Joe Cheng Goes on Assignment as a National Coast Guard Busting Crime

It’s official, Joe Cheng just PWNED all celebrities doing their mandatory military service. This is especially true of his BFFs Ethan Ruan, also currently serving but assigned to a desk job in Taipei, and Mike He, who is like pushing the age limit by days and still hasn’t enlisted yet. Joe enlisted 2 months ago and after completing his basic training he’s been assigned to the national coast guard. The crime beat reporters were out this past weekend following a routine story of a ship caught smuggling cigarettes, not terribly exciting in terms of criminal enterprises though highly profitable in terms of being a duty-free haul. The report turned from a ho-hum one to a certifiable swooning entertainment story the moment the reporters recognized that one of the coast guard lieutenants armed and standing guard during the raid was none other than Joe himself. With his cropped hair, simple glasses, a poker face, not to mentioning wearing a bullet proof vest whilst holding an automatic weapon, Joe cast a formidable figure that stands in stark contrast to his image as a dashing actor in real life. When the reporters tried to interview him instead, he politely told them he was on assignment and he had no comment, and went back to standing guard and completing this raid before returning to base. Nice to see reel and real blending together for once in a cool nifty way. I think once Joe finishes his service, he ought to try on an action role for once.He definitely looks the part already. I LOL’d at the tagline for one news report – the major transformation of a flower boy. Cute.


Joe Cheng Goes on Assignment as a National Coast Guard Busting Crime — 21 Comments

  1. * fans self frantically *
    How come he is so much hotter chiseled, in uniform, an OFFICER and holding a gun. And on duty!!!
    Compared to when he was acting?
    Okay, he looks even more sexy than Hyun Bin who was just doing Marine exercises.
    Oh dear god. * mind blown *
    By the way, you guys won’t have seen my fangirling over him before. So it’s all the uniform. Yay military service!!! Active soldier that is.
    And I noticed the Koreans don’t give officer positions to their actors doing military service, all privates to corporal. I wonder why.

  2. “with his crapped hair”… LOL
    How could you tell, Ms Koala? 😀
    Totally right on money about him PWNing all of them! U go, Joe!

  3. Yay seriously!! Kudos to him for his military service. I definitely cannot recognize him until I see him up close. But I am glad that he is taking his job very seriously.

    • Oh – I think Mike is a year younger than Joe right? Or I suppose he has a little more time than Joe, but not much more. But seriously, all of my baby cousins have been finished with MS for at least 2 years.

  4. He enlisted for only 2 months, and he’s already holding an automatic weapon? That’s a little scary. He does look very professional though.

    • Exactly my reaction. Two month –> automatic weapon = danger.
      However, looks like he is just safely guarding the stash since so many reporters are also allowed to be there to take photos. I guess he was not in any circumstance where he needed to use his gun.

      Coast guard certainly deserve some publicity for the hard work they are doing. Good job, Joe!

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