C-drama Angel with Ming Dao and Liu Shi Shi Release Official Stills

The currently filming modern C-drama Angel (literal translation An Angel’s Happiness) released the first set of official stills today. Co-starring Liu Shi Shi and Ming Dao, the drama is situated in a little island off the South China Sea coast and the provincial setting recalls shades of Thank You for me when coupled with the character descriptions. In this drama, Ming Dao plays a doctor while Shi Shi is a single mother with a young daughter. Both are described as selfless and giving people who find a kindred spirit in each other. I have no clue if this drama will be a bust or a decent romantic trifle, but the first stills aren’t bad at all (even if it tells me nothing about the story). It’s prettier than I expected, and Shi Shi and Ming Dao are surprisingly compatible together. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for this one.


C-drama Angel with Ming Dao and Liu Shi Shi Release Official Stills — 9 Comments

  1. They both looked so romantic together… me likey 🙂
    Hope this drama does not disappoint… Lurve LSS in BBJS

    Happy Holidays to all and may all your wishes and dream be fulfilled!!!

  2. On a random note LSS really looks like a ballet dancer with her poses. All straight and elegant. Ballet really does wonders for your posture.

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