Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Win Best Couple at the Sohu Fall Television Awards

So I noticed Weibo going insane today with Bu Bu Jing Xin chatter, and I figured it was because of the recent Sohu Television Awards celebrating Chinese television’s hits for the recent Fall season. Turns out some of it was that, but mostly because Tangren‘s ladyboss said during the awards ceremony that the company was planning a sequel to BBJX!?! What in the what is she talking about? I don’t know anything beyond just that (so don’t ask me), with no details revealed other than that tantalizing bit of information.

Ladyboss has been known to say stuff that never ends up happening, so I won’t hold her to it if this never materializes either. But she did say it in such a public place, so my mind is intrigued. As for the awards itself, three BBJX cast members bagged prizes, with Nicky Wu winning Most Popular Online Male Actor,Β Liu Shi Shi winning Most Popular Online Female Actor, and 14th Prince Lin Geng Xin winning Best New Actor. Best of all, Nicky and Shi Shi won best couple for their unforgettable pairing of 4th Prince and Ruo Xi. They attended the ceremony so have some more adorable pictures after the jump.

Nicky is TOTALLY staring at Shi Shi like 4th Prince looks at Ruo Xi. But girl is pretty oblivious to those mesmerizing stares, LOL. Stare away, Nicky!

No, I didn’t purposely ignore the rest of the BBJX cast, LOL. Nicky and Shi Shi were the only ones to attend, with Shi Shi accepting Lin Geng Xin’s award on his behalf. The drama didn’t win any awards, but this is Sohu and not exactly the C-equivalent of the Emmy’s so I’m not sweating any bullets. Nicky and Shi Shi look gorgeous together as always, though truth be told I’m not digging either of their outfits. Put them back into Qing clothes, STAT.


Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Win Best Couple at the Sohu Fall Television Awards — 54 Comments

  1. I love her dress. This is the first time I’ve seen Nicky with modern hair and liked it. Man should have just lived in qing dynasty.

    Awe no 13/rx sightings? I so ship those two in real life.

    Please also let the sequel be a rumor. How do you sequel a drama where the main character died?!?!?! They’re going to kill BBXJ perfection

  2. God I love them together and want them to hook up in real life but I know that will never be. Oh well at least I have my dreams lol.

      • let continuation be in modern times after they met in the museum. that way it is all present time because 4th died in the earlier era.
        just pray they will not mess up the story.

  3. Yeehaaa to the best couple! Btw, I think Nicky was aiming for ‘dashing’ look with that hairstyle, but I find him funny with that look..

    Tbh, I started to fall in love with BBJX because of your recommendation, Captain. Perhaps it was due to your brilliant writing, but reading your recaps of this great series makes me crazy. Since then, I have been google-ing BBJX for more info, recaps and translations, alas, only several websites provide those items. I just can’t wait to get my hands on the DVDs as I think they would make such a lovely collection, right? Erm.. there will be DVDs of BBJX, no?

    Btw, this is completely out of topic, but are you in love with Park Shi Hoo? It’s just I couldn’t help but to notice a lot of his banners on this playground lately. Or, maybe it’s just me. I just finished watching TPM on kbsworld with the rest of my family. They somehow were in trance to follow me and watch TPM for several weeks now. (Or maybe because there’s only one television and they got stuck in my ship instead. Hehe.) Finally, TPM is over, with its bittersweet ending.. This drama definitely will be missed. And, I just can’t wait to watch Man of Honor (and not Glory Jane) next week!

    Take care, dear Captain! Thank you so much for sharing your opinions on this asian-entertainment world! This playground is just brilliant! πŸ˜‰

    • Actually, I was watching that clips too of the ceremony and here are the thoughts in my mind when I saw Nicky:

      1. Dude, how is he over 40? He’s looking good!
      2. His hair!!! My hunch was that his hairstyle mainly served the purpose of giving him the extra height to be ‘taller’ than LSS..

      … side note… I HEART PSH! He’s my fav K actor… πŸ˜€

    • The DVD box (Collectors edition by Tangren) of BBJX is already available!

      It’s sooooooooooooo attractive. It has tons of goodies and the package is oh-so beautiful! I’m so jealous of those who live in China. It’s only around 220 RMB. That’s pretty cheap.

      – You get the HD DVD set (why are the disks so gorgeous?).
      – You get the official OST released by Tangren (20 tracks including the titlesongs). (Gosh.. the cover and the CD are so pretty and the tracks are English-Chinese titled – All the tracks are so beautiful.. *reminds me of so many memorable scenes..*)
      – You get a BBJX mouse pad.
      – You get a whole set of bookmarks (of every character).
      – You get stickers (of every character with a personal quote).
      – You get a set of BBJX playing cards (so pretty!)
      – You get a prize ticket, which you can send back to Tangren ??
      – You get a poster and if you are lucky enough to be in the first 500.. you get a personal signature of one of the cast members!! (unknown ofcourse.. it’s suppose to be a surprise.. it sucks though, if you can’t recognize his/her signature). So far, I have seen Nicky’s (OMG. I swear. I’m so jealous..!), Shishi’s, Yuan Hong, and 10th’s.

  4. “Sequel”?!

    You Ms. K are becoming my new best friend because you feed my obsession for BBJX…lol
    It cast its spell on me and I think so far this year, it’s THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL!!!!

    Bring it on y’all!!!!!

  5. Who is the guy in the 4th picture because he sure does look similar to Kevin.
    BTW, has anyone noticed how close NW and LSS are seated. There is no
    space between them. My God, his piercing looks are what made BBJX
    special and he’s rocking those looks again and I don’t think it’s for the cameras
    ’cause he seems to be mesmerized by her. If she were not so young (compared
    to him), I would totally be in on board for this romance. BBJX sequel should be
    based on their modern day love if it does get made. What do u guys think? It
    should start off with him going back to the exhibition to dry her tears. OMG, the
    thought is just driving me crazy. Of course, 14th Prince’s reincarnation would
    come between them, hahaha.

  6. omg this news totally made my day!
    I’m more happy because of how nicky was staring at shi shi though…
    seriously hope that they will end up together in real life.

    • Me too.. Secretly shipping Longshi. I know a gap of 17 years isn’t nothing.. but I can’t help it. They are just so cute together. Nicky is a good man and Shishi is a good girl. Why not?

  7. *squeeee* love them both.

    the moment i’ve been waiting for. i don’t mind shipping them. age should not matter at all. i hope shishi gets comfortable with nicky. sigh! when are they going to collaborate again? i hope it’s a modern drama this time or a movie perhaps. really wishing them well and cheers on the win. more to come.

    what is the C-Equivalent of the Emmy’s? when is it coming? any chance for BJJX? getting excited here….

  8. I love BBJX to pieces and because I loved it so much, I don’t want the sequel to ruin the beautiful story. Most of the time, the sequel are never as good as the previous.

  9. Well Nicky dear got the HOTS for her that for sure..I mean pics speaks louders the words and he just looks totally in to her..hey maybe she is just playing hard to get.. πŸ˜›

  10. Same cast, completely new story: Yes, perhaps, if the story is good.
    Same cast, continuation of the story: A BIG NO for me.
    Same cast, continuation of the story in the modern era: I’m going to bang my head against the wall..

    The last time I checked here, basically everyone was rooting for a sequel.. I thought I was the only who didn’t want a sequel, despite being a hardcore fan. But luckily, there are some other people who share the same thoughts now. I’m a bit disappointed that Tangren is going for a sequel just because it’s hot and everyone wants it. Uhm.. I don’t think we need another “BBJX sequel” like the “fake” one written by Yu Duo Duo, which wasn’t well received.

    Bu Bu Jing Xin is a classic in terms of everything; the setting, the costume design, the storyline, the characters, the combination of the cast (!), the music.. Sometimes the succes of a product really depends on “tian shi di li ren he (ε€©ζ—Άεœ°εˆ©δΊΊε’Œ)”. It’s hard to achieve the same level, especially without Tong Hua’s writing (even Nicky said that it’s hard to surpass BBJX, which is why he won’t accept any Qing drama in the future) .Tong Hua basically closed her story with Ruoxi’s death and it’s clear that she is satisfied with her ending. She used a half year to finish her epilogue (of merely 30.000 words) as she poured a lot of emotions into her writing. She admits that she doesn’t rewrite any of her stories. So a continuation of the story written by her? Nop.. I don’t think that will ever happen.

    What do we think of when we hear “BBJX”? Why do we love BBJX? Because of Maertai Ruoxi, Prince 4th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 14th and the lovely women, the settings in the Qing dynasty (hello to history!), the fact that nobody could escape their fate in the ancient times, and the ultimate tragedy that made us cry like babies. But heck, it’s closed file. Zhang Xiao is not Maertai Ruoxi. The modern guy is not 4th. Yes, I know, it sounds ironic, but it is the truth.

    Like faythe says: I don’t want the sequel to ruin the beauty of the story. BBJX evokes such beautiful memories and scenes. I don’t want it to end up like .. the Burning Flames trilogy for instance.. I still cannot get over it. It was so horrible.

  11. I’m all for a sequel but it’ll be nice if the story is parallel to the Qing storyline but with Rouxi being able to be herself as Zhang Xiao and overcoming the obstacles she was unable to due to her limitations in the Qing dynasty. This is how I picture the drama would pick up after 4th Prince walk away at the ending of Bu Bu Jing Xin episode 35. The first episode would be parallel to the first episode in Bu Bu Jing Xin in how the princes met Rouxi.

    4th prince leaves the exhibit.

    Zhang Xiao stands there stunned, tears rolling down her cheeks, holding onto her glasses. She runs out of the exhibit after him and sees him in the distance walking into a crowd of people. Xiao screams for him to stop, pushing people aside as she chases after him. She runs into the street and a bus nearly hits her. She moves back and someone bumps into her. She falls on her knees sobbing, dropping her glasses on the floor. Someone walks by and picks it up, kneeling over, he hands it to her. A familiar voice asks her, “Are you alright?”. Xiao lifts her head up screaming no, only to see that it was the 13th prince, her 13th prince, looking back at her with the same concern and warmth back like when they first met, now like when they are first meeting..

    • OMG that’s genius!!! That will parallel how she met 4th and 13th (sorta since she met 4th first) with the horse scene and 4th galloping away (to buy meds for her, which we find out later) and 13th stopping and helping her up.

  12. I wonder whether the two pics of Nicky eyeing Shi Shi were taken at different times or not, he sure is giving her quite ‘the look’.

    My first reaction when I heard about rumours of BBJX 2 on weibo was like ‘What no way! Please do not do that”. It will completely ruin the almost legendary status of BBJX 1 if 2 flops. Plus, unless Tong Hua is participating in the creation of BBJX 2 if the story is to be a modern continuation of BBJX , I will give the BBJX 2 a wide berth.

    However things might….might be interesting (saying this with a very very big mountainful of salt) if it the cast remains the same but a totally unrelated story. But then, the dynamics and characters will be totally different, which for me means the spell that BBJX 1 cast on me would be lost. It is exactly the personality of each character in BBJX and their dynamic interactions that really wove the magic. Changing the context and content would disrupt the scale and I’m too in love with BBJX 1 to withstand the potential change.

  13. I love the cast and the chemistry between Nicky and LSS. I’m so glad they won and Nicky is giving that look like 4th did! Awww.

    I’ll keep my reservations about the sequel for now. 95% of the time, sequels don’t live up to their originals, but sometimes they can still be good. Bonus if Tong Hua is on board. Furthermore, I just want to see the cast together and Nicky/LSS working together again. Good chemistry goes very far for me in dramas. So I am looking forward to seeing how things progress.

  14. Oh my goodness I thought I was over BBJX and then the photos of Nicky looking at SS just absolutely rattled my brain cells. It’s all gone to mush now. How can he look at her like that? Aigoo…’ ck fanning self πŸ™‚ ‘

  15. Looking at these photos of Nicky & ShiShi, I don’t sense any zap! electricity kind of spark between them, but they do look really fond of each other. None of those awkward, pretend-closeness between costars you usually see on red carpets. Well, I think it’s not only them, but the entire cast of BBJX seem pretty close BTS too πŸ™‚

    But woo damn those stares of 4th/Nicky!! *swoon

  16. Oh Nicky, why are you staring at her like that? Those stares are dangerous to my peace of mind….

    As for a sequel, I agree with most of the comments here, why ruin change/add on to something that’s already close to perfect? The reason why BBJX is so special to me is its bittersweet ending, how its mainly open to the viewer’s imagination. I, for one, thought that the reason why she took off her glasses was to “un-see” him walking away from her, sort of like erasing her memories of him and her time at the Qing Dynasty. (I LOVE sad endings)

  17. oooh. Nicky Wu is oozing sexiness with updo hair and leather jacket.. HOT! And Shi Shi is sexy herself… that would be cute if they were dating! πŸ™‚

  18. The cast of BBJX is very very close! For those of you who understands Chinese, watch this program that aired on Hunan TV station, (i.e. the broadcast station of BBJX in China). γ€ŠθƒŒεŽηš„ζ•…δΊ‹γ€‹ζ­₯ζ­₯ζƒŠεΏƒε‰§η»„. This features the entire main cast of BBJX, except for Kevin Cheng. But it’s an awesome interview, with loads of laughter, tears and heartfelt moments!

    You will hear about the hardships that Nicky Wu went through, the 10 years he spent repaying his father’s debt, the way that Shi Shi grew into an actor. I had tears in my eyes listening to Nicky Wu’s story.

    Not sure other watchers of BBJX knows, but Shi Shi have already acted with Yuan Hong (i.e. no. 13) 5 times and 13 also stole her first kiss when they filmed legend of the condors.

    Anyways, check out this video out if you understand Chinese.

  19. Oh and of course, congrats to Nicky & Shi Shi for winning this award! A shame that the drama didn’t pick up any accolades.

    Em..Nicky Wu was married to Ma Shi Shu who cheated on him, Nicky deserves someone better!! Maybe he will find his true love soon. Oh, in the interview I posted above, I kind of think that Nicky has a thing going for Shi Shi, hehe…Nicky mentions how he hates being tickle and he stated that during the shoot, whenever filming stopped, Shi Shi would tickle him endlessly!

    So Cute!

  20. @yanange seeing your post, it seems marriage doesn’t affect chinese actor’s popularity too much…nicky is one of the hottest on weibo right now
    that was touching about how he had to pay off the family’s debt

  21. Nicky and Shishi had another function yesterday (Cosmo Cosmetics Awards) and oh-they look so cute together. I loved Shishi’s look .. she looked like a pure Goddess. I totally turned into a fangirl because of her.

    And spazz spazz when they Nicky “accidentally” stepped on her dress.. holding hands.. ah! I loved it how the fans went: wooh!

  22. I just completed part 1 of the sequel without knowing that it isn’t by the original author tong hua until the last page which printed δ½œθ€…οΌšηŽ‰ζœ΅ζœ΅ However, I must say that it’s a really good attempt and I enjoyed every bit of it! It wasn’t well received probably cause of the fact that it isn’t an “original sequel”. I say, all bbjx addicts should give it a go! πŸ™‚

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