Part 1 Interview of the Main Cast of Bu Bu Jing Xin on Back Story

The C-news around Bu Bu Jing Xin exploded this weekend with the revelation that Director Lee apparently filmed multiple endings for the drama, and due to the leak of the DVD version, the production has stated that the currently airing Hunan TV version, which ends this week, will have a different ending. What tha what?! Okay, if the alterna-drama ending involves tissues and kissing afterwards, I’m all for it. Otherwise I’m still going to be heartbroken. But now I’m totally stalking the TV version to see if Director Lee was just jerking everyone’s chain or the ending will be different.

A few weeks ago, Nicky Wu, Liu Shi Shi, Yuan Hong, and Lin Geng Xin recorded segment for a talk show called Back Story (which means the story behind the scenes), with part 1 airing this past weekend. I’ve summarized some of the cutest reveals during the sit down chat, and embedded the interview below. For those of you looking for the official video of Liu Shi Shi singing “A Season of Waiting” and then walking off stage to pull Yuan Hong up to sing with her while holding hands, that scene is at the end of this video. My squeeing pretty much hit new decibel heights.

Nicky Wu, Liu Shi Shi, Yuan Hong, and Lin Geng Xin on Back Story:

1. Nicky turned down the role of 4th Prince once, but after reading the entire script he was so moved he accepted a role that required him to shave his head.

2. Nicky thinks that usually it’s princes who switch ladies, this is the first time a girl gets to switch from prince to prince. The host thinks Liu Shi Shi really had it cushy with so many cute guys in love with her. Shi Shi replied that the story was so sad, that was perhaps the only perk.

3. Ling Geng Xin says his personality is close to 14th Prince, direct and emotional. Nicky chastised him for being aligned with 8th Prince, when really 14th Prince is the full brother of 4th Prince. Lin Geng Xin said his character didn’t dare to like Ruo Xi until only after she ended things for good with 8th Prince. He teased that all the princes like twenty-something Ruo Xi, but when she was in her thirties, no one wanted her anymore and then dumped her on him. As the youngest male in the cast, Lin Geng Xin confessed to being the butt of practical jokes, such as falling asleep during filming and waking up to discover someone put a slice of dried mango in his mouth and then everyone whipped out their cellphones to take pictures with him in turn.

4. When Yuan Hong was asked about his 13th Prince’s relationship with Ruo Xi, he explained they are the rarest of rare genuinely platonic male-female relationships. Both he and Liu Shi Shi, who have known each other the longest and worked together on multiple projects (6 and counting), feel like they have achieved that kind of friendship in real life. Hhhhmmm, riiiight. The host decided to bring up their role as the ill-fated famous lovers Yang Kang and Mu Nianci in Legend of the Condor Heroes.

It’s well known that Liu Shi Shi gave her real life first kiss to Yuan Hong, since the first kiss between their characters onscreen happened to be her real life first kiss. She was hoping the Director would film it so they didn’t have to really kiss, but the Director insisted it be real. When she heard that, she burst into tears, so Yuan Hong had to comfort her and calm her down.

Yuan Hong said that if word got out that Yuan Hong, while filming in Heng Dian (it’s the Hollywood of C-dramas), made an actress cry, then he would never be able to live it down and work in this town again. Yuan Hong teased that Shi Shi’s mother normally loves chilling with him. But when it came time to film that scene, he saw through the windows this dark figure watching the entire sequence being filmed, that person being Shi Shi’s mom.

If you want to watch the scene in question, it starts at the 18 minute mark of the video above. It’s hilarious because the video cuts to Nicky’s reaction watching that scene. Ha. 4th Prince would definitely get jealous. The video is actually Yang Kang and Mi Nianci’s first kiss, which was quite chaste, as you can see below.

But in truth, those two majorly made out later in the drama, including one kiss where he grabs her, kisses her and then swings her on a horse in one feel swoop. Which almost caused me to swallow my tongue in shock. Yuan Hong confessed that he was quite nervous during the first kiss, only because he knew how upset Shi Shi was at giving her first kiss onscreen, so the director had to yell at him repeatedly to stop shaking and just kiss her! OMG they are so cute.

5. When asked by the host which actor they consider having the most “guy-like” attitude, Nicky and Yuan Hong both wrote down Shi Shi’s name. Nicky thinks Shi Shi is like a tomboy, with a man’s ability to not be too sensitive about things and be very open and direct. Yuan Hong described Shi Shi as being the hardest working of the bunch, always the first on set and the last to leave, with a can-do attitude that makes him feel she is unafraid of anything.

6. When asked which actor makes each person feel like they have to be anxious and careful around, i.e. each step is fraught with tension, Nicky wrote Shi Shi, telling everyone not to be fooled by her demureness onscreen. Shi Shi discovered that Nicky was really ticklish, so she constantly tickled him, especially once they finished a scene. So he ended up walking around her so his back wouldn’t be facing her. Lin Geng Xin says the person he’s most cowed by is Nicky, as the eldest of the bunch and a former idol famous on the Mainland. Nicky would often improvise scene placements which would leave Lin Geng Xin flustered because he’s more inexperienced as an actor.

7. The third question for the gang is “who has the most motherly love” and everyone picked Nicky! Apparently he constantly took care of the cast and crew on the set, especially since they were filming in the bitter Winter cold. Awwwww.

Part 2 of this interview segment will be aired next week, so I’ll bring a summary of that as well. For now, imma going back to watching my HongShi sing and stare at each other all moony-like. I think it’s ridiculously telling that, with her male lead Nicky present, Shi Shi grabbed her onscreen platonic best friend to join her and sing a song about lovers waiting to be together. I’m still sniveling about 4th Prince and Ruo Xi, so would have also loved a duet between them. That would maybe alleviate 0.01% of my heartache.


Part 1 Interview of the Main Cast of Bu Bu Jing Xin on Back Story — 30 Comments

  1. I saw this a few hours ago too and I was laughing when Yuan Hong and Ling Geng Xin were answering the interviewer’s questions.. I’m so wanting to watch next weeks episode and curious about how they all gonna pull of those graceful ballerina moves taught by Shi Shi.. definitely going to be LOL when those 3 men try to attempt it and to succeed.. hahhah 🙂

  2. OMG, thank you for doing this. I haven’t finished the drama yet but I keep coming onto your blog to check for ANYTHING BBJX. I even reread your posts for FUN.
    Thanks for summarizing the talk shows. I love the off screen chemistry that everyone has and now I know whats going on!

      • That’s because when it cames to LSS’ solo singing segment, Nicky and Lin Gengxin went backstage to their changing rooms. Yuan Hong stayed behind to sit amongst the audience (front row though) to watch her as she sang. But he did look kinda shocked when she pulled him up the stage.

  3. When and where will the alternative endings be shown ? The sugoideas website already has the existing episode 35 ending. If there are other endings, look forward. Can’t get enuff of this show. Director shud abosultely do a Part II .

  4. OMG Ms Koala how in the world did you turn me into a shipper.I am so new…her real life first kiss?And the made out after…in the drama?scrolls up to stare some more at the later photos 🙂

    Oh man this BBJX thing will never end.I keeping switching between the 4th and 8th Prince.I literally love both of them.

    Can’t they go out for real I mean Shi Shi and Yuan Hong?Why not?There is no taboo in the C or TW scene is there?

  5. Koala Unnie! I love you. *_____*!!!!!
    Perfect way to start the day. Day has been made, and nothing can bring me down. Tra la la la la.

    Ah her first kiss had to be on screen. It’s sad. But I hope she found comfort in Yuan Hong, ah such a sweet, charming, and charing guy.

    I love how Yuan Hong looked shyly cute walking on stage with Liu Shi Shi. He’s probably thinking “Ah, 4th brother won’t like this.” I cannot stop shipping 13th and Ruoxi because of this. I swear I create an alternate dimension when 13 is with Ruoxi. In my head, 13th loves Ruoxi, but because his faithfulness to 4th, he can only be her trusted friend that can only watch her with longing eyes ~

    Omgeeee. “Multiple” endings. Multiple. More than 2?! If I paid attention in school, then I guess it is more than 2. Heh. Anyways! Wow! I’m rooting for the “he comes back with tissue.” But I can’t help but wish 8th would appear as well and be the first to hand her a tissue. Ah! It be the cutest thing if she saw all the princes reincarnated. I don’t want to believe in this too much, only to feel sad at the end, but I can’t help but be so excited about it.

    Thankyou koala Unnie for making my morning ^___^. I wish I could stay in BBJX world, reality is so dull. *sigh*

    • Ha ha I am with u…only more greedy. Can 4th, 8th,13th and 14th all appear and court her again in the modern world….this time, ms zhang xiao pls flw your heart all the way

  6. Oh my God! They are soooo cute. Thanks Koala! I am totally floored by your dedication about this drama. Love everything and anything about this drama series. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your love for it to us who cannot understand a word in Chinese. I know you guys are shipping Rouxi and the 13th prince because of Condor but damn, I have fallen in love with the 4th prince and Rouxi. I did not have any idea on how the story will go but when the 4th Prince looked at Rouxi at the balcony, damn i knew that it will be “THE ONE”…their love story is something I just can’t get out of my mind.

    • yea.. i remembered that scene too… not only the 4th prince… but also 8, 13, and 14.. they all looked stunning when seeing her across the balcony… it’s one of many beautiful scene in the drama.

  7. I read everything you wrote concerning bbjx…and I agree with almost everything you wrote…thank you for creating these pages for us fans…I cannot wait for the next interview session and cannot wait for the multiple endings!!!

  8. OMG! multiple of endings?! pleaseee be together in the modern world. would make this tragic drama a happy one and a satisfied wiggle! 🙂 but i will definitely be on a lookout for the endings of BBJX.

  9. Argh.. I didn’t dare to read your other posts on BBJX and the comments. I’m following the Hunan TV version (yes.. I’m a very loyal BBJX fan xD) and I will not watch the leaked version until the drama finished airing..

    I’m so afraid of spoilers.

  10. Oh.. I loved it when Nicky imitated Shishi’s laughter. Just epic. We all know how loud the girl can laugh.

    Oh I just love this cast to death! I swear. They are all hilarious, adorable, cute and beautiful! Lin Gengxin is so cute. Makes me wanna pat him on his head and call him “silly boy”. Did you know that the Alien character from Toy Story is his guardian angel? He has a mini size of it and he takes it everywhere with him. LOL

  11. Thanks for the bbjx recaps!
    The cinematography of the show is indeed beautiful and the story is also very engaging. Love how well the drama is produced and the tremendous effort that must have gone into it!
    Therefore it comes as no surprise that many fans and skeptics alike have become hooked on the show 🙂
    Will definitely look forward to the alternate ending (hopefully) in the Hunan Weishi version & hope that it’ll add a different layer to the (tormented) story!

  12. koala, you are definitely turning me into a HongShi shipper…haha. they are so adorable together in that song number!!!! gaaaahhhh…i can’t believe she didn’t take her leading man to do a duet with, that is indeed very telling! do you know if its also taboo for chinese actors to announce that they’re dating or is c-entertainment more lenient?

    oh, and she used to be a ballet dancer!!! i love her even more now. i did notice that she was so great in that imagined dance number that she did, her lines were so graceful…now that i know she’s a ballerina, it totally makes sense.

    • I always thought it was more lenient to date for Chinese actors, since the whole can’t date thing is more of a rule imposed on idols (cause it’ll break people’s fantasies) and their aren’t all that many idols in China. Then again, an idol pop singer got married yesterday (Zhang Jie). And his popularity is still very strong. The only problem with dating is more of an invasion of privacy problem than anything else so couples might keep it quiet so they don’t get a million cameras following them around.

      • ah, i see. thanks for the explanation, Debbie! i was just wondering because i know in other countries, even here in the US, when some onscreen couples date IRL, they actually become more popular that’s why some even create a faux-mance in their shows.

        of course, the whole no dating rule for idols (especially in K-pop) is just totally absurd to me because it gives the crazy delusional fangirls some sort of power over their idols’ popularity, which in turn makes them even more delusional and perpetuates a messed up cycle…*shakes head*

  13. I feel bad for her first kiss being onscreen and in front of ‘thousand’ pairs of eyes…this remind me of my first kiss which happened in front of my friends and we were actually playing a game in which I lost it and have to get a guy to kiss me T_T …sigh….fortunately, that guy was really hot….consolation prize, i guess…. hehhee…. ^o^

  14. An alternate ending in the TV program? I hope it’s about the modern couple YZ and ZX/RX get together in more detail. Although I finished the leaked version, I am still re-watching the Hunan TV version w/ my family and friends, so I hope for a better ending. I was a bit disappointed at the leaded ending.

  15. Hey OcKoala!
    Thanks for all the Bu Bu JIng Xin goodies and scene recaps! I love reading them!!!!!!
    Do you think you re going to translate the part two of this interview? I have been waiting to read it for weeks now! Thank you in advance!

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