Written and Video Previews for Miss Rose Episode 11

I’ll strike while the Miss Rose iron is hot, dropping the preview for episode 11 following my recap for episode 10. I think between Si Yi and Cheng Kuan, it’s not a surprise that he’s going to be the one to take the first step. She’s not only once bitten twice shy when it comes to love, she’s also facing a guy who is already taken not to mention her boss. The fact that she’s been so honest and engaging around him speaks volumes for their comfort and chemistry to each other. I really don’t see Cheng Kuan falling in love with Si Yi as cheating on Vivian. He’s breaking a contract with her, that is all. He agreed to marry her because both willingly entered into a business arrangement, and for him the terms of his life have changed since meeting Si Yi. This is unlike Yi Chun, who did cheat on Si Yi when he picked the other girl because theirs was a genuine relationship premised on love and commitment to each other. It’s the impending shit storm that Cheng Kuan’s decision to end things with Vivian that scares me, and makes me so grateful that he’s such a mature and thoughtful character.

I don’t worry that he’ll flounder or flail when faced with pressure from President Jiang, nor will he be cowed by Vivian’s imperious attitude. I worry about what President Jiang may do to Si Yi in order to keep his spoiled daughter happy. Though I look around Si Yi and she’s pretty much got an entire army of overprotective awesome friends and family around her, so she ought to be in good hands even if she gets fired or Vivian starts to harass her. At least this drama doesn’t have butt poor characters and self-sacrificing shrinking violets. Cheng Kuan is uncertain for a long time while Si Yi is tentative and avoiding the pink elephant in the room, but I have faith that once they admit their feelings for each other, they can face whatever challenges lie ahead. I hope Yi Chun ends up being a supportive ex-boyfriend and stepping up to help because he knows Si Yi wants Cheng Kuan and not him. If his goal was to make up for his mistreatment of Si Yi, then he better show me he puts her interest above his own lingering feelings for her. Totally can’t wait for episode 11!

Written preview for episode 11:

Is it fate or destiny?

Cheng Kuan runs into Si Yi on a weekend and a 1 day and 1 night love adventure begins right now!? The sky lanterns slowly rise into the sky and each word on it reveals Cheng Kuan’s wish. That night, Cheng Kuan tentatively tells Si Yi how he really feels……. Vivian returns and everyone is in danger…….. Facing her boyfriend being so protective of another woman, what will Vivian do to make a point that she’s the boss in charge?

This time Kuan Kuan decides to be firm! He steels himself and makes everything clear to Vivian. President Jiang sees his daughter’s tears and has a man-to-man talk with Cheng Kuan. The bid fulfillment turns out to be late!? Ting Ai accidentally overhears a huge secret, and the evil trio that wants to kick Cheng Kuan out of Guang Qiang, what will they do? His career and his love are both facing huge obstacles and dangers, will Cheng Kuan successfully pass this test set before him by the Fates?

Previews for episode 11:

Vivian….I can’t get engaged to you.

Luo Si Yi, can I like you?


Written and Video Previews for Miss Rose Episode 11 — 20 Comments

  1. YES!!
    Can’t wait, can’t wait!

    I hope to see feisty SY back once she finds out about the broken engagement. She needs to believe if CK says he likes her that they can face anything together. No hesitation!!!
    What lovely pictures those lanterns make. Love it.

  2. Ack!! I can’t wait to see this πŸ™‚

    I absolutely agree that it is YC’s time to step it up and help protect SY (cause being with CK is not going to be an easy route) as a way of repaying her for the hurt that he has caused and also he seems to genuinely care for her.

  3. I remember in a Japanese Movie how the heroine was mocked on touching the puddle water and playing with it with great glee….thus I will elevate my level of communication thus as not to be accused of being a simplton rather a simple minded person…here is what I what I have to say


    In the midst of chaos
    Where my heart is parched
    The thirst for hope
    Threatens the beat of my heart
    Thus the illusion breaks into songs
    Where the flower blooms surrounded by thorns
    I hunger for warmth
    I hunger for humanity
    I hunger for affection
    I hunger for sanity
    Where thou art has compassion gone
    I have lost the essence of my being a woman
    Forced into an identity that loses my entire innocence
    Thus my fingers simply caress pure adolscene
    In love I live
    In faith I breathe
    I gently fool myself
    As I forced my self to see
    The reflection of what I wished to be
    In a dirty puddly men condemn
    Here lies the beauty of my dreams

    • This poem is a lovely defense.

      I was part of that mocking.
      In my own defense, my criticisms were aimed more at the writers for giving us an illogical and inconsistent heroine making the OTP not at all believable.

      (Btw, a nice soft rainfall will leave a dirty puddle outside on my driveway. She was at factory site. That water would be considered toxic, and/or possibly disease ridden depending on the environment near there!! It really was disgusting.)

      • Thank you for you honesty, you are a rational thinker and I appreciate you, but what is art without sufferings, what is art without metaphors and figure of speech, the ugliness simply shows the struggle of a human life you definitely felt the pain thank you….I have this song for you

  4. I also can’t wait for the next episode. I very much enjoy reading the recaps and all the Miss Rose information. I have a question: I know the drama is being subbed by dramafever but before there was also a fan viki channel for Ms. Rose. Now that I go to viki I get a message which states that the video is no longer available. I’m wondering if it was taken down because dramafever is subbing it?

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