Koala Discusses Possible Leading Ladies to Join Jang Geun Seok in PD Yoon Seok Ho’s Drama

If anyone thought that I would not write about Jang Geun Seok returning to drama land, and in a Yoon Seok Ho drama no less, then you clearly don’t know the hold this boy has over me. It’s not that I find him cute, it’s that I find him cute, think he has a charming real life personality, and most importantly, he can act. He’s been coasting for awhile on rom-com dramas and movies which hardly challenge him, so a chance to do a moody drama playing two characters from two different eras is a good choice in my mind. It’s not pushing the envelope, but at least its a step in the right direction.

What’s actually more interesting to me is guessing which young actress will get cast opposite him. In the Seasons dramas, for whatever reason, sometimes the male characters shine while other times it’s the female characters that are more unforgettable. I thought Won Bin was the breakout in Autumn in my Heart, Bae Yong Joon became a legend after Winter Sonata, Son Ye Jin was simply luminous in Summer Scent, and Han Hyo Joo went from unknown to overnight sensation and It girl after Spring Waltz. So which lady will end up taking a Love Rides the Rain with Geun Seok?

Just an FYI, I am only going down the list of actresses ’87 and younger. I don’t think PD Yoon is going to go with an older actress for the leading lady, as he doesn’t do noona-dongsaeng romances. Of course, if there are TWO leading ladies for this drama, with each playing a love interest in a different era, then my guesses get tossed out the window. But for now, I’m assuming one leading actress, someone around or younger than Seok’s age. Also, after the list of the possible candidates, I’ve listed all the leading ladies who fit the profile above, but are not in the running, either because they are currently in a project or have one upcoming.

Han Hyo Joo – probability 35/100 – she’s done one Seasons drama and PD Yoon loves using the same actor if the right opportunity arises. She’s between projects, having just wrapped the movie Only You with So Ji Sub. She’s the same age as Seok, and visually they look great together. What lowers the chances is that she’s done Dong Yi (i.e. headlined a Lee Byung Hoon sageuk) and bagged herself an MBC Daesang, so she might not be willing to do a drama where she’s not the title character. But I still think she’s the best bet right now.

Moon Geun Young – probability 25/100 – she’s also done one Seasons drama, and would be ahead of Han Hyo Joo but for the fact that she was Seok’s last leading lady when they did Mary Stayed Out All Night. I still think she would be ideal for the drama based on her wide-ranging acting resume and the fact that M3 was completely different in tone and plot.

Jung So Min – probability 20/100 – an ingenue who recalls shades of Yoon Eun Hye and Song Hye Kyo, she has proven her innate acting chops in Bad Guy and Playful Kiss. If PD Yoon wants a relative (compared to the above two) unknown and rocket her into Hallyu superstardom, MinMin is the perfect choice. She hasn’t acted in almost a year, and has no current project lined up. Downside is that she doesn’t have the name recognition to match Seok’s, so it really depends on what Yoon PD wants.

Yoona – probability 10/100 – widely popular as an idol member of Girl’s Generation, headlined a hit daily drama with You Are My Destiny. Not sure if Yoon PD wants to go the idol-actress route, since he has never cast one as the lead before.

Im Joo Eun, Go Ara, Eunjung – probability 5/100 each – possible but highly unlikely. Not enough experience or name recognition as a serious actress.

Out of contention:

Park Min Young – has Man of Honor with Chun Jung Myung premiering in October.

Moon Chae Won – currently doing The Princess’s Man which won’t wrap until October.

Lee Yeon Hee – just signed on to be the leading lady in Jo In Sung‘s post-MS comeback movie.

Kim So Eun – has a weekend drama premiering this month called A Thousand Kisses.

UEE – has a just premiered weekend drama called Ojakkyo Brothers.

Wild card:

Park Shin Hye – her drama Heartstrings ends its run at the end of August, so she’s technically available. But I don’t see Shin Hye jumping right into another drama, which is something she has never done before, usually taking a break between projects. Also, she had a car accident during the filming of Heartstrings, which also increases the odds that she will want to rest after the drama finishes.

Possible available actresses who are older than Seok (but not by much):Β Seo Woo,Β Min Hyo Rin, andΒ Nam Gyu Ri

All I know is that this role is going to have every available young actress chomping to get cast. Can’t wait to hear who the lucky lady turns out to be. Finger-crossed this drama turns out to be good. That’s actually the most important thing.


Koala Discusses Possible Leading Ladies to Join Jang Geun Seok in PD Yoon Seok Ho’s Drama — 130 Comments

  1. I really, REALLY hope it’s not Han Hyo Joo. I’ve seen her in two dramas, Dong Yi and Shining inheritance, and while she is passable, she is far, far too fake for my taste. How about another ex-Lee Seung Gi leading lady, Shin Min Ah? She’s 3 years older than him but the pairing of these two would make TV screens blow up with the pretty overload.

      • Shin Min Ah is a good actress but she and Seok I don’t know, I don’t see them matching…. weird xD

      • i agree. i can’t see them two pairing up. while the age are nearly the same, shin min ah looks older. i would totally love to see park shin hye pairing with him again. bring back the chemistry. i think it’ll be a big hit just because it’s them together again. ^_^

    • Wow that actually sounds good, they would look good together. And finally a leading lady who is prettier andthan JGS :p.
      BTW would this be THE drama where he finally chops his hair off?

    • I vote for Shin min ah…She has shown a lot of variety….Although i loved the story line of Dong yi and Shinning Inheritance….Han hyo joo is a one face pony…no variety whatsoever

  2. thanks for the post… I personally like Park Shin Hye… I think their chemistry was great in YAB.. I don’t mind Han Hyo Joo or Jung So Min… HHJ is probably more popular in compare to JSM.. but I found JSM charming…. I am waiting to see who will be the leading lady…

  3. I definitely think there will be TWO leading ladies. I’m inclined to think that one will be older than JGS and the other, younger.

    My bet goes to Jung So Min. Her name might not be recognizable now, but she’s got that “it” factor to her and the acting chops to boot.

    Minmin all the way bay-beh!

  4. Wow, thank you Koala for posting this and about the possibility actress who can get cast! I personally love the all 3 you listed above Han Hyo Joo is good and I dunno but she seems older than Seok, Moon Geun Young, I would love if it was her being cast but if I’m not wrong until the end of the year she won’t be available because it’s the last semester on her college and she is focusing in her studies, so I don’t see she accepting the role, Jung So Min, ahhh I would love if she was casted. I hope she can get more recognation because she deserves.

    I don’t like Yoona pick. I don’t think they would match and think she won’t accept since she is very busy now, with japan promotions and soon Korea promotions and tight schedule until the end of the year…
    I don’t think she has time to be in a drama, but who knows.

    Goo Ara, I like her, she isn’t a great actress but is very likeable.

  5. I wish wish its MGY. She is going so good. I like your list. I wouldn’t mind any of the girls mentioned above except for Yoona and Go Ara.

    If he pick Yoona or Go Ara. I am going to cry buckets. I know i have to watched the drama but i dread watching Yoona or Go Ara trying to act. Yap, i have seen their work. To be very blunt, they suck. They are pretty girls and probably good girls, i envy their skin.. That’s about it.

    As for your bottom list, Seo Woo (love her) but Min Hyo Rin, and Nam Gyu Ri. No thank you.

    My inner desire is for him to cast someone born early 80’s, A list star with enough experience. I can see Shin Minah and JGS coupling. It can work.

  6. I think mgy is the best choice for drama like such. But I guess chances is not high and nope o dun think this otp will get-together on-screen so soon after msoan. My pick will be …will it be YEH?

    • It wont be Yoon Eun Hye because she was chosen as the female lead in a historical Chinese movie alongside Chow Yun Fat, Hiroshi Tamaki and others which begins filming in Beijing end of September.

  7. I want him to do another drama with Park Shin-Hye! They are so wonderful in You are Beautiful. I’ve seem PSH do heavy dramas and I think she can make you relate to the emotion well. HopIng for the best.

  8. According to Jang Geun Seok FB it is either Moon Chae Won and Go Ara. God I still want Moon Geun Young to be his partner.
    Please not Go Ara. Moon Chae Won is fine since shes moonies bff. So no problem . Please not Yoona . No idols please.. I want caliber actress like Moon to play it.
    3rd witll be Jung So Min. I think she’s good too…
    Drama god be it Moon Geun Young

  9. I’ve watched YSH projects and i think he doesn’t really go for “Super-famous-already” type of leading lady..It’s only after they had worked with him they became famous..(??? that’s just me ^^)..

    • Jung So Min is a perfect choice. Why?
      1. Not super famous
      2.Younger than Seuk.
      3. She has a very sweet face which is something that PD Yoon likes to go for in a leading lady.
      4. Given that sweet face, i think she can pull of a good dramatic scene (admit it, it will involve crying for sure ^^).
      5. She can act! ^^
      6.She is not TALLER than seuk. It’s not really likable when the leading lady is taller than her leading man. LOL
      7. She hasn’t done drama in year (perfect rest? heheh).
      i could go on but nah..let them decide hahaha..

      • Yes, MinMin is my second choice for exactly these reasons. Still, I kinda want Moon Geun Young for the role, because she definitely has the acting chops, plus we know she has great chemistry with JGS.

        On the downside, she’s pretty well recognized, but that’s my only concern. Hmm, I wouldn’t even mind Shin Min Ah.

        But please, please, PD-nim, at least cast an actress that can act!

      • double thumbs up!! jung so min is my ultimate bet !! i think they will have a good chemistry.

  10. omo, i think it’s JSM though not 100% but i read somewhere that she’s change her status in cyworld that she’s coming…no matter what, i’m still hyunmin fan forever!

    • Jung So Min is a perfect choice. Why?
      1. Not super famous
      2.Younger than Seuk.
      3. She has a very sweet face which is something that PD Yoon likes to go for in a leading lady.
      4. Given that sweet face, i think she can pull of a good dramatic scene (admit it, it will involve crying for sure ^^).
      5. She can act! ^^
      6.She is not TALLER than seuk. It’s not really likable when the leading lady is taller than her leading man. LOL
      7. She hasn’t done drama in year (perfect rest? heheh).
      i could go on but nah..let them decide hahaha..

    • oh yes i saw that news abt her cyworld update too with ‘coming soon’
      actually even if she’s not attached to this project, knowing that she’s gonna be coming out with another drama soon is gonna be such a treat.. and out of point.. but i just have to get it off my chest… she and khj look adorbs tgther during the pk jap fanmeet.. and they still seem incredibly close even though pk aired a year or so ago… which makes me go squee a lil inside….. ><

      • yeah, they look good together in pk-fm japan…why is it that i have feelings don’t want her to be paired another actor hehe

  11. Guilty!… i did actually thought this, omo! why did sister koala pass up the opportunity to write about our favorite Jang?

    hehehe… turned out, sister koala is preparing for something very special like this one, and i, too, was thinking who would be the possible female leads alongside Jang.

    thanks sis for this post.

  12. Park Bo young is around the age group listed and she is a pretty talented rising star. Not quite sure how her schedule is looking at the moment but if they could get her then it would definitely be awesome.

  13. I hope they cast someone that is as pretty as he is and have the acting chop too because he is much prettier than all his previous leading ladies!

  14. how about Yoo In Na(’82), Lee Da Hae (’84) but she recently was in MR,Lee Min Jung (’83) maybe ?,it would be awesome but Han Ji Hye will act in an other drama.These are possibilities but my heart says, Shin Mina would be daebak.i bet(pray) for Shin Mina .

  15. I’m all for Jung So-min! She’s a great actress, she’s just so underrated. And this could be her REAL breakout role. The one that puts her out there.

    Also, I absolutely LOVE Lee Min-jung but, sadly, she’s about five years older than JGS. :/

  16. I think Park Bo Young would be a great match for Jang Geun Seok. 1990-er and has massive potential. But I heard she’s amidst a contract dispute with her agency or something so yeah…

    • I heard her contract issues were over…it would be fantastic to have her back and opposite JGS as well…has been looking forward to her comeback forever

  17. before jang geuk seok, T.O.P was rumored to be the male lead with shin mina as his female lead..

    maybe her?

    i wang to see park bo young or jung somin to grab the female lead though.. or even SANDARA PARK. lol

    • OMG, so out of context here, but T.O.P is just soooo damn sexy!! I looooove him!! I had a dream of him last night, for real, and… All I gotta say is, hot, hot man… LOL

      Koala unnie.. You should pay more attention to him *pout* he could made a cold blooded psycho killer, look uber sexy…

  18. Shin Mina!! She may be older, but we all know how cute and young she can be *gumiho, anyone?* She’s a great actress, not an idol, very diverse, and very very pretty! She definitely is prettier than JGS. My vote is for her…

  19. Well, I like Jung so min and been waiting forever for her return project. So ,yes, after close to a year, I do hope she is the one. Anything, just pick something, MinMin..

  20. My money is on Go Ara if he has anything to say about it. Second choice is Park Shin Hye, what rest, this is a very popular PD.

    • Shin Se Kyung is starring in a 24 episode historical drama with Jang Hyuk at the end of September. She’ll be unavailable.

    • I think Min Hyo Rin would be good. She was delightful in Triple and Romance Town and her Movie “Sunny” did great in the box offices. She also has the acting chops but hasn’t had her “breakout”role yet.

  21. It just hit me that it’s lucky all these actresses are prettier than JGS…or else it might become a problem taking our eyes off him, haha.

  22. JGS is pretty tall so hardly you will found a girl taller than him ( I think he is 180 cm tall or so)

    indeed Jung So Min is on my fav by far from all the leading ladies enumerated above, however she is still in college and if exams are coming somehow I doubt she will want it

    Park Shin Hye and Moon Geun Young are kinda out of the picture coz they were already partners for JGS and one of unwritten law in klala land is that a PD never cast the same main pair in a short amount of time

    Shin Min Ah would be my choice too but if Koala is right about age ( I think she is) then she is out of the picture (btw Shin Min Ah and TOP on the same screen? their scandal would surface once again dunno if they are together but I’m sure they care about their images)

    Another fresh face is Hwang Sun Hee (psycho in Sign and vet in City Hunter) but she is already 170 cm but taller than JGS if she uses 15cm heels ). She is exactly one year older than him

    Im Soo Hyang (Dan Sa Rang in New tales of Gisaeng) is born in 1990. Park Bo Young is a stone too hot to be kept in someone’s hands right now… contract disputes ain’t no joke in Korea

    Jun Hye Jin-b in 1988- just gave birth so I doubt she is a good choice for SoKor but she was awesome in Family Honor (see dangermousie’s blog if you don’t believe me) or Smile You

    Hong Ah Reum 1989 (last seen in RRR ) pretty but she doesn’t have much coverage
    Kim Bo Mi b 1987 recently seen in Sunny a smash hit in Korea right now
    Shim Eun Kyung b in 1994 too young at 17
    Shin Se Kyung whom I loved in QSD is taken by The tree with deep roots
    Kim Ok bin-erm she was last seen in a movie but a drama more than 4 years ago

  23. Im rooting for Park Shin Yhe she’s a great actress and their chemistry is undeniably oozzing!!!!, plus they are both well known internationally thus this means greater revenues in investment prospective right? as have said Moon Geun Young is not yet available up to the last quarter of the year due to her studies.

  24. If they didn’t just shoot M3 and if MGY wasn’t currently in school then she would be a shoo in for the role in my opinion because she has been in a seasons drama and actually got quite a lot of critical acclaim for it and she has the acting chops and range to do a drama like this. But considering those two facts its highly unlikely she would accept this role even if she was asked.

    Personally I think it would be someone like Jung So Min because she has the acting chops and is relatively unknown (as were many before his dramas). I sincerely hope he doesn’t cast the likes of Go Ara or Yoona because both are very sweet pretty girls but suck at acting. Also with SNSD’s japanese/korean cross promotions , Yoona most likely wouldn’t be able to do a drama.

  25. I hope it’s Moon Geun-young, but I’m not holding my breath. Other than her, I’d see well Moon Chae-won, whom I adore, but since she’ll be wrapping up her sageuk…

    Han Hyo-joo is as old as JGS? WHAT?!? I thought she was MUCH older! Which is one of the reasons I don’t see them well together. Unless there’s a noona-dongsaeng relationship. If there were two different romances with 2 different leading ladies, that’d be wonderful.

    • ’87 is a crazy talented year.

      List of notable ’87-ers:

      Lee Min Ho

      Moon Geun Young

      Jang Geun Seok

      Han Hyo Joo

      Lee Seung Gi

      Jung Il Woo

      *mind blown*

      Oh yeah, and MY Li Yi Feng, too.

  26. I actually think there is a good possibility that someone older might be cast..not much older just about 3-4yrs simply ‘cuz there seems not to be not as many young actresses compared to the number of young actor that are available right now…as much as I would love it to be MGY I know shee maybe an impossibilty right now because she’s already acted with him and not that far back too..also she’s taking a break this year for scholl anyways….would love HHJ or Min-Min….I love Kim So Eun but I want her and JGS to do a lightwieght drama/movie sometime in the future instead of a heavier drama..Yoona is the only one that I’m meh on

    • also I was so lost in thought about the prospects of this drama that I almost forgot to comment on JGS’s outfit in that pic w/ HHJ…..WHAT IS THAT??….I know I should have gotten used to his styling by now, but still *sigh*..when will he ever fire his stylist?

  27. I know it’s all just speculation but I would love Jung So Min would be a really good choice. She is a good actress (though that was a bubbly character and this is a melo) and I think she will look good with JGS. She also seems relatively new (can be good or bad)And finally he will cut his hair… Right?

  28. Han Hyo Joo is my choice. She’s such a great actress ^^
    I’ve seen Yoona act in Cinderella Man and I don’t think she can match Suk’s acting.
    Of course I wanted Moon Geun Young but I don’t think there’s a big chance since they just recently worked together.

    • Even though it is unlikely , I wish MGY could do the drama, not only because of her ability and her chemistry with Seuk but also because I think it would be amazingly fitting for the adult MGY to be in Yoon Seok-Ho’s comeback drama as an adult after having been a breakout child star from his first season drama.

      • I’m thinking of the same thing. Though not likely, I still hope Moon would be the leading lady for Suk in this drama.

  29. what about the supporting actress in BOF? i thought she was pretty decent, is she not a big star yet or what?

    Also, what about the girl in CP? i really liked her.

    I like the lead in heartstrings , but considering she met with an accident and is wrapping an 16 ep,i doubt if she would do back to back.

    i have not heard any other rising female leads.

    • Kim So Eun is currently the 2nd lead in weekend drama A Thousand Kisses that I think is going to start airing this weekend so she is unavailable till at least mid-october.

      Coffee Prince? If you are talking about Yoon Eun Hye, she’s taken for a Chinese movie so she is also out of commission for the upcoming months.

      I like Park Shin Hye, but I find her acting quite hit or miss and with her accident and all, I don’t think she will be up for a new a drama right after her current drama.

    • or Koo Hye-seon. Sorry I’m having fun guessing.

      Moon Geun Young is of course the smart choice, since I believe her to be a top notch actress, if she were even thinking about it but she has done all those genres and probably is looking for a challenge.

  30. I’ve got a feeling!!!!!!!!! Now I’m going to be singing this song all day.

    I think this leading lady will be Jung so min. Many things that happened on her cyworld site seem to be pin pointing to this drama. Just have to wait for her confirmation which that should come any time soon.

    Love you Koala and thank you for doing such a wonderful job on this site for us. Always come in and visit but hardly leave any msg any more after PK days. But for sure will be back when Min Min and JSG drama starts. ^-^
    Sure misses you guys.

  31. yay! thanks ockoala for this article!
    actually upon reading that JGS would have a new drama, the most intriguing part for me is who would be his leading lady?!

    well, your guess is good as mind but of course im kinda bias!
    I love Jung So Min to pieces and she deserves to have this kind of chance to show her wonderful acting chops!

    well, as in the drama its all wait and see business, but keeping my fingers cross for my pretty MinMin!

    and by the way, asking permission to repost parts of your article to my blog, pretty please ockoala! as usual full credits will be given! thanks in advance!

  32. Why do I think about Nam Ji Hyun? She is in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. She played child character in Queen Seon Deok and Will it Snow on Christmas. But she is 95-ers.. too young, but Yoo Seung Ho was playing older character too in Flames of Ambition.

  33. I do still hope that it will be Moon Geun Young.. i don’t know if it’s possible.. but i just really really hope sooo.. >,<

  34. If given a chance to choose, I would rather choose PSY again and again…I like Jan Di’s best friend in BOF:-)ooops! sorry! don’t know tha name!

  35. I am longing to see Jung So Min in her next drama. She is absolutely adorable and she is a great actress. I hope she gets that chance to prove her abilities, especially if it is with Jang Geun Suk. Moon Geun Young is really good with crying scenes. I simply adore her in Cinderella’s Sister with Chun Myung Jung more than with Jang Geun Suk.

  36. i wanna see something different and for some
    reason i have thought Park Min Young would be awesome to see them
    be a pair but now i want to see jung so min πŸ˜€
    seeing as how PMY already has a drama i would want to see
    her with JGS in the future and for now JSM because i want her to
    become more popular and this could be it
    she’s proved she can act whoever they choose i wish them luck
    and will wait for the drama

    • Really? Personally I think PMY has a very limited acting range even in city hunters,though she has improved a bit she is stll a likable but very weak actress.

      • I agree, she can’t do crying scenes at all. She never moved me in Cuty Hunter and this means for me she need to improve a lot.

    • Yes, in fact i dont mind the female lead to be anybody else, just not Park Shin Hye or Moon Geun Young …Even if it is not going to be Jung So min.. Anyone else except Park Shin Hye or Moon Geun Young

  37. I really like Park Shin Hye pairing with JGS. However, my eyes will be on JGS so the leading lady is only accessory and secondary:).

  38. As much as I want it to be MGY, I think she is focusing in her studies and won’t be doing a project for the rest of the year.
    My bet is on Jung So Min. She seems to fit the PD’s type of leading ladies to a tee. And she already hinted about a comeback and said she had thought about it very carefully and that the role she was going to take required her to loose quite a bit of weight.
    Waiting for a confirmation!

    • Really?! If it’s really true…I am hoping that Jung So-min will be JGS’ ONLY leading lady…no other actresses…Jung So-min as Jang Geun-suk’s love interest in 1970’s and Jung So-min as Jang Geun-suk’s love interest in the modern era

  39. I actually like MGY and MCW but yeah, I don’t think PD will go for both of them. So, I think JSM is a suitable candidate for this drama. She’s only in two drama but she’s really shining in both drama and I love her acting!

  40. Thank you Captain Koala,
    I was patiently waiting for you to start discussion around this future drama.
    The actress has to be as good and versatile as JKS to be able to act two characters. This is a reason why I would like to see two different actresses for different eras. MGY would be the best choice for a moody drama playing two characters from two different eras. If it is not her, I would vote for Sung So Min, because I liked her in a Bad Boy and think she has a potential. Unfortunately I am not familiar with HHJ work and don’t have an opinion about her.

  41. great line up, koala! πŸ™‚ Was rooting for Moon GeunYoung (because she IS just incredible in anything!) or Kim SoEun (because she’s so promising, i sincerely wish she finally gets to be female lead in a big ass project :p although her upcoming drama looks equally interesting so i’m keeping my hopes up for that). although think it’ll all depend on the storyline.

  42. I just hope the PD insists on JGS cutting his hair. I hope the artist character is not an excuse for the girly hair. Puh-leeze, JGS, I love you but I want you to stop the pretty. Pretty, pretty, please?

    It’s time for a new look, JGS, NEW LOOK!!

  43. JSM, MGY and PSH—any of those three would be awesome:)!!!!!

    This might be totally out of the ballfield…but what if they make one of JKS’ characters gay? Then they could cast Kim Hyun Joong or Kim Soo Hyun or Yoo Ah In as JKS’ lover ^^—that would be more OTP than his female OTP:)

  44. will read the post later.
    thanks for doing this Koala, although I’ve already decided to watch out for this drama because of Sukkie, I’m still curious as to who will be the lucky girl to be his leading lady.
    anyway, as long as they can do it right i’m solved.

  45. I give all my bet to Jung So-min!

    She’s a great actress and if she would be paired with Jang Geun-suk, I think they’ll have a great chemistry

    Jung So-min. Aja! Fighting!

  46. The probability of the leading lady to be Moon Geun Young is really quite poor.. But if we really look on, (I’m really praying for it), she might just be.. Acting wise, she is really perfect for this and she has acted alongside the PD (in Autumn In My Heart?).. I really pray for that Moonie will be Sukkie’s lady love here.. If at all possible, she will be reunited not only with JGS but with the PD.. But regardless of the leading lady, I know this drama will be good.. πŸ™‚


  47. I think Jung So Min has a lot of potential to be a leading lady of the drama.. She posses impressive acting in her previous drama. I’ve watched Playful Kiss and i am truly falling for her acting… She looks real for me…

  48. I’ve been seeing a lot of people wanting Park Shin Hye and Yoon Eun Hye to be the leading ladies, not on this website but others, and I’ve also been reading that the top contenders for JGS’s two love interests are Moon Geun Young and Yoon Eun Hye….

    I guess Yoon Eun Hye is still well loved and in-demand even though some didn’t like her latest drama. But she most likely won’t/can’t do it because of the Chinese movie and Park Shin Hye will definitely take some rest, she deserves it…

    From some suggestions here:

    I don’t think Shin Min Ah or Han Hyo Joo… SMA doesn’t match him quite as well as others might and HHJ, I like her but I’m not a fan of her acting…

    My choices are:

    Jung So Min – I’ve only seen PK with her but she can act…. and I’m glad she’s not an idol (no offense).

    Kim So Eun – but she has her own drama…

    Moon Geun Young – but they were just in a drama together even though the girl is an impressive actress….

  49. Lots are Hoping with Moon Geun Young because Moon is Very Very Great Actress
    she has Lots of recognition which PD Yoon wants ^^ CheEebal .Kekeeβ™₯

  50. of course MOON GEUN YOUNG, i want geungeun couple collaborate again. See them again in a new drama and potray in a new character make me super excited. πŸ™‚

  51. Just no Park Shin Hye or MGY.. i want JKS to pair with someone new !!! Even if it is not going to Jung So Min.. Anybody else except PSH or MGY

  52. Han Hyo Joo is okay but i have to say that her acting is not so good. Though that her two dramas, Spring Waltz and Shining Inheritance is super hit. But, She is so lucky to be able to act in a good storyline drama and good script. But, i find her expressions is lot of same. But, still, i’m waiting for her movie with So Ji Sub, Only You and maybe my thoughts of her will change.

    Jung So Min is another actress whom i don’t like her acting. It’s not neutral at all. But, she is beautiful though. But, i don’t like when they only use pretty face not talent. But, again, she still new. Maybe, i have to give her some time to improve her acting skills.

    For Moon Geun Young, she is super good talented actress. But, she is now back to school for her last semester before she can graduate on February 2012. But, rumor she will do both. Study and acting despite that Moon is a person who only concentrate in one thing in one time. But, i do hope Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk will make a collaboration together again. πŸ™‚

    For Park Shin Hye, i don’t find her acting is good enough. And again, is not so real for me.
    Thinking of it, she just got an award “Best New Star” on 2009 SBS Awards along side with Jung Young Hwa whom is actually his first drama. So, i find it shame when she (PSH) who is acting since young and JYH (whom acting for the first time in YAB) got the same awards? I would likely to said that JYH is better actor because it’s his first time acting in drama and to be able to got that award after his first drama. He’s good.

  53. JKS needed this drama to go high up in ratings coz his last drama suffered badly. So definitely no MGY pls. It seems that Koreans do not like the two together.

  54. I heard many are rooting for PSH…she’s a good actress, she just need a break like this drama, they have so many endorsement together meaning they have amazing chemistry. And since YAB is still hot in Korea, i mean the DVD and OST, why not cast them again together this time in different genre.

    I Also read that netizens want JKS, PSH, and TOP collaboration. So the father and son can be TOP and JKS. That would be great.

  55. Bring back JKS and PSH tandem…many are craving to see them together again!!! Among JKS past leading lady, he has the best chemistry with PSH. The proof is their many endorsement together, and netizens want another collaboration together. Just recently They even made headlines when they become the couple endorser of codes combine and when PSH tweeted b-day greetings for JKS. Sukkie and Hacci all the way.

  56. I want PSH and JGS again just cause they have chemistry. For older/noona actress, I want Yoon Eun Hye. Hopefully its not Yoona. Nam Gyuri’s fine πŸ™‚

  57. I seen comments saying MGY & JGS another FLOP Drama?? Maybe in Korea but in other country very Popular, even MSOAN won an Award in SDA Hallyu Drama for 2011 .HAHAHA!

    And as far as I know PD Yoon wants an Actress who has MANY RECOGNiTIONS ^^
    I want Moon Geun Young or Han Hyo Jo :)))

    • I second the motion. The leading lady is confirmed but they cant reveal the name yet. Excited much.
      Whoever she maybe , I am happy and excited to seeJang Geun Suk again in a drama. Hope that this will show his full potential as an actor acting wise. As for my Moonie, I know she will do good as always in whatever he does.

  58. After Winter Sonata, I would never have thought that YSH would direct a drama with JGS as lead actor. Sorry, I’m old fashioned and I want my leading actor to look and behave like a man. Times have changed and will probably change into girls playing male lead roles. This is the start of the decline of the korean film industry.

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