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Episode 16 of Miss Rose was all sorts of wonderful, and the preview for episode 17 looks equally as amazing. We’re getting a public declaration of love! Woo hoo, who knew Mr. M&A genius who never expressed any interest in the romantic side of things could turn out to be so ridiculously romantic when he met the right girl. Sorry Vivian, you gotta go find a hole and crawl in there now. I do not feel bad for you in the least to have your ex-boyfriend making it known to the entire world that he’s dumped you and moved on. The stunt she pulled to land Momma Guo in the hospital would be attempted murder in my book, changing out her meds so that she could swoop in and play savior and garner more brownie points. Once again, if she had behaved like a normal human being from the get go, none of this would have happened. That is why I really appreciate how the drama chose to portray Yi Chun, a man who accepts his own fault in losing his own happiness and comes back asking for another chance without resorting to underhanded tricks.

Quite the opposite, his mano-a-mano talk with Cheng Kuan in this episode was an honorable declaration of two truly remarkable men agreeing to let the girl decide where her heart lies. Much as drama watching has trained me to expect fisticuffs and giggle over male posturing, the lack thereof in MR is really yet another shining reason why this drama is such a satisfying watch. My favorite scene in this episode was the chat between Cheng Kuan and Si Yi as they walked to the Family Mart (yes, I have to call out that place since this drama shoves it in our face all the time). Si Yi went ahead and told Cheng Kuan that she liked him, and then honestly confessed her insecurity that she wasn’t good enough for him and they didn’t understand each other much. Cheng Kuan’s recital of all the things he knows Si Yi likes was so sweet I melted into a puddle, and bonus points for him ending with “And I know you like Gao Cheng Kuan.” I was wondering when fortune teller Lily would show up again and her interaction with Cheng Kuan at the hospital had me in stitches. MR gives me equal measure laughter and sweetness, what more could I ask for? Other than GIMME MORE!

Preview for episode 17:

Crowd: “Say yes, say yes, say yes to him!”

Cheng Kuan: Luo Si You, will you be my girlfriend?

Vivian: Gao Cheng Kuan, this is too much! What do you take me for?

Xiao Ke: Sheng Jun, thank you during this time for trying so hard to bring me some warmth. Thank you.

Sheng Jun: Something happened! Our competitor just released a new product that is almost identical our LED wand.

President Jiang: Deputy General Manager Gao, how many more problems are you going to create for me? The investigation revealed that its your Secretary Luo that leaked the confidential information. Immediately take care of it and fire her.


Video Preview for Episode 17 of Miss Rose — 13 Comments

  1. Of course I love the shout out to Yi Chun, Madame Koala. As I said in a previous posting, I hope the writers keep him decent because even though he doesn’t deserve to get back with Si Yi (maybe if Chen Kuan were not around) because she has clearly moved on, he is decent enough not to deserve that story arc. I am glad that episode 16 looks like another pile of happiness (*taps her fingers—waiting for the subs*) because the preview looks like a heavy dose of angst–Si Yi blamed for the leak?!?! Of course. How is she going to manage to get out of this one?

    Wouldn’t it be great if Chen Kuan and Yi Chun end up being friends through their bonding over saving Si Yi? Both in the preview looked shocked about the competitor’s design. Neither is going to believe that Si Yi is really responsible. It’s like a buddy movie, where the two cops hate each other in the beginning but are forced to work together and then resentfully come to respect and even like the other. Vivian put Mama Guo in the hospital, so I am sure she is behind this. But I sense a dash of Ting Ai in the mix or even the General Manager. Who else would have access to her computer? And thanks preview for showing us all some Shen Jung and Xiao Ke love. It looks like we are going to need some sweetness and light from them to balance out the anxiety caused by the trouble Si Yi is going to be in.

  2. Yes! Thank you Capt K for posting this so quickly. I finally got power back last night after almost 2 weeks of no power so I got to watch ep 16 today! I was flipping out about ep 17 preview cause framing Si Yi for the leak has me going tsk tsk! Cheng Kuan, you had better put on your detective shoes and find evidence of the real source of the leak. 🙂 Or at least Yi Chun do it! I like Yi Chun too, and am glad that he’s protecting SY too. I sort of want CK to stew in jealousy a little longer. He’s so cute when he does. The only part that I watched over and over was that talk btw CK and SY. He was so cute when he said all those things.

    I agree that the stunt Vivian pulled was a fine line between attempted murder or something.

    One thing that’s bugging me which is so silly is that Roy needs a hair cut, esp in the back. Sometimes, it looks like he wants to go the mullet route. LOL or at least it’s headed in that direction. At least trim the back a little, Stylist.

  3. Oh yeah, I really like the men talk scene. CK & YC conversation exchange is very respectful, yet strong and not wanting to give up any rooms or chance to the opponent to win SY. Woo woo way to go…
    Moreover I also love the conversation of Ck and SY before they both walk to the family mart. It was so cute on how ck telling her on what he knows about her and what she likes. I finds this is so romantic.
    Gosh I hate the gossip creator, Ting ai, spreading untrue rumors. Shut her dawn stinky mouth if she has nothing good to say. Gee… I felt very sorry for SY got arrows pointed all around, from the scrum rat GM, Stinky TA, bitch V, & bad fortune teller. She will needs a lot of courage to over come the battles of all 4.
    I think YC will help her mentally and physically (behind the scene at the company.) As YC said to CK during men talk that he’ll do everything to give SY happiness.
    Basically, YC is back for SY’s good. He plans that If he can be with her, then it’s great. If not, then he will help her to overcome any hardships she may be encountering. As long as she is happy, whatever to him is ok. This is a way he will pay to SY for the mistake he did to her 6 yrs ago. Aw… He is really a man.

    • Oh Pearl, I knew we were soul mates even though we live so far away from each other. Anyone who can appreciate Yi Chun is okay in my book . . . well as long as you stay away from him at the wedding:)

      Thank goodness he is there because I think there is going to be episodes worth of deviousness trying to bring Si Yi down, and I just don’t think the writers have created her to be up to the challenge, not just because she is just a secretary and a “screw” in the company’s machine but because she has no track record of really standing up for herself. Even in her argument in the car with Vivian, it was not about defending herself and deserving Chen Kuan but because she can tell that Vivian is confusing love with possession and ownership, which clearly has not been good for Chen Kuan.

      • No, Miss Trotwood as for YC at wedding, I’d sneak in, hug him, kiss him at cheek where the dimple is and then leave silently. I’d wish him the best of happiness. Afterward, he is all your my dear. Hehehe… Alrighty… No work today yay,… I’m off to “Love Now” ep 8 which I have craving for since last Thursday.

      • For the very first time in this series, I acutally said out loud with my mouth, “Whoa, Yi Chun!!” when he was talking with her.

        He just looked so masculine when he stood up, and he looked so sad when he asked, “Are you talking to ME about GCK?”

        I don’t want him, but I see the attraction, ladies. Good choice!!

  4. waaaaa. i can only check-out the recaps and read the feedback but haven’t got the luck of even downloading the series to watch it on the move… huhuhuh.

  5. Who in their right mind would think that Lou Si Yi would have anything to do with industrial espionage? GM, Ting Ai, and Vivian are insane and anyone listening to them is beyond stupid. I can hardly wait until they are brought down. ARGH!!!!

  6. Am kinda in da middle of exams now I don’t hv time 2 watch the episodes @ skul bt can u plz release the recap of episode 16 and so on,I wonder wat will happen 2 Vivian and finally cheng made the public announcement of his sweetheart

  7. In OG roy offers brocolli in form of a bouquet to alice key now am wondering what he will give to siyi as an emblem to his announcement og bing his girfriend

  8. Just watched 16.
    I actually cried at his thoughtful list of what SY likes, ending with GCK.
    That whole thing was beautifull choreographed. The camera moving with him as he physically covered all her escape routes.
    Proving that she is now trapped (in a good way!) by her own feelings for him – no getting away from it with noble idiocy!!

    I love this show, and I keep falling harder for Roy!

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