Upcoming TW-drama I Love You So Much with Blue Lan and Tom Price Starts Filming

We’ve got another Taiwan idol drama baking in the oven. The production company for the currently airing Ring Ring Bell will be partnering with CTS for the upcoming drama I Love You So Much (Chinese title is the laughably lame 粉愛粉愛你, which is a pun for I love you so much but using the characters for putting on make up), starring Blue Lan, Tom Price, singer/first-time-actor Nick Chou, and singer-actor Modi. The four guys will comprise the J4 of this drama, playing top-notch makeup artists in the fashion industry. Interesting. The drama held a press conference yesterday to announce the commencement of filming, and may end up as the drama to take over for RRB in 2 months.

From left to right: Blue, Nick, Director-nim, Tom, and Modi. Apparently the four guys are sporting their exact looks for the drama. I’m confused as to why Blue looks like a sleazy ahjusshi, and why Tom and Modi are sporting hammer pants. Nick looks cool enough in all black (hard to screw that up), but really none of them scream out “I am a top makeup artist” to me. All I know beyond this basic set up is that Nick is playing Blue’s half-brother in the drama. They definitely share the same sharp chiseled features. The production also announced that Blue will be singing the theme song for this drama. I just hope this drama doesn’t turn into the hot mess that was The Magicians of Love. I still have nightmares about that one.

Only the men attended the press conference yesterday, and there was no mention of the leading lady. But the grapevine says the lead actress will be played by Ivelyn Lee, who was most recently the lead in the woeful Love Recipe with Kenji Wu. I’ve not seen Ivelyn in any drama or movie, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised by her, much like the way I’ve been with Alice Ke in Office Girls.


Upcoming TW-drama I Love You So Much with Blue Lan and Tom Price Starts Filming — 15 Comments

  1. I have to say, going by the picture of the 4 male leads above, I’m not that impressed by the male lineup. I get a sense of sleeziness and sliminess oozing from the picture and what is with the fashion? Like you say, hammer pants…what kind of style are they aiming for.. highly abstract arty sort of fashion?

    I quite like Ivelyn Lee – she has that eternal ‘baby’ face which always make her seem younger than her actual age. I saw her debut lead drama before in “Mico Go!” back in those early days in which she plays a teenage girl who lost her sight and her journey of self-discovery in coming to terms with her new life and her rapport with her guide dog (Mico) as they face a new life together. Nice stuff from her then although at times quite raw in acting. And the dog is so cute. Did not see Love Recipe although I like her get up in the drama. Very sophisticated.

  2. blue lan was out of the limelight for tooooooo long….my love is back…… not to mention with a hideous harboje’s outfit……:( m=nevatheless…..i love him too bits n hope this is as good as PS man and Happy Fortune Easy Life <3 <3 <3

  3. Oooh! Tom Price! I saw him a few years ago in the Asian version of one of the High School Musical songs. Thought he was hot there…and he certainly is!

  4. Leading lady rumored was in Momo Love with Cyndi and Jiro Wang as the childhood friend of Jiro’s Character so I didnt watch her in Love Recipe, but I saw her in Momo Love. She and Cyndi were at each other in Momo Love which was Hilarious, so if you’re curious about her, go watch her there as well.

    I hope this drama turns out good, but I agree, Magicians of Love was terrible,, Love the actors, but the Storyline was just BAD.. Fan of Blue Lan and Tom Price was decent as supporting actor in Drunken To Love you so the drama better deliver! 🙂

  5. LOL. Blue looks like he came out of a taco commercial ;). Add a sombrero and taada. Oh and he can’t party without some maracas. Hmm. A drama baed on make-up artists interesting concept~ I’m curious to see how these men handle make-up. I don’t know why, but this is making me giggle. Not with delight, but in an amused way.

  6. Magicians of Love.. exactly what I thought about this drama when I read your article….

    I think it will be the same hot mess 🙂

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