Ariel Lin and Roy Qiu Attend Christmas Themed Events

These two bits of news have nothing whatsoever to do with each other (other than the Christmas theme), but since both happened this week AND I super love Ariel Lin and Roy Qiu, imma pulling an executive decision and making it a combined post. Also because – don’t they look good together! YY? Roy was at the DHL-sponsored charity movie premiere for the movie Arthur Christmas, where he is the dubbed voiced of the titular Arthur for the Taiwan release (saw the movie last weekend, wonderfully sweet and subversively charming with that very dry Brit humor). Ariel, on the other hand, attended a Christmas display unveiling for the Taipei Mitsukoshi department store where she adorably welcomed the Christmas spirit to Taipei. If these two ever made a movie or drama together, I might become incoherent from the level of anticipation for it to arrive.

Roy mentioned that he loves Christmas, and when he was a kid, he would spend the month of December counting down until the day arrived. He’s been working so hard on Office Girls that his mom hasn’t seen him in a good long while, and he hopes to spend some time with her during this holiday season if he gets any free time.

My heart goes out to the poor feller dressed like a reindeer. He’s creepy in that sad way whenever a human being is shoved into an animal suit. Children, don’t try this at home.

Ariel was asked, as expected, about her recent breakup. She candidly confessed that it was hard but she doesn’t mind spending the holidays as a singleton. She is still planning to take time away from television, but wouldn’t count out a good movie or stage script should one arise. Ariel wrapped In Time With You back in September, so she has been busy in the last two months promoting ITWY and her movie Lovesick. Roy is still filming OG (which is now on a live-filming schedule), but he has stated his intention to take a long overdue break from acting after OG to rest and recharge (and go race car driving). It’s been such a treat to have both Roy and Ariel on my screen every week, I’ve been really treasuring this great Fall drama season.


Ariel Lin and Roy Qiu Attend Christmas Themed Events — 12 Comments

  1. i am enjoying this fall season too watching the two lovely drama OG & ITWY. i would love to see Roy and Ariel work together.

  2. It has been spectacular to have them both, after “dry spells”. It is so greedy to want them so much more than we get them, yet I do: however, always aware of what that means to their personal lives, I wish them both a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday, if they can manage. Arjoe shippers are now back in full force, too.

    I wonder, if they had to do it all over again, if they would have taken the path to fame?

  3. I liked Rainie but now I tend to like Ariel more than Rainie. Both are very cute girls but Rainie seems to be annoying to me now.

  4. Although I have yet to watch Arthur Christmas, I personally disagree that us Brits have ‘dry humour’. The same could be said of US humour, which in fact I do find extremely boring and dry to the point where I find it ridiculous!
    I agree though, the two would make a lovely couple! Match made in heaven? lol 🙂

  5. Whoa, *mind blown* I can’t believe I never thought of a Roy-Ariel onscreen pairing before! Great idea, Koala! 😀 Can we get our Vic-Ariel onscreen pairing first, though? 😉

  6. I too am rooting for a Vic -Ariel pairing…
    however, Ariel & Roy seems really good now. 🙂 🙂 Gonna really miss Ariel on dramas. She’s so lovely.

  7. So, she isn’t totally retiring? I’m so confused regarding whether or not she is quitting for good. First I read that she is. Then I read that she isn’t. Then I read that it’s a matter of cutting her workload. Then she’s breaking up with her boyfriend over alledgedly disagreeing about her acting job/schedule.

    It sounds like she just cannot make up her mind what she wants to do. I wonder how the tumor is doing?

    • She never said she was retiring from acting, she’s only ever said she was taking a break from television acting, with its crazy filming schedules and long haul. She’s still consistent even after the break up, she’s not planning to do a drama in the near future. Movies and stage will be decided on a project basis.

  8. Ariel with Roy seems ok, but in terms of ideal future onscreen pairing is still Zairiel for me 😛

    Wish she could settle soon on shooting a movie. If she chooses a stage play that would be not so great for her international fans…

  9. I wish they both have together in same dramas….and I wish too….if they can make it sure as a couple in they life…..

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