Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi are Modern and Gorgeous in Latest Magazine Spreads

I always like to start off with the good stuff. The latest magazine shoots for Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi are just too beautiful for me not to share. Especially since Shi Shi’s are all taken in Paris last week when she went there to attend some fashion shows and other couture related good stuff. I think they are aging well both as actors and when they model, with Hu Ge gaining a bit more edge and Shi Shi adding some womanly fullness compare to her teenage sylph-like presence when she first started out.

I’m still so bitter about the Da Mo Yao casting debacle, so you guys shouldn’t expect me to cover the drama filming or post pictures. I will make an exception in this post to show one picture of Shi Shi as Yu Er and Hu Ge as Jiu Ye purely for contrast purposes. You guys can see how pretty they are, so when you see how horrifically Tangren has uglified them for DMY you will be shocked in silence. And if I were to even post a picture of the so-called Huo Qu Bing, then some people will likely join me in having a collective hernia. I will not do that.

I quote @mookie on her description of this atrocity “(Hu Ge) looks sooooo pervie druggie as M9 and this is depressingly new and so wrong for a M9, and (Shi Shi) looks like a Han dynasty Stepford wife.” I managed to say this before I passed out in rage last week “I cannot even talk about fur-collared Hu Ge with that granny hairstyle as M9 in DMY.” It boils down to this – it takes so much reverse talent to turn two naturally gorgeous human beings into the drama costuming equivalent of a skeevy rich ahjusshi who looks like he frequents houses of ill repute and a mincing first wife with a penchant for pink. And once again, the less that is said about what the Tangren version of Huo Qu Bing looks like the better. So wrong, this is so wrong it makes me hurt inside. Let’s all scroll back up and cleanse our brains for a moment to wash this away.


Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi are Modern and Gorgeous in Latest Magazine Spreads — 59 Comments

  1. OMG they look terrible in those last two pictures. And OLD! Which is especially disappointing since their characters are (for the most part) teenagers/in their early 20s. Guess we will just have to keep picturing this wonderful novel in our heads =_=

  2. I have to agree that LSS and HG looks tired and old in the costumes. It’s pretty disappointing considering both generally look very good in traditional clothes. I don’t think that Hu Ge age very well (even in modern) even though he’s still handsome. He’s too skinny so that make him appear older than his age. He looks best when he has more meat on his face since he has a very angular face. LSS just gets prettier with age.

    • I don’t think that it’s more Hu Ge doesn’t have bangs more so than he’s not aging very well? I’m not familiar with him at all before the start of Koala’s posting pictures of him and that is one thing I noticed in all of his pictures. If you dig back to the post where a fan made the DMY cast, I think he did look better (despite being HQB). The middle parting hairstyle fits Wallace Hou better and doesn’t age him as bad. But yes, LSS……definitely too old-looking to pass off as youthful and sassy JY.

    • I wonder if the accident has something to do with it. I don’t think h is particularly skinny but his face us just more haggard because he has such high cheekbone. He look cuter in cp1and the first half of loch

      • Half and half. He was still adorable in CP3 (looks-wise) even though it was post-accident. But since the accident I did notice in general he’s just a lot skinnier and his high cheekbones much more defined. If you look at Tian Wai Fei Xian vs. second half of LoCH it’s like he’s almost a different person. Poor baby boy. 🙁

    • Hu Ge has barely begun to age! He’s 29 if I’m not mistaken. That means he’s transitioned from teenager to a man. He has a good decade and a half to go before he’s ‘aging.’ haha 🙂

      I agree the costumes are horrible.

  3. I’m just fascinated by what’s going on with LSS’s shoes. They look like they have fabric stuff on the toes standing upright. I just can’t figure out what’s going on with them.

  4. OMG! Are you sure they suppose to be in their teens/20s? Cuz for sure they look in the mid-30s to 40s with that costume. Couldn’t they have better hair style? better color garments?

  5. Hmmm….I don’t think they look that bad. I mean of course, candid photos won’t look as good as photoshoots where they have better lighting, cameras and photoshop. It’s not exactly a fair comparison. I think people are just letting bias cloud their judgement.

    • Er….no.

      Here’s the gang at the CP3 press conference, again it is not a photoshoot quality, but they are gorgeous and non-fugly.

      That was HongMi and GeShi above.

      Below imma switch up the OTPs. Voila! HongShi and GeMi! Still purty.

      • But that was 3 years ago. Let’s remember that Hu Ge is 30 now. Besides, facial expression makes a lot of difference. Like in those two pictures (of the CP3 conference), Hu Ge looks better in the first than in the second. And they still look pretty but not as gorgeous as the photoshoot pictures from above. Like I said, it’s not a fair comparison. Also, I’ve seen better pictures of them during the DMY conference. Picture selection is also the key. Anyway, I, for one, am glad Hu Ge not HQB. Watching some of his latest stuff, he has lost that youthful aura that is necessary for the young general. Eddie is a better fit.

      • The passage of time has nothing to do with the fact that Tangren styled them horribly. They look fuddy-duddy instead of wild/carefree and elegant/dreamy. They can work on their facial expressions all they want, but it has no bearing on my opinion of their costuming fail.

        I’m comparing apples to apples. If I dig up any regular picture of Hu Ge and Shi Shi, non photoshoot, they would still be pretty. And they aren’t the slightest bit attractive at the DMY press conference. The magazine pictures are one thing, but don’t use it as the sole basis for refuting the comparison.

      • Well, I suppose we have to agree to disagree here. While I don’t think they look absolutely gorgeous, but they’re not “fugly,” either. In fact, they look fine. And I think the costumes look fine too. I still believe that prejudice and anger are clouding some people’s eyes. But hey, just my opinion

    • um..I agree wholeheartedly with Koala. No one looked good at that conference. Furthermore, I saw the Eddie Peng-HQB character. He looks like an idiot playing dress up. That is not the cool, sauve and debonair HQB. What Eddie has is a baby-face appeal, but that’s not what HQB needs. HQB is so complex and mature, not just youthful looking.

    • Sigh. Let me get one thing straight. I’m one of those who was sorely disappointed with the DMY casting but that does NOT mean I’m blinded by hate or being biased. Please don’t assume and judge so much. We all have our own opinions here.

      Casting aside I actually liked the official poster for the drama, it was gorgeous and the people in them too (what we could see anyway). I have no problem admitting when things or people are pretty despite any reservation of the situation surrounding them. But then I saw the conference pictures (back when they were first released) and my eyes almost popped out from utter horror and dismay. They actually look ugly! My beautiful Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi! What atrocity! The hairstyles are completely wrong for them! Gah my eyes! At least Liu Shi Shi will be having a lot of appearance changes in the drama, let’s hope she spends as little time as possible in that getup. No idea of Hu Ge’s chances of getting out of his… It takes quite the skill to make two such absolutely beautiful people and making them look so horrible. Even if I hadn’t known about DMY to begin, I would still have the same opinion if I saw the conference pics and their costumes out of context.

      Well what’s pretty and what’s ugly is subjective, so let’s just agree to disagree on this particular point.

      • Umm…that’s what I said. If you read the first sentence on my last post, I did say let’s agree to disagree. And I didn’t say that EVERYONE who think the conference pictures were ugly are “blinded by hate or being biased.” What I said was “I still believe that prejudice and anger are clouding some people’s eyes.” SOME people, not EVERYONE, and clouded not blinded. And then I reiterate that it’s just my opinion. Like you said, we all have our own opinion here, right? So I really don’t see how I’m judging or assuming too much. I still stand by my statement. I believe that SOME of the fans are determined to hate everything about DMY because they didn’t like the casting. I’m not saying that you’re one of those fans; I’m just saying that they exist. It’s rather quite ironic that you said that we all have our own opinion when you disregarded mine by saying that I “ssume and judge so much.”

        Oh, well. I suppose opposing views are not welcomed here. I shall take my opinions where they are respected even if people don’t agree with them. So long people.

      • Disagreeing is fine. Differences of opinion are absolutely welcome here. But you can’t expect to make a veiled generalization like “some people are clouded by prejudice and anger” and then expect such a passive-aggressive sweeping and unsubstantiated comments not to garner responses. No? And then to chalk up people taking offense to it, which clearly was implicit in your statement (“anger and prejudice” are not exactly complimentary adjectives), as your opinions are not welcome is rather the pot calling the kettle black.

        You could have easily offered your opinion, refuted others, without throwing in a statement that was couched in words like “some” in order to lessen it’s impact. It’s like walking into a pro-choice rally and saying “some people who believe in pro-choice are clearly okay with killing unborn babies and don’t want to take responsibility for having unprotected sex”. And then following it up with “Oh, I didn’t mean YOU, didn’t you see I used the word “some people”?” Also, your first statement in the first comment did not use the modifying word “some” people. You said people were letting bias cloud their judgment. Then later you backtracked.

        What you said was perfectly legitimate as your opinion, but then don’t get your druthers up when it’s implied meaning is called into question and people take offense.

      • Lol, Kay. You should go to spcnet. People are much open minded and respectful there. This blog is basically a dictatorship. People only respect your opinion if it coincides with theirs (aka the blog owner’s)

    • i actually agree with you.

      i think the outfit looks very pretty. hu ge definitely does not look good with a mid-part (very few people do)…side swept bangs work better for him. however, i can’t imagine a great general having side swept bangs….
      the only thing i don’t like about liu shi shi here is her hair…it’s too BIG, especially from the side view. a simpler hairdo would’ve been better.

      i do find all the antagonism against casting eddie peng quite annoying. poor guy…i really hope he does a great job.

      also, i may be of minority opinion here, but i find LSS’s dress in CP3 pretty fugly. puffed up shoulders and high collar? i think i’ll take that pink outfit anyday.

  6. “(Hu Ge) looks sooooo pervie druggie as M9 and this is depressingly new and so wrong for a M9, and (Shi Shi) looks like a Han dynasty Stepford wife.
    Omg! Hilarious!….

  7. HuGe does age well – i’m glad bc his younger years kinda creeped me out for some reason… but now he looks like a MAN!!! sigh that was basically how i saw HQB.. not going to watch the drama because HQB wont look swoon worthy in anyone else besides HUGe or YuanHong. oh well Okoala please cntinuing recaping so my imagination can continue to picture the right man as HQB!

  8. OMG, I thought I was the only one who thought Hu Ge looked awful in that DMY hairstyle.However, I accepted it as they had to uglify him so as not to outshine the supposedly “handsome” HQB. Unfortunately for Tangren, he still did and so did Han Dong. This is the 2nd time they did this to him – first time in LOCH as people were saying he was too good-looking to be a convincing Guo Jing.
    Anyway, looking at the interviews with Karen, Li Guoli and others, seems like thery protest too much – all trying to convince us Hu Ge insisted on being MJ. Yeah, sure, he spent months preparing for the role of HQB (thinking that Wallace wld be MJ) and now, he suddenly wants to be MJ less than 2 weeks before filming starts ? They really take us for fools.It’s obvious HG compromised. Tangren’s next step wld be to drum up publicity for LSS and Eddie in order to raise his status as he’s being outshone left and right by his fellow main and supporting casts. Have you seen the supporting casts ? They are all good-looking.

  9. Err… We have LSS photoshoot earlier as YE (not here) n she looked good. But… Here… @_@ not to mention 9Y.. He was depicted as beautiful as a moon in the novel.. But here… @_@ perhaps should let down his hair, that’s how I imagine my 9Y. Even though 9Y sicks, but he is still beautiful and graceful..(sigh)

    • “He was depicted as beautiful as a moon in the novel..” Oh yeah, Hu Ge sure looks like he’s “flying high” with glazed eyes and all at the press conference.

    • After pondering about these pics, LSS outfit seems to represent her as businesswoman in Chang An. With her acting chop, she can get away as perfect YE. As for 9Y, this look suit when he tried to help HQB regain his consciousness in the steamed room. However, please dun look like this the whole time. It’s sad enough he didn’t get the girl, but this look would not gain further sympathy. He is supposed to look pale and beautiful like the moon. This pic doesn’t serve 9Y justice. (from ahjuhmma who tries to cheer up herself).

  10. The pink multilayered outfit is gorgeous, just doesn’t seem suitable for the unconventional Yu-er. LSS is gorgeous in her simpler clothes in Xi Yu. She’s looking better and better all the time.

  11. i tot tangren also managed to successfully uglify liu shi shi in BBJX. the costumes were very lovely, but she looked totally ugly in it and she isnt all that ugly.

    love ur attached pics of hu ge in contemporary…. AWESOME.

    and for ur above shots, Yuan Hong looked the best amongst the lot. =D

    • No, I thought BBJX fit LSS perfectly well. It was a delight to watch because of the customes as well. They were so beautiful!

      • Apart from the spots, I also thought she looks fine in BBJX. The other 2 girls – 8th’s 2nd wife looks stunning and has great screen presence whilst his first wife looks beautiful and ethereal. It’s hard for any actress to outshine them look-wise but LSS held her own with her sweet looks.

      • I actually really like LSS look and costume in BBJX. I thought she looked really pretty in there, and the way her look transitions from the carefree to the cautious RX was fantastic.

  12. I kind of think it’s their hair. It looks too fake and unatural. I do have to say I like the detailing on their robes though. The lighting on their face doesn’t help either. I actually think the CP3 costumes are kind of too fantastical for my taste, but it’s a more fantasy type drama so it fits well.

  13. Except for the shoes, Shi Shi’s outfit looks a lot more like Goryeo or Baekjae clothes. Aren’t Han dynasty clothes a bit looser?

  14. I could usually depend on Hu Ge to look hot in historical costume- this is the first time he doesn’t look good. His hair looks like plastic. Liu Shi Shi’s outfit and styling isn’t bad – it’s just that it doesn’t fit Yu Er’s character at all.

  15. I’m really glad that Yu-er does not end up with MJ. The way they have styled Hu Ge up as MJ, it gives me the creeps thinking he has designs on her – lecher!

    I was having a good laugh earlier when reading the scene where Yu-er and the lead Xiong Nu dancer were trying to outdo each for Jay Leno. Not only has Tangren magically managed to change the devastatingly handsome HQB into a Jay Leno, his cold exterior is now a “sunshine boy” – yes, Li Guoli thought EP was more a sunshine boy than Hu Ge.

    I’m at the point where the only thing that can save DMY for me is if they cast Yuan Hong as HQB and Roy Chiu as MJ – Tangren has to stay away from the styling.

  16. EP really lacked onscreen charisma, in compared to his costars. I hope that the reason is because he’s not serious yet and that he will up his game once the film starts. I’m willing to give him a chance to prove me wrong and many other wrong. After all, many people had doubts about the casts in BBJX at first too, and they were all fantastic in BBJX. But I have a feeling that HG’s MJ will outshine and grab all the sympathey and attention from HBQ.

    • Eddie has great onscreen charisma actually, and he’s gotten better with time. He’s just not my Huo Qu Bing, but I’m sure he won’t disappoint his fans. I saw how much heart TR poured in BBJX from the beginning, but I just don’t see that here. Everything looks cheap and tacky, and kinda thrown together. If Karen rents out her huskies as wolves, then I will officially laugh myself to death. And if they CGI the wolves in, get ready for some lulz that will make the BBJX lotus scene look like a work of art.

      I took a look at Jiu Ye’s wheelchair and I almost fell off my chair laughing. It looks like some non-Han futuristic monstrosity the size of a small pod vessel. Seriously? A simple wooden wheelchair wouldn’t suffice? You know, they lived over a thousand years ago!! It’s stuff like this that kill me, in addition to the miscasting. I now officially also think SS isn’t right for JY, she’s trying to hard to be sassy and her naturally placid side is still in charge. It should have been Tong Li Ya. But then I’m sure when it airs it’ll somehow work for me because I love her. But honestly, TR miscast this thing from top to bottom.

      • I don’t have anything against EP either. I did like him in other series, but he just didn’t have a manly look, and he really lacked charisma during the promo. I agree the costumes didn’t do anyone justice either. However, the only saving grace for this is that the chemistry between HG and LSS were really really good, which makes me want him to be HBQ even more.

      • Much as I like her, LSS is not among my top 3 choices for JY. I’m willing to let her proof me wrong though.

        As for the wheel-chair and the collar-fur, I think TR overdid it – prob trying to appease HG’s fans by giving him what they thought were outstanding props to make up for the deceit. It looks more like a cheap imperial dais – with those ridiculously modern red wheels in front. I’ll bet HG will have fun spinning around on that.

      • In my opinion, it’s pretty obvious that Tangren put a lot of effort into this. They did spend more money and time on DMY than they did for any other drama.

      • @Dragon Heiress

        Putting a lot of $$$ into it…and even effort doesn’t mean a thing to me when it’s all in the wrong conduits. When I first saw JinYu’s red/white number, I’d rather them re-tailer/recycle the similar red/white outfit she donned in CtW and save up the pennies of working on some wolf trainer for at least a real wolf or two, or hire REAL CGI peeps and give them time to work on some key scenes instead, I suspect asking Yoyo and gang to do some leisurely PS while they r addicted to their weibos. There’s no amt of more silks, godzillions # of costume changes that’ll be nutritional when it’s wrong for the character fr the get-go. My last straw is the highlight of the presscon is them hammering me Eddie and HG r BFF toilet sharing buds, lets step back, does HQB and M9 BEG sizzling bromance? It’s not necessary, and all I can see is they r trying too hard to dazzling me with yards of sparkling textiles/furs but no substance, the silk/fur r not the point, I don’t mind it really to be icing on the cake but we need to have a cake properly constructed in the first place.

        It was the last thing I have in mind to have a JinYu/YuEr dolling herself up in every shade of pink like a HelloKitty when she should be a snow leopard even in a flour sack

    • oh eddie peng has LOADS of charisma… with his hair done right, and in modern garb (or some may argue, shirtless…. but that’s besides the point) his recent movies were a total class act and shows that the boy has grown up well… i just… sort of really really dislike him in period garb… and maybe the image of him in his earlier Tangren period dramas still remain quite seared in my mind.. TangYuXiaoBao and then now HQB? can’t get my head around it fast enough… i’ll just wait and see what he can do to HQB but till then, i’m quite happy with my imaginary HQB that exists within the pages of DMY…. that said, i kinda wish he didn’t take up the role and stick with his rarefied movie star status because it’s been kinda a difficult climb to get acknowledged as a serious actor after all those years as a pretty boy idol….. although i can sorta see the money potential on mainland china if DMY takes off there… conflicted here as you can see… a fan of eddie peng who loves DMY too.. but they’re not exactly the best combination as one may imagine…

  17. I’ve always thought that the red dress on LSS at the CP3 conference looked so cheap and tacky and loud, and she looked a bit out of place in it, especially since she seemed so shy at the conference while sporting hair like the evil queen from Snow White. Honestly, I think HG looked like a wax figure at the CP3 conference.

    I think they both look good at the DMY conference. HG looks a bit tired in the picture posted above but he definitely didn’t in backstage pictures from the conference, in my opinion. The introduction video showed HG at the photoshoot and he looked absolutely epic. I think LSS looks gorgeous. Maybe slightly overwhelmed, by all the layers but things like that aren’t very apparent onscreen and they’ve said that that’s just her costume for super-formal occasions.

  18. as much as i am disappointed by TR’s casting decision on DMY, my only consolation is HG will have his own breakthru by taking up the M9 role. as for EP as HQB, i really can’t say much, since i only watched EP in the young warriors, which was long long time ago. perhaps we should give him a chance to proof himself worthy of this role.

    on side note to the producers, come on guys… have some mercy on HG, give him better styling or whatsoever. he looks more like a dying pervert with aids during the press con. poor HG… T_T

  19. *sighhhh* I’m here giving you as much hugs and kisses u need and deserve and I need some back, when u r posting the HongShiGeMi 4some and somehow it makes me sentimental, nostalgic and a bit depressed.

    Thing is, I’m not so sure if it’s just the ill-fitting costuming, it’s still very shiny silks and embroidery galore and FUR! and ZOMGhandknittedCrochets! and CP3 is all fantasy ‘fusion’ futuristic/period cosplay Ladygaga may wear either one of those 4 looks walking her penguins in central park. BUT when I do a switcheroo of the heads of CP3 HG/SS on body of DMY HG/SS,it’s MUCH better. So it’s not just the fabric, but the trio is not sold themselves. I was just ranting what’s the point of dolling up to the nines at the very hyped up first ever DMY presscon and have them fooling around like their normal selves!??! I’d rather either have them just appear in normal clothes and be chubby. IF you r selling us the trio and set it in stone, and calm down some hardcore book fans, at least…for our sanity sake BE IN CHARACTER even for a split second when they first step on stage, like gimme a COLD commanding stare Eddie, preferably at SS and SS glared back at him biting his head off with one fiesty beasty look of hers in some random scene fr Ijimae, ANYTHING but all this silly playgroup of dynamics.

    What depresses me most?! I see perfectly a M9 in ANY and ALL of the Men’s Uno pics, And just do TINY adornment to hair this can be a modern take of JinYu in the blue LuoLan #. And I’m so happily ready to eat crows when I saw her in the black # and the comehither look in her eyes and the red lips in the same Elle pictorial. Do some time-traveling trip, bring them all to modern day Paris and back in biz. What a shame and a waste and a pity.

    • Word. Every word you said. Why bother repeating myself other than (1) TR can do better, (2) the cast can at least look like they care about this. Everything else is “floating clouds” and will pass, but I can’t imagine TR wanting me to buy their bullshit that they spent more time and money on preparing for DMY. Based on the chintz I see, the money was spent on building a futuristic wheelchair and Eddie’s salary.

      • At the end of it, we don’t really care about the clothes, the wolves, the CGIs (though I’m no expert in discerning Huskies’ faces, the one I saw in a bts cap floating around looks identical to K/TR’s housepet), and u r one big heart of love concerning castings usually, and frankly this is not the worst combo possible. IF HG is no longer with TR or is otherwise engaged in other $ making duds, and they can’t find an Eddie, we may have Xiao Shin and the other under their slavery kinda hot lovechild of YH/HG/XiaoShin all in one face but forgettable newb.

        It is the deceit, lies after blatant lies covering more lies and all these layers of painted skins glossing it up to be much better a product than everything is screaming at us. Do you see a ChuHan contention or any GuoXiXi production bragging nth much but how many outfits and how a silly prop with RED WHEELS works when IF truly awesome and w/ a HG, we’ll be only looking at his face/acting?!? We lived through him having girly bangs and a bun in CP, the braids, the Saint Seiya x Tinman armor and still see his cute and potential.

        This is not WeaverGirl, when it’s clearly sth frothy and fabric porn. This is not some fantasy PC game adaptation when cartoonish cosplaying is ALL the fun and no one is that delusional for substance and nitpicking the fabric is not the right threadcount of silk for talking point. This is one seminal piece of romance novel only happening in this new age of the explosion of the interwebs, one of the better written one and the followup to their lifeline BBXJ. and all K can see is the $ sign and cutting corners, joking in ALL the crucial stuff.

  20. I don’t find that particular severe Han style looking good on (almost) anyone, even Hu Ge, unless you have a fairly round face. (Du Chen in a similar hairstyle looked just fine:

    This said, for me the problem is not the hair – it’s his expression and the clothes – the fur plus the layering plus the white-white-white and the particular pattern is more suited for a respectable 60-yr-old than someone who, presumably, is supposed to be a young man. If Hu Ge looked fresh as a daisy himself, that might be mitigated, but he looks tired and gaunt and pale. If he was all smiley, better-fed and more animated, this probably wouldn’t look nearly as bad.

    I actually like Liu Shi Shi’s look, but I am partial to that style. It’s a bit matronly, but I love matronly/mature look.

    I am curious to see EP in costume because he has to have changed since his Young Warriors days.

    I don’t have big expectations for DMY, in part because I can’t get past ‘lives with wolves’ Mowgli thing, but also because Tangren dramas are hit-and-miss for me, so I guess I can be pleasantly surprised, if it does turn out good. Now, if TPTB screw up Chu-Han Contention, I will definitely hit things!

    • My critique of SS at the press conference wasn’t that the outfit itself was fug or she was hideous in it, she just looked terrible as the supposed Jin Yu. A character that is nowhere near “matronly” or “mature.”

      Same goes with Hu Ge. And added to it both not being sparkly or into it, then I just wanted to sigh and look away. It was painful to see. Both are better and deserve better than a drama where things just look like trying to wedge a square into a round hole from costuming to casting. In all honesty, that’s what a I feel about Eddie. He’s a hella awesome square, but the hole is still round.

      • LSS thing – oops, sorry, I didn’t really get it 🙂 Yeah, if her character is supposed to be wild and free, this ain’t the look for it.

        I do wonder how they could make what (to my inexperienced eyes, at least), a typical upper-class Han lady outfit indicate ‘wild and individual’ – is it an inappropriate outfit for the character entirely, no matter who they cast? Or do you think it’s the LSS+wrong outfit combo and she could look more like JY with better tailoring or another actress could make this work? Just curious, because I haven’t really been reading the DMY translations (saving them to read them in one big gulp) so I have no mental images of the characters.

        I do have to say, none of the costumes for LSS in this impressed me, so far. One of the outfits almost looked tie-died.

      • I find the tie-dyed outfit the most gorgeous and appropriate among those we’ve seen. Gives off a youthful bohemian flair. A character like her would probably choose a strong and bright colour for formal wear – that’s her individualistic streak and not something in soft pink like what LSS wore at the press con. That’s my image of JY. I imagine her to have Huang Rong’s sassiness in the body of Fan Bingbing (meaning confident about her looks and having that foxiness about her).

  21. I’m still sad that they couldn’t get Wallace Chung to play HQB. He woud have been perfect, even more perfect than HG.

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