Song Seung Heon Makes Ahjusshi Clothes Look Smexy

It’s no secret most Korean celebrities endorse something, and when a guy has a great a physique as Song Seung Heon, it’s a no brainer to have him shill for a men’s clothing line. My Heon oppa hasn’t done or lined up a project since wrapping My Princess back in March, but prior to that he did churn out two movies in a row, so perhaps a little down time is what he’s enjoying right now.

As for me, I’m enjoying looking at him doing really lame “model-this-outfit” poses, that nevertheless I find totally adorable because he’s got this knowing smirk on his face for the most part. It’s like he knows these clothes are pretty fuddy duddy, but his face totally screams “what, I’m still hot, right?” 

[Credit: Parkland and J.Hass Catalogue]


Song Seung Heon Makes Ahjusshi Clothes Look Smexy — 18 Comments

  1. WOW. That just goes to show that the everyday bow does nobody any justice!! If SSH can’t really pull it off, then who can?? Everything else looks good though.

  2. Oppa looking fine like always. Jesus how does he stay this gorgeous?? Absolute perfection and he is truly drool worthy:). (Drooling while looking at his pictures, I might need a new laptop by the time I am done with all the pics above muahahha).

  3. Um…does that make me a total geek if I like the clothes?

    I do think that SSH’s lost a little too much weight. I think his look in MP was just perfect; now his shoulders don’t quite balance out his head. BUT still hot. For sure.

  4. I also like the clothes and I’d like to believe that m not a geek…..or maybe it’s just the way SSH show cases them but I find the outfits quite normal for a guy between mid 20s and above…..

  5. Gah, I do enjoy looking at him, lack of a top lip or not 🙂 heheh. Sorry I couldnt hold back from saying that. I like SSH too, but the fact that his top lip is non-existent sometimes is so funny/cute/adorable. hehe.

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