Jang Geun Seok Lounges Around Paris for the October Issue of Bazaar Korea

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to Jang Geun Seok‘s career had he not starred in You’re Beautiful. That drama may have tanked in domestic ratings, but was a raging overseas success that catapulted Jang Geun Seok into widespread recognition. It also introduced the world to crazy hair/attire Jang Geun Seok, a sort of cross between a Johnny and Lady Gaga. Perhaps it introduced him to that look as well, because he’s stuck with it for the last three years and appears to be as interested in pursuing a singing career as an acting one. If he hadn’t made YB, I think we’d be seeing more of the Jang Geun Seok that did Beethoven Virus and the movie The Case of the Itaewon Homicide, a rising young actor picking grittier fare with an eye towards working with experienced and lauded co-stars. I look at his just released pictorial for the October issue of Bazaar Korea which was shot on location in Paris, and I’m feeling ambivalent about what I see. I love the sepia tinted Paris backdrop, and I see Jang Geun Seok trying to project a more manly image, but he’s just so physically scrawny these days I can’t take him seriously. I think the answer is for someone to feed him for a few months and then release him back into the entertainment world. I’d love to see a buffed up short hair version of Seok again.

[Credit: Bazaar Korea]


Jang Geun Seok Lounges Around Paris for the October Issue of Bazaar Korea — 33 Comments

  1. Love the pics. But again, Bazaar rarely disappoints.
    That version of JGS is not that bad actually (hair just a little shorter would be better). Just drop the cigarette, please.

  2. sigh~…totally agree with you. As much as I adored him back then, I haven’t given up on him yet. He’s still young and cashing in whatever he can to establish his company.

    Btw, the lyrics for his newest song…why do I feel like its all about Mary, aka MGY…

    Credits: PONYCANYON
    Lyics: Jang Keun Suk / Kato Kanako
    English translation: tenshi_akuma/jangkeunsukforever.com

    When I picture memories in those days on water of the glass,
    they will be blurred to be transparent.

    Like sand slipping through my hands,
    the time that is slipping by will never come back again.

    There she had to stay where I will not stay.
    Misunderstanding occurs even if we care for each other.
    It ends up without any progress.
    And you… slow slow gone
    I just wanna stay, yes I have to stay
    The seasons when you were with me
    If I could have a wish come true, I would be back to those days even now.
    Here here here I have to stay

    When I look up at the night sky with moist eyes,
    all my memories come back to me clearly.

    Like snow effacing our footprints,
    time has flown by and effaces all memories.

    There she had to stay where I will not stay
    Misunderstanding occurs even if we care for each other.
    It ends up without any progress.
    And you… slow slow gone
    I just wanna stay, yes I have to stay
    I still remains in the seasons when you were with me even now.
    Here here here

    Since some time or other (separated hands)
    Since some time or other (I feel the distance between us)
    I haven’t been able to touch you.
    It ends up without any progress.
    And you… slow slow gone
    I just wanna stay, yes I have to stay
    The seasons when you were with me
    If I could have a wish come true, I would be back to those days even now.
    Here here here I have to stay

    See the related post (with MV “STAY”, English translated lyrics, Romanized lyrics and the original Japanese lyrics) from here.

  3. Me too eonni,, I wanna see JGS like him in bethoven virus, its my favourite style of him,, he look manly and masculine..I hope he choose a better project.. And its serious one ,,

  4. If he hadn’t made YB, I think we’d be seeing more of the Jang Geun Seok that did Beethoven Virus and the movie The Case of the Itaewon Homicide, a rising young actor picking grittier fare with an eye towards working with experienced
    and lauded co- stars.

    Despite loving YB I have to agree…i remember reading an interview of his not too long after YB where he talked about how he had not wanted to do films like Baby and Me, and Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti which he had to do because of his management’s inistence back then and how he was happier with decisions he made after that (with Beethoven’s Virus and Itaewon Murder case etc)….made me think he would be doing more serious stuff after YB ended…and I’ve been praying he’d pick a sageuk after he did Mary but sadly he seems to have different priorities now

    • Maybe part of the “problem” is the fact that he owns Tree J (correct me if i’m wrong, but I think I read somewhere before that there are rumors that his family owns it). So the priority to capitalize on the popularity brought on by YB by sticking with the TaeKyung/girly image as long as he can may be more important to him since he is a direct beneficiary.

  5. I wonder if it has something to do with his popularity in Japan. They seem to prefer the 
    slender/feminine/rockstar type rather than the more masculine type. I also heard he wasn’t well 
    liked in Korea so maybe he isn’t getting offered the good types of rolls. Casting in Korea
    seems to be more about popularity.

    • Oh, please. Don’t ever mention of Japanese preference of ‘feminine’ kinda of rockstar. Pls take a look at those K-Pop idols and boybands, namely “Boyfriend”, Lee Joon of MBLAQ? They are as sissy and as feminine as JGS and yet Korean fans worship them. So, it’s not fair to mention of Japanese preference as such since Korea been manufacturing so much of these breed all along.

    • Or maybe his talent fee is too high that producers would rather cast newbies (I notice there seems to be a recent trend for idols crossing over to acting) who would charge lower.

    • @Alexa, I agree with JuC. This is just the impression I get from hanging around youtube and fan sites. No offense meant.

      I found a 2PM MV where one of the comments was: 2PM please don’t change for your japanese fans and start kissing each other for publicity, unlike Big Bang.

      — I have no idea if that statement was true or not. But it did leave me with an impression that the J-fans are more… demanding from their idols. And if you’re from the K-ent industry, you have to be extra *extra* specially attention-grabbing to make it in Japan.

      Is that impression true or did I just read the wrong forums? 🙂 I’m kinda curious about the truth.

      • I’d lived in Japan for almost 10 years before returning to my home-country. It’s K-Opo fever now not only spreading across Japan, but all over the world.

        Fans demanding something from idols are common but as far as i know, I never heard of such demand of asking idols to kiss each other especially those of same gender. If there is such demand, I believe it does not come from Japanese fans alone.

        Shinee’s recent SEOUL concert is a testament that this whole concept does not exist only in Japan (if any). Key kissing (on the mouth) with the other Shinee’s member and Korean fans applaude that. Is Shinee popular in Japan? No, they are not.

        The fact I’m saying here is when it became a statement that sissy/feminine kind of guy is very much prefered in Japan, which is not true.

        There are so many Korean acts doing cross-dressing and even ut was for the sake of entertainment, they seem to enjoy this cross-gender and sissy act.

        JGS popularity in Japan has got nothing to do with his sissiness. It was just that Japanese still adore him as Hwang Tae Kyung in YAB. Once they recover from that fever, he would be just an ordinary Korean stars. He is simply flamboyant by nature and going to this direction to make d most at the height of his popularity there. That’s all.

      • Oh ok. Thanks for clearing that up!

        I’ve read about that opinion so much that I’m starting to believe it as truth.

        Funnily enough, when I started watching j-dramas, I was surprised at the (relative) non-prettiness of the leading men of j-dramas compared to the perfect skin and prettiness of k-drama male leads (see Shun Oguri, everyone but Nakatsu in Hana Kimi, Gokusen kids, etc)

        My sister and I used to joke that j-dramas have better actors hehehe because you still end up falling in love with them/their acting even if they’re not as pretty as their k-drama counterparts. 😀

  6. I really loved him in Beethoven Virus. It seems like he’s gone off the deep end since then, and I’d really love to see him do something that really showcased the talent he demonstrated in BV. I don’t know why such a talented and beautiful man is doing projects that just seem to skim the surface of his abilities.

    The shots are beautiful, but his expressions make him look like a homeless druggie on the lam. 🙁

  7. I don´t know. Even though I don´t particularly like his style most of the time, I´m kind of happy for him that he is able to do his own thing. Some part of his image may be exaggerated but I genuinely feel like he doesn´t have to bend his personality too much to fit a certain image people have of leading men.
    There are sooo many short-haired, smoldering actors with a cool image that I am kind of glad he´s shaking things up a bit!

  8. I’m glad he did YB because Hwang Tae Kyung was really fun to watch and an actor should have a mainstream appeal. But I hoped he would do more… challenging stuff next. His personality reminds me of Heechul and I simultaneously shake my head and laugh at/with him. It doesn’t hurt to have a JGS around. And about his fashion sense… I would actually like him to explain his fashion sense sometimes. I just don’t get it.

    • Me four. So he basically needs a nutritionist to feed him well, a coach to buff him up, a stylist to change his ‘do and wardrobe, a manager to get him interesting gigs, a publicist to work on his public image and a counselor to provide help for his diva persona. Hmm. Maybe he should leave his current company and find/start a more fitting one, unless any noona here is willing to do it all for him? ^^

  9. Siiiiigh. Blech. Such a disappointment. Lost potential… at least for the time being. I honestly don’t know how he would bounce back with how far into weirdo territory he’s gone.

  10. I actually liked the pics and he managed to pull the red pair of trousers off.

    I’m hoping that he’ll star in a good film/drama since I actually like the guy a lot. Apart form his above average singing voice, I think his speaking voice is epic (reminds of Takeshi Kaneshiro’s)

    • Agree. He’s such a cameleon. Will adapt to what ever environment is in demand for him. Hopefully this stage will pass by soon and his next image will be the sexy manly type for us noonas to drool for…

  11. I watched a few his dramas and movies too..he is not really the kind of actor I go for..but I liked YAB and M3..BV even HGD and HJ..I watched him due to the actress acting with him..I totally ignored LR…I guess he need to fatten up and dressed manly..can’t wait to see his changes.Those watched him are mostly teenagers who are mostly crazy of anything Korea especially the region I am..

  12. I think most will not agree with my comment but i I seriously don’t understand the complaint about his hairstyle or his personality.

    Those who claim he is a diva don’t really follow all his news. He just likes to portray this image doesn’t mean he act like a diva when he works. He is a member of chocoball, a group of celebrities including Kim Heechul, lee hongki etc When they behave on screen, they like to boast and praise themselves.

    But anyone who read all the BTS or interviews will know that he is highly praised by his peers and juniors to be someone who is very humble to his seniors and take good care of his peers. His mother in Love Rain even said that out of all the young actors who act as her sons, she likes him most because he is a very humble and nice young man. He takes criticism by his seniors seriously. When he was being criticized for the way he sits, he immediately called all his workers in his company to have a meeting to find out what is the problem and to examine his mistakes. When another senior pointed out that his manager did not plan his schedule properly causing JKS to be late during filming, he immediately called the senior and apologize for his behavior. When asked to act in in the movie about Itaewon murder case, he accepted a super low pay close to acting for free because his senior wants him to take up the role. He promised Hong sisters that he will take up the role in YAB but due to pulling out of investment, the drama was postponed but he still waited and even help to raise money so that the drama can be shoot. He is totally opposite of most stars. Some( not all) stars act humble and behave like a diva behind the scene, while he act diva but in actual fact, he is a very nice person.

    As for his hairstyle, if that is what most of his fans likes, i can understand why he does not dare to cut it. Regardless how many people claim to like his short hair, he is not as popular when his hair was short. This is a fact. And honestly speaking, how many of those who claim liking him when his hair is short pay for his official products or buy his cd. He owns his own company, sometimes, he needs to think of ways to maintain his popularity. Not that i want him to keep his hair long but i do understand why he dares not cut it too short. However, i believe if he finds a role that he loves, he will definitely cut it again.

    He has always had a weird fashion taste. Sometimes he dressed well, other times not. But at least he is not boring. I admit i get scared every time he goes for award ceremony thinking about his attire but i guess it is also part of the fun to be his fan. A roller coaster ride of emotions.

    As for selecting a role, actors only get a summary and probably a few detailed script of the first few eps. It is hard to judge whether the end product will turn out to be what they have anticipated. I think YAB is a nice drama and he is good at comedy. I don’t like the rest after YAB but i don’t blame him for choosing them. Look at the costars who also selected the same script, MGY ( Mary stayed out all night ) and KHN ( You’re my Pet ), they are also great actress who make the wrong decision. I just hope that he has better luck next time. From his interviews, you will know that he is ambitious in a lot of areas. But his focus and most important goal is still to find a good script.

    Sorry for my poor english.

  13. yes, his life is not just walk around in “short hair” and Beethoven Virus friends…he have his own style ..he comfort and enjoy it, about ‘not yet good drama/movie script’ it’s about a whole team work, i never blame his decision to accept some script, because he must get learn from every role he play…not just because the drama or movie not good rating or good sale …it’s about valuable experience acting with good other artist, director and ‘different’ character. Just stop walking around in ‘short hair and BV’ area..*peace and love* i love Jang Keun Suk and i love you all friends <3

  14. It’s either you get JKS or not …he is a very dynamic personality, bright quick witted and very articulate, charming , a well rounded young man. listen to his interview and you see the real JKS. He is flamboyant, he is beyond handsome – he is beautiful. It seems to be that some people here want to change him and mold him to their own idea as to what he should be. Don’t …people evolve , go through stages, experiment, change and see what works. He is an artist , people like him are one of a kind, they are way ahead and they no ordinary lives, under critique by everyone. Either you take him for who he is or not. Stop criticizing…the photo shoots are lovely, they are Chic, for goodness sake he is in Paris . So what, if he is thin, I’ll take thin than fat and bloated any day, besides weight goes up and down all the time. There is Nothing wrong with the photo shoot, it’s very artsy,fashion, couture, it created the moment it meant to portray. Any ways some are even critizing the color of his pants…geez, seriously? This is like a gossip column here, nothing is worst in life when you pick on somebody you are not able to defend and explain themselves. I did not realize that some of JKS fans are very small minded and petty. Support him and join his world and the fantasy , the journey he offers , if you have outgrown him then move on to some other actor that might take your fancy. It is troubling to read some of the comments here…JKS world is a world of MOVIES, STAGE, FANTASY, ENTERTAINMENT, TRENDS, ATTENTION – if he no longer entertains you then move on to the next idol /actor …simple as that. Don’t change him, like somebody suggested getting him a stylists, dietician, manager…wow, what the nerve! What makes you think that he’d like that and he would need your help? That’s crossing the line, I’m from the States and I find this appalling , a big NO NO…I love his persona, he is fun, he is exciting , fresh with new ideas, speaks his mind, yes he does and that what makes him lovely. He is no pushover, he knows his self worth, he worked hard and he did it!. I wish him the best in this flitting life of the art world. If his star will dim later , I will take comfort and joy that this young man lived his life the way he sees it fit. It’s his canvas and he should paint it. Likewise…our lives is our canvas and we should paint it the way we see fit. I don’t want anybody painting mine….that is how I see JKS. So people who are critical…I’ll say this …go get a LIFE!

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