Latest Stills from Episode 7 of Nice Guy Show Song Joong Ki in Distress

I remain fascinated by Nice Guy, though that fascination hasn’t yet morphed into an obsession. But at least the interest is there, whereas with Arang and the Magistrate where I’m just watching for my beloved Lee Jun Ki and not much else (don’t get me started on the “performance” cutie pie with the hideous wig Yoo Seung Ho is delivering in that drama). Maru is a quintessential anti-hero, and one that is written with many layers and plenty of weaknesses and faults. He’s too smart and good looking for his own good, he was too selfless and fixated with Jae Hee to the point of being derelict in his duty towards sickly Choco, and now he’s willing to use an emotionally fragile girl for the sake of pyschologically battling Jae Hee. It’s not like he wants revenge, because he claims that the dirty rich world isn’t one where his Jae Hee noona should live in. Are you F-ing kidding me, Maru? That is exactly where this piece of flotsam belongs! I would advocate letting her rot in a world filled with money and no heart, where she is constantly looking over her shoulder for someone to back stab her. I know we’re all frustrated Maru hasn’t given up on Jae Hee completely, but that weakness in him is so well written because she was formerly his everything. With these newest stills from episode 7 of NG, I’m looking forward to Maru taking ever more steps towards being genuine with Eun Gi, as well as getting some comeuppance of his own.


Latest Stills from Episode 7 of Nice Guy Show Song Joong Ki in Distress — 22 Comments

  1. please let his love for eun gi grow this week,that’s my only hope for this drama. Otherwise, i’ll need to think of watching this drama if this week’s episodes are same as last week’s.

  2. i bet he beaten up by jae hee’s oppa … aah come on Maru, where is ur Brain? still protecting her while she is already used u

    • Where would Jae-Hee’s brother have the money to hire thugs? He just got out of jail.

      Look at the stills, he’s close to getting tortured. That eliminates the suspects pretty quickly.

  3. This is why his past is important to know because it’s fu his present and more than likely his future, EG….And, while MR has various sides to him like most ppl, he is currently living in a dark place while EG represents his purity, but JH is his passionate side. I don’t even want to think about which one overtakes him in the end.

  4. Whoah, he looks battered!

    I hope the storyline knocks some sense into him as soon as possible! It’s disturbing to watch how this guy has still feelings for Jae Hee. Highly interesting and gripping with Maru’s unpredictability but disturbing nonetheless.

    Can’t wait for the next episodes. Waiting for Maru to wake up and move on with his heart and life *sigh*
    But I’m not sure this will eventually happen.

  5. I always read this blog and this is the first time I decide to write something because this drama is fucking frustrated as well as awesome but I think MR and EG newer gonna be together I just feel that way I dont know way either.I know Joon Ha is like old Maru you said that before but still I hope EG will chose him.I think that way cause even Maru is a good person in deeply but right now he deserve some punishment.She shouldnt forgive him and should see Joon Ha.In the end MR and Jae Hee will finish what they started.This story is about them not MR and EG.

    • Hhehe my comment is so complicated:)i just wanna say maru will chose EG but she will be together joon ha in the end .Maru and Jae Hee will get what they deserve.I just hope that.

  6. This is MR’s love story.

    His love for one woman will be the end of him because she has become his everything and he cares not where it takes him as long as she’s there. I hope he finds the release that he needs yet I fully expect him to go down with her (his ship) in the end because it will hurt and crush him to be without her if he causes her end. This is by no means a healthy relationship (see Choco’s mom), but it feels so raw and real.

    EG entered his life too late…..Her entrance into his life will only advance his demise with JH.

    I’m having a hard time looking away….

  7. oh wow, I hope EunGi isn’t there.

    I’m having the beating and rain scene fromA love to kill lol and it is the same writer, right?

  8. By the way I am also not a fan of Jae gil and choco parts like unnie but maybe jaegil being a chaebol son will have usefullness in thi plot? And as expected jae hee made him beaten up huh 🙁 she is sinking deeper and deeper…

  9. Dear, can you please not mention Arang in due to respect Arang’s lover and viewers. I love reading ur recaps and thought pf Nice Guy and planned to do so lter after it has finally finished and complete my recent crack drama. Just my humble two cents.

    • But this is my blog. Where I write about whatever I’m thinking and feel like talking about. Its inappropriate to ask me to censor myself on my blog posts. I felt like making a juxtaposition between NG and Arang in this post due to the differing levels of interest the drama is currently engaging me, which is a perfectly valid point of comparison and doesn’t require any restraint on my part. I hope you can enjoy watching dramas you love without being concerned about what others think/write about it. That’s what I do, and accept that people may love it more or less than you do.

  10. Blood & Gore seems so out of place on such a pretty face!
    A face like this needs floating flowers & ethereal background music not sounds of bashing blows & broken bruises.
    Just started & finished the entire 6 epis at one seating.
    I so want a happy ending for this grossly ‘misunderstood’ guy but then again , he DID voluntarily take the rap for his undeserving noona , didnt he..? I just can’t align his way-above average intelligence with his ridiculous sense of wrongly placed priority! What was he thinking ,leaving his sis on the cusp of death & throwing away a medical education/career which would have been the ticket out of that social rut for him & his sickly sis?? *grunt*
    Good thing that ,on top of their decent acting ,Joong-ki,Moon Chae-won & Park Si-yeon are so easy on the eye .

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