Moon Chae Won is Lovely and Refined for High Cut Magazine

It’s an understatement to say that Moon Chae Won had a great 2011. Last year was a critical breakthrough for her, as she had a record smashing movie Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon along with a ratings hit drama in The Princess’s Man. Since both projects are sageuks, and she cut her teeth on The Painter of the Wind, it’s not a stretch to say she’s becoming the reliable go-to girl for period pieces. She’s got the look and the gravitas down pat, and her sageuk line readings are lovely to boot. In the March issue of High Cut magazine, Moon Chae Won reminds us that she is a fashionable and modern young woman in real life, lest we get too attached to her sageuk personas. Love these pictures, and she’s really a young actress to watch. She knows how to pick her projects for the most part, and she continually improves.

For those of you in Korea, Moon Chae Won is holding a fan meeting in Seoul at the end of March. It’s nice to see talented young stars really cement their place as the real deal, with both critical and popular success.


Moon Chae Won is Lovely and Refined for High Cut Magazine — 10 Comments

  1. I hope that she doesn’t do a saeguk for awhile, I really worry that since all of her successes has been saeguks that she will easily be typecasted into that type of role. She is lovely in saeguks and like you said she has the look and attitude for a saeguk female role but I want to see her gain success in a modern story as well because she is such a wonderful talent and I would love to see her continue to grow as an actress.

  2. She looks so elegant ! Watch Daddy’s girl and Princess Man ; like her in both. Natural actress with potential … Hope to see her in modern drama this year !

  3. Don’t worry about her being typecast. She said on her interview in December, she won’t do any sageuk this year. She should make her comeback in Summer. Let’s just wait what she has on store for us this time round

  4. when i watch brilliant legacy, even though she suppose to be the bad guy, i couldnt bring myself to hate her. Maybe she’s so lovely, or maybe she bring such a different depth to her character that i cant write her off as one dimensional. I’m really glad she finally made it to lead actress in the Princess’ man and oh boy it was one of the best saguek drama i’ve seen.

  5. She looks so refreshing sans heavy eye make-up in the last photo. She is indeed very young and very accomplished.

    Love the bags!!!

  6. just keep your feet on the ground and you’ll be fine….in the long run the star sometimes rest on the moon….and the light makes the world smile….

  7. I seriously adore this actress. She’s very classy and her acting always has a subtle strength and intelligence to it. I am keeping an eye out for her next project. Hopefully she’ll make her comeback soon.

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