New BTS Pictures for The King 2 Hearts Episode 13

I’m so invested in the WOC storyline in The King 2 Hearts its not even funny. Initially I thought it was a hokey way to bring the leads (and North-South Korea) together, but in truth the first four episodes showed how compelling the premise could be. The united Korean WOC team is totally like the Jamaican bobsled team, not supposed to exist and mightily out-classed, but gosh darn it they are going to give it their all. I eat such feel good stories up like cat to cream. Doesn’t hurt that wuri King Jae Ha looks smoking hot in his WOC uniform, has his wifey Hang Ah by his side as a fellow teammate, and gets to goof around with the rest of the gang like they are heading to scout camp rather than competing in war games. I suppose this will have to do for the next few hours. TK2H episode 13, come to momma!

*giggles* Oh Seung Gi, you really can’t keep you hands off her, can you? The c-netizens have compiled a laundry list of moments called “Look at Jae Ha’s hands”, which pretty much show the boy touching Hang Ah anytime he gets a chance. It’s brilliant. Pictures can’t lie.

Looks like Jae Shin will become the Queen during Jae Ha’s participation in the WOC. I hope the royal constitution allows temporary abdication. Oh who am I kidding? Bring it on, drama, even if it makes no sense!


New BTS Pictures for The King 2 Hearts Episode 13 — 46 Comments

  1. I see a new member on the I guess that means no Shi Kyung in WOC….i am ok with this as long as he’s with Jae Shin and they get more screentime as a couple….also hopefully the newbie isnt a Club M lackey *fingers crossed*

      • Yep, I had to suspend belief for this temporary abdication thing…
        I suppose it’s like the President or Prime Minister of a country having to appoint an Acting President / PM when he is on leave?

  2. Koala am on K2H and Seung Gi fire with you! <33

    I can't believe how manly Seung Gi has grown to be in this drama. I've been a noona fan of his for years now, way before Brilliant Legacy. And having witness his growth and improvement as an actor, I already feel like crying. He's doing really really well holding up against HJW I can't have enough praise for him. Is there anything that he CANNOT DO?

    Seung Gi needs to just nail a baddie character and a character who can dance, and he'll be PERFECT. lol

    Can't wait for the WOC and Team Jae Ha to rawk yeah!

    • aww, that’s adorable that you’ve been his fan for years. So, you basically were there at the start… must be loving the attention he’s receiving for his acting prowess and his improvement in the past 3 years since BL!!

      • and that very annoying article, already deleted now kekeke
        in e24 (original), nate even enewsworld!

        Wow, I wonder how many hate message the author got, and for him/her to laid out the email address…

      • Well of course Seung Gi can’t be compared to Uhm Tae Wong (whom I adore as well), he’s literally the King of intensity/revenge dramas. DUH.

        But it’s the writer’s opinion, won’t judge. If anything, an actor’s acting doesn’t need to blow me away or make me jaw drop, as long as it is able to move me, I’m all good.

        Seung Gi isn’t a WOW great actor yet, but he’s showing signs of improvement. And that’s commendable more than anything. To diss his efforts and compare him to UTW who obviously has a different role at hand (which definitely is more effort consuming because he’s blind) is kinda uncalled for.

        But I do agree that Seung Gi tends to choose characters which are kinda similar in context (jerkass and childish), and if he really wants to prove his worth as an actor, he would have to break out of his comfort zone and try something more unconventional and different (perhaps a darker or villianous) role?

      • Well… TK2H is just his 3rd drama as the main actor so I don’t think he had much choices when choosing drama and drama type…
        Plus he just stopped his entertainment shows (1night2days and SH) so… I don’t think many serious and villianous roles were coming his way before that in the first place…

        Seung Gi oppa is one who thinks far and deep, and one who likes to sharpen his skills first before confidently venturing further.
        So its alright.
        I trust his decisions and will fully support him everytime! 🙂

    • Based on what the reporter has written, I don’t think that she’s even watched the drama after Jae Kang’s death.

      I do agree that LSG has always choosen characters that are childish and at times a jerk, but I feel like his role in K2H is a little different. After the death of Jae Kang, his character has become more mature and LSG looks more grown up in K2H.

      K2H and EM have different appeals. EM is dark, which is what a lot of Korean viewers enjoy and appeals to a lot more adults. Whereas K2H, can be a tough sell to a lot of Koreans because it deals with the issue of North/South reuniting, but I think the the writers have dealt with the issue very creatively. But, creative is not what the Korean viewers probably want.

      As for the whole ratings issue, I don’t even rely on ratings to determine what I watch. People have to realize that ratings aren’t determined by the population as a WHOLE, but a small minority who choose to be apart of study. Secondly, a majority of Korean households own only one TV, so whatever mommy and daddy watch, that’s what the kids are going to watch. Teens usually DL episodes at a later time to watch it.

      • Viewers becoming picky…because you have to many dramas to watch…
        My bf asked me recently: have you finished your drama…And I’m like…ooo long time ago…now I’m watching something new…
        She can’t handle this drama after drama, after drama, after drama and so on.

      • TK2H is doing very well on the live streaming website… a steady 20+%

  3. I’ve seen these pics before, but I keep refreshing this site to know Ms. Koala’s comment which is always hilarious. It’s just about time these pics posted here. ^^
    Thank you Ms. Koala.

  4. It’s cute that they’re incorporating Seung-gi being super ticklish into the drama. Reminds me of 1N2D where he pretty much surrendered within a few seconds in the first go. Ji-won then tied his hand to a pole and encouraged him using his female airen fans! cutest thing but entirely useless: he still gave in the first 10 or so seconds. hahaaaa <3

    Loving the pictures and where the episodes are headed in the next couple of episodes!! Thanx Ms. Koala.

    • I think that tickling part is not in the drama… those should be just BTS photos.
      Anyway, nice to see them having fun and being sooo comfortable with each other~

    • Since they’re entering the WOC as a unified group, it makes sense for them to have the same uniform. That’s what uniforms are for, after all — to unify, as well as identify.

  5. this is funny.. it will be the 2nd time for Lee Yoon Ji to be queen because her brother abdicated (referring to Goong).. ^_^

    I love Jae Ha and Hang Ah! ♥

  6. What Lee Seung Gi’s parents say about his roll in TK2H…and all kissing scenes?
    And his joy hanging with HJW….

  7. why does she have to take the crown prince/king place again?? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    anyone remember her in goong the sister of the crown prince???

    • Lol, I just said the same thing below, I was thinking it too.

      I don’t like it to be honest. Hopefully the drama is not thinking of pulling the same thing, especially not with the same actress…

  8. In the past I would be here doubting the writer regarding the abdication, but now that she has earned my trust I am looking forward to all the shenanigans Queen Jae Shin might come up with towards her royal bodyguard.

  9. I just realized something, seeing his sister dressed as the Queen…

    I think I will be pissed if the drama ends with Jae Ha giving up his throne and giving it to the sister!!!!!!

    I mean, does anyone remember Goong? Same thing happened, she became Queen at the end. After everything that we’ve been through in this drama and the emotional investment I put in it I will feel cheated if at the end Jae Ha and Hang Ah are not the King and Queen.

  10. Thanks Koala for my daily dose of happy pills. I’m in love, so in love it’s not even funny. Is it even possible to love a fictional character and LSG this much? I want to hug LSG right now.

  11. Is there a link to the laundry list of “look at jae ha’s hand” moments? LSG’s acting is terrific in this drama. Cute and funny when he wants to worm his way out of trouble but serious and smart when it comes to the people he loves. LSG, fighting!

  12. Can I just say that Jae Shin’s crown is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    My fav so far has always been Queen Elizabeth’s crown, but I have to say this one tops it. It’s such a soft and puts-you-at-ease design. It fits Jae Shin’s character very much.

  13. …jae shin ask SKyung to stay, she will be queen for a month if SKyung will stay.. hahahah I love all your recaps Ms. Koala, so even I’ve seen episode 13, still waiting for t=your recpas.. there’s a kiss (JH and HA)….winxz..”.

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