Written Preview for Episode 7 of The King 2 Hearts

MBC’s official website for The King 2 Hearts has confirmed its going to air two episodes on Thursday, after a bit of waffling about it over the weekend. The written preview for episode 7 is out, and it confirms what is happening in some of the scenes shown in the video preview already. For TK2H, I’m not angling to know what happens, per se, but the details of what went on in each scene, how the characters react and spark off each other. Looks like the story is heading for the big moment already revealed in the plot synopsis for this drama, where Jae Ha has to deal with something he’s avoided his entire life, the possibility he’ll be the next King. I’m just relieved he’s going to have Hang Ah by his side when it happens.

Written preview for episode 7:

From now on, you are a South Korean.

After the announcement of Jae Ha and Hang Ah’s impending engagement, Hang Ah prepares to use a special visa to enter South Korea for the engagement. Before Hang Ah’s father returns to North Korea, he asks Jae Ha to please take good care of Hang Ah. Hang Ah starts her life in the Palace and works hard to learn the education required of a royal family member. In the meantime, Jae Kang and his wife Hyun Joo go to Anmyeondo island for a vacation………………

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Written Preview for Episode 7 of The King 2 Hearts — 25 Comments

  1. So this means nothing will be available completely subbed at least until Friday…..I’ve already rewatch ep6 and 7 three times now…what on earth am I going to do for the rest of the five days?!! 🙁 ….Can’t wait to see some character development in Jae Ha after the inevitable happens in the next few episodes….this drama has moved so fast that I can’t believe that we are already here in just six episodes…I’m also worried that the drama may not be able to hold out this pace to the very end and may burn out…I hope it manages to keep up…. keeping all fingers and toes crossed

  2. Preparing myself for the big blow… Our leads will have to be brave and speak with one voice to their subjects. I suppose Hang Ah is more suited than me for all that protocol stuff, because she’s used to following the orders in the army. It would be riots in the palace with me… The mere idea of being absorbed in a royal family of any kind gives me shivers: I really would have to be completely blinded by love, lol.

  3. ahhh i love your site, seriously, i was searching the preview text, i thought how about looking on Koala playground?, and here it is, how do we say, saranghae? loool Thanks Can’t wait for episode 7. I watch E06 Three time lol, i’m loving it

  4. Omo, this is going to be good. I can’t wait for Thursday.., I’ll watch it raw…and than… OOoooo, I pray for speed of light subs…is it to much…

  5. I am soooo loving your blog! It’s like almost everytime I go to your blog, there’s a post for this very addicting drama! Thanks for spreading TK2H looove!!! The drama so deserves it by the way. Ahhh, it’s freaking amazing…wish everyday were “King” day!

  6. Boo for the wait until thursday
    Yay for 2 hours of TK2H on the same day.. best overdose ever!
    Just hope subs will be fast, since I like to watch while understanding everything that’s going on.

  7. You (K2H) guys (K2H) are (K2H) so (K2H) funny (K2H) with (K2H) all (K2H) your K2H stuff. (K2H)
    Unlike (K2H) I, (K2H) who (K2H) have (K2H) so (K2H) much (K2H) else (K2H) to (K2H) think (K2H) about (K2H) other (K2H) than K2H. (K2H)
    Like (K2H) eating (K2H) and (K2H) sleeping (K2H) and (K2H) reading (K2H) and (K2H) cleaning (K2H) and (K2H) talking (K2H) to (K2H) a (K2H) human (K2H) being (K2H) in (K2H) my (K2H) house (K2H) even (K2H) if (K2H) they (K2H) try (K2H) to (K2H) block (K2H) me (K2H) from (K2H) the (K2H) laptop (K2H) screen. (K2H)

    (K2H) (K2H) (K2H) (K2H) (K2H) (K2H) (K2H) (K2H) (K2H) (K2H)

  8. God wait for this episode, is a torture, damn elections, but I don’t want see the event, which Jae Ha will become the king, but is inevitably aigoo

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