Operation Love with Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin Release First Official BTS Footage

The upcoming K-drama remake of Yamapi‘s Proposal Daisakusen¬†starring Yoo Seung Ho has quietly started filming already. Airing on the new cable network TV Joseon come February 2012, Operation Love will co-star Park Eun Bin, who has quite a tangled history with Yoo Seung Ho. Both were the child OTP counterparts in Legend with Bae Yong Joon and Lee Ji Ah, and later co-starred in Queen Seon Deok as teenage characters. In addition to their TV starring roles together, they’ve also done MVs and endorsement campaigns together.

Clearly the casting agents are aware of their adorable chemistry together and decided to fan service everyone. For once I have to say thank you, because I think this pairing is brilliant. ProDai is about the flimsiest most redundant story and can only be resurrected in a new incarnation by a sizzling OTP plus some snazzy new angle. The production released an official Christmas themed BTS clip, which both makes this Yoo Seung Ho loving noona happy, and gets my toes tapping to Christmas music just in time.

For those of you unfamiliar with ProDai, the leads are childhood friends who grew up together but remained platonic besties. At the wedding of the girl to her college professor turned sweetheart, the guy finally acknowledges his romantic feelings for the girl. A wish granting fairy shows up and gives the guy a chance to change the past. He gets to zap back to a specific moment in their shared history, but with his current soul, and try to do things differently so he can win the girl. This groundhog day scenario goes on for multiple episodes and the guy is never able to change things despite having the knowledge of what’s to come. Will they end up together in the end? Watching Yamapi and Masami, I hoped the hell not. But with Seung Ho and Eun Bin, I’ll be rooting for them the entire way.

Operation Love Official BTS:  http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzM1MzMwOTM2.html

In the video, Seung Ho and Eun Bin show up in the latter half, wearing Santa and Mrs. Claus matching outfits. So. Cute. This remake might actually work now.


Operation Love with Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin Release First Official BTS Footage — 13 Comments

  1. They had sizzling chemistry in QSD, but somehow his character was 20+ and her a teenager even though YSH was at that time a teenager too … but they tried to have a nice OTP for Kim Chun Chu which I loved… because his aunt was The King and he was next to the throne… easiest way to annoy aunt- King… marry with someone in the opposite team.

    I loved him in QSD… I wanted for him to be bad until the end, but they started filming God of Study therefore it minimized his screen time in QSD, They ended making him another pawn, even though he had the brain to go against 2 teams. He always loved just team Kim Chun Chu . Somehow the last episode he acted against his characteristics but GOS was the explanation.

    @ilovekdrama I loved each character in QSD… because each one thought that they are doing the best for their country no matter the means ( even the queenie wasn’t right all the time) Kim Chun Chu thought that he is the rightful heir (in a way he was) so nobility wouldn’t object to his actions/decisions as much as they object against the Queen. BTW you can watch Muyeol( adult Kim Chun Chu) soon in another drama Kim Chun Chu as MuYeol was a hero in his own right being the main force for unification of the Three Kingdoms

    I’m a bit iffy about ProDay but somehow I believe I’ll watch at least first 4 episodes to see what’s happening

  2. whoa, i was just wondering when these two were ever going to star in a drama or movie together again and here it is! i love it. i think ProDai might be perfect for them (although with their acting chops, they might be able to elevate that fluff into Samsoon levels). Rei in the original though was kind of bland so i’m hoping Park Eun Bin would be able to inject some kind of energy into that character. Ken was okay (infuriating sometimes but yeah, a nice guy at the end of the day) so Yoo Seung Ho just needs to be an earnest little cutie pie to make it work. can’t wait for this to air!

    • Completely agree w/ ignoring WBDS’s ending…specially the very last 15 minutes! Too bad the writing was a little crazy, ’cause YSH’s performance was really good! Anyways…can’t wait for their new drama! They are a cute and talented couple!

  3. I totally forgot about Park Eun Bin when was thinking of an actress to be Seung Ho’s leading lady here. Well maybe because I think she’s still too young for a role that’s supposed to be married. Well anyway, they’re both young so it’s fine.
    I agree with you, their chemistry is just so good. The cuteness of them individually and together is too hot to handle.
    Hopefully this remake would be really good. Looking forward for this!!

  4. I watched it a few days ago.. I liked the story, very sweet friendship story even thought it seemed dragging towards the end when I was like they are just stupid for not getting together already.

  5. So pleased to see them together again! Just one thing to add, it is the team of Seungho who recommended Eun Bin to the casting agent — they truely enjoy working together. And I am sure I will enjoying watching them!

  6. I just want to know who the fairy would be, cause the jdrama fairy was HILARIOUS. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!! and I loved Yamapi and Masami in Proposal Daisakusen D:

  7. eunbin and seungho!! yes!! im really very thankful that they will team up again. how very sweet of seung ho to recommend eunbin for this drama! =) PARK EUN BIN AND YOO SEUNG HO!!

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