GTV to Switch the Dubbing for Choi Siwon in Skip Beat

Episode 1 of Skip Beat got a critical drubbing from TW-netizens for Choi Siwon‘s dubbed voice as Dun He Lian, which was performed by Kun Da. It’s so bad that today the production officially announced that it will be redubbing Siwon’s voice in the drama, despite the fact that Kun Da is almost done with his recording for the entire drama. I think it’s the right thing to do considering the amount of hate out there for Kun Da’s dub, which is not bad but just so different than Siwon’s real voice it takes the viewer out of the scene. The production will be using a professional voice dubber as the substitute voice for Siwon. There has been no confirmation which episode will debut the new dub, but I’m guessing we’ll see it by next week’s episode 3.

I feel terrible for Kun Da, who is currently the hilarious and adorable second male lead in the daily drama Inborn Pair with Chris Wang and Annie Chen. His voice is really nice and gentle, and works great for him, but it really was a huge mismatch to have him dub Siwon. Industry insiders have laid the blame on GTV for picking him because he’s Ivy Chen’s boyfriend and hoping that might add another layer of fan interest in the drama. I personally wouldn’t have a problem if GTV kept Kun Da’s dub for the entire run, but I feel bad for him getting flayed alive by viewers when it’s not his fault his voice doesn’t jibe with Siwon’s. Hopefully switching Siwon’s dub will unknot everyone’s panties and let this drama be judged on its merits.


GTV to Switch the Dubbing for Choi Siwon in Skip Beat — 26 Comments

  1. Several ELFs friends of mine mentionned how inadequate the dubbing was for Si Won mostly but also for Donghae.
    Hopefully this news will satisfy the viewers.
    Thanks, Mrs Koala.

  2. I thought it was fine, but I have never heard Siwon speak so yeah…

    Maybe the focus should switch to Siwon’s acting instead.. >.>

    • if u’ve heard siwon’s voice, then you’ll know how a great mismatch is that. I think this is a wise move, particularly to avoid fans bashing, and also to minimise intervention during the watching progress. so, kun da has done a great job, but unfortunately, GTV has done a grave mistake, and it needs to be corrected. 🙂

  3. Aww, poor Kun Da. It’s true that his voice is very different from Siwon’s, in both pitch and tone, but it sucks that GTV’s going to redub everything when he was almost finished dubbing Siwon’s voice. But oh well. Gotta make the fans happy.

    Skip Beat’s turning into my year-end crack. This is one drama where I wish we got two doses per week, instead of just one. I LOVE IT!

  4. Awww… I feel bad for Kun Da since it’s a situation where’s not really the quality of the job but really that it just doesn’t match the feel. It sucks that he kinda got jerked around because a production company called the shots but it’s his name in the mud now.

    I didn’t realize he was dating Ivy. So weird because I definitely adore him as well in Inborn Pair (Ugh, the literal translation is so much better than the official title but whatever!) and I actually first knew him as Lu Bu in KO3. So much improvement! LOL

  5. Kun Da is dating Ivy? I didn’t know that. That is so cute…too bad abou the dub but as long as he gets paid then I say all is well. If Lu Bu has appeared in Inborn Pair then I think I need to tune in. I love all the kids from the KO series…I mean that series is the reason I even care about Fahrenheit and fangirl Jiro LOL. The X-Family is my most beloved series of the three LOL. I know Kristen Ren has a new series coming out too.

  6. No ill feelings towards kun da, but watching episode one alone was enough to make me cringe. It’s so different from siwon and too gentle for the character. Glad, very glad for this move.

  7. I finally watched SB yesterday and loved it – the only thing off for me was Siwon’s voice, which really bothered me. So while I feel bad for Kun Da, I think this is a good move.

  8. I only watched first episode and even though I like it, dubbing is it’s only minus point in my book. I guess, non Suju fans have no problem, but since I am used to their actual voice, it bothers me a lot. It’s also my first dubbed drama.

    Nonetheless, poor guy..

  9. I am not a Suju fan but I mentioned in my comments on epi 1 post that I couldn’t really get into kunda dub… Glad I wasn’t the only one. However I didn’t realize that it got that much of a negative reaction. I feel really bad for him now even though last week I did cringe st the dubbing.

  10. It was that bad? Maybe cause I’m not familiar with Siwon, so it was completely okay for me. Anyway… poor guy. I actually thought his voice was (fairly) charming.

  11. Personally I didn’t have any problems with Kun Da’s dubbing! I feel bad for him because it is not pleasant to hear such critisism 🙁
    I just think the production team should initially have chosen another person with the similar to Siwon’s voice and which would correspond to the character of Ren too! There wouldn’t be such a problem then, I guess!
    Anyways, this is my only one claim for them! Generally, I must say that I adore the drama 🙂
    And waiting for Ms. Koala recap!!! )))

  12. I seriously thought si won’s dubbing was horrible.. it wasn’t manly enough for his character, and the voice totally lacked charisma… it would be awesome if they could get a dub which sounded like korea’s the voice, lee seon kyun. that would definitely bring the character up a notch! i thought donghae’s dub was alright as it kindna suited his playful character.

  13. Honestly, I didn’t think it was THAT bad. I’d still watch anyway. Come on, let’s be honest here, I think we’ve all heard worse dubbing than Kun Da’s of Siwon. Oh well, can’t keep everyone happy. I’ll just rejoice in the fact that I get to see pretty boys every week. 😀

  14. Thank you sooooo much for reconsidering!!!! Seriously…..its so different that i had to laugh every time i heard him speak xD Donghae’s is pretty bad too, but it’s definitely better than Siwon’s.

  15. actually GTV should not dub the voice in the 1st place…thye should bravely broadcast it in original voice to be the 1st TW station to do so…a drama series of dual language…i’m so happy to thought that they won’t dub it as the trailer doesn’t do so…but haiz…sadly the drama is still dub

  16. I had no problem with the voice, it just annoys me when the mouth does not match the words being said. It makes me feel as if there’s something else going on and the off sync’d voices are trying to cover it up. It adds an extra barrier between me and me loving the show. So far, Si-Won has just been standing around for most of episode 2 and doing things on his phone… was it me or was episode 2 kind of slow.

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