First Peek at Nicky Wu and Wallace Huo for Xing Ming Shi Ye

Nicky Wu is the one cast member from Bu Bu Jing Xin to experience the most meteoric rise in popularity from the drama, since his performance as 4th Prince was just so unforgettable. He just started filming his next drama, the period investigative Xing Ming Shi Ye adapted from a novel of the same name, co-starring Wallace Huo. Funny enough, Wallace and Ruby Lin’s drama Qin Shi Huang Fe was the drama to follow Bu Bu Jing Xin’s airing slot on TV.

I wasn’t terribly excited about this drama, until I saw Wallace’s costuming for his character. Mwahahahaha, WTF, Wallace? Did you get lost on the way to a pirate convention? Nicky on the other hand, looks way too normal, thereby less interesting. From the looks of it, Wallace gets the crazy flamboyant character while Nicky is the uptight one. I’m already placing my bets on Wallace stealing the show.

Our two leading men at the prayer ceremony for the drama. They look good together, in a non-romantic sort of way, of course.

Xing Ming Shi Ye involves two very different men who both investigate crimes, but using wholly different approaches. One is methodical and analytical, while the other hands on and scientific. Obviously the story makes them reluctant partners working to crack the same case(s). If Wallace and Nicky have great chemistry, this drama should be lots of fun to watch.

As for Wallace’s completely random costume choice, perhaps he liked what Wu Zun wore for 14 Blades and decided to recreate his version of the Asian Jack Sparrow. Maybe if I bother to read the novel I’ll understand why his character dresses this way. Or maybe not. It’s so random (and insane in the period context of whatever dynasty this story is set it – I think it’s the Song dynasty) it befuddles me quite frankly.

The drama just started filming, so it’ll probably get a mid-to-late 2012 release date. Both Nicky and Wallace each have a few completed dramas and/or movies that will come out soon, so fans of either or both will have plenty of new fare to watch while waiting for Xing Ming Shi Ye to premiere.


First Peek at Nicky Wu and Wallace Huo for Xing Ming Shi Ye — 21 Comments

  1. I remember back when I first heard that Nicky Wu had been cast as essentially the male lead in BBJX, I was skeptical. The only thing I’d seen him in previously was Treasure Venture with Vicki Zhao, way, way back when, and he was oh-so-wooden. Pretty, yes, but stiffer than a block of wood. Fortunately, my doubts were blown away by him in BBJX. He was perhaps a little more ebullient than what I had envisioned of the emotionless 4th prince, but at least I was reassured that he could act. Phew!

    Also, Wallace, Captain Jack Sparrow wants his clothes back, and he wants them back now. That, and even Europeans didn’t dress like that during the time of the Song dynasty. We’re at least 5 centuries too early for Wallace’s character’s fashion sensibilities. But I guess we’re not supposed to take this drama that seriously. All in good fun, yes?

    • Weird because, in contrast, I thought his performance in Treasure Venture is great. But I have always been a Nicky Wu fan.

      • hmm, having just rewatched Treasure Ventures I wonder if his wooden-ness is because of his character is suppose to not have emotions or at least be very emotionally stunted? Towards the end of the series he does become a bit more playful and vibrant.

  2. LOL!!! I saw Wallace’s look and my first thought was Captain Jack Sparrow!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA….

    I am placing my money of Nicky being awesome!! (I am very bias because of BBJX)…. Looking forward to swooning over him again!

  3. Wow – me too – when I saw the first photo – my jaw dropped… is Wallace channeling Jack Sparrow cause he certainly looks like it. LOL I’m still not all that interested in this but maybe once I figure out what it’s all about. =) Thanks for the post… it made me giggle.

  4. Yes, i know about this.. Yes, I am sad that Wallace look like Jack Sparrow… Yes, I already made a channel in viki. No, I have not update the news yet.. That is due to real life…

  5. I read that Wallace’s character in the book was a time traveling modern day person a la RX, which is why he can be scientific in his methods. But they had to rewrite his back story because China banned time traveling dramas. I think his character just came back from Europe. Apparently Europeans all dress like messy pirates.

      • I don’t get the feeling this is supposed to be a serious drama. I have not read the book(s), but I heard that Wallace’s character in the book has 10 wives. He definitely looks like some kind of playboy. Maybe Chinese stylists think messy pirates = dreamy lover boys?

        I like Wallace’s character design in Strange Hero IZM much better. He had a bit more meat on him. He looks too skinny and tired as hell in these photos.

  6. LMAO!!! Oh, Wallace Huo really does look like Jack Sparrow. His character is so different from the uptight Chang Qing in Chinese Paladin 3. I’m EXCITED!!!

  7. I haven’t seen Wallace since that hair fetish movie he did with Rosamund Kwan, but wow, he does NOT look good. Is it the costume or just him not ageing well?

  8. Wow, Wallace doesn’t seem to age. It’s been 8 years since I first saw him in a drama and he still looks almost the same!
    Really weirded out by his costume. A pirate-like character in a historical drama? This should be good. ^^

  9. Wasn’t Wu Zun a mongolian or ethnic minority bandit of some sort in 14 Blades?.. Which made his get-up understandable and really, kind of sexy, IMO. But Wallace…. why??!!

    Could anyone enlighten me why China has banned time travel storylines in dramas? If it allowed the time travelling backstory, then I can see this being along the lines of ‘Step back in time’, a Hong Kong drama in the late 90’s.

    • I heard they say it’s because time-travel stories tend to “distort history” and I don’t think it’s banned per se, only discouraged, and that if you make one, you need to send the person back (which was why RX was sent back in the drama version)… all this I heard floating around the forums so don’t take my words for it.
      Time-travel stories used to be fun for me, until BBJX made me think too much about it and now I’ve dismissed all plausibility of such a thing happening. Now I can only stomach alternate-universe travel.

  10. So many guys wish to be as great as Johnny Depp in character for Jack Sparrow. Go get some gold crowns on, and then we’ll discuss it further.

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