Nice Guy Holds Press Conference and Releases 3rd Tantalizing Teaser

Ahhh, Nice Guy. I can safely bet cold hard cash that someone, if not everyone, in that drama is going to get royally screwed. But whatever magic brew Lee Kyung Hee is concocting, I’m hoping this one is as delicious as some of her other works that I loved dearly because I am so ready to get addicted to some painfully good melodrama. Perhaps Arang and the Magistrate being good but not quite great is a sign that NG is the Wed-Thurs drama I’ve been waiting for since The King 2 Hearts ended to suck me back into the maelstrom. The pretty cast of NG (which is also called The Innocent Man, but I’ll stick with its original English title) attended the press conference all with megawatt smiles. No one would mistake them for being on the set of a drama that must require copious amounts of crying, maybe slapping, definitely tons of eye glaring, and likely some screaming. What I love the most is how the cast obviously coordinated in advance, all of them showing up in dark colors like black and grey, as opposed to other casts that look like the mismatched colors of the rainbow. I’m loving how chummy Song Joong Ki appears in real life with both Park Shi Yeon and Moon Chae Won. It’ll make it even more thrilling to watch the three of them in a painful love triangle. Is it next Wednesday yet?

Nice Guy 3rd Teaser:


Nice Guy Holds Press Conference and Releases 3rd Tantalizing Teaser — 21 Comments

  1. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for this. And if the powers that be do not release the highlight reel any time soon, I’m going to hurt myself. I NEEEEEEEEEEEED that 8-minute highlight reel in crisp, clear color with perfect sound and score.

    • LOL same here. it’s been so long.
      i think the last of the angst for me was King 2 Hearts.
      i love how they’re all so dark!
      can’t wait!!

  2. Looking at all the teaser of NG…
    I think this drama will make something special..
    I believe NG will repeat the success of MISA 8 years ago because it’s look like the writer have prepared NG perfectly.Not only choose amazing cast on the list.,but she also grab the talented PD and a dozen of nice OST..I think we just need to prepared box of tissue..and i don’t think after Bridal Mask end tonight.,viewers will change their channel for next week..But i believe viewers will stay with KBS2 and it maybe NG have a strong advantage to grab a high rating for the primier..I Wish it will come true..Hope NG will be the King at WED-THU slot..!!Hwaiting!!!!!

  3. When’s the LONG trailer going to be released? I want MORE!!!!!!
    I thought it was usually released with the press conference…guess not. I just hope it comes before Wednesday, because I’m not sure I can go a week without something more in between.

  4. I dreamt about SJK two nights ago. It was so real – I even touched him.
    I was much younger in my dream and cursed LOUDLY when I woke up.
    I have crushes on a lot of actors, but for some reason, SJK hits me in all the right places. Don’t even know how many times I watched SKKS for him. NG will be the drama event of the year for me.

  5. Funny reading all the comments. So Ms OCKOALA… plz help with the preview and recap for this NG.

    After reading your recap on Arang, you could probably focus more on NG and I shall wait… maybe then I will start watching since RMPW gonna end soon… sob sob…

  6. I am totally watching this for Moon Chae Won. She’s going to kill this role, and I really hope they go into her being an adult with the mind of a six year old, because then her acting ability will be tested and she can prove her worth. Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki already have adorable chemistry together. Can’t wait to see their love story play out.

  7. Omg I have the same exact dress than Moon Chae Won is wearing…..huh!!! Looks good on her though. Can’t wait for this drama!!!!!

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