Written Preview for Episode 9 of The King 2 Hearts

I can write about this drama all day long. The King 2 Hearts keeps taking my heart for a test drive and depositing me back all discombobulated and dizzy. I’m not sure what’s come over me, only that I’m thisclose to having TK2H dreams. I feel like Wednesday is so so far away, but I’m sure if I keep busy enough, it’ll be here before we know it. I have a feeling the previews are a feint and Jae Ha will not suspect Hang Ah has any part in Jae Kang’s death. Their huge break of trust in episode 4 was clearly going to have wide-reaching repercussions further down the line, and now may be the time Jae Ha steps up and goes with his heart rather than his head. However, he may still suspect North Korea based on the planted evidence, and that is more than enough to create angst between this pair of fragile lovers who are already braving cultural, political, and personal differences each step of the way to being together.

Written preview for episode 9:

Bong Joo finishes his long-awaited meeting with Jae Ha. He gives Jae Ha a gift, but due to Jae Ha’s unexpected reaction, Bong Joo is peeved. He changes his tactic and decides to donate a copious amount of money to the royal family. During the construction for the memorial park for Jae Kang, there is a discovery of a suspicious item at the construction site. Shi Kyung goes to find Hang Ah, who is diligently studying……….


Written Preview for Episode 9 of The King 2 Hearts — 47 Comments

  1. You are certainly not the only one obsessed. I am hoping for brilliant mind games and maneuvers for the battle between Jae Ha’s 187 IQ and the villain, but yet I have no confidence in the writer delivering that. I suspect angst will just be what she will give us.

    • But Seung Gi oppa did mentioned in an interview and hint about his interesting and charismatic character having unique way of thinking and dealing with issues due to his high IQ… lets us sit back and hope that the writers will blow our minds off~
      Writers, please~

  2. why wednesday feel so long? thank you for your preview,, i love this drama like i love “lie to me” before, i always search what will happen next …XXDDD

  3. I can take any thoughts and more thoughts of K2H. I haven’t been that obsessed since… I don’t know when. So Ms Koala… more?


    “And like this, my heart meets your heart. Our Ave Maria has begun. I love you, Kim Hang Ah… These words, the words I cannot tell you now. One day, I will definitely be able to tell you. I, Lee Jae Ha, love Kim Hang Ah the most in this world.”

    How come I didn’t realise there were captions underneath the official photos until one fan translated it?

    • aww!! That’s SOO beautiful!! I don’t think I’ll be able to handle when Jae-ha goes all romantic!! These captions under the official photos end the discussion of all discussions of did they or didn’t they?!! 😀

      Thank YOU, Koala!! I am soo glad you’re as addicted to this show as I am….or, actually even more to take the time out of your busy schedule to do these brief write-ups….they help us tide us over until Wednesday!!

    • Squeeeee!!!!! Thank you for translating the photo captions. I think we’re all going to melt when Jae Ha starts really acting like a man in love! So awesome!!!

    • This is the copy of a comment from koala’s previous post about seung gi picks jiwon as his ideal co-star and woman.

      airen says:
      April 16, 2012 at 3:53 AM
      did u guys read our King Jaeha’s inner monologue at official MBC site??..got me teary-eyed T__T..here’s the translation at dramakoreafans. http://dramakoreafans.tumblr.com/post/21200248577/the-king-2hearts-jae-has-inner-monologues

      Thank you airen. It got me teary eyed, too. I think everyone should know this. ^^
      Sorry for copying your comment here without asking for your permission first. 😉

      • Oh I just found that it’s written by a fan under the MSupporter section in imbc. Not to make you confuse guys. So, it’s not official.

  4. kyaaa… come on wednesday.. i am always thinking about the preview on ep 7 where she was going back to NK crying.. ommo, the evil creepy man sure freaks me out.. and yes i am excited with King Jae Ha’s ability to solve this problem through his own ways..Thanks Ms. Koala for the preview! =)

  5. LSG looks so absolutely gorgeous! He has grown in every drama that he is seen in and this one totally brings out the best in him. Compliments too to Ha Ji Won who brings the best out of every man she acts with. The couple is the one we all will love this year!!!

    • OMG!!!!!!!!! my K2Hs’s obsession is seriously taking over my body & mind.my every conscious mind is all for this king couple…damn…LSG is simply so manly here….ohhh man i never like man in uniform but LSG made go crazy….My fav girl in the world HA JI WON amazing yeoja in n out…again she is brilliant in bringing out the man in all her on screen couple…i just see how so considerate he is to Ha Ji Won…regardless their age i can see their impeccable chemisty together…

    • OMG!!!!!!!!! my K2Hs’s obsession is seriously taking over my body & mind.my every conscious mind is all for this king couple…damn…LSG is simply so manly here….ohhh man i never like man in uniform but LSG made me go crazy….My fav girl in the world HA JI WON amazing yeoja in n out…again she is brilliant in bringing out the man in all her on screen couple…i just see how so considerate he is to Ha Ji Won…regardless their age i can see their impeccable chemisty together…

  6. Omo…beautiful…I see now why John Mayer is necessary…
    because of to him Jae Ha needs use his 187 IQ.., but think KHang Ah would also find way to keep busy his brain…love, love 😉

  7. *Sigh* Like the rest of you I am loving this drama!

    I have one question – is any else just a bit annoyed that Hang Ah has lost a bit of her fire? She’s all OPW on us now. Where is her “I’ll kill you rather than look at you” side? It’s like it completely disappeared once she stepped foot in the palace… We only got a glimpse of that when she was in the hospital with Jae Shin.

    • I think they are letting us forget a little, so when she opens up her can of whoop ass on John Mayer and his gang, it’ll be like
      “Oh yeah! She wasn’t trained in Special Forces Assassin School for nothing!”

      • hahaha yes you r so so rite….just wait n see…for sure we’re gonna be blown away when she puts her socks back….i just cant wait to see her kick John Mayer’s a**..

    • Yah… I thought she was too sweet in the last 2 episodes, except when she was in the hospital with Jae Shin.
      I want her to kick John Mayer’s ass… am really hoping that she will have a showdown with the Mayer’s gal assasin!

    • Well, the last two episodes focused on Jae-ha and the royal family….Hang-ah was supposed to support her man and her soon-to-be-in-laws which she did superbly! Her tough love treatment with JS and the mom sharing the family recipe were key elements and had us squealing with pride that HA with her continued attempts was able to connect with the mom!! The forthcoming episodes will re-focus on our OTP and the tensions that’ll flare up b/w the 2 countries (which’ll again impact the OTP)! It’ll be interesting to see how the mom will react to the brouhaha?!

      • I think in ep 9 we’ll see the old KHA, she won’t let no one to cross her…
        That’s only JH can, with the cute smile by the way 😉
        SKyung is gonna be friend and help her out.

    • I see Hang Ah as ALWAYS having the OPW in her.

      Her daddy confirmed that she was aegyo and DPW with him growing up. Plus in episode 1, when she got dressed to go on her “date”, we can already see she’s got a girly side to her.

      After she started to fall for Jae Ha, I see her only doing the OPW with him. With others, like when she’s schooling Jae Shin or talking with Secretary Eun, you see the steely side of her come out.

      I find it decently balanced so far, as long as she doesn’t turn helpless.

    • I hope that she doesn’t turn hopeless either. It just isn’t her character. Along the way she will probably have to give some things up, but I hope the writer keeps some things true to her character like her killer instincts and I will kick the crap out of Bong Goo attitude. Please not another Guem Jan Di…

  8. Yeah me too i’m trying to keep busy, but i can’t help myself to think about wednesday night, it’s so far away ahhhhhh Let’s study hard ’til Wednesday

    • All the students in the finals period are in the same situation xD Let’s all do well and make our fellow Hearties proud! ^^

  9. THANKs for the fix – mainlining K2H now.

    Gotta lot on my mind that rhymes with “hunky.”
    Notta a lotta thinking in my head all day.
    I wanna only dream of my Highness name of Seung Ki.
    But family and working keep getting in the way.

    Kids wants food and the hubby wants attention.
    The boss keeps asking for my work that’s due.
    So I re-read the previews to deal with the tension.
    Hangin’ at the PLAYGROUND (and eating donuts, too.)

  10. Cutie about cutie
    Actor Kim Soo Hyun is the passionate viewer of The King 2 Hearts.

    Kim Soo Hyun confessed frankly in the MBC entertainment show “Section TV” broadcast on April 15th, 2012 when he was asked how did he get rid from the poison of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun“.

    The host asked, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun has ended for more than a month, how do you quit from the withdrawal symptom on the ending of ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’?” Kim Soo Hyun had a brief thought, and answered, “Recently I’m watching ‘The King 2 Hearts.’”

    He added, “The drama is given a high degree sense of tension, making people addicted to it.”

  11. Am I the only one who has doubt that Jae Ha really does have a IQ of 187? I always did think that he said that to show off! Well, he didn’t really show that IQ yet, especially in the WOC training… So, I guess I’m looking forward to be proven wrong!

  12. I have to say that I officially become LSG’s fan after this drama. Wasn’t too crazy about him in Brilliant Legacy and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Love everything about him, the haircut, clothes, character, acting, etc. And I think HJW brings it the best in him and their chemistry is fantastic.

  13. Hahaha….with an IQ87 and a trash I’m expecting Jae Ha to accuse poor Hang Ah for killing his brother. I will hate to see such a scenario. But I hope Jae Ha claims he has an IQ187, will reveal his deep love for Hang Ah by trusting her and both collaborate to get rid of those idiots!

  14. Tick tock… Is it that time of the week yet? I keep on stalking this playground for some spoilers. I guess the OST will have to suffice for now…

  15. Can’t wait for Wednesday.Awesome drama.Much as I like Jae-ha, I would like Hyun bin to be her partner in real life.Sega crazy.

    • O..tomorrow is Wednesday, yuppi.
      I watched spoiler for ep 9 again…and super pissed about everyone lack of brain cells.
      Accusing KHA for the crime is stupid.., she isn’t married yet…so isn’t queen yet.
      Killing JK doesn’t mean the country is going to fail, JH is the new king. So North doesn’t have any motive for this scenario.
      Secretary knowing all about J.Mayer and King.., still not talking.
      He better starts so soon, or I’m coming to slap him and tell the truth JH by myself.
      (Sorry for the slap, just saying never doing).

  16. So, here’re HJW and LSJ’s (veteran actor playing secretary Eun) opinions on LSG:

    1. Ha Ji Won was asked about her TK2H costar SeungGi in a recent interview, and this is what she said: [it’s incl in the article on LSG by a Chinese magazine]

    “I was a little worried in the beginning because of our big age gap. But after working with him, I realized he truly deserved the title of multi-entertainer. He’s very self-disciplined, and he strives to be perfect with every line and every scene. There’s no need at all to worry about mistakes while acting with him.”

    The entire Chinese magazine article on LSG:

    2. Excerpt from an article titled “Lee Soon Jae’s Scolding” (which starts with his criticism of idols going into acting):

    But he’s also lavish in his affection and praise for younger actors. “Very smart, with an excellent understanding. ‘The King’ is being filmed right now. Lee Seung Gi, whom I’m working with, is very sensitive [in a good sense]. Kids nowadays have good looks AND good physique.

    Credit for English translation for both: tryp96.wordpress.com

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