First Look at Choi Si Won, Yuan Hong, and Wang Luo Dan in Turn Around Fall in Love

After filming for a month and a half on the upcoming TW/C drama Turn Around Fall in Love (formerly called Return to the Past), a steady stream of BTS stills have trickled out showing leads Choi Si Won, Yuan HongWang Luo Dan, and Jessie Chiang looking fantastic in character. This is not a time-traveling drama, per se, but Wang Luo Dan’s thirty-something married woman finds herself returning to the body of her twenty-something self and gets a chance to redo her life again. This time she vows not to pick love over bread, yet even armed with knowledge about the future she can’t help but fall in love with her husband Choi Si Won all over again. This time around, she’s got a serious alternate beau in Yuan Hong’s character, and finds her friendship changed with her best friend turned rival. I’ve said before this drama sounds a lot like a fun oldie TVB drama from the 80s that I really enjoyed, and with this cast, I’m so salivating for this bit of harmless fun. Have a sneak peak at the drama below, and if Wang Luo Dan wants Si Won, I’m totally ready to scoop up my loverboy Yuan Hong. Nom nom nom, he’s soooo cute. The drama wraps filming in Shenzhen soon and moves to Taiwan to finish up an additional month of shooting.

[Credit: all pictures as marked via Baidu Turn Around Fall in Love bar]


First Look at Choi Si Won, Yuan Hong, and Wang Luo Dan in Turn Around Fall in Love — 10 Comments

  1. Love Siwon!! I wish he would do another K-drama instead of all these Taiwanese dramas where his voice always has to be dubbed.

    • I actually don’t like him in any of his Kdramas. He seems stiff, stilted and awkward. But I loved him in Skip Beat. He is not a natural actor tho he’s perfect looking. His body language is not attractive like Gong Yoo and Chen Bo Lin. But I think with the right director and right script he can go on to become a great leading star. He reminds me of Song Seung Hun…Handsome but bland and uptight.

  2. So this is what all those stills and skipping Paris was about. We are cool and all Siwon but I’m going to need Vic, Calvin, and Mimi’s drama to air first

  3. is it just me but does si won and Yuan hong look alike so much that they could possibly pass as being close relatives, either a brother relationship or a cousin relationship??

    Sorry had to point it out, the black and white picture where the two are lined up next to each other made me think they are blood related.. Possibly..

  4. Yes I’m so ready for Si Won to be on TV again.

    SiWonnie Oppa don’t ever go away again, mk.

    Someone please put it in his contract that he is either in a movie or show like every other month or something cuz I need my monthly dose of the pretty called Si Won.

    K thanks ^.^

  5. @sofia, you should watch siwon’s drama oh my lady starring chae rim. his acting there was great that i’d say he carried the drama.

  6. definitely watch this..i fall for Yuan Hong and for uri oppa, siwon… i’m elf, maybe i’ll support him with watching this..LOLs… the other reason is becuz i haven’t seen Yuan Hong in modern costumes… XD

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