Take a Biggie Poll as Big Winds to its Fateful Conclusion

Whether you love, hate, or are indifferent to Big, the drama still stands out as one of the few rom-coms to actually head into the finale week without any clear indicators as to how it’ll end. Will it be bittersweet, with Da Ran losing both the men in her life? Will it be far-fetched, with Kyung Joon unable to return to his own body and living the rest of his life as Yoon Jae? Will it be poignant, with Da Ran and Kyung Joon being together despite all the odds and opposition? I genuinely don’t know for sure, and that makes me angsty and is the perfect opportunity to conduct a poll. This drama has been rather divisive during its entire run, with some viewers wanting Rip Van Winkle himself Yoon Jae to wake up and make a play for Da Ran, and others jonesing for the body-switch to last forever so that Gong Yoo‘s body can get the girl. It’s good to have an opinion of your own, so let’s see if you fall in the majority, the minority, or the I-don’t-give-a-crappa-diddly.

I’ve searched through all of the Big promotional materials and stills and there is not a single picture of the OT3 together – Yoon Jae, Kyung Joon, Da Ran. Even at the press conference, I noticed that Lee Min Jung never posed separately with Shin Won Ho. Whereas there are stills of Suzy posing with Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung. I’m glad the Hong Sisters went out of their way to keep the Kyung Joon is the lead situation under wraps, though the character chart released prior to the drama airing did make that clear. But most people never paid much attention to that. So the closest picture of the three lead characters standing close to each other is the group shot at the end of the press conference. I must say my Shin makes a convincing argument he can easily get the girl. Enough blathering, on to the polls!

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Take a Biggie Poll as Big Winds to its Fateful Conclusion — 66 Comments

  1. Well my write in choice for 1st poll would be Daran with no one. I would prefer a bittersweet ending with Kyung Joon re-uniting with family and Daran letting him go. I want Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae to become close so I hope the latter doesn’t die.

    • I totally agree, but I don’t think that is exclusive of Da Ran being with Kyung Joon in the end and the two brothers being close and Kyung Joon reuniting with his family. Why do you want Da Ran to let him go? IMO, my gut tells me Yoon Jae was never that in love with Da Ran. Their relationship was at most two months of quickie courtship with some projected hopes and interest. He’s a decent feller, I hope he doesn’t die and ends up being part of the family.

      • I agree that Yoon Jae and Daran aren’t meant to be. But I feel if she ends up with Kyung Jae it’s a copeout. If she ends up with Kyung Joon I will also feel like it’s a copeout as I don’t think the remaining episodes would be enough to sought out the messy issues regarding the souls switch. I am still unconvinced that she only loves the soul and not the body. I feel that if Kyung Joon goes back to his body he will adopt new characteristics and will loose some of his Yoon Jae-ness. If they have a time jump I will still feel like it’s a cope-out as they wouldn’t show how painful it would be for them to get there. LOL am hard to please but since they started on this road I want them to finish it with no easy outs.
        In conclusion, a bittersweet ending makes the most sense and will be more powerful imho.

      • Thanks for explaining. That totally makes sense. I feel that Da Ran loves Kyung Joon’s soul irrespective of Yoon Jae’s body, which is why I’m so supportive of her getting with him in the end, because I feel their love is so hard won it would be sad to see it not come to fruition.

    • Everyone would wish for a happy ending for BIG.
      For the miracle to come true,Kyung Joon has to be with his parents and brother in the end. Will Da Ran have a chance anymore to be with the one she loves? I dont think so.
      Now that Kyung Joon pretends to be Yoon Jae,Da Ran will slowly let go of him but not the memories of them together. The only thing Im wondering right now is can Kyung Joon really stand seeing Da Ran In pain?
      Im not expecting much from the next episode,Im anxious to see what THS have in store for us.

    • Da Ran should use her love and set Seo Yoon Jae & Kang Kyung Joon free.

      Like the song titled “Love Will Set You Free” by Whitesnake.

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  2. It’s like one of those dramas you think you know what will happen at the end but you still can’t help but fret about. There are very few that had me knawing at my nails till the very end. The Princess’s Man, & Rooftop Prince to name a couple. Oh that bitter agony.

    In my sincere opinion I don’t think this is the greatest drama the Hong sisters created, but KyungJae/Kyungjoon is the best male chracter that they ever brought to life. I don’t know why I’m just not attached to this drama like I was with the other Hong Sisters’ dramas. It lacked their certain flare. I really can’t pinpoint it exactly, but there’s just a Big difference compared to the others. (<-Hah. Couldn't resist being punny)

    I don't care if Da ran ends up with Kyung Joon or Kyungjae, just as long as Kyungjoon's soul does not evaporate into thin air *knocks on wood* I actually think bringing Yeonjae back to life will complicate things even more. Like been there done that kind of complications. I don't want to see this otp go through anymore BS. Also it just won't seem genuine to me. Like; "Oh, hello you woke up from your coma. Um yea, i'm sorry but I love your fraternal twin now." How would they be able to tie everything in? Really makes me wonder. & I just want to see Gong Yoo smile. Do not hurt me anymore ahjussi.

  3. Da Ran with Kyung Joon and here are my reasons:

    1. Yoon Jae is a nice guy I’m sure, but he isn’t right for Da Ran. She was never able to be herself around him. They never really knew each other, and never opened their souls to each other. There was no passion, just akwardness. Their relationship was just on the surface, there was no depth. While Da Ran and Kyung Joon have all of this.

    2. I don’t want Kyung Joon to stay in Yoon Jae’s body. I don’t want him to lose years of his life, and be stuck in a sick body. Everyone but Da Ran, and Mari will treat him like he’s Yoon Jae for the rest of his life. Also I cringe a bit that he’s wearing his brother’s body. What if him and Da Ran want to take their relationship to the next level in the future and have kids? Ewww…just ewww.

    3. The whole drama has been leading up to Da Ran and Kyung Joon, with Da Ran’s parent’s alike history, the mentioning of Kyung Joon coming back, Da Ran’s mysterious Mr. KKJ…etc. The drama would lose meaning if Da Ran just ended up with Kyung Jae. It wouldn’t be the dramatic going up against the odds for love, it would just be boring.

    4. I want Shin Won Ho back! You can’t just make me fall in love with his acting and never bring him back!

    • ^ This this this!!!

      I see so many comments saying that they as a viewer would be uncomfortable with Da Ran ending up with Kyung Joon in his own body, and it makes me feel like I’ve been watching another show. I knew it’d be a younger guy (or younger guy’s soul in this case) falling for an older woman from the very beginning. Gong Yoo has done a MAGNIFICENT job playing Kyung Joon, but to me, this drama would loose all its meaning if Kyung Joon doesn’t end up in his own body. It wouldn’t even be fair to make a character live the rest of his life in his brother’s body. And how can his parents truly accept KJ without him being in his own body??

      And I REALLY REALLY REALLY do not want to see some time lapse where Kyung Joon magically turns up looking identical to Yoon Jae because they are “twins”. That would be the biggest cop-out ever, and I’d take the Da Ran and Kyung Jae pairing over that.

    • Your mention of the parents’ history stopped me cold. I have a fear suddenly.

      I have been hoping that KKJ and DR follow in her parents’ example, and damn the age difference, full speed ahead together.

      But what if they decide to get with KKJ’s (sort of – meaning his father and surrogate mother) parents’ story?
      Two people love each other? ✓
      A sacrifice is required? ✓
      Two people cannot be together because of circumstances? ✓
      They separate for other’s sake? NOT CHECK!!!!

      I think I answered my own question. They presented two couples to us as examples of how things go in life and in love. One happy and one miserable.
      This leads me to believe they want their OTP to choose happiness over sacrifice.
      I hope I hope I hope I hope.

  4. i am disturbed about how guys does not seem to like wearing socks nowadays and how they like wearing pants that they have already outgrown. huhu.

    but i am sad to see “Big” end. i want more of this love theme(min jung and gong yoo)! I’ve always wanted them to do a drama ever since they started modelling that clothing line together!!!!

    • hehe..that ‘wearing pants that they have already outgrown’ remark really made me laugh..kikikiii..funny thing is, i kinda like it that way..at least on gong yoo 🙂

  5. I kind of want an ending that would transform the whole drama and “lift” it, like in 49 Days…*spoiler*… a lot of people hated the ending but I loved it and the drama haunts me still precisely because of that very sad ending, which I felt was so apt. So I want an ending like that….like years and years down the line, Da Ran takes a bus, and as she alights from the bus, it starts to drizzle, just a bit, and she puts up a hand to shield her head, and we see oh, she’s got a ring on her finger, she’s married then, and she stumbles along and suddenly an umbrella materialises above her, and she turns around, breaks into a smile, and the camera pans slowly, slowly up, up to the man holding the umbrella, and – we hold our breaths – it’s not Yoon Jae and it’s not Kyung Joon, but a complete stranger – to us, anyway, but not to her, and as he holds her close, and they both break into a run further and further away from us as the rain starts to fall in sheets, and we hear her words carried by the wind back to us, “I knew you would come, hubby.”

    • Okay, I have a keen appreciate for a well crafted bittersweet ending. The one you postulated is beautiful. T___T But I’m SO invested in Kyung Joon and Da Ran, and we watched them fall in love for 14 episodes, I don’t think I can handle this ending. It worked in 49 Days because the love stories were bifurcated with Ji Hyun-Kang and Yi Kyung-Yi Soo so the ending worked because I wasn’t so invested in either pairing.

    • I don’t know why, but your quick story felt very Il Mare to me. LOVED THAT MOVIE!
      I like the re-meet up years later, but I would need to understand why they separated and didn’t keep in contact. Meaning, if they loved each other that much, but felt that present circumstances prevented them from being together, they would at least email each other until KKJ got Big, wouldn’t they?

  6. Based upon an interview I had read of the Hong Sisters regarding what this drama is about, it may be that no one ends up together. I cannot give a direct quote, but the comment has stayed with me through the entire drama reminding me that this isn’t going to end the way I would personally want it to.

    • Hmmm…. could it be that she doesn’t end up with who the audience would expect? That they knew everyone would be pulling for the character GY plays, since he is the lead actor, not the 20 year old kid nobody has heard of.

      Ha! If that is what they said, they were so right!

  7. Waaaaa Ockoala unni ~ you’ve done more damage to me than the actual Big drama due to your wonderful insights. I’m more interested on reading your recaps and comments, and I was actually thinking about what’s going to happen last night. If Yoon Jae is really dead then how are we going to find out what he really felt about Da Ran & Se Young..and..what was he suppose to say to Da Ran before the accident…and why he’s hiding too many secrets to Da Ran…and the Miracle should go both ways right? right? I know Kyung Joon already saved his big brother years ago and it’s now Yoon Jae’s turn to save his little brother by giving his new family…although he probably wasn’t expecting that his little brother and Da Ran will fall in love to each other. So I’m guessing/voting that Kyung Joon & Yoon Jae will switch back to their own body. But unfortunately for Yoon Jae since it’s been over a year since the switch and his health probably too late for the treatment. He’ll die at the end after clearing all the misunderstanding and giving Da Ran’s “hands” to Kyung Joon..etc etc…but of course they have to part ways again since Kyung Jae is only 19…so few years went by and we will see someone’s grabbing Da Ran hands because she grabbed the wrong umbrella “again” only to see Gong Yoo as adult version of Kyung Joon…LOL…I saw KK’s comment before me and she just read my mind… ^_^ Is it Monday yet?

    • It would be nice if they’ll have Lee Seung Gi as the older version of Kyung Joon since Lee Min Jung wants him as a guest/cameo in this drama ^_^

  8. I would like an ending where the awful mother gives her life to save Kyung Joon. Otherwise there’s no justice in this universe, no justice at all.

  9. Wait! Wasn’t it confirmed that BIG will have 18 Episodes??! I’m really confused…But anyways Da Ran and Kyung Joon(in his own body) all the way. It would be too cruel to let him live in his brothers body. But there was this one scene in Episode 14 where Da Ran ran towards Yoon jae’s body and asked who he was. And he answered that he’s the one she wants him to be…This scene.. there is a meaning behind it. And I totally agree with KK. I don’t want a time lapse where kyung joon looks exactly like his older brother.

  10. Yesterday I just rewatched the first episode and I can say I’m pretty sad that Shin Won didn’t get such a big role in this drama.

    Of course BIG is GREAT and I’m loving it, also because Gong Yoo is just brilliant but at the same time I thought of the possibilities how this drama could have developed. Still I’m with THS!

    Somehow I wish that DR would end up with KJ in his own body but I think that’s a too BIG step for THS and the Korean society to take. I think they can accept DR being with KJ in YJ’s body but never with KJ in KJ’s body!

    But not matter how THS will end this drama I’m with them! And maybe they surprise us but at the moment: DR with KJ (Gong Yoo)! 🙂

    • while reading your comment, i can’t help but thinking that it’s a sad thing if one’s love for another is considered a hindrance just because he’s 6 years younger than her and she’s his teacher. agewise, i’ve known many people(& some idol couples in korea*smile*) who are in a ‘dongsaeng-noona’ relationship & are happy with it. teacher-student relationshipwise..i think that if the couple have really deep feelings for each other & are confident to take the relationship to the next level, just end the teacher-student thing. i don’t know if this sound so simple..but why end something that’s so beautiful & meaningful in your life just to fit other people’s opinion? just my thought 🙂

      • I think so too that’s why I’m wishing DR to end up KJ in his own body but I also think that we won’t get it. 🙁

        But THS have the final word on that… so we don’t really know with whom DR is having her happy end. All we know is… it won’t be YJ, right?!

    • In Korean drama Romance, Kim Jae Won is a student and only 19 years old while Kim Ha Neul is his teacher and 25 years old. There was even a kissing scene inside the school although it’s a forced kiss. Aside from this, their parents are rivals but still they end up together after fighting all odds. It got high ratings when it was shown and even had an estensions so I guess Koreans are okay with that

  11. I hope they don’t show Kyung Joon looking just like Yoon Jae as an adult, because I will be like…”Huh?” Because they are fraternal twins, not “identical” twins. Fraternal twins and identical twins are different types of twins. Fraternal twins while they can look similar, often look different and can even be different genders. I know, I’ve done research on twins for a story I’ve been working on for years.

    • YES. That would be the worst possible ending for me, because 1) not the right kind of twins, and 2) your appearance doesn’t change *that* much from 20 to 30. Shin Won Ho doesn’t resemble Gong Yoo enough to make this plausible. I’ll take any ending over that one.

      But really, I’m perplexed by how many people want Kyung Joon to remain in Yoon Jae’s body. How are they ok with him losing a decade of his life? How is that anything other than a bias towards thinking Gong Yoo is yummy? Which, believe me, I get, but on a story level, it just doesn’t make sense. Why have a soul trapped in a failing body that isn’t his, when his own body is healthy and…you know…his own? I just don’t get it.

  12. Hmm. As much as I like Kyung-jae aka Kyungjoon in Yoonjae’s body, I’d much prefer a Kyungjoon – Daran ending. Yes, there is no denying that Gongyoo is an incredible actor and he made a wonderful character out of Kyung-jae and yes, he has loads of chemistery with Lee Min Jung but still I think it would be appropriate for the character to go back to his own body. It would be kinda sad if he is forever stuck in his brother’s body. Not only would it be sad but it will also be unfair to him. He’s still a 19 year old teenager whose got a whole life ahead of him. There are still things he have yet to experience while he’s a teenager. Him being stuck in a 30 year old man’s body and not being able to be in touch with his teenage side would be really unfair. Not to mention that he has to pretend to be someone he is not for his whole life. I don’t know about you guys but if I were to be in his position I would hate it. Not being able to use my own name and people not knowing the real me. Its torturous. Even if Kyungjoon claims that he has matured enough n can handle being in his brother’s body. He’s still a 19 year old right now and will be for the rest of the year. You can’t just simply time jump when it comes to growing up. Growing up takes years and time. Kyungjoon still have years to go.

    So what I wanna see and wish for the finale?

    – For Kyungjoon to finally go back to his own body.
    – For Daran to love Kyungjoon for who he is in his OWN body and not be confused anymore.
    – For both Kyungjoon and Yoonjae to be alive and well in their respective bodies. I don’t wish for any of the brothers to end up dying.

    Overall I just want the real authentic Kyungjoon back. It would be more meaningful for it to end that way.

    If Kyungjoon ends up forever having to be in Yoonjae’s body, the drama would lose its meaning. I mean isn’t the essential focal point of the drama is the teacher-student relationship? But seriously if it ends like that I might throw bricks from the frustration. Lol.

    Oh and a plus point for Kyungjoon returning to his own body, we’ll get to see Shin again.

    Anyways, here’s hoping for a good ending. Cheers!

    • For me both ways can work, just love to see people happy.
      But personally, everyone need to get back to them self, KJ to leave and promise DR to see her in few years.., and then jump. We see KJ as university student who’s on date with DR.

      Why is it always need to be high-scholar, never u.student…

    • If it doesn’t end the way you wish for,will you be frustrated?
      If Shin appears as Kyung Joon,there will be chaos all over. I feel Kyung Joon and Da Ran will not be together in the end.
      Im having an intense emotional upheaval here!

      • But somehow If this drama was about growing up, then It’s OK If DR and KJ don’t end up together as we wanted. She learned what’s life all about and he need to find his own. If they stay friends, would that be fine?

      • If Kyungjoon and Daran were not to be together in the end, it would be even better. It would save from all the drama that is to come.

        By drama, I meant people objecting to their teacher-student relationship, Yoonjae and Kyungjoon clash, Daran being confused between them both again.

        It would be way better if they all just go their separate ways.
        Kyungjoon and Yoonjae can build up on their brotherly bond and Daran can be an independent woman. haha.

      • @mtoh,I think its either they go their separate ways or be together,they will have to make a choice. Since he’s pretending,he wants her to forget him. Friends,I dont know if it will come to that but it’s not a bad idea if they are…only problem,their feelings for each other,how to control the urge to be together?
        I would like Kyung Joon to reunited wth his family. How about if we dont see Da Ran for awhile and one day,she calls out to her love,who’s there with her but we dont get to see his face. We all be having a wild guess,WHO is he? Kyung Joon or Yoon Jae? The end…….
        Won’t it be fun if its Lee Seung Gi with her!….hahaha

      • & I think my post at the soompi thread is a better explaination on what I would be frustrated.

        For me, it’s not about wanting the OTP to be together no matter what.
        I won’t be frustrated if they don’t end up together.

        What I would be frustrated about is rather the conclusion of not switching back.

        Let me just quote on what I posted on soompi.

        “And what would be the moral of the story if the main lead doesn’t get to be himself anymore? I know that the drama is not meant to be a moral story. It’s not an Aesop’s fable. haha. But still. What is a story without a message conveyed or a lesson to be learned at the end? So what..we’re gonna assume that Kyungjoon being stuck in another person’s body is a right thing and that the lessons we can learn is that it’s okay to be another person?”

        So yeah I’m really hoping that both brothers can get back to who they were back in their own bodies. Even if it’s to the expense of not making Kyungjoon & Daran be together.

        It would make the drama more meaningful. For me, Life > Love.
        As they say there is only one life to live. & as for love, there’s always a second chance. To me what’s important right now is the lives of both brothers.

      • @Sarah;
        You’re mind kind of people…hehe, It would be really OK If it’s Gi…It’s started with his song.
        But for guessing,I’m not into it,because don’t go with my character. I can see you’re point, started as mystery finished as mystery, and way for all to create own way of ending.

      • @sss
        To be honest, I never liked fact one brother is born to be life-saver for the other, It was stupid for me, and unmoral If we go those path.
        This all reminds me at Mrs. K post for 49 days, I cried as I read it. Those was powerful words!

      • @mtoh

        I can definitely see the similarity with 49 days. I’ve watched that drama and cried a river. The ending was heartbreaking but at the same time it can’t be helped.

        & yeah I have to agree that one child born just for the purpose of being a lifesaver is cruel. The child isn’t even given a choice. This somehow also reminds me of A Sister’s Keeper.

      • @sss,thank you. Though I want them together,it’s just not right if they go on their lives without a care about his brother.
        Da Ran wants Kyung Joon to be there for his brother and be with his family.
        Kyung Joon wants to save his brother. Family issues comes first for now.
        @mtoh,ok,you don’t like guessing. I still want Lee Seung Gi in BIG…hoi hoi

      • @sss;
        Need to find that book, everyone tells me It has to much similarity.
        You’re my kind, Gi would be EPIC.

        @Koala, Can we have headline, LSG as DR happy together…heheheha

      • 49Days,I’ve seen it and cried too. @sss,you are right about the ending. If BIG does ends like 49Days,I know I’ll be upset. Now,I will watch on to understand it better.
        Sister’s keeper,quite a few numbers of comments about this book and drama appeared in other sites too. I read that it’s a sad story and a good one. I will look it up,am curious about it now.
        @mtoh,happy to meet you here…4more episodes and waiting………

  13. I think DR will end up with Kyung Joon and there will be a time leap. Since KJ and YJ are supposed to be fraternal twins there is a probability that he will end up sa Gong Yoo.

  14. Great idea, Koala, except for the fact that you’re NOT going to write about Big when it’s over? Wah? That’s just silly!
    We can talk about Big, and show pics of GY and Shin, then talk about GY, and his pics, and then post a video of Shin. Iroke, for ever and ever and ever!

    Of course it’s KJ in his own body with DR in the honeymoon house for me.

    Prolly no surprise to hear that I am two years older than my husband, who just had his HS reunion.
    His name tag had his 18 year old face on it, and MAN! did he look like a baby. Even our wedding photos of him 7 years later, he looked 17. But NOW look at him, everyone. OK, now look at me. Who’s older?

    The idea that DR cannot end up with Shin/KJ because of the disparity in their ages doesn’t make sense to me. Heck, one day she will be 41 and he 35. Who’s gonna care then?

    I agree, that right now, Shin/KJ has some living to do, and more growing up, more edumacation, before he can marry anyone let alone his brother’s wife. But I think we have seen that adding more years in his life won’t make him less compatible for DR. Their personalities work well together. They make each other laugh, and they understand the other person well.

    The issue seems to be that Shin/KJ and DR don’t quite match on the outside, and that’ll be a problem for them. The creative team was brilliant in casting someone who looks like Shin. You just can’t get around how young a 20 year old he looks. But he is not going to look like that forever. Time has a way of erasing differences that don’t really matter. Eventually his face will fill out, he’ll bulk up a little, and AGE, just like my old old (OK, not that old) husband. Just like all the former idols out there working at the bank telling stories about the old days when the girls fainted at their feet.

    I wouldn’t mind an open but happy end with them saying, “Let’s see where this takes us…” but still together, holding hands.

    KKJ hwaiting!

    • @jomo,hahaha you are talking about your hubby…I cant helping laughing at the way you described ‘NOW,look at him,everyone’ and then look at you, ‘Who’s older?’…hahaha you must be stunning next to him.
      There’s a guy in my life and he’s 6 years younger than me,he looks older than me. Right,age is really no big deal at all.

      • I feel for you, dear. I believe there will be a lot of crying with the last two episodes left. Let’s be ready for a lot of pain. I’m wishing everything will end well. 😐

  15. @Jenina,I just watch it. My goodness,is the real Kyung Joon almost back in his body?
    Watching this preview makes me sad,when the tear drops,I drop a tear too.

    • Hi dear. I don’t know why the body of kyung joon in the hospital cried. But I think kyung joon’s soul will return in his own body. Aahhh can’t wait anymore I want to know what’s going to happen. The suspense is killing me. 🙁

      • We can get this over with, sis. Hugs >:D< this drama really captivated our hearts so bad. I just hope everyone in the drama will find their own happiness in the end. :/

    • I hope it ends at episode 18,don’t think I can take more,it’s really eating me up. I have never been so absorbed in a drama like BIG before. The cast is so damn good and I take my hat off to them!

  16. I’ve always wanted DR to end up with K Joon (Shin Won Ho) but don’t believe it will happen due to audience prejudices. *sigh* And the Hong Sisters playing it safe to pacify the audience pisses me off. But oh well.
    That preview! Why is our baby K Joon crying? ARRRGGG!

    • Earlier,kathy mentioned about the drama,Romance. Kim Jae Won as a student and Kim Ha Neul as a teacher,in which they ended up together.
      If koreans could accept that couple,it shouldn’t be a problem for them with Kyung Joon and Da Ran now.
      Kyung Joon is starting to feel in his own body,if he switches back,I would like Shin to act as Kyung Joon again. Da Ran always envisioned him when she’s looking at Kyung Jae so it will do her good to see the real Kyung Joon soon. But is it possible?

  17. This poll just proves that people cannot accept KJ and DR together and ship GY and LMJ. LOL So most of them wish to YJ never come back or die.

    So sad.

    If you ship KJ, you should ship him in his body too, or what? You cannot ship when it shows how KJ is younger than DR?

    I know Koala can ship them, but most can’t. Showing how you don’t really accept their age difference. lol

  18. Together with Da Ran, we have imprinted on Kyung Joon’s soul and Yoon Jae’s body. The drama has given us very little of the rest, namely Kyung Joon’s body and Yoon Jae’s soul. Unfortunately, the Yong Jae ending, while satisfying the audience’s attachments, is also the one that causes the most discomfort. There’s just some moral wrongness about living in someone else’s body for good.  And besides, both parties have been anticipating the switch-back for the entire drama. 

    Rather than who ends up together, I want the drama to address the real mystery in this story. What was Yong Jae up to?  Why did he choose Da Ran in the first place?  Why then neglect her?  What was he planning to do when he had found Kyung Joon? Was he going to ask for a transfusion or bone marrow? Offer him a family?  None of the above?

    Unfortunately, all this interesting stuff is going to get crammed into the last episode just like Rooftop Prince.  We have instead spent all this time on he-loves-me-he-loves-not and she-loves-me-she-loves-me-not.  And now we are fretting over which body she ends up with. Bah.

    Over at tvN, I Love Lee Tae Ri, a drama about a noona dongseng relationship with a gap of 14 years has just concluded.  The obvious happened.  He got returned to his own body, he went on to fulfil his destiny (yes, there is more to life than the girl), and they meet up again years later, each still carrying the torch for the other. 

    This, I think, is more or less what’s going to happen here, dressed up with some scenes of self sacrifice, tearful reconciliations, rain and umbrellas. 

    • The problem with I love Taeri is that the guy had 14 years in a adult body while the girl had what? 30? It was not just creepy but illegal.

      And I agree about the people fighting over which body KJ will end up with.

      They just don’t think it isn’t wrong for

      1- KJ live in a body it isn’t his plus is older than his age (meaning he has less years to live in this body than in his own body)
      2- KJ having to live YJ’s life instead of his own;
      3- KJ having his brother and DR’s ex lover always there between their relationship
      4- YJ’s having his body being used by someone else, even if he dies, I hope his body also rest in peace and not be used by KJ;
      5- KJ is still a student and DR was his teacher,
      6- People doesn’t care about YJ at all, they just want something easier to look at, that is KJ in YJ’s boby with DR….
      7- I’m disappointed how KJ doesn’t even care about YJ at all. Doesn’t even feel a bit guilty for using his own brother body plus stealing his fiancee. Even knowing his brother was sick he put his brother’s body in danger because of his own selfish reasons and whining while his brother’s body is dying slowy, he doesn’t even stopped eating junk food plus driking soda.

  19. yup, just voted . . . i wasn’t sooo much impressed with this drama by the hong sisters . . . but my loyalty is still so rooted to the both of them plus there’s gong yoo playing the adorable kyung joon . . . i voted for daran to end up with kj in yj body – way better and more appropriate don’t you think ;D i couldn’t really care less what happens to the sullen face yj anyway . . .

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