Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Model Couple Outfits for the Gucci Resort Collection

Without Alice Ke and Roy Qui, Office Girls would be a bust. I mean it. As much as I’m loving the drama, these two elevate every single line of dialogue and animate every scene they are in. OG is such a guilty pleasure for me, I find myself snarfing randomly whenever I say an English phrase that Zi Qi tosses around so blithely in the drama. Roy is taking line readings to an entirely new level of wow. No wonder I can’t stomach his Mainland dramas, because they dub his voice and that’s a deal breaker for me. Alice and Roy are so hot right now in Taiwan, they attended the release of Gucci‘s 2012 resort line and modeled some clothes. To be honest, the outfits scream Kennebunkport, but the cuteness is all Alice and Roy. I lub them so much. *squishes them*

I actually enjoy how, uhm, slightly awkward Roy and Alice look modeling these outfits. Because frankly speaking, no one in Taiwan would ever need to wear the resort collection from Gucci (or any other design house). It’s not like the rich wives head to the St. Barts for the Winter. And navy blue sweaters with a giant anchor in the front just screams NO to me.  Sadly it looks like too-short pants with sockless shoes is a look that is here for yet another season. Sigh. What do designers have against socks?

I find Roy and Alice’s chemistry not just great, but really different than anything I’ve seen amongst the other Taiwanese OTPs. It’s not intense at all, yet it’s mesmerizing. And now that Zi Qi is getting more and more jealous all the time, I’m loving the surly looks he shoots at Lao Yu. And the fact that even drunk he didn’t end up kissing Kai Er makes me want to pinch his cheeks for being a good boy. Can’t wait for this week’s new episode of OG!

[Credit: Vogue Taiwan]


Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Model Couple Outfits for the Gucci Resort Collection — 24 Comments

  1. OMG! Thank you for sharing! Dang…Roy looks HOT in these pics!…especially in the big pic, 3rd from the bottom. I don’t care for the anchor sweater or the short pants either, but he still looks yummylicious anyways! 🙂

  2. I really don’t know what’s wrong with “top-short-pants” cause I really like this trend. And I assume they wear the hidden socks.
    Love Office Girls!
    I thought Kai Er would be strong, independent, career-women type of second lead..but she’s becoming the scheming evil kind. Bleh.

  3. Just as a suggestion, the C-drama Unbeatable (with Roy Qiu, Hu Ge, Tang Yan, Qi Wei, et al) is quite good. And they kept Roy’s original voice!

    • Seconding this! I also think his dubber in “My Daughter” (Xia Jia San Qian Jin) was pretty good too, although really, nothing can compare with Roy’s actual voice. :3

    • could somebody summarize the main plot of Unbeatable? It seems too complex for my limited chinese background. (I understood Bu Bu Jin Xin, and most other typical asian dramas).
      I know I sound like a 10-year-old, but the plot extends beyond that of a typical asian drama (love triangles, real estate fights, parental pressure, cinderella, etc) that I can’ fathom the motives of each character, lol, For example,
      – why was there an evil lady constantly want to bring down Hu Ge?
      – why did Roy’s character want to climb walls? was he helping Hu Ge’s character in getting revenge?
      – What series of events were there that constantly brought the two main characters together?

      any comment/review of that drama would be appreciated. thanks!

      • Just a warning, I watched Unbeatable while I was on vacation (bad idea — I don’t recommend doing this, lol), so some of the plot points definitely slipped by me. But to answer your questions…

        (To make things easier on me, I’m just going to refer to the actors and not “so-and-so’s character” because that’s a hassle.)

        – The evil lady wanted her company to collaborate with Hu Ge’s in the past, but he refused, because her company is known for being kind of shady. So somehow she stole his company’s technology and patented it, and also kidnapped or killed his then-girlfriend — sorry, I’m a little fuzzy on the details regarding his ex… She returns to tell him she wants to work with him again, but he refuses her a second time, so she’s trying to take over his company again, or at least make his life hell so he’ll join her.

        – Climbing buildings was just one of Roy’s hobbies. He’s an athletic guy, and I guess he didn’t have enough time to stretch his athletic wings while on the job, so he did it at night instead. And he and Hu Ge are extremely close friends (although I don’t think it was ever shown how they know each other). Roy knew about how the evil lady tried to sabotage Hu Ge eight years ago, so when she came back, he worked with Hu Ge to make sure her new plan didn’t succeed.

        – By two main characters, I’m assuming you’re talking about Hu Ge and Tang Yan? If so, Tang Yan just happens to run across Hu Ge a lot when he’s drunk at night, which is how they become friends. Plus she’s good friends with his secretary. They also frequent the same Dairy Queen. Also, Tang Yan’s boss has told her to get a video of the city’s Spiderman (who is Roy, who is Hu Ge’s good friend). And she has a crush on Hu Ge, so she’s always randomly showing up at his place and trying to help him.

        Hope this cleared some stuff up… personally I’m still a little lost regarding the evil lady’s personal motives, but oh well.

      • thanks kycoo! appreciate the summary.
        i feel that the lengthy episodes, business stuff definitely made the plot harder to follow. i’m so used to watching no-brainer taiwanese dramas, lol

  4. mmm , they do look good together . i’m going to start the show right now . my guilty pleasure right now is In Time With You . i never knew i would feel the way i feel about in time with you for a taiwanese drama . ariel is just wow

  5. Ooooh thank you Ms Koala.I enjoy OG so much and look forward to Mondays all the time now.

    Love that drama and don’t even like TW normally.It beats even Fated to love you and Down with love.Qi Zi and Xing Ren are so cute and yes I love the looks he shots at Lau Yu-it’s all the time now.When will she realise it???

    Giving them an extra squish cos’ they are adorable in those unpractical Gucci outfits 🙂

  6. This is another pair am totally digging after zhi shu and xiang qin! They are soooo adorable together…i want ep 9 bad! Am loving the jealous Zi Qi 😛 Was never a fan of Roy’s acting, he sure is an eye candy…but he is going great with acting in dis drama. Alice Ke is one of d most natural actress i ve seen in taiwan dramas…she is not irritating like rainie (man i hate her BIG time! ) and not loud too (for a change!).
    @ockoala: r u planning to recap this series?

  7. Hehe!!! I love OG too. These two are simply too cute in it. ZQ is hilarious… I love his dialog in the show… even Patrick is quite funny as he drops english and taiwanese everywhere.

    I’m not sure who they are marketing this toward but they do love Gucci over there in TW.

  8. I marathoned through the first 5 or 6 episodes and now I’m constatnly checking the English-subbed videos in viki. I even watched them mostly unsubbed. I am loving Roy’s rolling-the-eye, imitating Alice’s walk, and the sort-of dagger looks when he’s feeling jealous.

    They’re both good in portraying that phase in the romance cycle when boy and girl have that ‘strange’ feeling of being concerned for the other but not admitting it’s ‘love’, or not even ‘like’, because they’re just not the typical mate they see for themselves.

  9. I know, I was totally disappointed when they just made her scheming and weak. Really? That’s the best you could do? Because I was really going to like her if she was going to be all confident and “look at me, I know I’m hot AND smart”. Unfortunately, scheming people loose all attractiveness for me.

  10. “Roy is taking line readings to an entirely new level of wow. “–> I know, right! It’s really unlike any actor I have ever seen/heard. I love it when he has to deliver long, fast-talking speeches. I also find Roy/Zi Qi and Alice/Xing Ren’s chemistry mesmerizing and unique. I guess it works out really well when both parties are strong actors, who aren’t too dependent on stock move and expressions. Usually in taiwan rom-com dramas, either one or both parties are too inexperienced or too heavyhanded with their acting.

  11. Deck/Sailing style never dies. Sockless shoes make it easier for sailors to take-off their shoes and dive in the water faster. ^___^ v

  12. Office girls is thee very first Asian drama I have ever seen and so far it’s great I will definitely follow Alice ke, movie wise of course. It’s a real culture shock. Bravo Zulu for all

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