Han Hyo Joo and Bae Soo Bin Reunites for Fan Meeting and Dong Yi Promotions in Japan

Who second lead shipped in Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance? That would be me, and what appears to be the vast majority of the drama viewing populace. Setting aside Lee Seung Gi’s hairstyle which ought to be banned, second male lead Bae Soo Bin’s Park Jun Se oppa was so darn oppariffic (new word I just coined) that all of us wanted him to get the girl because he deserved her. What makes Bae Soon Bin’s pairing with Han Hyo Joo even more painful is that they reunited again for Dong Yi, where again he played the lovelorn unrequited second male lead.

WTF, K-dramas! That was the worst reuniting of a duo I’ve ever encountered. I’d would have preferred Bae Soo Bin played passerby number 1 and die in the first episode. That man needs to get Han Hyo Joo in a drama or movie at some point or else imma go berserk. For now, the two of them were in Japan together to promote Dong Yi, her oppa even attended Hyo Joo’s fanmeeting there, and they walked around Asakusa together. Okay, that mollifies me somewhat.

Han Hyo Joo hasn’t settled on her next acting project yet, but Bae Soo Bin has finished filming a Japanese movie The Man of White Porcelain. The movie is set in the period of Joseon’s colonization by Japan, telling the story of Asakawa Takumi, a Japanese national enamored with Joseon’s white porcelain, baekja. Bae Soo Bin plays Takumi’s partner, Chung Lim, who played a pivotal role in expanding the beauty of baekja, which exemplified the culture and values of Joseon. The film is scheduled to premiere next spring in both Japan and Korea. Below is the first still from the movie.


Han Hyo Joo and Bae Soo Bin Reunites for Fan Meeting and Dong Yi Promotions in Japan — 28 Comments

  1. Yeah I also second lead shipped in Brilliant Legacy too. I did not and still do not understand the Lee Seung Gi’s hypes but adored Bae Soo Bin in that drama. He would have gotten her at the end in real life, that’s what I say.

  2. I shipped them so hard when I watched BL and still to this day never understood why they weren’t OTP. But in Dong Yi, I loved the OTP wayyyyy too much to ship her and BSB.

  3. I so agree with, BaeSoBin should get the girl. He never got the girl in any of his dramas. such as Temptation of an Angel which ended rather confusing and kept me hanging. I especially adore the guy and I hope to see him soon in a small screen and finally getting the girl.

  4. I totally agree that he should have got the girl. I do not see the appeal in Lee Seung Gi. I make no apologies cause beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Bae Soo Bin is good looking and his character deserved the girl, she choose poorly.

  5. Hehe had just commented in JB wondering what oppa was doing! While just started BL (and love LSG) totally wish they let him get the girl.

  6. They are so totally BFFs its so adorable….I watched a video of them roaming around japan and theres one bit where she calls him soo bin oppa!!!!! *squeal

  7. Oh btw the ajusshi in the group pic (far right) should come with a warning. Scary and distracted me (not in a good way) from ogling I mean checking out I mean seeing BSB!

  8. I was actually an OTP shipper in BL but that didn’t stop me from loving and hurting for Jun Se Oppa any less……best kdrama second lead ever imo….and yes I do wish he would do another project with her where he finally gets the girl (and it better be her and not some bitchy female second lead)….anyways, I also wouldn’t mind shipping them together in real life cuz they’re so friggin gorgeous together

  9. Ah Dong Yi. He was oppariffic in it! Or in historical terms orabeoniffic 😉
    I love seeing these two together. It’s like starring at a field of flowers while the sun shines on them. I also love how he sells the one-sided love thing.

  10. I haven’t seen BL but I was flipping channels today and what did I see… Dong Yi – but it was dubbed in chinese! LOL Needless to say, I watched some of it. However, I am curious how it sounds in korean.

  11. Watched both BI and DY, really love these two together, if they can’t be together on screen, let them be together off screen.

  12. “Who second lead shipped in Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance?”
    Me! Me!
    I even stopped watching the drama bcause I just couldn’t bear seeing him all sad & heartbroken:(

  13. “…Bae Soo Bin’s Park Jun Se oppa was so darn oppariffic (new word I just coined) that all of us wanted him to get the girl because he deserved her.”

    I am going to be attacked for this, but I never understood the second-lead-shipping in this drama. Yes, his character was nice and helpful but I feel like as the drama progressed the heroine was becoming more and more annoyed by his behaviour. It´s been a while since I´ve seen the drama but I can´t remember one scene in which she seemed to reciprocate his feelings.
    Other than that I am a little frustrated with viewers´ idea of him deserving the heroine more as if she was a price to be won instead of the main character whose story we had been following for twenty episodes. Even though I liked Bae Soo Bin’s character I was glad she was “allowed” to choose who she loved in the end..

    • I think that she feels guilty rather than annoying for not returning his feelings (as she also pointed out actually) and hurting him when he helped her countless times and she relied on him when she needed someone. She’s that kind of person who is considerate, but she can’t deny her feelings towards Hwan. Therefore it became uncomfortable for her whenever she sees Junse after she realized her feelings.
      Though she once said (and I’ve got the feeling that she meant it sincerely), that if her situation where different it would be her chasing after him. Too bad for Junse that he’s too perfect from the beginning and barely let her see his weakness (out of consideration). I’ve once read that girls like to be the one changing the guy for the better, that’s why the Beauty and the Beast- story is so appealing. And it’s proven that teachers tend to dote on the bad student becoming model student than the model student from the start. As Hwan was “bad” from the beginning but she witnessed his changing for the better, it’s understandable why she fell for him. She spent more time with him, he already got strong impression (not seeing her father & losing brother) even though he didn’t left a good one at first.

  14. I’m very interested in the movie that Bae Soo Bin is filming, I tried to find some more information but there is no information about the director nor other actors. I know that many korean artisans went to Japan and created new pottery styles(Raku, Mishima) and that korean pottery still is very respected in Sado, japanese tea ceremony.

    • First of all, ockoala – wonderful article, thanks so much! Love BSB and love seeing him together with HHJ (on or off screen) 🙂

      Jenny, I don’t know if you have visited the website of the movie, it is still under construction and is in Japanese.

      There’s an interesting article about the making of the film here :


      There’s a Japanese blog written by someone who’s on the production staff (I think, I don’t understand Japanese) and he mentioned the cast in his entry dated 11 Oct 2011. (I had to use Google translation myself :))


      Hope this helps.

    • Jenny – I can’t reply to your second post so will post here instead. You are most welcome – information about the movie is slowly but surely showing up on the web. Hope you saw the first trailer on the Hakuji No Hito website – it’s also up on BSB’s baidu bar run by his loyal fans in China. Eight months or so to go before the movie is released – it’s way too long for BSB to be absent from the small or big screen. Hope we get to see him on TV soon.

      While I love to watch BSB in his dramas on TV, I think he is even more charming and lovable in his BTS appearances and interviews eg 09:48 onwards of this clip of HHJ’s rehearsal for her fan meeting in Japan last week.


  15. Opparific! LOL You are so awesome! And yes, yes, YES Jun-sae oppa is one of the best oppa in kdramaland. The kdrama gods need to make another drama with HHJ and BSB and this time they MUST get together!

  16. Oppa is also SIMPLE!!!!He wore the same pair of shoes!!!wa!!!Loving him more! I’m not into trendy guys..most of them turn out to be metrosexual..arghh…but Oppa is so manly!!! Hope to see you in small screen again:)

  17. i really wanted bae so bin and han hyo joo to end up together in brilliant legacy but not in dong yi.. they do look good together..just hoping that hey will have a new drama w/c thay are going to end up together… please SBS, MBC and KBS .. please make a drama for them that they will end up together .. I am pretty sure that the rating will soar high!!!! . both brilliant legacy and Dong Yi have high ratings.

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