Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection Releases Awesome Character Posters

Sometimes when you want things done right, you have to go to the big leagues. THIS above is how one plays a rawr general who is so awesome he can vanquish an entire army AND still have time to rescue a damsel in distress. Chen Kun, my good hot hot hot man, I bows to you. Seeing this, how could anyone doubt that my gripes about Eddie Peng playing dress up as Huo Qu Bing in the Da Mo Yao drama adaptation aren’t completely valid? Hello, I’m not blind.

The upcoming sure-to-be-blockbuster C-movie Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection (the sequel to the inexplicably awesome but uneven Painted Skin) released official character posters this week, and I was squealing the moment I laid eyes on the ones for the three leads: Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, and Zhao Wei. The story is a continuation of where PS left off, with Chen Kun once again playing a general (the son of his character in the first PS) while Zhou Xun remains the same character, the demon Xiao Wei. God, I hope they make out even more than they did in the last movie.

I can’t say enough accolades for how seductive and spooky Zhou Xun looks as Xiao Wei, going all out for her second outing as a demoness who no man can resist.

Zhao Wei plays Princess Jing in PS2. She looks amazing in this get up, and I can’t wait for her to play a kick-ass role in this go around. She was pretty much overshadowed by Zhou Xun in the first PS, but I have a feeling she’ll hold her own in the sequel.

We have our sorcerer (played by Fei Xiang) and sorceress (Chen Ting Jia) in this movie, they are from the Sky Wolf Tribe. Love how mystical and fierce they look.

I’m sorry, Mi Mi m’dear, but you are so not ready for the big leagues. Compared to the aura and kapow presence of Zhou Xun and Zhao Wei in their posters, Yang Mi just looks bland.

AHAHAHAHAHA, OMG, *wiping away tears*. What’s with the sleazy crazy eyes, Feng Shao Feng? First time I’ve seen a Taoist priest look like he is eye-sexing his exorcism target. Epic fail, but oh so funny. PS2 will be released in June.


Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection Releases Awesome Character Posters — 20 Comments

  1. Oooh you finally made a post on this- saw this awhile ago and was wondering if you’d be spazzing over it….. really lovely posters.. and the big three CK, ZX, ZW look phenomenal.. throw the flavour of the month YM and FSF next to them and you immediately see the difference… and what the heck did they do to FeiXiang, if that is the pretty boy (ok, fine, pretty man by now) FeiXiang of old school mandopop fame? My mom, no, maybe even my grandma, would have a fit.

    my all time favourite c-actress is zhou xun and i wish.. gosh i WISH she would pick better projects that showcase her range then all these lauded C-blockbuster, CGI extravaganzas… something quieter, more contemplative… her last movie that i really really LOVED to bits was perhaps love.. which was such a beautifully shot film… helps that Takeshi Kaneshiro was looking delicious there and the soundtrack was beautiful too… anw one of my fave c-movies in recent years…. i see her as as China’s Audrey Tautou and wish she’d do more quirky films… (Tautou herself should in fact steer clear of Hollywood.. i never got over the disaster that was DaVinci Code…)

    • Talking about Perhaps Love.. I love love love the movie and the OST.. of course with takeshi kaneshiro just make it even better…

      I like the first PS and I am looking forward to this one.. i am glad that PS2 is going for the 2nd generation of first PS… except zhou xun’s character.. so it’s gonna be interested…

  2. I enjoyed the first one maybe far more than I should have, and loved these posters right away. Especially the first one.

  3. Ooooh… can’t wait for this to come out! Love Zhao Wei to bits! Chen Kun looks hot, and Zhou Xun kinda creepy but in a sexy way. Feng Shao Feng looks waaaay too hilarious in that poster, I burst out laughing when I first saw it. Is his role supposed to be a comedic one, cause that poster sure gives off that vibe, hahah……

  4. THESE ARE SOME WiCKED posters… I havent seen the first one because I’m scared to death watching scary movies.. but these posters make me tempted to watch.. Thanks for posting these beautiful posters!! 🙂

  5. Beautiful posters of the three leads but the last two were just so very un-epic. Chen Kun would have definitely made a delicious Huo Qu Bing!

  6. I don’t like all of them. :X Yes it’s a tonne of PS and loads of $$$ used (unlike the cheapo stuff DMY is trying to fool the world), but this looks like it’s stolen fr MadMax.

    ChenKunnie still can hold his own with what seems like a hugeass arthropod eating his sides, but he’s been so much hotter in anything Dragon Gate official or fanmade. While fierce, ZX and ZW looked like corpses, that is some v sloppy slapped on hair PS on ZX , they r like some covers of cheap scifi paperbacks back in the 70s.

    Lets not talk about FengMi…they look like the whole crew responsible of them posters r hardcore FengMi shippers, and pulling a worst April Fool’s hoax on them for fooling them for the longest time.

    It’s glossy and a tonne of PS but it is tryin too hard and this is too screaming imma pirate some Clash of the Titans.

  7. i love the first one too!! i love the love portrayed by chen kun and vicki, even with the temptation of zhou xun.

    i really hope vicki’s character will be as kick ass as her poster. she looks awesome and chen kun is hot!! maybe she’ll be fighting with zx on a physical level, not the emotional one like the first.

    can’t wait!

    p.s. chen kun would have made a much much better general hqb in dmy. how unfortunate that he’s not. *sigh*

  8. Actually, I think Chen Kun plays a completely new character that has no relations to his character in part 1, Wang Sheng.

  9. Zhao Wei is awesome and rocking that poster. The Sky Wolf Tribe has the wild look I expected to see from DMY’s Xiongnu tribe.

    But oh wow Chen Kun … getting hotter and sexier every time I see him. *_*

    THIS is what HQB should be like.

  10. Koala, I am very slow on the uptake! I just had a light bulb moment looking at Chen Kun’s poster again because he looks very, very familiar but I couldn’t quiet place him. I watch so many foreign films but I rarely look up the actors’ names. And then I realized, whoa…he is the boy in “Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress”!

    I saw that movie a couple of years ago and LOVED LOVED it. So then I looked it up on imdb and yes, Zhou Xun was his co-star in Balzac, too. No wonder they both look so familiar to me. Please tell me these two are dating because they have such crackling chemistry even when they were young. Their underwater love scene was RAWR. 😉

  11. Feng Shao Feng TAHAHAHAHAHA! XDDDDD (My stomach hurts, I feel like im gonna pee)
    as much as I love him in Gong, but that poster was just too much! I think Feng is the film’s comic relief, judging by the trailer. His surname Pang suggest he’s the son or descendant of Donnie Yen’s and Sun Li’s character in the first movie considering the latter is also a demon hunter.

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