Park Shi Hoo Wraps The Princess Man and Heads to BIFF

If I nominate Park Shi Hoo for hardest working actor in Korean entertainment at this very moment, I don’t think anyone could possibly disagree. Just hours after wrapping up filming for his hit drama The Princess’s Man (I’m not done watching, so don’t tell me the ending or ask me what I think – I love it so far is all I can say), he attended his now trademark fan viewing of the final episode with members of his fan club in Seoul. The next morning he was on a flight to Busan to walk the red carpet for the APAN event that night, APAN being the acronym for Asian Pacific Actor’s Network, an organization he is involved with.

I know Park Shi Hoo has made a name for himself playing second leads who end up swiping the heroine at the end of the drama, or just stealing the show all around, but after TPM, I don’t think we’ll ever see him as a second lead again. I still think his acting is splotchy, but when he nails it he’s on fire. And even if some folks I know call him an albino bird with moobs, everyone is pretty much in agreement on this – he rocks in TPM! Have some cute pictures of him on the red carpet at BIFF, with a very boyish haircut to boot.

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Park Shi Hoo Wraps The Princess Man and Heads to BIFF — 22 Comments

  1. Dear Koala, you’re very brave writing this post without finishing watching the drama! 😛
    Please watch it ASAP for your sake!

    I loved TPM very much, I didn’t know PSH before, but I must look for his other dramas in the near future. I also loved MCW in The painter of the wind as well, she is a solid actress, she’s fitted for her role, and it’s enough.

  2. awww I fell in love with him in Prosecutor Princess and loved him even more (if that’s possible!) in Queen of reversals. I haven’t started TPM but with all those good comments about it, I might try it this week end!

    • yes…. i absolutely love him in Prosecutor Princess… i even love him in How to meet a perfect neighor even though his charactor was not that attractive… i have not watch QoR or FH… but willl watch them for him….heard that those 2 dramas are decent… the only problem for me about FH is so long…. PSH is abosolutely amazing in PM.. i am still waiting for the eng sub for the last 2 ep… he is my favorite male actor in k-ent..and he will remain there for a long time for sure….

      thanks koala for posting the pics.. he looks great… and would love to see your opinion of PM after u finished watching it..

  3. Poor Thing! He looked tired… Love him to pieces. SO happy he is taking the lead finally 🙂

    Thank you Miss K for all your hard work and I admire your refusal not to sneak a peek at the ending preview of TPM…


  4. i totally agree… PSH shone the brightest (so far) in TPM…LOVE HIM TO PIECES there…. i do hope to see more of him as the main lead… 🙂

  5. Park Shi Hoo caught my interest in Iljimae which I watched diligently because of Lee Jun Ki my second favorite Kactor, can’t get enough of him there, so since then I watched all his drama and it was pure luck that when we have Korean channels his dramas where shown or repeatedly shown here. I haven’t watched TPM yet because KBS World is not included in our package but I’ll start watching it soon. The Family of Honor was one of the drama that taught me a lot of Korean culture and nuggets of wisdom I picked up there. He’s the lead actor in Prosecutor Princess and I’ve read some comlaints why he took the second lead in Queen of Reversals but of course Jung Jun Ho is his senior. I’m glad of all his successes. He’s more handsome with sunglasses on.

  6. PSH has two things going for him. He has a killer smile and he knows how to wear a suit (tux). The cut is fab, not one size too small, like a lot of the actors wear. I also liked TPM . The acting was good, especially Kim Young Chul, who played her father. He was deliciously evil, and it’s hard to believe he’s the same actor who played the father in Life is Beautiful.

  7. I don’t see man boobs anywhere, ockoala-san. Dude is not Robert Paulson, thank heavens.
    (Though if this is muscular man boob we’re talking about, then…oh my, count me in. So, so in.)

    I’m really digging his haircut, though he really looks like he could do with a couple weeks’ sleep. I can totally relate, being bleary-eyed and ready to burn all of my books in the backyard myself.

  8. I can say after watching TPM, PSH has managed to turn me into a fan. I really could not get into his previous dramas – including the early ones, and more recently, PP and QoR… I thought he was ok but nothing really captured my attention – just another actor. After just a few episodes of TPM (and the acting wasn’t even as good in the beginning), I was thinking to myself, why did I notice him before? Gosh – his smile 🙂 love it! I do think his acting is a little uneven, but in TPM, he just owned his SY character. Will definitely be checking out his future projects.

  9. You know you iz in twouble when your leading lady has to pad her bra not to feel inferior compared to His Moobship.

  10. Someone calls him an albino bird, who could that possibly be?? *stares at dahee fanel*
    Now Ms D did have a point when she mocked the Batman voice he used at points during TPM though. It was quite distracting and a bad choice. I was overall impressed with the guy though and he is pretty easy on the eyes when not sporting the cheesy facial hair they gave him near the end and a sageuk headband.

    I hear he is going right into shooting a movie right now too where he plays a serial killer, interesting choice. He has that Jang Hyuk work ethic it seems but he is smart to strike while the TPM iron is hot. Let’s just hope he gets some rest somehow.

    Anyways, TPM=love and will look forward to hearing your thoughts on it later. 🙂

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