New Adorable Official BTS Stills from Episode 6 of The King 2 Hearts

The King 2 Hearts, la la la, I love you, you are so perfect. That’s a chant I made up recently, it’s quite catchy and makes the time pass by quicker. Another way to while away the hours until Thursday is if MBC keeps releasing new official stills to put a smile on my face. The latest batch are behind-the-scenes moments from episode 6, but it does show what wonderful comfortable chemistry Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi have with each other while filming. My head tells me nothing is going on, but my heart, it is already lost to this unexpectedly winning couple. And to sweeten this post even more, when really it needs nothing else, at the end I’ve dropped some gifs of the kiss from episode 6.

This is a completely random aside, but I’m in love with Ha Ji Won’s wardrobe for this drama. The last time a leading lady’s wardrobe triggered clothing envy in me was Kim Tae Hee in My Princess, and before that it was Sung Yuri in Snow Queen. I concede a penchant for the luxe when it comes to onscreen wardrobes, despite wearing nothing that  that in real life. This time around, Ha Ji Won is totally due for a great drama wardrobe, as her modern dramas she’s typically dressed horribly dowdy since she always play poor characters.

And in case anyone needs a reminder of the tentative and simmering kiss from episode 6, let these gifs immortalize said kiss for all time in drama lore. I can literally can stare at this and time just passes me by.


New Adorable Official BTS Stills from Episode 6 of The King 2 Hearts — 25 Comments

  1. gif for smooches!!! must-clean-perverted-mind!

    by the way, ms. koala i’m not sure if the SBS you’re referring to is the network, TK2H is from MBC. ^_^

  2. It seems like LSG is backhugging HJW in the 6 pic though that’s not it, but that makes me think of it when i stare at the pic.. waah.. the gif is super bonus, the bts kiss is HOT!!
    thank you so much miss koala! =)

    • Totally thought LSG was hugging her and got super excited!! But, he IS slouching over her….you have no idea my little fangirl heart is VERY HAPPY (delusionally so)!! I’m absolutely turning into on of those annoying (idol) fangirls wherein if you even hit me with a plank of wood and say there’s nothing beyond their reel-life chemistry I won’t believe it!! I think this time I’ve gone off the deep end, eh?!

    • Oh gosh I thought that was a back hug. I was seriously thinking, ” Wow…aren’t they snuggly.” *sigh* Too bad.

  3. Leyzlie, Hahaha I also thought tat LsG was.hugging Ha Jiwon…Ermmm I have harbored secret hope that they are a couple in real life. Incredible that they can click well. In secret garden I dun really get the feeling

  4. Her blouse in that kiss scene is so cuddly. Hopefully after all the angst I foresee in future episodes, we can see them hug and hug to no end.

  5. Thanks so much for all the pics etc. about K2H ! Everything is appreciated til the really far away thursday!! 🙂
    Keep watching the end of episode 6 again and again! 🙂

    Ms Koala, I was wondering if maybe you could help pass a message to the fans of K2H out there! You are so popular !! Maybe you can help spread the info about a fan project we are beginning on soompi, in a short note in one of your future post 🙂 ! People can just send a little video, a picture or a written message so we can group it and send it to the K2H team, showing support for Ji Won, Seung Gi and everyone !!
    I’m posting here the post explaining it in soompi in case you couldn’t find it.. 🙂

    “Hello Hearties, all TK2H fans!

    As we all know, the ratings for TK2H has been dropping. Since there’s no way we can do to help them, we’re planning a fan project just to let them know that a lot of us international viewers are loving this show.

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    Even if our messages reach them when the drama already gains its rating back (LOL), they will be happy and touched by our effort. And really, we just want them to know that they’re getting a lot of love outside of Korea. You said you’re obsessed right? So let’s prove it hearties!

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    I’m sorry for the long and annoying post! Hope you don’t mind!! :S:S
    Thanks in advance ! Lots of hugs.

  6. oush…oush….never enough of the kiss…btw have u see the kiss scene part which re-arrange by a fan, its combined the bts and the kiss in the drama which makes a longer kisses….YUMMY

  7. That sizzling kiss. Yummehhh!

    I love the chemistry between actors of this drama especially Jae Kang and Jae Ha. They’re both cute. Kekeke.

    Thanks for posting this, Mrs. Koala. 😀

  8. I think I have a new ahjussi crush…I think Lee Sung Min just pushed Ahn Nae Sang off the top spot on my favorite kdrama ahjussis list…..How adorable is he in these BTS stills? especially the ones with Seung Gi

  9. I’m so in love with K2H.. I’ve never been totally floored by the main leads AND secondary characters as I am with this drama. These BTS photos and clips of THE KISS are what get me through the days bewteen episodes!

    Thanks for sharing, Koala!

  10. Koala did you see the fan version kiss scene? They put the drama plus the bts kiss and made it seem like a long and hot kiss!

  11. I agreed with you on the clothing envy with Kim Tae Hee in My Princess, and before that it was Sung Yuri in Snow Queen. Ha Ji Won’s wardrobe definitely as well ♥

  12. I love how Seung Gi (oh, Jae Ha, sorry!) used his arms to guide Hang Ah to turn this way and that. And she was totally accommodating! Just cannot get enough of this two!

  13. damn you staff who prevents me from seeing where’s exactly seunggi arms were on the 6th picture. lol okay it’s probably not a back hug, but I think it’s like he puts his arms around her or sth LOL. yeah well I love this couple so much I probably have become delusional.

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