Koala Posits about the Ending of Big

It’s spine tingling to consider how far we have come since that scene at the end of episode 1 of Big, when Da Ran asked in shock whether he was Kyung Joon, and her face fell when he answered yes to her question. How can I not love a drama that spends the majority of its time actually showing us an OTP that falls in love so believably that when Da Ran asks Kyung Jae at the end of episode 10 if he was Kyung Joon, and he answers yes, the way her entire body and soul just sags in relief made my tear ducts break open and started watering my keyboard.

Since I’m on a roll with analyzing Big, parsing all the clues and sussing out the connection between Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae, it’s time I dropped my prediction for the ending. I don’t care if I’m right or not, but I worry that if I’m right and people aren’t prepared for it, there might be shrill screaming and sharp knives whipped out. I went through this with 49 Days, and my gut tells me Big is in fact going down the same path and following the same trajectory. So its probably time to start bracing ourselves. Good or bad, I firmly believe this drama has got its act together and the remaining six-episodes will bring everything to a meaningful conclusion.

I’ve not thought much of the similarity between Big and 49 Days since the premise is so very different and the lesson it wants to impart wholly unrelated. 49 Days was telling the story about treasuring the miracle of life. Instead of dwelling on the past or shallowly wasting the life we are given, watching the drama we are forced to acknowledge how messy interpersonal relationships can be yet come away with the realization that the very gift of life should be treasured even when it comes with pain, suffering, and unfairness. I won’t go into discussing that drama in depth since I recapped it and there are 20 episodes worth of my thoughts on it. Suffice to say I loved the ending, because I knew it was coming and understood the writer was setting it up that way. Those who hate it felt betrayed, but I saw it differently.

The last 2 episodes of Big have really popped a light bulb in my brain, inching closer towards the strong possibility that the Hong Sisters want to borrow some narrative conceits from 49 Days while delivering their own distinct message. Hear me out – I think the ending of Big likely will involve Yoon Jae dead (body and soul) while Kyung Joon remains living in his own body. Why? Because this was the point of the soul swap in the first place. It wasn’t just to save Kyung Joon from literally drowning at that moment, it was the Heaven’s way of setting up Kyung Joon to take Yoon Jae’s place permanently in a non-fantasy way though sacrifice and love.

What’s the basis for my theory? This gut feeling that Yoon Jae is sick. Again. That is the real reason he was hesitant about marrying Da Ran, why he kept blowing her off time and again, why he was going to LA. He was going to find Kyung Joon again and perhaps convince his younger brother to save him. Or maybe not, maybe he just wanted to bring Kyung Joon home since pretty soon his parents would be without a son. If he was just going to LA to look for his younger brother Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae wasn’t getting sick again, it’s not terribly convincing that he would keep Da Ran in the dark. He’s not a cheater (I never thought he was), and he just doesn’t strike me as a non-committal douchebag. But his decision not to tell Da Ran the truth hurt her, and perhaps he thought a hurt in the short term was better than one in the long term should he marry her and then kaput off and die.

Kyung Joon was conceived to save Yoon Jae’s life, which means Yoon Jae already got a Miracle at the age of 12 that allowed him to now live an additional 18 years beyond when he should have already gone to meet his maker. Yoon Jae’s life was a gift, and he has made the most of it. He is shown to be kind and giving, and I don’t discount that. But my gut tells me Yoon Jae is living on borrowed time, and whatever disease he had, the transplant might not have been a permanent cure. Remember Yoon Jae’s mom telling Se Young “As long as Yoon Jae didn’t get sick again, I planned to never see that child (Kyung Joon) ever.” This was a loaded declaration not just to show us how cold Yoon Jae’s mom is, but a foreshadowing.

The genius of the 49 Days soul-sharing-one-body narrative worked in so many ways. On the surface it was about Ji Hyun earning resurrection, but in truth it was about Ji Hyun learning the true value and meaning of her life. By choosing to use Yi Kyung’s body, we discover later that they are sisters, and Ji Hyun’s second chance at life had the additional purpose of bringing Yi Kyung out of her severe depression and reuniting her to their parents. When Ji Hyun died at the end, it was Yi Kyung who took her place and brought comfort to their parents. And all of that was premised on the very unchanging fact that Ji Hyun was always supposed to die on a certain day. Her accident sped up her “death” so she had a chance to earn resurrection, but in doing so, she discovered that when her scheduled day arrived, she still had to go. But she spent those 49 days putting everything in order so that she left having done everything she needed to do.

I see the soul swap in Big having the same purpose, albeit for a different reason. If we accept that Yoon Jae is going to die regardless, then the soul swap was both to save Kyung Joon from drowning as well as for Kyung Joon to take his rightful place with the Seo family. Kyung Joon was a full-blooded son of Yoon Jae’s parents that was conceived and then discarded. Now that his surrogate mom has died, Kyung Joon needs to learn that his real set of birth parents are around and he still has a family. This soul swap allowed Kyung Joon to spend time with his real mom but in the guise of Yoon Jae. This will matter later when Mom tries to act like she doesn’t care about Kyung Joon, but will be floored to discover that she’s lived with Kyung Joon for the last year. Mind. Blown.

Similarly, if Yoon Jae is going to bite it, leaving Da Ran at the altar would be a martyr way of keeping her from more pain. But the soul switch set up Da Ran to fall in love with Kyung Joon in a way that could never have happened without it, because of their teacher-student label and age difference. Of course Da Ran’s parents overcame it, but Da Ran doesn’t quite have her mom’s moxie and I can’t see her defying convention to be with Kyung Joon. But now I can see it. I don’t care if Da Ran will try to suppress her feelings for Kyung Joon, because she’s not going to succeed. I think in the end, she will be asked to deal with her feelings for both guys, and the realization that despite any guilt she may feel towards Yoon Jae, it’s Kyung Joon that she loves.

I don’t think the drama will end with Kyung Jae as the end game anymore. It’s just too unfair for Kyung Joon to wear his brother’s body for the rest of his life, and be known as Yoon Jae to the world. I also don’t think Kyung Joon was meant to be a doctor, though he might go down that path. I think the doctor calling was always Yoon Jae’s dream after being saved when he was young. With the soul swap, Yoon Jae is setting up Kyung Joon to take his place – with their parents, and with Da Ran. I have a feeling Yoon Jae’s body keeps trying to kick out Kyung Joon’s soul maybe because the body is failing. I still have this niggling sensation that Yoon Jae is either is his own body as a silent observer, that he somehow knows everything going on.

Kyung Joon probably can move in Yoon Jae’s body because Yoon Jae’s body contains part of Kyung Joon from the donor surgery. Whereas if Yoon Jae’s soul was in Kyung Joon’s body, maybe he can’t “live” in it because the same element doesn’t exist the other way. Kyung Joon’s body does not contain anything of Yoon Jae, hence Yoon Jae cannot operate that physical shell. Remember the nurses saying that Kyung Joon appears perfectly fine so they are all confused why he doesn’t wake up? I think THS has really put a lot of thought into their story and all the clues have been baked into the details so that when the shit hits the fan, it will all make sense.

I’ve said this since episode 1 – this drama is about Kang Kyung Joon the character. Forget Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, Shin Won Ho, just let go of the actors, of the outer shells. Gong Yoo is doing an ahhhhhhmazing job so far as Kyung Jae, but I don’t think as a thespian he’ll insist that his face gets the girl at the end, either as Yoon Jae or as Kyung Jae. He strikes me as striving to be an actor’s actor rather than an idol movie star, so I can’t see him insisting the writing be subverted so he is the end game. This drama rests on Gong Yoo’s shoulders, to be sure, but the heart of it is the soul of 19-going-on-20 Kang Kyung Joon. If my theory is right, when Yoon Jae wakes up is when I’ll finally be able to see his character as more than just wallpaper.

Despite what THS did in Hong Gil Dong, I don’t find them sadistic for the sake of grounding in the pain and suffering. Big is about growing up, about Miracles, about sacrifice. We see Kyung Joon maturing before our eyes, we see him sacrifice for Da Ran. We see Da Ran maturing before our eyes, we see her sacrifice for Kyung Joon. This OTP is fundamentally walking the journey of life together even if they don’t yet believe or acknowledge it. If this was a dark melodrama, I would say THS would kill off Kyung Joon at the end, making his life a complete and utter dark pool where he was conceived to save another and in the end gives his life fully to save Yoon Jae again. But I don’t believe that will happen. Because if it does, somewhere a rocket will be launched towards South Korea with the coordinates set to a certain writing duo’s home.

I’m fairly convinced that Yoon Jae’s life was at risk again and this soul switch was to allow Kyung Joon to step into Yoon Jae’s place – as son to the Seo parents and as the man who Da Ran loves. And no, I don’t think this is unfair to Yoon Jae AT ALL. Without Kyung Joon, Yoon Jae would be dead at 12 and that would be the end of our story. I think Big is about sacrifice and love, just as Professor Bang said about the story in the Miracle book. Kyung Joon was sacrificed to save Yoon Jae, born and then given away. The soul swap is Yoon Jae’s sacrifice for Kyung Joon. And when they both are awake and back in their own bodies, they will learn the full truth and deal with the consequences.

In what I postulated above, that is actually the easy way out. I think the harder proposition would be if both Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon survived. Imagine if Kyung Joon can once again save Yoon Jae, and he does so thinking that his Gil Teacher wants Yoon Jae back. But his Gil Teacher wants Yoon Jae alive merely because she cares about the poor guy, but she’s now in love with Kyung Joon. So imagine the mess of epic proportions if both brothers end up alive AND Da Ran fights for the chance to be with Kyung Joon. I can imagine the apoplexy fits from both the Gil and Seo families. To be sure, this scenario is what I would like to see. Because there is nothing wrong with Da Ran and Kyung Joon falling in love. Relationships should not be premised on guilt, and Da Ran can end things properly with Yoon Jae so that she can be with Kyung Joon. We all know she barely did anything with Yoon Jae, I’d say the awkwardness meter should be quite low.

Even if Yoon Jae lives, he would want his younger brother and the woman he loves to be happy since they are in love with each other and he’s the odd-man out. Like I said before, Yoon Jae is the quintessential second male lead. A hallmark of a second male lead is that he gets shafted, plain and simple. He might be better for the girl, love her more, be more considerate of her, but at the end of the day, the girl doesn’t like him back. What appears to get many Big viewer’s brain’s in a twist is the fact that Gong Yoo’s drama character Yoon Jae is the second lead, but Gong Yoo is still the main actor in the drama since he spends the majority of it as the male lead Kyung Joon. I’m actually rooting for THS to allow both guys to survive, and make Da Ran and Kyung Joon break through every single obstacle so they can be together.

I’ll share a not so surprisingly fact – I’ve been rewatching episode 1 of Big at least once a week since it aired. It reminds me that Kyung Jae is really just Yoon Jae’s face but that precocious 18 year old boy’s soul inside. The time jump back in episode 5 was to bring him thisclose to legal adulthood, and with it THS set up the student-teacher relationship only to tear it right back down themselves. Big was never a standard rom-com despite looking like one on the surface, and it was definitely far outside THS’s usual repertoire. Is it good or bad is not for me to declare. It startlingly works for me, and that’s really all that matters in forming my own opinions.

I was never a fan of their works because of their puns, quips, and hyperactive slickness. I liked some of their dramas because of the leads, others for a fun story, and most of the time it was like a fast food meal that hit the spot but would never leave an indelible memory. Big is their outlier, and has become a treasured little gem in a sea of drama built on dialogue driven banter for the sake of getting characters to form shallow connections. I feel like THS might be in that awkward adolescence phase with Big, but I see it less for its flaws and more for what it aims to be. Just like teenager Kyung Joon aims to be an adult for the sake of the woman he loves, so too have THS tried to share a beautifully touching story about love and sacrifice with us all.


Koala Posits about the Ending of Big — 88 Comments

  1. OMO!! Thank you Ms. koala for your prediction! I, too, think that Yoon Jae (body and soul) might die at the end T.T otokke?! I only wish Kyung Joon to have a happy ending with Da Ran!! Oh gosh, let it be, let it be! Hoi -hoi!
    “If this was a dark melodrama, I would say THS would kill off Kyung Joon at the end, making his life a complete and utter dark pool where he was conceived to save another and in the end gives his life fully to save Yoon Jae again. But I don’t believe that will happen. Because if it does, somewhere a rocket will be launched towards South Korea with the coordinates set to a certain writing duo’s home” HAha…count me in! I’d love to help you! XD

    • Hahahaha… I feel the same way… YJ’s body dying…
      I’m kinda sad with that.. I mean i know its KJ he is playing right now, but still the shell of YJ is pretty hit just to make him die… But somehow i think this is where it is going….

      As ms. Koala mentioned, The whole of BIG is all about daran falling for kyungjoon despite the shell he is in. Which i dont think the hong sisters will just allow the death of. Killing KJ would pretty much be a formula for MELODRAMA!!!!
      Though i love melodrama,i dont think i can take if this drama would go down that path… Please no.. Drama gods.. Dont let this be! If that happens.. Urrrggghhhh id personally highjack a Nuclear weapon… Them BOoM! That would be intantenous death…..

      But putting the murder plans aside….
      6 more episodes to go, and i feel like the soul swap back would be happening this week. But i cringe to watch the whole dynamic with YJ and DR: YJ waking up being married and DR inlove with YJ’s brother. That is so makjang! But i love it!

      But what I dont’t want to see coming is this show is one aspect of secret garden soul swap — with the amnesia with the waking up from the accident. I’m already bleeding for DR right now with the whole YJ might come back to his body and KJ going back to his, and her in love with KJ not only makjang but totally illegal, I dont think i can take it with KJ not knowing HE was the one that married him. And he that he is tottaly inlove with her.
      But even with that makjang set-up, if ever that would happen, i’d personally cringe with the whole set-up but id like to see what DR will do. I know shed try to fight for him, but still the how is making me cringe and excited!

  2. Aww, I totally agree! Most of the past THS works felt too … contrived, too well-packaged for me to really get into it and connect with the characters. Sure, they were funny, but they lacked what JB at Dramabeans would call the “stickiness factor” for me. Big is the first THS drama since Delightful Girl Choon-hyang to make me feel something beyond plain amusement.

    I like your theories and think they have a pretty good potential of coming true 🙂 Thanks for your insight 😀

  3. Oh, how i wish your prediction comes true. I really want DR to end up with KJ and also that’s what I feel since the beginning that DR and KJ are meant for each other.

  4. nice theory! but don’t forget that Yoon jae already declared dead in episode 1. maybe it was only the shell from the beginning?

    • actually, same thoughts as you have…he was already announced dead and i suppose it was Kyung Joon who “saved” him again…and i think it would complicated matters, as to married to the older dead brother and then will marry the young alive brother?…but whatever the ending is…which i hope will be a happy one…i enjoyed the drama that just like ockoala, I have rewatched everything just to keep me patient till Monday… 😉

  5. I’m with you on the broad outline of your prediction.

    I’ve been thinking for a couple of weeks now that YJ is ill and is very possibily terminal, which would explain his hesitancy in marrying DR even though everything points to him loving her.

    He is at heart a caretaker/caregiver and I think he is terminal and doesn’t want to stick her with taking care of a dying husband. I suspect that is what he was going to tell her the day he had his accident.

    Also, I believe that he was going to look for his brother, not to find replacement parts to help him live but to thank him for the eighteen years he gave him and to return him to their parents, because even though YJ parents aren’t together, YJ had both his parent and KJ didn’t.

    I think that YJ’s body dies. Of course that body died in the first episode so in some ways you can consider KJ being in YJ’s body a way of prolonging that bodies life just as his birth had prolonged his brother’s life so many years ago.

    The question is where is YJ’s soul. It might be in YJ’s comatose body, or it might be doing a silent ride along with YJ in its own body. If YJ’s soul is doing a ride along, he would realize that the person he is obligated to KJ and the person he loves DR will be fine once he is gone and he will be able to depart in peace.

    I think he’ll live long enough for DR to know that he truly loved and was faithful to her and to remove all pyschological obstable from her loving KJ.

    I hope that the actor playing KJ wakes up looking a little more mature so that he will look like and appropriate partner for DR.

  6. About savior babies…

    In the case of babies being born for the purpose for saving their siblings, it’s not taking any organs from them. It’s actually harvesting the umbilical cord blood. So we can safely deduce that YJ had acute leukemia as a child and the last resort was savior babies.

    So KJ is not missing any organs, nor can he help YJ if he is sick again (remission).


    • Edit: ‘nor can he help YJ if he is sick again (remission).’

      Well actually if YJ leukimia has remission, KJ could still donate bone marrow (which he can regenerate back).

  7. Great ideas all.

    Yoon Jae being sick also makes sense considering the pain Kyung Joon has trying to go back and forth and the inability of Yoon Jae’s body to handle eating some foods. He has relapsed to whatever he had before.

    I love the idea of Yoon Jae being an observer in his own body. He can wake up knowing everything much to the others chagrin. Big bro needs to tease lil bro about stealing his girl. LOL

  8. Dear Koala,

    Though I was not following your blog when 49 Days aired I can see from your comments above that we were very much on the same page. I feel at times like I am the only one who loved that ending and I too felt like it was the only ending that would truly make sense. Which is why I was very eager to read your thoughts on Big’s ending and again I see we are on exactly the same page. I would love to see both men live and DR fight to be with KJ but I also agree that I think THS will most likely kill off YJ. But when you write stuff like:

    “But I don’t believe that will happen. Because if it does, somewhere a rocket will be launched towards South Korea with the coordinates set to a certain writing duo’s home.”

    You should really have a warning because I took a sip of wine before reading it and now I have burning nostrils!

    Thank you for your incredibly thoughtful and thought provoking analysis.


  9. It’s like xeroxing my brain! Literally! 49 Days too! I was always confused by that ending uproar because it was perfect! Not in execution necessarily but most definitely in story.
    Thanks again! This drama is inching up my HS fav list.
    Gong Yoo is marvelous and perhaps that’s again why people are uncertain and so attached YJ. It’s sad in my opinion because the focus has never been on him, for in reality, the majority of YJ “reality” scenes his back has been turned, his words short and his demeanor distant, detached and distracted. There’s a distinct and purposeful meaning in that for that is how we are to feel about him. I’ve always thought him to be a great guy but never, never, NEVER the priority. Just like the way DR’s hands never touch in ep 1, I feel that’s our disconnect with him. We’ll get close but never really know him. We weren’t meant to.

    • Oh oh and just a side note: Loved the opening pics. I love the juxtaposition of the scenes for her reaction to both is so vastly different. She was disappointed but not depressed or distraught in ep 1. Perhaps it was from the hope or assumed certainty, that YJ was still alive, perhaps not, either way, she adapted rather quickly, but in 10 she’s hysterical and she doesn’t roll with the punches because she doesn’t know what KJ leaving YJ’s body means for him or them. All she knows is there’s a possibility of losing him and at this point, that’s inconceivable. Love it!

  10. <3 Ms. Koala… maybe you should write your own drama~ and gift us with an awesome tale~

    I love your discussion and theories here, and like you, I really hope that we'll have room to let YJ remain alive and have the three battle it out with the rest of the world for a happy ending: KJ-D OTP and YJ free to seek happiness again =D The mommy needs some serious awakening XP smh it's crazy how her denial is setting up the stage for SO SO much pain for YJ, KJ and D… does she NOT know her son's character? does she REALLY think that she can continue denying KJ's existence for YJ simply by telling him to forget it and pretend KJ doesn't exist?… sigh…

  11. I think that Yoon Jae is gnna have some time to talk to Da Ran before he dies cauz she’s gnna have to get rid of that guilt n the only way to get rid of it is to confront it so the moment that Kyung Joon returns to his body, Yoon Jae won’t die immedietly, and instead have some time to fix the guilt between him and Da Ran and then die… I always love reading your thoughts =D I’m pretty sure u’ll be right like last time and I always did want Kyung Joon in his own body ending up with Da Ran at the end so I hope ur guess is correct even more =D

  12. Wow! I love your predicted ending of YJ and new start for KJ. I never would have thought about YJ being terminally ill but you make a lot of sense. Thanks Ms Koala, love your thoughts. 🙂

  13. When I started watching this (marathoned the series to be uptodate), I did not read any recaps, etc. Several episodes in, it dawned on me that DR will end up with KJ (but in YJ’s body) and that YJ and KJ are somehow related. It appears that my thoughts are somewhat similar to Koala’s except for the physical body. I am thinking the KJ will spend the rest of his life with DR in YJ’s body (Gong Yoo is the main lead after all) but as Koala pointed out, it would be unfair to him.

  14. I enjoy reading your insights and reflections! I’ve had similar thoughts about the ending. I believe the first episode was foreshadowing Yoon Jae’s death, because he is declared dead, but Kyung Joon is not. I believe there’s a reason Yoon Jae was very conscious about his diet and working out. And being sick would explain his absences with Da Ran.

    Thank you so much for saying, “just let go of the actors.” People keep saying Gong Yoo has to be the ending, no matter what body he is in. But what about the plot? What about the essence of the story? I’ll admit, yes, there have been times I’ve wanted my favorite actor to be the end-game because I love watching them. However, this drama really makes me forget about the actors and just makes me feel their characters. Kyung Joon’s soul has also been the lead to me. I think since he began in his own body, he will end in his own body.

  15. koala.. you made me hair stand while reading this article. Again. Amazing. I cant get Big out of my mind since the 3rd episode of which i was willingly/unwillingly sucked into this whole Big world. I have been rewatching lots of clips, everyday of the past episodes for the last few weeks. Put aside the awesome actors. It is an impressive script. So much more thoughts have been put in every scene then you imagine. (As what you have mentioned) It may seemed so insignifant at that point, but everything actually has a double meaning to it. A connection of why it is so. I do feel so much soul in this drama that I rarely get in other dramas.

    Im feeling really sad the YJ will die, i’d rather he be an asshole and find another girl to live happily ever rather then being the sick and sacrificing one. sigh… But I guess that will cheapen the whole story. I will just have to get my Kleenex ready and brave for the imminent storm to come.

    p.s koala, if you are not a screenwriter already, you really should become one!

  16. Woah, I like both possible ending. But prefers the second one better where both leads are going to survive.. Although at first I thought it would be awkward for DaRan to ever face YoonJae when she’s with KyungJoon, but now u remind me that they barely did anything the awkwardness would be on a low meter. Thank goodness. I don’t mind about this drama having a 49days-like ending.. But that would set the drama to be a melodrama, and I don’t really want KyungJoon and DaRan to end up with a dark gloomy mood.. I want evryone to have a good ending..
    Thanks for your amazing perspective! Very detailed observation indeed..
    You should just be a writer yourself, since I reckon everyone enjoys your thoughtful prediction with every detailed explanation of the layers to its core..

  17. I am so glad you posted your thoughts. Thank you. I am glad to see that you agree with the unfairness of KJ staying in YJ’s body. The last time you posted your thoughts I did not agree but I have learned my lesson and know better now. So whatever birdie or venue has inspired you, this time I am going to say Bravo, well done, cause I believe you may be right on with that ending BUT these are THS so I am wary they might bulldoze a great happy ending with ambiguous ending. I still think M Hong had a relationship with a younger man and it didn’t work out hence the writing of sad stories but again, that is my opinion not fact.
    I love reading all these posts (thoughts) from so many with varied opinions. It tells me this drama is a rare gem because it has kept people guessing and I think it is a sign of good writing. I just hope they wrote the ending before all the posts.
    Thank you for all the entertainment.

  18. 49 Days totally spoiled us. Your deductions are logical and a clue as to how sick he is in his diet and how he cares for that mighty fine body. KJ has totally ignored the diet with his neverending love of pizza and DR is trying to get him to eat sensibly (beans), but I don’t think pizza accelerates leukemia or whatever disease he may have. Remember he was working with children with cancer when he took his leave and promised not to abandon them? Maybe his “tot” costars are cancer patients he identified with previously because they “live” at the hospital.

    OMG, I’m leaving for China next week and might not be able to see the finale live. Shucks!

    Great work Koala. I appreciate intelligent bloggers who help readers analyze kdramas as if they were literature. It’s so much fun! O:-)

  19. I agree with all of what you wrote.
    I NEVER thought of the fact that real son and real mother lived together for a whole year without knowing it. You just blew my mind!!!!

    Why did you not show us what the your end would look like?

    Are we going to see affection between Shin and LMJ beyond holding hands?
    Part of me wants there to be a sweet sweet scene, like the panda scene, or cooking, or lawn watering, and part of me says, “Hell NO! Theirs should be a passionate romance to be the opposite of YJ/DR.”
    I want the same kiss GY(as KJ) gave LMJ with Shin. Why the heck not?!
    Well? Why NOT?

    PS You know I am doing the same thing with Ep 1, right? Replaying their scenes together, looking for the spark and seeing that Shin actually did a really good job in his interaction with LMJ.
    KJ sized her up from their first encounter, and inside of those few moments on the bus, he really looked like he liked what he saw. Plus, he never backed down from her when she treated him like a little kid, and instead had a sort of “You have NO idea who you are dealing with here. There is way more to me than meets the eye, lady.”
    All of that happened so fast, and the pairing was established for me so effectively, you don’t even care how young he looks.

    PSS YJ dies.

    • My ending? LOL, no need. I trust THS. I hope my trust isn’t misplaced, but they’ve taken us this far, and GY and LMJ have taken us even further. I have faith my Shin and LMJ will take us all the way, with GY making that final heartbreaking goodbye as Yoon Jae. I will be investing in towels to watch the ending.

      I concur with every single thing you said about chibi Kyung Joon in episode 1. They boy was smitten at first sight. It sounds absurd until you realize he’s just a teenager and she was just a pretty girl he met on the bus. But what happened after that made her mean so much more to him, until at this stage he apologizes to her for not getting the heck out of Yoon Jae’s body and worries that he’s a “burden” to her. My heart keeps breaking when I think of his hurt eyes. T___T

  20. I agree that KJoon and DR are the OTP and have been since the beginning of this. But I don’t think there won’t be a happily-ever-after scene with Shin Won-Ho (this is my prediction) because I don’t think audience will go for it. And it’s not a matter of Gong Yoo insisting on anything – that’s just silly. It’s a matter of it being distasteful to the audience to see a 21 year old boy with a 30 year old woman. (it wouldn’t bother ME AT ALL but that’s me – LOL) I don’t think the audience is able to separate the characters from the actors which is a huge shame.

      • Actually there’s only a 6 year age difference, as DR started out at 24 yrs. old and KJ at 18 yrs. old. So not that big an age difference.

      • yea..shin such a cutie for 20 ers…I’ve seen few K-drama about teacher-student love story, one of them is Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin (Biscuit teacher and star candy…no wonder GY is marvellous in portraying KJ because he got same character maybe 7 years ago)..my point is..usually they cast older male for the student role (Kang Ta, KJW, etc) so when they get lovey dovey with the teacher..it did not feel awkward..hehehe…but Shin is very cute even for high school student..maybe if they want to pair KJ in Shin body in the end…they will separate for a moment and the romance will be shown 5 years later (in GY face maybe..hehehe)…with the umbrella probably…

    • I soooo agree with you! In the first place, do you think Da Ran would fall in love with Kyung Joon if he is in his actual body? I don’t think so.

      The very reason why I’m still watching this series is I’m waiting for Da Ran and Yoon Jae to end up together.

  21. Very interesting…but Kyung Jae has never once complained of being sick except for the mushroom-incident. No headaches, nosebleeds, fatigue, bruising…NADA except for when he switched this last time. And he’s been in that body for a full year and without any problems. Terminal illness usually has symptoms and I’ll feel tricked if they suddenly pull 4th stage leukemia on us. And if Kyung Joon returns to his body I will be seriously icked if DR and he end up together. The actor looks 15 years old.

    • Omg I totally agree with you. With the assumptions and comments here, they all seem to agree DR with KJ relationship in his body. However, i find that not to be the case. GY was casted as the main lead, even if its unfair for KJ. I still think maybe dying might not be the upcoming situation.

      Like how I read the plot. YJ would fall for the caring MR.
      So my assumption is that they will switch back. Bur both of them hav different views of partners, it might seem unsightly for the world to see. So eventually they would decide to stick back of different bodies and souls.
      Remember the professor said the seitching happened in cause of salvation or love?
      So KJ loves DR and YJ loves MR.

      No one dies at the end. They will end up in switched souls somehow. And live happily with any companion they loved.

      • I think there’s something wrong with the plot. There’s no way Yoon Jae will fall for Ma Ri. That just doesn’t make any sense at all. Yoon Jae truly loves Da Ran.

  22. Dear Ms K,

    I dunno why I was tearing as i read your post today. I have to read it a few more times later but my first reaction was NO..OO..OO! I guess I am being superficial and want my cake and eat it too but I don’t think I can swallow DR and KJ (in his own body) together. I do like the younger KJ mind you – he’s got spunk and attitude.

    But this is a romcom and to heck with rational outcomes I thought to myself. THS must find a way – they must. If we can accept a body sharing 2 souls, why not a soul sharing 2 bodies? Perhaps YJ’s soul is gone? They will find out in some explainable way that he was really sick to begin with and was gonna die (some letter or doc report). KJ is gonna go back to his own body and his and DR’s love for him will be tested and proven but KJ will make the ultimate sacrifice of letting go of his own body and 12 years of his life to be with her. Well…something like that…

    I know I’m crazy … but while we’re building fantasies this Sat morning, let me build mine:)

    Thank you Ms K once again! Always a privilege reading your thoughts.

  23. I don’t care who Daran ends up with (although, of course, it would make sense for her to end up with Kyungjoon after all this progress). However, I think that both souls should be in their rightful bodies by the end of the drama.
    I also think it would be unfair to kill off Yoonjae without closure on his end when we know so little about him. Sure, we may know more about him through other characters, but he at least deserves to speak for himself. If the Hong sisters want to kill him off, at least let him speak before the drama ends. Of course, I’d rather they not kill off anybody, but it’s not looking good so far considering the themes that run through this drama.

    What I wouldn’t like is if Kyungjoon ends up residing in Yoonjae’s body forever (especially if Yoonjae ends up dead).

  24. OH! Koala Unni! I like your prediction!!! I also thought that Yoon Jae could be terminally ill, hence his wishy-washyness with Da Ran.

    From a selfish, Gong Yoo fangirl-ing viewpoint, i wish it’d be Kyung Jae who’d end up with Da Ran, but i’d totally buy the Kyung Joon-Da Ran ending. =) and yes, I liked 49 days too and I got what they were trying to do – some people really hated the ‘coincidence’ that Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung are sisters, but to me it made total sense. which is why i can totally see the possibility that we will end up with Kyung Joon alive for ‘Big’. and, like i said before (somewhere in your site) the Hong sisters are definitely trying something new with ‘Big’ and I applaud them for their efforts. You can’t just rest of your laurels and keep writing the same kind of dramas – it becomes formulaic and that kills their creativity. so kudos to them for trying. and us fans should encourage them to keep breaking new ground.

  25. There was a pink shooting star! There was a shooting star that streaked across the sky right before the accident. I can’t believe I JUST saw it. Both brothers saw it, too, right before the collision that blocked their path and forced them to swerve.

    What does it mean? I dunno, but it’s pretty cool to ponder. This makes the soul switcheroo less intentional on the part of Yoon Jae willing it to happen, and more like the magic hand of fate and pink shooting stars decreed it from on high.

      • woah.. I did not see that one… wow Koala unni. You have a great eagle eye… hrmmm.. let the speculations began..=)

    • As I have pointed out several times now, the person pulling all the magic strings is dead KJ oma. Curiously, in the afterlife,she resembles a pink alien.
      iroke: http://www.top10films.co.uk/img/ET_et.jpg

      She just happened by (?) in her pink spaceship (?) and saw the future(?) and landed her ship in the area nearby (?) getting there just in time to supply YJ with enough oxygen to save his little bro, but, sadly, not enough oxygen to save YJ. Why? I also molla.
      But then, the mountain rangers spotted her and chased her and her ship away.
      So she wasn’t at the hospital fast enough to actually save YJ, and he died.
      But then, she thought about a solution to help KJ out…and um, switched souls…
      OMG! I just noticed this whole box is PINK!
      KOALA, tell us the truth, are YOU KJ’s Oma?

  26. Thank you Ms. Koala for sharing your insights. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your fearless foray into predicting the ending.

  27. wow, you’re a genius with your theory…i would never come up with such a theory…i’m 98% sure that what you stated is going to be the outcome of the drama, unless there’s a super twist lol

  28. Thank you for sharing this. This isn’t one of my gunho dramas but I have been following it. I too felt that there must be something else wrong with YJ that caused him to be so hesitant towards DR. It took me awhile to figure that illness would be the factor. When I first saw the drama, i wasn’t expecting YJ to die from illness (the same one he had before) but from the accident.

    You made so many other points that I totally didn’t think of at all. Now that I have read your opinion, I think they make a lot of sense too. I too personally would like the end game to be that both are alive. I thought that it would head that way. But YJ dying in the end, also makes a lot of sense too. I was one of those who thought that the 49 days ending made the most sense and was fully expecting it. So I think I will be fine either way here. I do admit to be one of those who has a tough time seeing DR together with Kyung Joon. Not because of YJ (or the fact that Gong Yoo plays Kyung Jae), but more because I felt that KJ as himself was different from Kyung Jae (soul wise), so there was a slight disconnect for me. Anyhow – I’d still be quite happy with whatever ending they throw at me.

    • Good point about the different interpretation’s of KJ’s soul (in his own body and in YJ’s body) feeling disconnected. Obviously we have seen KJ grow and mature through YJ and at the end of this story he is going to be very different from the “kid” he started off as. If the story does conclude with KJ returning to his body and starting a life with DR, Shin Won-Ho is going to have a big job of portraying KJ, the man. It will be very disappointing if he can’t make it believable.

    • ahhh poor dear… you will be okay.. just cover your eyes and think happy thoughts like GY choc abs. You need to watch previous ep show his choc abs and you will be okay. my dear tomorrow is agd so that makes you happy. I am almost done with last sunday episode of it. I tried soo hard to see dr jin for ssh oppa and can not due to the no emotions when he is sad or whatever emotions he has which is like are you sad or mad or something. LOL

      • Ah poor SSH, modern drama are his thing, it can work without act (shower scenes), hehee…
        Preview for ABD is looking good, tonight is gonna be happy, happy watching…OTP are finally on the right track, and you know what that means…
        As for GY, ummmm, left to last.

  29. Loved this post, Koala… You really gave us a lot to noodle on which is why I love coming to the playground. Oh, the possibilities….can’t wait to see what happens next.

  30. The thing about the terminal illness is…

    Wouldn’t the doctors have caught it while they were examining Yoon Jae’s body after the accident?

    I don’t know how they’re going to pull that one off so suddenly.

    • VERY good point!
      I also wondered why Dr. SY wouldn’t know a thing.
      He seemed to be with her a lot, and she is a doctor.

    • thanx to Miss Koala…that said that Hong sister give us hints in many places…so when i re-watched Big from episode 1, I find that after the accident Kyung Jae did not get full medical check up, only CT scan for the head maybe because he said weird thing to Gil Da Ran. After that he run home..so when Da Ran worried about Yong Jae body she also said that “you did not get thorough medical check up after the accident”. Ha..
      So, it is possible that Yong Jae have serious sickness, that need full medical check up to find it..And i recognize that the hospital where they got first emergency aid after accident is different from the one that Yoon JAe and Se Young attend to..so I think Yoon jae keep his illness from his colleages also..
      Hiks…when I re-watched I feel sorry for Yoon AJe..he is such an angel….And I never notice before because my focus is for KJ only..Mianheyo Yoon Jae Ssi…
      The thing that I love most from K-drama is the producer is very detail and they want to make the drama as real or as logical as possible…Thumb up…

  31. I love this analysis of the story. I, too, feel that the Hong Sisters have crafted a story. Crafted. As true artists. It’s not just something thrown together based on fans or outside influences. They have always known the endgame, and they have always been working toward it. I really trust them in this. Also, Gong Yoo is truly a craftsman. I know he has ego, but in interviews of his I’ve read (especially about his movie The Crucible), he is very concerned about his craft (how many times can I use that word?). He would totally be okay not being the person who ends up with the female lead, because in this instance he is the one with the responsibility to create the character. Shin gave him a good launching pad, but he has put the heart into this character and this drama.
    Death seems inevitable. And unlike Hong Gil Dong, I feel that it will be satisfying, even if I cry my eyes out. I agree that Da Ran didn’t have the moxie to throw everything away to be with a younger man, but she does have the feelings and loyalty to do it now. She really was only his teacher for a few days, anyway. After that she became his partner and friend. She really would do anything for Kyung Joon. I love that his affection for her stemmed from initial attraction, but later from her caring for him. Her affection for him I only briefly saw as a mothering thing—it’s become so much more, and has really grown from her desire to be the best teacher/adult/role model into a genuine and true love for a man. Even if he is a very young man.

  32. I have to say, I pretty much agree with your theory. Early on I was convinced there was no way Yoon Jae was a bad guy that would have thought about cheating on her. My first thought was that perhaps he was sick and that’s why he was spending so much time with his lady doctor friend. (Of course, that didn’t turn out to be correct, but the thought that he’s sick has still been in the back of my brain.)

    When the part came up about the miracle book, and one angel saves another angel, I immediately thought of the donor child theory, was glad to see I wasn’t the only one thinking the same. Now that we know that’s true, it does make sense to go back to that earlier theory that he’s sick, since he’s been sick in the past it makes more sense now.

    The fact that Yoon Jae’s been pretty much absent the entire drama except for that tiny bit in the beginning and in flashbacks kind of leaves me expecting that he might not make it through the end. In some ways it’s as if he’s already passed on.

    At least with Big I don’t think it will come as such a shock if Yoon Jae does die at the end as it did with the end of 49 Days. In 49 Days we spent so much time getting to know and love *both* the girls, so it was a little harder to accept with that drama.

    Anyway, thanks for the theories! Looking forward to the next recap!

  33. I reckon the writers had us all fooled!!

    YJ is not gonna return. Coz there is only ONE soul left – KJ!YJ did die on the day of the accident.

    Which explains the long absence/silence of the real YJ’s soul. And left us scratching our heads & wondering .. clever!!

    Like Ms Koala said. KJ is inhabiting his bro’s body for a purpose. A discovery of his real background, to help fulfil DR’s dreams (hence the marriage), along with the all-round maturing/enlightenment process for ev’yone.

    And as Ms Koala also explained. KJ’s soul momentarily went back to his own body. Coz YJ’s body was experiencing bouts of relapse. The soul’s self-preservation instinct kicked in by leaving its ailing host.

    I’m not sure what the writers have in store for the ending. But I reckon YJ’s body will prob’ly pass on & KJ will return to his own body.

  34. Thanks for a well articulated prediction Koala, I also feel that the story is going there. Though a big part of me is hoping that both brothers will live too but a large part of my brain is saying that this won’t be the case. We really have to have our tissues ready as we brace ourselves for the final stretch of the story.

  35. I want Gong Yoo end up with Minjung! Not Shin!!! It will be awkward. The chemistry between them is really good. Shin n Minjung doesnt hv chemistry.

  36. I hope you’re right. I really, really hated the ending of 49 Days, not because it was a sad ending but because it didn’t make any sense to me, narratively. It seemed like they wrote the ending simply because that actress was the “lead”.

    I really love Big too, even though I know it’s flawed in some ways. Generally, the Hong Sisters deliver satisfying endings. Even in Hong Gil Dong, the ending felt right even though it was heartbreaking.

    I’ve been thinking about how their last few dramas (Gumiho, Best Love, Big) have played with this sacrifice/ life/ death theme. On the other hand, this is the first of their dramas in a while that wasn’t really focused on celebrities, and that’s a welcome change for me.

  37. On Day 1, I already felt that Yoon Jae’s soul has gone to the other side. And given the recent temporal soul switch where only KJ’s soul is moving about and there is no sign of YJ, I am even more convinced.

    And it’s hard for me to understand people watching to not see it from the role’s point of view, but from who is the actor in real life point of view. Yup I don’t get the Gong Yoo is Yoon Jae so he must get the girl pov.

  38. Now, Miss Koala. Your hypothesis is interesting, but it has popped up some questions in me:

    1. Why would YJ be sure that KJ would like to reunite with the Seo family (after eventually learning the fact that he had been used and then discarded)?
    2. How could YJ figure out KJ’s interest in DR before the accident?

    Also, according to actual science of the soul/body, the soul does not need to be in a body to be an observer of what is going on around.
    About the missing element in a body … the soul does not either depend much on that. It ( or should I say “he”) may choose to remain within the body.

    But I totally agree with this brilliant thought of yours: “It was the Heaven’s way of setting up KJ to take YJ’s place … through sacrifice and love.” That makes much sense to me.

  39. I think this is a really solid theory, though I will freely admit I’m one of the people who would prefer to see her end of with KJ in YJ’s body. I think there was some chemistry between DR and KJ at the beginning, but I have come to associate all that character growth and the special moments with YJ’s face. Seeing DR end up with KJ (newly restored to his own body) is just not going to carry the same emotional payoff for me.

    However, I recognize that your ending makes the most sense, is the most “fair,” and I can think of certain hints which suggest that is where they are heading, (like DR wondering why she sees KJ when she looks at “YJ”) so I’m bracing myself for disappointment. 🙁

    Still, I have enjoyed the series immensely, despite what ending may be in store. With 6 episodes left, so is still a lot of time to fill so I’m interested to see what happens and if any more surprises are in store for us!

  40. The ending you posited is definitely the one that is the most likely, the one that makes the most sense, and the one that I believe will be the most satisfying. i’m pretty sure that Yoon-jae will die and while I’m tempted to wish that Kyung-joon stay in Yoon-jae’s body, it’s really not fair to him that the world will always be calling him Yoon-jae. And I think YJ’s already crossed-over. I will be sad that YJ and KJ won’t really end up meeting. At least KJ would be happy to know that there was someone else in the world who cared for him.

    49 days is one of my favorite kdramas of all time and how it stuck to its guns with that ending. I hope the Hong sisters also have the balls (? ovaries? cajones?) to follow through with an ending that meshes well with the story and not with everyone’s desire to have a Gong-Yoo and Lee Min-jung pairing. So glad you pointed that that we should think of the characters and to forget about the outer shells of LMJ, GY, and SWH. If we were all reading this in a book, wouldn’t we want Daran to end up with Kyung-joon’s soul that she has fallen in love with and not the Yoon-jae we don’t know much about.

  41. Woah…reading your prediction is awesome Miss Koala
    I’ve watched YJ mommy said about never want to see KJ unless something bad happened to YJ again..but I could think about YJ is sick…
    I know that YJ is not a cheater..but still can’t find reasons why he is so cold to Da Ran…your prediction about YJ sickness make the story a sense….Hiks …i am Big’s big fan but in this time being I only care about KJ (in Gong Yoo body or Shin body)but after read your prediction make me care more about YJ..he is a good person..and I am one that often get second lead syndrome (just like chinese doctor in Great Love)
    Despite the bad rating..i love big..i think more that TEMTS or RTP….dunno..i think that the OTP is awesooomee.. .I never like Gong Yoo before…and i have tried coffe prince becoz I love big..but I can’t finish it..not my cup of tea maybe..sigh..I am not the big fans of LMJ and many people said that Da Ran is not great character..but ini my opinion she give the good job and Da Ran is character that you can see in real life…
    beside love story, I like big soo much..because the writer also tell about family…the warm family that DR have…the longing of family that KJ feel..wuah….
    I wish DR and Kyung Jae have their happy moment before the revelation in the end…and I agree that they need scene that under adult rate…because althouh KJ in Gong Yoo body but we the viewer know that this is the 20′ guy in there… hehe.. when I watch Kyung Jae i still feel that is Kyung Joon inside..I dunno if this because GOng Yoo is good actor or Shin already give strong impression in first episode..but no matter what..i want to give great applause for both of them..

  42. Koala, once again thanks for your thoughts, they always enlight me of some aspects of the drama that are unknown to me.

    I still don’t get why KJ would have to end with his “blood” family or acknowledge the bad things about his real parents and his past – abandon. If he has to end up with them then I hope YJ stays alive, because he – sick or non sick – seems the only one that tried to get in touch with KJ during these years despite YJ’s mother disapproval. Maybe he needs KJ again, maybe he was curious to meet his bother, or just maybe he cared about KJ… I want to believe in the last one, that unlike his parents he cares about KJ in an unselfish way.

    If YJ has such a big heart and is such a good person, why then he was having an affair with his co-worker. And presuming he is not a cheater, how would you explain his co-worker behavior? Even if you think that it’s just her, she is the one being sticky and straightfoward when she visited him late hours at night and gave him her apartment keys, still he accepted it. This is a piece that doesn’t fit in YJ’s character that has been portraited so far. I’m still hoping to find an explanation to it that is suited to YJ’s good character.

    • maybe he get closed to her so Da Ran ( and us viewer) think he is a cheater therefore she will cut their relationship…before getting hurt when he die…

  43. My opinion, DR will end up with Kyung Joon in Young Jae’s body. Young Jae dies in Kyung Joon’s body. Goong Yoo is the main actor, they cannot kill his character.

  44. My guess on the ending… I surmise that YoungJae and Kyung Joon became “twin souls” after the switch–meaning they know every sensation the other feels and every thought the other thinks. They have a total connection. The body has become Kyung Joon’s because he has more “energy” than the sick YoungJae’s. Hence, in Jae’s several failed attempts to come back, he was overpowered because Joon’s refuses to give up the body. My guess is even if he, Joon, seemingly and blatantly announces to DaRan that Jae has been attempting a soul swap he is covering up a lie that the soul swap is not succeeding. Why do I say that? Well, he has mentioned being in a lot of pain and being sapped in energy, which to me means he is fighting off , with his might, some force. Joon still wants to stay because he is in love for the first time. He hurts and pains, though, when he sees DaRan appearing to be in want of Jae instead of him or so he thinks.

    I think the final soul swap rests with Joon; if he does not fight off the swap, then Jae will return. At the end, if it will be Jae’s decision, to allow Joon to rule over his body and for him to cease living. Since my assumption is both have become twin souls, then Jae knows everything that is happening anyway. Though, it saddens me to realize that one of them should die we cannot help it if, indeed, BIG is all about salvation being love and sacifice as mentioned by that professor in the episode we have seen last.

    I see an extravagantly emotionally me at the end of BIG… crying over Jae at the end. Regardless, I would have learned to fall in love with DaRan and Joon then….

  45. My guess on the ending… I surmise that YoungJae and Kyung Joon became “twin souls” after the switch–meaning they know every sensation the other feels and every thought the other thinks. They have a total connection. The body has become Kyung Joon’s because he has more “energy” than the sick YoungJae’s. Hence, in Jae’s several failed attempts to come back, he was overpowered because Joon’s refusal to give up the body. My guess is even if he, Joon, seemingly and blatantly announces to DaRan that Jae has been attempting a soul swap he is covering up a lie that the soul swap is not succeeding. Why do I say that? Well, he has mentioned being in a lot of pain and being sapped in energy, which to me means he is fighting off , with his might, some force. Joon still wants to stay because he is in love for the first time. He hurts and pains, though, when he sees DaRan appearing to be in want of Jae instead of him or so he thinks.

    I think the final soul swap rests with Joon; if he does not fight off the swap, then Jae will return. At the end, if it will be Jae’s decision, to allow Joon to rule over his body and for him to cease living. Since my assumption is both have become twin souls, then Jae knows everything that is happening anyway. Though, it saddens me to realize that one of them should die we cannot help it if, indeed, BIG is all about salvation being love and sacifice as mentioned by that professor in the episode we have seen last.

    I see an extravagantly emotionally me at the end of BIG… crying over Jae at the end. Regardless, I would have learned to fall in love with DaRan and Joon then….

  46. It is interesting to note also that the two painful soul swaps that have occurred so far happened during two significant events–one when DaRan and Joong were on their way to their supposed honeymoon and the other when DaRan was at the park, hid behind the tree, and emotionally mentioned to Joong to leave her as she was not waiting for him but was waiting for Jae instead.My guess was Jae’s soul was trying with all its might to be win over Joon’s soul then as Jae knew how important the honeymoon was and Jae was so touched by DaRan’s revelation that she was waiting for him. Like what I said from my previous post I am surmising that the Jae’s sould became “twin soul” with Joong’s that they must be feeling what each other feels and thinking what each other is thinking; they have, in short,become one. all this time that Joong have been with DaRan, Jae’s soul has been on the watch, unable to do anything, suppressed by the more forceful soul of Joong. These are all assumptions; until BIG ends anyway, all I can do is surmise and hope that I will not end up sending missile rockets somewhere in Korea where the Hongs live just because I end up distressed fo days after receiving an unexpected end. If that happens, I will promise myself never to watch Korean drama… but then on second thoughts when another Goong Yoo’s starrer appears I may end up eating my own words… :))

  47. Goodness unnie. I think you nailed it again. Gee. Oh nos. Although I really wanted Kyun Jae to be the end result (KJ in YJ’s shell forever), I’m still not comfortable about him being a doctor (that’s the only thing that bothers me really). Now that you’ve written this, wow, I think you’re right! I’m betting on your first theory that one will go. I really think that Yoon Jae will die. He’s sick again as we see all the signs (although I haven’t really seen those until you wrote this). He’ll die and DR ends up with KJ, and this will happen (the marriage) after KJ has overcome his fear of blood and being a doctor himself. You’re so awesome unnie!

  48. I don’t understand the argument that YJ is dead. Even if it does turn out to be true, it doesn’t make sense. Let’s say that it’s true for a second. YJ’s soul left and that’s why he was pronounced dead and in the morgue. Well if YJ’s soul is not in KJ’s body and clearly KJ’s is not in there, why isn’t it in the morgue? See there’s no sense behind that. Loophole.

    And I don’t understand how YJ’s body could be relapsing. If his body is declining, it should be showing effects. Loophole.

    I get that people want a happy couple, DR and KJ. I get that. But let’s not justify killing off of other characters to get it.

    • The soul can be out of the body, yet still connected to the body by a very subtle “string”. Just like when we are in a deep sleep; we are technically temporarily “dead”, until the soul returns to the body and re-awakens consciousness. However, if the soul (either by his own will or by Superior will) decides to leave, it cuts off any connections to the body. Then the body is no better then the food for crows.

      • I am not temporarily dead when I am asleep. Not to discount whatever beliefs you have, just saying.

  49. Surely not, as long as your soul is connected. I put the word “dead” in inverted commas.
    This is actually not a “belief”, but a fact.
    But let’s see what the Hong Sisters will come up with in the end. Honestly, I wouldn’t like this drama to look like a speculative fantasy for the sake of desirable plot. I’d like it to have a consistent base, with actual possibilities.

  50. It’s NOT fair for Da Ran to fall in love with Kyung Joon and I don’t think they will end up together. Do you think Da Ran will develop some feelings for him if he’s not inside Yoon Jae’s body? Do you think Da Ran will fall for Kyung Joon in the body of an 18-year old boy? I DON’T think so.

    Da Ran has this mixed feelings because she loves Yoon Jae so much and being married to him with a boy inside his body made her face a very rare and difficult situation.

    Kyung Joon once again saved Yoon Jae by making him marry Da Ran. In the end, Yoon Jae and Da Ran will end up together.

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