Exciting New Scenes of Nice Guy Shown at the Press Conference

I think melodramas are the backbone of dramas. Whereas some other genres can thrive in other mediums, such as novels or mangas or movies, the live action extended period visual medium lends itself almost perfectly to the notion of a story that comes across as intense and protracted. Issues need time to simmer and stew, feelings need time to foment and form. A well done melodrama feels cathartic, whether the ending is happy or sad, because the viewer gets taken on a journey with a definitive beginning, middle, and end, where the ending feels like a well-earned release from all the pent up emotions. My favorite K-melodramas have that well balanced one-two punch of riveting story with sharp directing, keeping the actors in check so they can sell their characters without crossing the line into ridiculous territory. Melodramas are naturally far fetched and likely never to happen in real life, but good melodramas make us believe that if it were to happen, that would be what we’re seeing onscreen. I have this feeling Nice Guy will be the return to form of the dark melodrama I’ve been waiting for. Song Joong Ki has been hitting it out of the part from the first still released by KBS, and I’m just wondering now how the directing will turn out since I know pretty much what to expect from writer Lee Kyung Hee. Will it feel overwrought or incredibly jawdropping? We’ll find out on Wednesday. Until then, check out some new scenes from the drama shown at the press conference.

Click here to watch Nice Guy extended trailer cut 1.

Click here to watch Nice Guy extended trailer cut 2.


Exciting New Scenes of Nice Guy Shown at the Press Conference — 8 Comments

  1. I think it’s the same link at the bottom, twice?

    Doesn’t look like KBS is going to release the 8-minute highlight reel from the press conference. But MCW DCgall has an excellent fancam of the reel, which begins with the tango-themed opening credits for the drama:


    If that’s way too spoilery, there’s always the latest 40-sec. trailer from KBS, which includes scenes from eps. 1-5:


    I’m starting to appreciate the fact that Nice Guy makes no apology for being a melodrama. Give the genre a face-lift with these young actors, and it even feels refreshing. I know all three of them (Song Joong-Ki, Moon Chae-Won, Park Si-Yeon) wanted these parts because they wanted to push themselves as actors, and I think we’re really going to enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

    • Gigolo, damn! I’d be first in line..
      Aisshhh. Those two women needs to move out of the way and share him.
      He needs to be shared to the general women population!

  2. Aish!
    I am out sick today and may be off the rest of the week with whatever it is going around. If home, I am definitely watching this baby live!

  3. I just saw all the teaser @Viki and tomorrow I’m stocking up on tissues. Because I know I’m going to need them in every episode. This isn’t going to end well ;'(

  4. Koala,

    Since I don’t know Korean, corret me, if I’m wrong.

    After seeing the extended teaser, something suddenly took my mind to a French movie I’ve watched called “Bon Voyage” starring GĂ©rard Depardieu and other famous actors. In this movie, the main character is a writer and he’s in love with a girl since his childhood. The girl became an actress and a social alpinist. They’ve lost contact over the years, but an unfortunate event brought them together – The girl murdered a famous person and called him (the writer) asking for help. The writer diligently goes to help her with this situation and soon he sees himself trying to clean her mess, and while trying to get rid of the corpse at a rainy night, he’s arrested by the police. He goes to jail because of her and she doesn’t even try to get him out of there. After he gets out of jail he meets his other girl, much younger, who seems to like him and who doesn’t understand his fascination with the actress that always uses him.

    Tell me, are there any similarities with “Bon Voyage”?

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