Introduction to the Sweepingly Romantic Da Mo Yao by Tong Hua

My takeaways from marathoning Da Mo YaoΒ (Ballad of the Desert) the novel this weekend are this: (1) General Huo Qu Bing is about to become the best character Hu Ge has ever played in his career (EVER) and (2) oh my lordy was that a love story (and love triangle) for the ages. Between squealing, gasping, holding my breath, and then crying tears (whether happy or sad, I’ll play coy and not reveal just yet), I think I just found a period romance political intrigue novel better than Bu Bu Jing Xin. Of course, the fact that DMY is also written by Tong Hua says something for my appreciation of her writing talents and my love of her storytelling. I can tell you that if Tangren doesn’t royally F-up the drama adaptation, DMY can easily be even better than BBJX the drama. It’s more sweeping, has tons more action scenes, everyone will be smoking hot in their Han dynasty attire (no Qing queues for the men, yay!), and the love story between the OTP makes me blush like a school girl just recalling scene after bone meltingly romantic scene.

I actually read a few chapters of DMY awhile back, with the introductory sections interesting but nothing that would compel me to keep reading. I liked it, but there was no indication of the epicness to come. I don’t think I’ve fully digested everything I just read, but oh holy I CANNOT wait for this to become a drama. And If Tangren dares to redact any of the eyepopping romantic scenes in this, imma going to have words with their puritanism. This is not your momma’s period political romance novel. And I’m going to call it right now: General Huo Qu Bing, aka the single most awesome ass-kicking romantic hero ever written on paper, is MINE. Which means right now that Hu Ge, who is slated to play Huo Qu Bing, is by default also mine. *rubs hands gleefully* I’m actually considering summarizing the novel chapter by chapter, but it’s only fun if folks participate in the book discussion with me. Anyone up for it?

This is just a introduction to Da Mo Yao. If I end up recapping the novel, don’t worry, I’ll translate word for word when it gets to the good (i.e. juicy) stuff. Hee. DMY is wholly different than BBJX in almost every way, except for the overarching thread of political intrigue centering around imperial succession. Set in Western Han Dynasty (founded by Liu Bang after defeating Xiang Yu, hence the Emperors of that dynasty all carried the surname Liu), the novel is dense in actual political history, with one of the main characters that is General Huo Qu Bing an actual historical figure. Though Tong Hua takes tons of liberties with her characters and historical accuracy, she uses the general crux of the geo-political warfare during that era as the backdrop for her story.

A wolf girl grows up amongst the wolf pack of the Xi Yu desert region of Western China, where many different tribes existed which sought to remain independent from the encroaching military forces of the Western Han empire. This wolf girl saves a man dying of thirst in the desert, and he in turn kidnaps her. A Han scholar who is an advisor to the Dan Yu (Leader) of the Xiong Nu tribe, this man becomes this feral wolf girl’s adoptive father. He forces this child of 7 or 8 to learn to walk upright, speak the human language, and live amongst the people, namely the Xiong Nu tribe. He names her Yu Jin. She resists initially, howling at the moon to be freed, but she eventually settles into the human world and grows up amongst the sons, daughters, and tribesman of the Xiong Nu.

Yu Jin is but a child of 12 when she is forced to face the grim reality of the ruthlessness of political succession as there is a change of leadership within the Xiong Nu. With her father dead, Yu Jin manages to return to her wolf tribe, were she is welcomed back and finds solace in the leader of the wolf pack, whom she calls Brother Wolf. They roam the plains together, with Yu Jin a girl who is no longer completely a wolf, but cannot return to the human world because the only one she knows is gone. A few years pass before one day, Yu Jin decides to steal some supplies from a traveling caravan. She is caught, but the leader of the caravan is a young man whose beauty and serenity captivates Yu Jin. He offers her the supplies she wants, but because she’s been wearing the same tattered clothes for the last few years, she asks for a skirt if they have one. The young man gives her a beautiful Luo Lan (another ethnic tribe) outfit.

As Yu Jin continues to roam the plans with Brother Wolf, she runs into another group of travelers, this one seeking her assistance in getting out of the Xi Yu desert. In the group is another young man, with twinkling eyes and a piercing gaze. Yu Jin leads them to the edge of the desert, and she demands payment of coins for her services. Meeting these two groups finally convinces Yu Jin that she can’t hide in the desert forever. Her adoptive dad wanted her to learn Han history and language, because he was a Han citizen and wanted her to become one. Yu Jin decides to use the coins to travel to Chang An, the capital city of the Han dynasty. There she will not run into the Xiong Nu, and she can finally fulfill her dad’s wish for her to return to her motherland.

Yu Jin arrives in Chang An and hereby starts her story which will span years with so much colorful and stunning trials and tribulations. She changes her name to Jin Yu (her loved ones call her Yu Er or Xiao Yu) and tries to forge ahead with just her brains, derring do, and audacity. She runs into the two young men she met in the desert – the man who gave her the Luo Lan outfit is Meng Jiu (real name Meng Xi Mo), the reserved and contemplative owner of the largest business in the city, and the other guy is Huo Qu Bing, the all-around brash and decisive young general who is also nephew to the Emperor. Jin Yu’s life in Chang An takes her into close orbit with both men, and with it develops a love story fraught with choice, unwavering commitment, and sacrifice.

After reading DMY, I felt like a lot of my (and other folks) minor quibbles with BBJX the story were somehow resolved through this completely different story. Jin Yu as a heroine is direct and dares to love. Unlike Ruo Xi, she does not over think anything, whether it comes to her love life or her personal history. While others are mired in personal and ethnic vendettas, Jin Yu actually learns to let go of grief and wrongs done to her, preferring instead to treasure her current happiness and not risk it for meaningless conflict. The two male leads in DMY reminds of of a mash up of the four main Princes in BBJX. Meng Jiu is a cross between 4th Prince and 8th Prince – refined, artistic, thinks carefully about everything, keeps thoughts close to his vest, prefers hidden gestures of care over direct communication, and a man who believes that love sometimes means silent sacrifice. Huo Qu Bing is a blend of 13th and 14th Princes – a master tactician and warrior, arrogant and proud, a man who refuses to be governed by anyone else, who loves once and for all time.

The novel isn’t just about the three main characters and their love story, but instead weaves in a very compelling cast of secondary characters who create tension and drive plot movement forward. After Jin Yu reaches Chang An, she discovers that her past with the Xiong Nu isn’t that easy to let go, sometimes the past catches up to a person. Her new life is also fraught with political intrigue, much of it of her own making at times. The three leads are around the same age when they first meet, in their late teens. As they grow up together, the characters are written in such vivid ways with much of Tong Hua’s trademark humor intact. I felt like I lived and breathed Jin Yu’s colorful life and passionate love story. To be loved like she was by both men was just a treat to read for the diehard romantic in me.

The novel is split into two books, with book 1 consisting of 16 chapters and one addendum, and book 2 consisting of 24 chapters.Β The transition between the two looks was stunningly well-written, leaving me literally ripping open the next book to start devouring. Here’s a tidbit to whet your appetite. The final chapter in book 1 ends with Jin Yu writing a short letter to Huo Qu Bing:

Xiao Huo,

I’m going back to Xi Yu. I’m sorry but I won’t be going with you. When you see this cloth, it should be a few months later already, when you return victorious yet again to the Palace. Perhaps I will be off chasing a sheep with Brother Wolf. Or maybe doing nothing except watching the sun set over the West. You asked me, are tangled vines really how complicated life ought to be? I thought about it, and perhaps life really is like the gold silver flower vines. But it’s not about being tangled up. Flowers bloom and flowers wilt. When the gold silver flowers meet, it twists and turns, like meeting and then departing. Fate binds and fate separates, this vine is but a representation of life’s many gatherings and partings. This time my decision is to turn and leave. This parting might lead to never meeting again. I wish you all the best.

Xiao Yu.

In response to receiving this letter, Huo Qu Bing’s reaction is thus:

He already decided in his mind that he was going to succeed. Or more accurately, the word “failure” has never appeared in his mind. Anything he wants to accomplish, he does so, except….no, there is no except. Huo Qu Bing’s life has no impossibles, much less her. He stares at the letter and smiles a cold proud laugh. This is her first letter to him, but it will not be her last letter to him. He stands up and calls out to the attendants outside the tent to prepare his horse. Yu Er, you can’t possibly be harder to chase after than those wily Xiong Nu.

And with that, I leave you with a glimpse of Da Mo Yao. I don’t know how long it’ll take to stop thinking about Xiao Yu, Xiao Huo, and Xiao Jiu (which are their nicknames).Β Book 1 is wonderful enough already, but book 2 pretty much imprinted itself on my heart forever.

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Introduction to the Sweepingly Romantic Da Mo Yao by Tong Hua — 90 Comments

  1. Oh…my… you make me wish once again that: 1) the book has the English version, and/or 2) I am fluent in Chinese right this moment.

    And the third wish: that one of the male leads is played by Nicky Wu… so that I can quench my thirst for Nicky/LSS again. I like Hu Ge… but perhaps because I never saw him with LSS (other than the short, silly and fun Dreaming of the Wild Cauldron), I always see LSS with Nicky…

    • I love Nicky-LSS but if they pair up again, it won’t be for DMY. Hu Ge is already confirmed. Plus age-wise it doesn’t work.

      The reason why HG was not the lead in BBJX (despite being Tangren’s leading man) is because 4th and 8th Princes were much older in age and needed to be playing by leading men in their late 30s/early 40s. Nicky and Kevin were perfect age-wise and performance-wise.

      The three leads in Da Mo Yao are late teens when they meet, and when the novel closes, are at most 25-26 years old. Nicky is just too old to play that age bracket believably.

      • Yeah, Wallace turned down Meng Jiu and will instead be Linghu Chong for Yu Mama’s adaptation of Smiling Proud Wanderer.

        I hope the god Tangren doesn’t rope my loverboy Yuan Hong in to pinch hit as Meng Jiu. I actually find Meng Jiu a great character, but I’m not ready to throw any of my C-drama loves into that pit of fire to play him.

        There are tons of places to read. I actually own hard copies of the novels.

      • Hmmm… in my utterly biased defense of Nicky’s, I’ve seen him playing 20s years old guys when he was nearer to 40 yo… so I can still see him playing either of the two male leads. He can be very childish too (see the ice cream photo in Paris?). But I can see how people wants ShiGe… so perhaps LongShi will have to wait till October this year then… I’m still very interested in DMY tho. Thanks for the intro!

      • Tonghua actually wrote Huo Qubing with Zituan (Nicky’s character in A Battle of Wits) in mind. You can really tell that she is his fan.

      • Bwear, if that’s true, you’re making me happier today! Yay! It matters less now whether Nicky is there or not (unlikely he is to be), but at least if Tong Hua really considered Nicky’s character as the basic of Huo QuBing, that’s good enough for me!

  2. wow. I’m almost game … if I can pick up an online version I might just keep up with this … (read: probably, most likely… sighs.. who am i kidding.) I just hope the acting chops are good all round… can see Tangren pulling it off….

  3. Yes, please do summarize the novel chapter by chapter and i am sure many folks/lurkers will participate in the book discussion.
    I am game if you are πŸ™‚
    Love BBJX and hope that the next drama will even be better. Is the ending happy or sad? I did not like the ending of BBJX – sorry i am a pure romantic at heart and i cannot take too much anguish and pain… too heart wretching to watch BBJX.
    Do they intend to have these novels translated to English? I would buy it asap…
    Thanks for your infor and i cannot wait for your translation… yayyyy…


  4. Hi Ms Koala,
    Thanks for the brilliant introduction to Da Mo Yao. It was also from your site that I discovered the beautiful masterpiece that was Bu Bu Jing Xin. Likewise I hope that TR will give the same treatment that they had for BBJX to DMY & turn it into an epic show.
    Will be keeping my eyes peeled for this one! πŸ™‚

  5. The story sounds fascinating, especially following your translation and write up. Could I ask if the books are written very much in the form of the traditional “wu xia” bounded copies or in the form of comics? Just trying to figure out where to buy the book for reading – in a regular bookstore or the comics store. Thanks!

  6. Yay, I have been planning to marathon the novel for a while now but school has been too demanding. I’ve been too afraid to start because I know I won’t be able to stop once I started. Would love to see your translations though!

  7. I’m so looking forward to this. My Mandarin reading ability is… I’m still struggling with children’s books, so I think I’ll be waiting for the drama πŸ™‚

  8. Woo – I want to read it too. Will have to get my hands on a copy. Anyhow – I love series that are set in the Han Dynasty era πŸ™‚ Qing dynasty series wear on me after awhile. Looking forward to this… πŸ™‚ I love a good series with political intrigue and romance – a good mix.

  9. Oh my… HQB sounds like a hot tempered young man who is full of passion and melt your bone with his piercing gaze. If This Jin yu is fearless to accept his love and do things at the heat of moment.. My my.. There will be plenty of steamy hot scenes!!!

  10. I’ll be around for a book discussion~~~~~~~~~~~ count me in! =P

    Btw, thank you so much for the intro =3 you always know just the right amount to put in to rouse our interests hehe =D

  11. Wow! Thanks for the detailed introduction πŸ˜€ Just the other day I was visiting a forum that discussed the Da Mo Yao novel, just so I could clean some spoilers about the story. It wasn’t much though, your summary was way more detailed πŸ™‚ If you do end up summarizing the chapters, I’ll be more than happy to discuss it XD I wish I could read it, but my chinese skills are just too poor.

    Also, I gotta say that’s some lovely art <3

  12. Hi Koala – I am definitely IN for a discussion of Da Mo Yao.

    It was your enthusiam for BBJX that got me interested to read (translated) chapters and watch the series, so if you say DMY is better than that I can hardly wait to get started!

    And thanks for the intro to the series. It sounds so good!!!

  13. Btw, after your first post regarding Da Mo Yao I got curious about the ShiGe pairing and actually marathoned through Chinese Paladin 3 during the weekend. And holy moly, what sizzling chemistry! I ended up totally shipping them despite the fact that it was never to be ^^;;; So excited that they’ll be the OTP pairing for this drama instead. The preliminiary air date seems to be set to december 2013 though, it’ll be a loooong wait! But I can be patient πŸ˜€

  14. Yes, please recap the novel! I don’t know any Chinese so I have no hope of reading the novel unless you recap it for us πŸ™‚

  15. Omg!! That last chapter got me hooked! Just from the little of information, you can see how romantic the Hero really is. Oh, I’m actually very excited about this. Thankyou Ockoala! πŸ™‚

  16. Hi Koala,

    I started reading the first book (in Vietnamese) couple days ago and I like it so far. I am interested in the book club idea so you can count me in as well. I just have to work out the names of the characters in English ;).

  17. Dear ms. Ockoala,
    Pls take a responsibility! U made me hook on BBJX n now DMY. And my lovely boy HU GE will be the main lead. Therefore, PLEASE please summurize the DYM book into English. I am begging u. Of course we love to join ur book discussion. Pleasure to participate to rant and rave about this book.

    Too bad that Wallace turned down the role. Probably he prefers to be a leading role and the second without the girl. He was in a drama with Ruby Lin and he was wasted there. I heard that fans were unhappy when he was second lead and got killed before the drama ended πŸ™‚

  18. I’m partial to Hu Ge. I just love him to bits. I’m looking forward to watching this.

    I know NO Chinese. I have no hope of being able to read the novels (or any Chinese novel that sounds interesting) *woe* I’m in for the discussion thing if you decide to share the translations.

  19. *sigh* yet another novel in chinese that has no english translations πŸ™

    on the other hand, i’d love to read your translations! thanks again for the summary.

  20. I read this after Bu Bu and LOVED it, even though I’m a diehard Jiu-Ye fan πŸ™‚ I’m seriously hoping they don’t mess this drama up with the cast, CGI, or script. They really need every little scene in there!!

    I would love to have a book club on this novel…I need to spazz!

  21. Hihi

    Thanks once again for such juicy tidbits!!! I have been reading your posts for close to 2 years. The first site I will visit everyday when I switch on my computer! Just just to thank you again for bringing so much enjoyment in my otherwise boring day to day work life!

    OMG.. Think I will go hunt down the book and read! You got me really interested. For one I am always drooling after Hu Ge for another I trust your recommendations. Now the problem is to keep my fingers crossed that with my horrible Chinese I can actually understand the book! Haha

  22. I love Tonghua’s poetic style and storytelling after watching BBJX, but I haven’t got to read the book itself. Now that you’ve introduced us to Da Mo Yao I’m really interested in hunting down the novel to read before the series is out.

    Anyone out there who knows where I buy the novel online? Would love to join in the discussion if I’m able to get my hands on the novel!

    • You can try,, or For taobao, you will need to go through an intermediary such as or if you don’t have a Chinese credit card.

  23. Knowing Tong Hua’s style of writing, I cheated and took a glimpse of the ending from baidu…. I believe I am satisified with what I have read so far… πŸ˜€

    MUAHAHAHAAHA I will buy the book and read it…


  24. i can’t wait to get my hands on the hard copies.!! you’ve gotten me soo excited for this!! thank you so much!
    btw where do you get them?
    AND YESSS i’m uberly excited for this, if you do recaps of the novel, i’m so game!! πŸ˜€

    • You can get them on (simplified chinese) (but you will need to go through an intermediary such as or if you don’t have a chinese credit card), (simplified chinese), or (traditional chinese print from the taiwanese bookstore).

      • :O thanks!!
        I’ve actually got a cousin heading to china soon so i’ll just get her to get me all the tonghua books!! muhaha
        I read somewhere that she lives in new york. I wonder if that’s true…

  25. Oh bring it on! I can’t wait!!! πŸ™‚

    tbh I’m not too optimistic with TR handling it well. They have the most disorganized planning in any production company ever. I wonder how they got this greenlit with the liberties taken on a historical figure Huo in this climate. I think it’s not off the table for them to alter tonnes of things, they always do, the only exception was BBJX. I dont see TH as involved in this casting as BBJX…and this makes me very uneasy because I’m crediting a lot of the success of BBJX with TH hawking her baby’s reincarnation, subsequent remakes of her works depend on its success. DMY really begs perfect casting more than BBJX, not ladyboss’ usual favoritism games. We’ve been following too much of their shenanigans and this smells funny. I’m really against them casting their #1 guy, #1 gal in everything without a keener eye on whether it’s suitable or not. I like HuGe, and this would be his best role of his career, I’m hoping he has it in him, and can pull all the stops but he really has not been allowed to hone his craft in anything decent to prepare himself for this demanding role. I love his casting as Huo, my gut is telling me he can do it and floor me, but he really has nth fr his past work to show he is a sure bet.

    LSS is a horrible miscast imho. She just doesn’t look the part at all. She’s improved tonnes in BBJX, but I think that’s the ceiling of her abilities, this requires her to act out a wild passionate naivete much younger than her age. I always think it’s hardest for actors to play a character much younger.

    As for BBJX, HG was never ever considered as the lead prince4, after his accident and massive surgeries it’s impossible for him to carry the queue. Even in that lousy DoMD game they did, he kept his hair intact playing WXB. Ladyboss has been tweeting all along YH will be 4 for sure up till couple months of camera rolling, even LSS as RX was a last min/last resort casting, she’s said to be LuWu all along because ladyboss’ plan was to throw a bone to YH, cast a bigger name actress maximizing the profit margins. She was going to just whip out sth silly a la CP to cash in the fanbase and call it a day, it’s not until Yumama nudged himself into the field when she accepted the challenge to do the best she can to spite. Then she lied saying it’s YH wanting to leave and thus can’t do 4, then she bagged KC and cast everyone around him, all in a mad dash. IF she has the intention to wholehearted do a terrific adaptation of BBJX, it’s stupid to not consider the timeline when the Mongolian tundra will be lushly green in season for a location shoot, they did it for LoCH,it’s as lame and as BS as it goes.

    *VERY SPOILERISH* The running joke is ladyboss is evilb8tch enough to end it with a Yuer miscarriage just to kill off Yumama’s Song of the Wind adapt at conception.

    • Ahahaha, as immature as that would be, I would theoretically be all supportive of Ladyboss pulling a fast one and destroying the possibility of Yun Zhong Ge (Song of the Cloud) just to spite Yumama.

      Anyways, I don’t know why, but as I read the novel, all I could see was Hu Ge as Huo Qu Bing. You know I don’t think he’s as good of an actor as loverboy, and lookswise he’s cute but doesn’t make me all tingly. But I think he might be born to play this role. I can see so much in him to pull it off.

      I’ll take the contrarian hope that Shi Shi can play Yu Er. I think she might struggle in the Xi Yu sections with Brother Wolf, but once she gets to Chang An I think she’ll rise to the occasion. I see Shi Shi physically nailing Yu Er, her athleticism and also musicality in dance. In BBJX Ruo Xi’s dance was only in 4th Prince’s imagination. Here in DMY, Yu Er’s dance is real, it’s so sensual I think she lit the entire court on fire, and it was meant for you-know-who to make a point that “THE MAN IS MINE, SO HANDS OFF, BITCHES!”

      I worry more about the horrific Tangren CGI nightmare to come. But eh, I can live with that.

      As much as I want to recap this baby, how the hell am I going to keep a straight face and not burst into flames translating sections. Like “kidnapping”, or “first kiss”, or even the biting kiss scene. OMG, that was the hottest thing E.V.E.R. And then Tong Hua upped it with the night swim section.

      Poor Jiu Ye. Sometimes I wished he’d just dig himself a hole and go lie in it, it would be less painful than the emotional torture he had to face later. Oh, I forgot, he did dig himself the hole he ended up in. For once I feel zero sympathy for an otherwise truly awesome second male lead.

  26. Thank you Ms. Koala. It must be a very hectic time for you but I really hope you’ll be able to continue with the translations and discussions.

  27. Unniiiii….. please re-cap – pretty please ….
    I wish I could read chinese – sigh – then I’ll be up all night talking about it – just like I did for Khuntoria ^_^
    Hoping against all hope that you would re-cap this novel, thank youuuuu soooo muchhhhh

  28. Tong Hua’s writing make me wish I speak and read Chinese. I loved BBJX and I think I’m going to fall in love with this one too. I wish they translate her novels in English…I’d totally go to the bookstore and buy them. Please summarize the novel…I’d love to read it. I hope you would do it for those who doesn’t speak Chinese. Pretty please….. Thank you again Miss Koala

  29. Thanks for the Da Mo Yao intro! I was intrigued by some of the artwork she posted and by Hu Ge as the lead. Anytime Hu Ge is in a historical drama is a winner for me. And I do agree with Han dynasty attire being smoking hot. I can’t really get into Qing dynasty dramas because i don’t find the costumes very attractive.

  30. “I’m actually considering summarizing the novel chapter by chapter, but it’s only fun if folks participate in the book discussion with me. Anyone up for it?”

    *waves hands frantically*

    ME!! I’m up for it!!

  31. You got me hooked on DMY with your intro! It will be so wonderful if you would really do a chapter-by-chapter summary of this novel. πŸ™‚

  32. Oh my Lord!!! I’m already passing out here!! PLEASE translate this!! I can already feel the excitement of discussing this amazing piece of work with you and all the amazing commenters. It will be a fantastic way to celebrate the awesomeness that DMY is. I’m sold Koala!! Please indulge us, I’m game if you are!

    PS: I have been a silent lurker on your page… I’ve actually gotten your webpage through Dramabeans, where I have hung out since Sarah started way back in 2007. In any case, it recently led me to you, and boy do I enjoy your writing! In dramaland, yours is probably the only page I started visiting regularly after Dramabeans. So kudos to you!

  33. HELLO! i’ve been a silent lurker for awhile. but your mention of book club and chapter summary sounds pretty fun! i’m quite fluent in mandarin (should be, having learnt if for like 10 years of my life), so am looking forward to marathoning this story and discussing it. let me know if you need help summarising, will try my best. although, if the prose is anything like bbjx, it’ll be pretty difficult to translate all the subtle nuances etc…

    on the show’s casting…. ah sigh, liu shi shi does not sound like she’d fit the character much at all.

  34. Omg, u just made me so excited again. If this drama is even as good as BBJX, I’ll be ecstatic. I find that whenever I come back to check ur blog (it’s becoming an obsessive habit nowadays), I always become super excited about things I’ve never heard about before lol. started me on my very first mainland drama BBJX, and i used to think that all mainland dramas were really dull and boring when i saw my ‘rents watching em on tv, but now…wow i can’t believe I’m actually excited about mainland series. Pls keep up the crack-tastic updates on DMY!

  35. This is one of those times where I weep tears of blood due to the fact that I canna read any version of chinese. The novels sound so perfect and I really hope that they get translated officially or get fan-translated (like BBJX is).

    As long as someone summaries the books, I’m definitely game for discussion. I’ll discuss so much everyone’ll probly lock me out -____-;; So pweasepweasepweasepwease go ahead and do the summaries Unnie *huggle*

  36. It surprises me that you actually like this. Not that I have read the novel myself, but the reviews I’ve read so far seems to be on the negative side. People seem to like Yunzhongge more than this..

  37. Oh, yes, please!

    I’ve got to say, I love LSS, but it sounds like there’s a lot of intensity needed for Yu Jin/Jin Yu, and I don’t know if she can do that convincingly…The passion and everything. LSS’s screen presence is pretty calm, emotional, yes, but not fiery. Ah, we’ll see!! ^^ I’m really excited. I really love Hu Ge, there’s something really likable about him, and I think he could pull this off! : ) Hoping for the best.

    • Oh, and I’m going to be annoyed if they insist on doing the wolf part with dirt placed strategically, make-up on, and nearly perfectly combed hair. Please, the leading lady will probably be gorgeous even if she’s dirty, with messy hair and not-perfectly-white skin!

      • Come to think of it, not sure if I can picture LSS with realistic dirt all over her face and body and tattered (not sexy tattered, but really tattered) clothes and looking like going to eat a human alive (no sexual reference either). But if she can pull that off, that will be very interesting!

  38. this novel is sooo romantic, i LOVED it so much and yes, i do agree this is better than BBJX. As much as I loved BBJX novel, DMY is just so much more romantic and filled with steamy hot scenes LOL

    I love Qu Bing x Jin Yu so much, they are so cute and I can see the chemistry burning my screen already. The 1st book was good, but the second book was the ONE for me. It was so awesome, can’t wait for it to all come to life.

    As for Jiu Ye, I feel sorry for him at the end and liked him as a character. However, I don’t ship him with Jin Yu as I don’t think they’re as compatible as QBxJY. QBxJY is meant to be, period. Actually, I didn’t really like Jiu Ye in the first book and only got to like him from the 2nd book. Like you, I have zero sympathy for him. What happened to him regarding JY is really all his own fault, he has no one to blame but himself.

    DMY is just so delicious haha need to squeal and spazz every time QBxJY comes up.

  39. Mrs. Koala, I’d love to participate in a book discussion! One question though: Is DMY as heart-breaking as BBJX? After reading BBJX, I literally moped for days, and while the bittersweet stories tend to be the best ones in terms of having an emotional impact, they also make my poor heart bleed bitter tears.

  40. Been reading this novel recently. Haven’t complete book 1 yet but so far still prefer BBJX. I like the book but not loving it the way I love BBJX. I think my problem is with the Yu Jin/Jin Yu character.

    In BBJX, Rouxi as a character has her flaws. She make mistakes and is self-preservative but her character feels real. But I can connect with her and empathize with her situation. Very important since BBJX is written from a first person (Rouxi’s) point of view. DMY is similarly written from YJ’s point of view but I don’t get this character. Generally I do prefer my heroines to be independent and smart but YJ seems to mature far too quickly after she arrive at Chang-An. I mean this girl grows up with the wolves in isolation from humans. Even her few years with her foster father are relatively sheltered. I will think that it actually makes more sense for JY to be more naive. Granted the book emphasize that her foster father taught her about strategy and politics (which she ignored as she prefers playing with her friends) and his death and betrayal of the Xiong Nu prince dealt a great blow to her. But it’s like after Chang-An YJ suddenly becomes very cunning and becomes good at playing political intrigue. To the extent that even Lady Li comments that she is a pawn in her hands. I can’t connect with YJ because she doesn’t feel real to me the way RX does.

    That said, I think LSS can play YJ. I liked her when she was being demonic in CP3 so I think she can be fierce in her portrayal of YJ. And HG as HQB is good, I can see him in the role.

  41. Omo….
    Another novel hunting event for me.
    SKKS,BBJX,Moon Sun and now DMY.
    I should make sure my lil bro get me all those novels…..stat
    Though I can’t read hangul or mandarin yet LOL

    Anyway……i really really wish you could do recapping the DMY novel.
    Thank you for the introductory part and looking foward your next post on the novel and everything else related to the novel……..can’t wait
    I’m still looking for the english version of BBJX……..

  42. Sorry I am late to the party.

    Oh, yes, please to chapter summaries! And verye xcited to see Hu Ge in this role. (Though to beat his Xiao Chuan in The Myth as my fave, it would be a miracle :P)

    I don’t blame Wallace for dropping out to star in YZ’s thing btw. Better a lead than a second fiddle.

    • Mousie!

      I know how much you love The Myth, so won’t try to sway your Hu Ge loving away from that character. HQB is less angtsy, but way more confident and one-track minded.

      I don’t blame Wallace either. Linghu Chong is my all-time favorite C-novel character ever, so that’s quite a land for him. I don’t think he’s even in my top-10 choices to play that role, but eh, it’s a done deal so I won’t bitch and moan.

      Let’s all play together on DMY then. While away some time before the drama adaptation hits next year. Woo hoo~

      • I approve of one-track minded, being an obsessive myself. I cannot wait! Now all I need to do is hope for subs πŸ™‚

        I love Wallace (though I think he has a fairly narrow range) but i haven’t read the novel so no idea how well equipped he is to play LC.

        Is LSS still in btw? I’ve heard conflicting rumors and, as someone who wanted them together in Chinese Paladin 3 despite them playing siblings, I really hope she’s still in.

  43. How delightful to see another heroine centric story that promise to be action pack. (I love my K-dramas but sometimes when beautiful intelligent women are reduced to clingy-weeping cancer-victims… cut off rant)

    I love how on par this couple already is. A lady who is daring and bold, and a man who delights in her boldness while maintaining his ground. HOT.

    Can’t wait to see how the story of Huo Qu Bing and Jin Yu unfolds!

  44. Thanks ockoala for writing such a captivating intro. to DMY. Truth be told, I marathoned through it late last year, and was absolutely taken with it. I’m also a big fan of HQB, and a GeShi shipper. My own fingers and toes are crossed for Hu Ge as HQB and Shi Shi as Jin Yu.

    20 something days until they start filming! πŸ˜€

  45. As much as I’d like to, I won’t be able to participate in the 倧漠謠 book club. *pout* I was looking at the θͺ ε“ website and found that it’s published in three volumes, not two. Each book is about 250 pages.

  46. omg! koala sis… i almost missed out on DMY! okay, i am soooo in even if am a bit late. they say better late than ever. *RL work really sucks… sometimes*

    *eyes bright with glee* starts marathoning the translations NOW! oooops… copy copy copy them to word first.

    thanks so much, you are always always so generous. πŸ™‚

    sis, do you know if there is already an english trans of the book BBJX or by any chance this one too?

  47. First of all you can def have Hu Ge cuz you’re ugly like him. You tend to have a things for ugly ass guys, seriously!!! I think you need glasses girlfriend, but yeah it’s cool.

    Oh and fuck you

  48. Thanks for translating this wonderful book. I have watched the drama and I super LOVE it. Hence I’m not expecting anything less from the book πŸ˜€

    Thanks once again^^

  49. Hi Koala, thank you for translating this novel. I love it. I have watched the drama 6 times and read your translation 5 times since July 2017. I love Eddie Peng in the drama. Thanks again :).

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