very high to those actressess who prioritize thier education. She’s beautiful inside-out. More projects to come and cant wait to see her again with Sukkie in MMM Japan. ^__^ {excited much }

  14. She is as impossibly cute, sassy, warm and talented as Jang Keun Suk is! They are such a perfect pair. Did our Moon learn the guitar from her Suk?

  15. She looks great!!! she looks healthy and very energetic. I’m happy that she is taking some down time for herself and is enjoying meeting her fans. I hope we get to see her next year in a great drama that showcase all her talent. How about her and LMH in a drama?…sorry still City Hunter/LMH obsess. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ thanks for the pic Kohala ….

  16. I echo you Captain! Geun Young really is beautiful inside and out. Since she was young, she’s done a lot of good deeds and she kept humble despite all her achievements. I salute her for that! Thank you for this article of our MGY ^^

  17. I LOVEEE MGY in her FM!! She looks extremely beautiful and prettyyy!! Very radiant.. and she’s so talented.. She can do almost everything.. I love that she’s chubbier, very feminine in the dress, sassy while bust a move.. Can’t wait for MMM Fanmeeting.. what will she wear next?? XD

  18. I love it Captain.. Thanks.. πŸ™‚

    Geun Young Unnie, you’re so pretty.. I love you so much.. No wonder so many guys are falling for you.. Haha.. πŸ™‚


  19. She has cross-eyes, look kinda weird really. Like all Korean women, she’d wear real short to show off legs, so cheapskate!

  20. gg shipper and the blog writer is still in denial with their fantasy. who did jks mom pick as daughter in law, not mgy hahahahahaha

    • Oh AWESOME! I didn’t know who Jang Geun Seok liked was decided by his mom. Totally neato. Absolutely, all men the world over simply must pick the girl their mom decrees she wants for her daughter-in-law. That makes it so easy, if I wanted a guy I’ll make sure his mom likes me, rather than making sure he liked me.

    • correct me…did her denied about jks mother want her to be daughter in law…not consistent make me dislike her more and more…i love MGY..

    • @peaches: I tell you, I have 2 brothers and my mommy picked the girls she liked for them ..hohohohon …. my 2 brother ended up hate the girls my mom picked for them . They rebelled and they brought the girls they like home …hahahaha …
      After all, most of guys don’t like the girls their mom picks out for them . My cousin is the same, my aunt picked out a pretty girl for him, he hated it, and he brought home a girl he loved that is just average ….hohoho …my aunt so pissed off but she had to agree for them to get married.
      That is life …hahahaha …
      For you, the hater, get out of here and stop hating, get a life yo!!!!!

      • @ peaches: Once more, my husband once said that if a guy agree to marry the girl his mom picks out for him with no rejections , he must have no brain ..hahahahah ….

      • you don’t get the point. why would jks a celebrity publicly announce to the world since december 2009 until now almost 2 years about his mom liking a certain lady for marriage. duh because he likes her hahahahaha you could stay in fantasy land with jks and mgy being a real life couple!!

      • if you don’t like MGY, you can get out of this thread
        I’m not much of a shipper, but as long as JGS does not publicity anounced his real life girlfriend, fans can have shippers JGS with any girl they want .
        You have no right to forbid them to do that right?
        So get out off here yo!!!!
        2 years ago, JGS already said about your obssesse topic above in many articles, and PSH denie it . So who is lying here ?
        hahahaha …
        I remember at that time , PSH fans was like in heaven . So you can be in heaven now, I don’t care .
        But this is MGY thread, so don’t be so mean
        Be nice to people her , don’t you ?
        If you continue being mean , then you are a mean girl .
        I just ignore this mean young girl from now on .
        This is my last for you :
        Let’s love, don’t hate . OK ?

    • Aw Peaches.. whatever happened to words like “polite, civilized, genteel etc.” Out of your vocabulary? Tsk tsk tsk.

    • Why do they have to bring up news from the past? Coz that’s the ONLY story they got between JGS and PSH.. Nothing else and nothing more.. And besides his mom doesn’t said she hate MGY right? so don’t make a scene on other people HOME will ya? That’s RUDE!!!

    • we can see that you are a haters… but how come that you post on this thread… it means that you want also to know the latest from mgy ….so the last you can do!!!!!! be silent!!!!

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  22. JKS neither loves what his mama chooses as a daughter-in-law nor MGY. Why? It is Kim Jae Wook he loves. Lolz! Cool down guyz =))

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