Arang and the Magistrate with Lee Jun Ki and Shin Mina Hold Script Reading

OMG Flails, Flails, Flails Uncontrollably! The cast of upcoming supernatural fantasy sageuk Arang and the Magistrate released pictures of its script reading session, and I needed a spatula to scrape me off the floor. Jun Ki. JUN KI. JunKiJunKiJunKiJunKiJunKiJunKiJunKiJunKiJunKi…. What? Oh yes, I’m supposed to write something coherent. I think this drama will be the shizniz, because the cast is fantabulous. In addition to Lee Jun Ki, he’s joined by Shin Mina as the titular ghostly Arang (Jun Ki is the magistrate), Yoo Seung Ho guest starring as the celestial Jade Emperor, and a cast of veteran saguek actors that will surely to justice to whatever role they are given. Such as The General from Chuno, playing the magistrate’s loyal right hand man. Do I see bromance? I see bromance! In case it’s not clear, THIS is my most anticipated Summer K-drama, and I will be biding my time until it premieres in July on MBC after I Do I Do. I vote to just skip right over IDID, but heck, I could learn some patience. The PD last directed Can You Hear My Heart?, so expect pretty the likes of which takes your breath away. Though truth be told, Jun Ki alone does that for me. So Happy.


Arang and the Magistrate with Lee Jun Ki and Shin Mina Hold Script Reading — 19 Comments

  1. Haha Ms Koala. You’re cuter than Lee Jun Ki at the moment.
    Luckily huh I am not a fangirl or his. I see a lot of ” mine mine mine.NO she belongs to Ms Koala” coming up.

  2. I’ve watched Junki only in ‘My Girl’ but will be watching Time b/w…. after TK2H wraps up to see what he’s all about!

    Excited for SMA to make a comeback cuz she was so bloody adorable in MGIAG…I couldn’t stand it!!

    Thus far MBC’s had quite a lineup of dramas (MTETS, TK2H, IDID, and AATM )….good for them!

  3. Yoo Seung Ho!! You are wearing the Operation Proposal ep5 T-shirt and shirt!! I like your shirt and you as well!!

  4. am a bit concerned with the story BUT am totally sold out with the whole casts…SO AM IN no matter what the story would be…. yayyyy!!! am too excited now!!!!

  5. Sigh… i can’t wait… 🙂 phew… hoping it’s good.

    ahhh… i can’t wait!! 🙂

    Thanks Capt Koala!

  6. Jun Ki its been so long!!!…I’ve loved everything hes been in and can not wait!!!…and PD of CYHMH is a total plus

  7. I like Lee Jun Ki after watching My Girl and totally love him after TBDW. Enough said, I’m excited for this.
    Wait, did I say I miss him soooooooo much when he went in military?

  8. I love all the major players associated with this show. Post-Army Lee Junki looks fabulous. Look at that jawline. It’s sharp enough to cut something. (Though I wonder if he maintaining the army bod, he who’d rather diet than work out…) Shin Mina can do no wrong, and I loved CYHMH. And Yoo Seung Ho, I’ve loved since his turn as the bratty squirt (literally) in The Way Home (집으로).

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