Big Episode 14 Kyung Joon and Da Ran Love Story MV

I know episode 13 of Big gave the majority of viewers a collective hernia. Strangely I was nonplussed, probably cuz I had faith the Hong Sisters were using a collection of drama angst tropes merely as a set up, and would wind the drama down the same way they built it up, with tenderness and patience. Episode 14 validated my faith. It was simply AMAZING. People talked, issues were discussed openly, more hidden histories was revealed, and through it all, Da Ran and Kyung Joon faced up to all the difficult decisions before them and acted like adults.

They showed both strength and fear, courage and anxiety, all because before them is the unknown of what will happen to Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon. Will another donation save Yoon Jae’s life? Will the souls switch back? Will Kyung Joon remember Da Ran? Can Da Ran erase her love for Kyung Joon and move on? I have another week to wait until the final two episodes answers those questions, but for now, check out the ending MV tacked on to episode 14. It narrates the love story between Kyung Joon and Da Ran, and watching it made me cry and smile at the same time.

Big Episode 14 Ending MV Love Story Between Kyung Joon and Da Ran:


Big Episode 14 Kyung Joon and Da Ran Love Story MV — 23 Comments

  1. Ionno… I watch D smacking down the mom for her selfishness and I cheer… and then we cut to her convo with KJ after that, and at the dinner… and I want to bang my head… CLEARLY KJ’s main source of pain is not being acknowledged by anyone that he’s important as an individual, regardless of YJ. Shouldn’t she know that by now? So why does she keep messing up her good and legit attempts to walk KJ through the situation responsibly by inserting stupid lies like she’s holding YJ before KJ? She said it herself to the mom: if you request KJ sincerely, he’ll say yes even if he doesn’t like it at first. So why the heck did she lie to him?

    UGH Hong… stop making D so stupid and shooting her own foot! the discrepancy between her level-headed logic about how KJ should deal with his family and how she’s being stupid and lying about her heart to him is JARRING and it only shows that the fault is not in the character, but in the writer. Why insert this Daran lies arch only to have her give in and tell him the truth within the span of one episode? it’s unnecessary pain to KJ and to viewers like us… a hated filler

    On the other hand… I really liked how the writers laid out the foundation of KJ’s pain. He discovers why his mom (the one who raised him) agreed to be surrogate and is angry not only because he loves his mom, but also because that’s EXACTLY what he feels like he’s going through right now– he’s being nice to people with all sincerity, but instead of receiving sincerity in return, he feels like he’s being trampled on, taken advantage of because of his sincerity and willingness to give. It broke my heart to pieces when you see how this realization is pounded in to him again and again… telling him that being nice will only result in him getting hurt with no one caring about him being hurt. It’s KJ being robbed of his goodness again. Weeps* I’ll give the Hongs credit for bringing up this very realistic fear in all of us: can we be as unselfish as we’d like without seriously getting hurt by selfish people who take our generosity for granted? Should that stop our generosity, that beauty in us, because of those monsters?

    This episode drives me nuts… and honestly, I wish the Hongs focused on those GOOD angst and questions instead of stupid stuff like D keeping up her lie, shooting herself in the foot.

    • He knows she’s lying about saying those things. She knows he’s acting out because he’s hurt. They see through that and they can always reach the clarity at the end. I do NOT think a person should decide what he/she wants to do based on whether it makes others happy or pisses them off. Da Ran is right, Kyung Joon would be miserable down the road if Yoon Jae died and he could have saved him but chose not to to spite the parents. That’s cutting off his own nose to spite the face. Yoon Jae saved him, not to mention he’s Kyung Joon’s brother. Da Ran is pushing Kyung Joon to do what he will not come to regret later. We can all be emotional and impetuous. But how hard must it be to be thoughtful even in the midst of emotional turmoil? I’m proud of Da Ran and Kyung Joon for reaching the answer they both believe is the best way forward. That said, I think THS has more twisty turns coming up, and the story is nowhere near showing hand yet.

      • I completely agree with Daran’s wish (and your analysis of KJ cutting off his nose to spite the face) that KJ faces the situation and saves YJ… I just disagree with her method. Why does she think that lying to him like that would make him want to save YJ? Isn’t it only hurting him more and making him lash out even more? And isn’t it only adding to his frustration given that he KNOWS that she is lying and therefore not being sincere with him? What she could have and should have done is explain to him why he should save YJ, and why she’s asking that of him even when KJ is first-priority to her: because even though he may not thinks so right now, he will be guilt-ridden if YJ dies because he chose not to help him. Heck, tell him if he will do what Gil Daran wants, then save YJ for Daran’s sake, not because Daran loves YJ, but because Daran loves KJ and her heart would break if she has to watch KJ drown in guilt and pain for the rest of his life because YJ died!

        the priority here IS indeed doing what’s right and responsible– not basing decisions on what makes someone happy/pissed off– and I believe that this can be done while protecting KJ’s emotional vulnerability the best the circumstances allow.

      • ockoala, you know what? After this episode, I have a completely opposite opinion from yesterday. I think Daran is probably the most carefully-written and realistic female character by the Hong Sisters. Or maybe it’s not because of the writers, it’s LMJ who brings different facets to this character. I know people hate her being dumb and confused, but seriously, I can sympathy with her inner struggle and the tugs of the heart she experienced.

        Episode 14 is simply beautiful. I think it’s even better than episode 12, which I thought was daebak already. We always assume that KJ is the one who loves DR unconditionally, but little did we, as well as KJ, know that DR also loves him with her whole heart, with her life at stake.

        The kitchen scene is beautifully acted. Kudos to GY and LMJ again.I really think it’s them who make Big so amazing.

      • koala, u are 1 of the most rational person i’ve ever find so far. i wouldn’t have thought that way. u’re the best! ^^

    • @hartofseeker The ending of episode 13 for me is a hate filler. Just let go of that idiotic plot device and watch episode 14. I thought I would hate the Hong Sisters for life yesterday, but today I worship them like goddesses..HAHA

      • Yes, Daran IS lovable, as other parts of the episode shows us… she cares about KJ A LOT… all those frustrations that she voiced as to the fact that if it IS a miracle, then KJ should be happy in the end too: it shows that her primary interest is for KJ to have happiness. which is why i’m kinda mad at the Hongs for what they did to her… =/

        I LOVE the retrospective issues that are brought up in this episode and in the drama, but man… it drives me nuts how it gets played out sometimes… therefore, I can’t say Big is my favorite drama… but KJ goes up there as my favorite drama character, maybe even above BoongDo (gasp*) as for Daran… she’s a tragic character ruined (maybe that’s an extreme word to use…) by less-than-ideal writers

      • @hartofseeker I had the same reaction yesterday too. They ruined DR with all might for the sake of creating a hero!! Also, it’s so out of her character to make such a cruel request because she and KJ are always on equal terms with each other. That’s why I love this OTP so much. Although they are teacher-student, they feel like friends and companions in all regards.

        But again, we are talking about THS and they are always hero-centric anyways. DR has already been a pleasant surprise for me throughout the series and today she is heaven-sent. Anyway. Just like ockoala words it so precisely, I love this OTP to pieces because they are tender and patient with each other and we see that today again. LOVE LOVE LOVE BIg!

    • Agree! It would have been so much sweeter if DR had not lied to him. Had told him what he meant to her and how conflicted she was feeling.

    • At first I was confused as well…but now I know why da ran lied….so that kyung joon would think she doesn’t love him anymore and make him into thinking that there’s no point staying in toon jaes body to stay with da ran, then he would be willing to go back to his original body…anyway no words can describe my excitement for ep 15….and I have NO doubt da ran n kyung joon will end up together or it wnt do them justice….but as for which body kyung joons soul will end up in…I have my doubts n I have got a feeling he will finally end up in yoon jaes body to be with da ran, as much as I want da ran to be with KJs body n soul…coz I don’t think people (except me) will accept this wide age gap/teacher student relationship, so it might be more acceptable for DR to be with Yjs body…..but of course my dream scene would be lee min jung n shin won ho kissing!!!haha

  2. Dear Koala,

    Please do not feel bad about my pointing this out (because I believe 90% of people use the word incorrectly as well) but nonplussed means “to be utterly perplexed.” I don’t believe that was your intention.

    • I don’t feel bad at all! 🙂

      I know I’m using the proscribed definition by Oxford Dictionary grammar Nazis. But in the US for the last 2 decades, nonplussed has been most frequently used as unfazed or unimpressed.

      In fact, it’s harder and harder to find the traditional meaning of the word used. Linguists believe that with over 90% of the usage taking on the secondary meaning, this word will in fact be redefined in the near future. Not to say the original meaning won’t also still be valid.

      I’m using it correctly considering this is now the majority used definition of the word in US lingo. My usage is not incorrect, inasmuch as it’s frowned upon by purists. It’s not pretty, but I am of the belief that definitions and grammar does and should evolve with usage. As many a word has evolved over time.

      • Koala,

        A very well thought out arguement! I am sold!

        Thanks for the great work with the blog.


  3. hahaha so i’ve finally finished watching the whole thing raw… with help… so I finally understand why KJ proposed the whole “let’s forget this all ever happened” thing. But I don’t understand why D agrees to it… since on her end, she doesn’t know what KJ figured out… right?

    the MV did me some good: it brought Shin’s KJ and GY’s KJ together really nicely. It also reminded me of how far D’s character came since the beginning of this story (minus Hong’s meddling for the sake of plot movement)… and for that, I agree with you, Ms. Koala, I’m UBER proud of KJ and D =D

  4. Dear Koala,
    do you think THS can solve this story within 2 episodes!? This drama is now turning (or could) into something complex but I don’t know how and if it can resolved next week.

  5. The ending MV makes me sad.
    What if,when Kyung joon returns to his body,the love story is over! If it occurs,my poor Da ran will be devastated!
    Please let the story ends HAPPILY!

  6. I just done watching in raw. I feel sad at the end,he seems lost and Im thinking its Yoon Jae,not Kyung Joon in that body.
    Tears just flows from my eyes,couldn’t help it. Im feeling very sad,am scared that Kyung joon will not remember Da ran anymore.

    • Big is 16 episodes unless something major happens in the next next week. It’s follow-up drama doesn’t start until Aug 13th, but the interim 2 weeks KBS will be broadcasting the Olympics on network TV in Korean hence the two week break between Big ending and the next drama starting.

      • Im hoping to see more romantic scenes of them together. I dont mind waiting,just as long as our OTP is the perfect couple. Thanks.

  7. I’m feeling bad for Yoon jae-ssi….he loved Da Ran too and he’s been gone for almost the whole entire drama. Did he maybe really die in the beginning?

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