Ella and Vic Zhou Continue their Perfect Two Cuteness Tour

Vic Zhou and Ella continue their seemingly interminable promotional tour for their movie Perfect Two, which opens in 3 weeks in Taiwan and Mainland China. If this movie tanks at the box office, it won’t be for the lack of trying. Clearly Zai Zai continues to exhibit all signs that he’s been abducted by an alien (or an Ella) and replaced with a smiling, carefree version of himself. Seeing Zai Zai makes me super sad he didn’t participate in the Big Shot Charity Photo Array. I’d advocate some iconic pose like Michaelangelo’s David for him. Hee. For those of you loving Zai Zai since Mars, he re-creates his famous Chen Ling biker pose below. Can we say “super swoon”? As for Ella, still her newly gorgeous womanly self and able to turn Zai Zai into a gibbering blushing youth.


Ella and Vic Zhou Continue their Perfect Two Cuteness Tour — 20 Comments

  1. oh how I love him… and not just since Mars (although that’s when my love was cemented !) but since meteor garden. I still think he should have got the girl 🙂

  2. thanks for sharing this cute entry … am loving this onscreen pairing more and more…Zai zai looks soo young and handsome .. Ella is getting prettier and prettier as day goes by .. ehehe .. miss koala, have you watched the latest video of Ella and Zai zai ? it’s the photoshoot and interview clip they did for a magazine which was just released today .. both of them look soo good together … here’s the link of the vid if you’re interested to watch :


    really can’t wait for the mag to be out soon.

  3. Does anyone else feel like they’re flirting (or possibly dating)? Their antics are pretty intimate even if it’s for promotional purposes. Maybe I’m just a delusional fangirl… [sigh]

    • I agree, they’re totally adorable. Ella’s pretty much like this with all of her co-stars, though (Jerry, Wu Zun, etc); she brings out their happy/cheery/giggly sides 😀 Plus, Ella already has a boyfriend who she’s serious about.

  4. Adorably cute together! I love him since Meteor Garden and he’ll forever be my darling Hua Zhe Lei. Hope you’ll meet your dream girl soon!

  5. I feel nostalgic right now. Mars was one of the very first shoujo manga that I read so many years ago (God I loved that story!). And Meteor Garden was the first asian drama that got me hooked on well, asian dramas. As much as I loved Jerry’s Dao Ming Si, I loved the Shan Cai/Hua Ze Lei pairing just as much. I guess once a fan of Hanazawa Rui, always a fan of Hanazawa Rui. I remember when I heard about the drama Mars, I rushed immediately to download it. Definitely not as good as the manga but I mainly watched it for the chemistry between Vic and Barbie and boy did they deliver.

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