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Little. Heart. Break. If the end of episode 7 of Big has already cracked my heart a sliver, I shudder to think what sort of inconsolable mess I’ll be when the angst really hits in this drama. But then I tell myself that every drama couple needs to go through the tough challenges to earn their time together, so I’ll just sit tight and mumble prayers that the drama won’t send Kyung Jae spiraling towards noble idiocy and allow Da Ran to start thinking critically about how she feels towards Kyung Jae. I don’t need forever after declarations of love, but I think it’s clear even to her that Kyung Jae affects her in ways completely unrelated to the fact that he wears Yoon Jae’s face. Episode 7 was a sweet but a bit of a lull, so that means episode 8 will likely hasten the narrative again. Watch the preview with my translation of the dialogue and tell me what you think.

Preview for episode 8:

Da Ran to Kyung Jae: Let’s get married. I’ll take care of you.

Mari: I heard Gil Da Ran’s parents want you two to get married. You won’t get married, right?

Kyung Jae: It doesn’t matter if I do, you don’t need to concern yourself with it.

Choong Shik: Jang Mari, how much do you like me, Gil Choong Shik?

Mari: You are all looking for Choong Shik? Teacher, you look over there.

Kyung Jae: I know that in Gil Da Ran’s eyes right now is not Kang Kyung Joon. I won’t be like a child, blocking a person’s heart from like someone else.


Video Preview for Episode 8 of Big — 15 Comments

  1. My heart went “Uff” at the end of today’s episode.
    I can tell Gil Teacher is starting to see Kyung Joon in a different light. I really hope the angst doesn’t go on for too long. I want to connection to Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon to be revealed soon and that he wakes up! That plot line is starting to drag.

    Thanks Ms. Koala!

  2. Thanks ockoala for being so fast!

    I watched ep 7 without subtitles, so somehow I do feel that there is some kind of transformation going on. DR completely sees KJas a man now and she just hasn’t registered the fact consciously. In this episode, there is a lot of sexual tension and attraction between DR and KJ DR feels it too.

    I think DR’s acknowledgement for her feeling towards KJ will be complicated, and I don’t even think his YJ exterior is the ultimate barrier. Or let me put it this way. How could DR convince KJ that she loves KJ? KJ sees how DR falls for YJ, and that’s where his blindness lies. He will never see how DR sees him with two hearts (and in this episode, we already see a lot of them.). And in a most realistic and ordinary sense, how much can you do to testify that you never project your residual feeling for the past love to the present one? It’s really a tough call!

  3. Thanks for the video! It’s been dragging for me too, hope it picks up a bit. I’m not the least bit interested in the PE teacher, Se Young or even Mari. Those story lines are boring and going no where. (although I kind of understand Mari, I still need more information about her family dynamics with KJ) And what’s with suddenly bringing up KJ’s uncle having a crush on DR’s mom? MEH.

    • This episode was surprisingly low-energy. But Kyung Joon’s uncle having a crush on Da Ran’s mom isn’t sudden, it was already revealed in the character descriptions from before the drama aired. I think what we’re seeing in some very spotty editing and plot momentum.

      • Ah! I really should read character charts/descriptions. That seemed to come from left field for me. Now I’m suddenly obsessing over what that has to do with anything. (LOL)

    • yeah, what’s the BIG deal about K’s uncle and D’s mom? what purpose will their past serve? i hope the Hong sisters will not go to “cousins” storyline … Noooooo they can’t be cousins ackkkk!

  4. The ending scene.. hurt my heart. But this was the best route to take. Now DaRan would realize that she likes Kyung Joon even if Yoon Jae remained faithful to her!! That’s what I want!!

  5. This is an unsual preview, because previews are often teasers and this one wasn’t. Hope to see more of the mystery relationship between KJ and YS. My guess is that they bothers.

  6. I am so dumb! So proud of how duh I am, I had to share…
    I didn’t pay attention to which ep this preview was for, so I waited for at least ONE Of the scenes to happen in today’s episode…I was like, “What happened to the part where they were looking for her brother?”

  7. Am I the only one that think Mari ISN’T some harmless kitten? When she threw the chair to smash the window that totally changed my view on her. I feel like she has a stronger presense than that doctor chick. I guess it’s also because Kdramas taught me to hate second female leads. 😐 …

    And the whole jumble up mystery thing. They’ve got us running around the bush, now I just hope they won’t shoot it straight out there and leave all of us dumbfounded. Like the Hong’s “You’re Beautiful” …. “Oh so they weren’t siblings, but now he hates her because his mother likes them more” I’ve always love the beginning of Hong sister dramas, but they’ve always dropped the tension after the big reveal. Like a toaster that doesn’t toast the bread properly. Waiting, waiting, waiting, POP! Oh hello semi-not-fully-toasted bread.

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