Park Bo Young Snuggles with Werewolf Song Joong Ki in the Forest

When I heard of the concept and later saw the stills and trailer for the upcoming movie A Werewolf Boy with Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young, the first thing to pop into my (and likely a lot of other people’s) mind was Edward Scissorhands. Its still a fantastic movie even nearly twenty years later, because the themes of being an outsider (literally), alienation, and the longing for human connection is timeless and universal. Transplant Edward in the suburbs to wolfboy Joong Ki in a fifties Korean countryside town and voila, instant remake! The movie premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and I’ve heard rumblings that it’s pretty and the acting by the two leads are solid, but the story is not-so-good. I’m fine not watching for the story and just enjoying it for the frail prettiness of a love that looks doomed from the start. Check out the cool new photo spread of the two leads doing a lost-in-a-Grimm-Fairytale-forest concept. Not sure why Song Joong Ki has a Bride of Frankenstein hair (minus the white stripe), but he’s got the startled deer-in-headlights expression down pat.


Park Bo Young Snuggles with Werewolf Song Joong Ki in the Forest — 9 Comments

  1. Gah, I didn’t even recognize him… SJK looks so different. 🙂 I like it! Still hope I will get chance to see his movie in my country, though I doubt it. *sigh*

  2. I’m a little disappointed that the story isn’t up to par, but who am I kidding? Like that’s going to keep me from watching my ILU and Park Bo-young onscreen together.

    Joong-ki oppa, you sure are making this year fantastic for this fangirl. ^_^

  3. Gorgeous pictorial! I personally loved the movie to bits despite all it’s flaws. (In fact, thinking back to some scenes of the movie still make me tear up). I would definitely recommend it any Song Joong Ki / Park Bo Young lovers as they both pulled a stellar performance in the movie.

    • I must admit that I did cry towards the end of the movie..SJK’s eyes were marvelous to look at..It was my first time to watch PBY and she’s not only a pretty face but can act very well too.

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