First Awesome and Adorable Teasers Released for Flower Boy Next Door

Okay, here’s the drill. If tvN somehow fucks up a perfect cast and an adorable story and Flower Boy Next Door ends up sucking for whatever reason, I will be so inconsolable a support group might be needed to as therapy to deal with my disappointment. At this point, there is nothing I can do to lower my expectations to a more manageable level. Especially when the network just released two short (and similar) teasers for FBND that shows Kim Ji Hoon dressed like a bad boy and looking so cool I imagine he’s about to hop on a motorcycle and take off at any moment. The teasers are so cute, with just that right amount of manga vibe which suits this story perfectly since it is adapted from an online webtoon called “I Sneak Peeks at Him Everyday.” Once again, if Kim Ji Hoon was my neighbor and I had a clear line of sight into his apartment, I would buy a telescope and pretend I was Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window, except without the handicap. I actually find Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon already laden with chemistry right off the bat. She’s so charming with her real life homey persona fantasizing about her dream man, only to be rudely interrupted by a grumpy and exceedingly forward Enrique Geum played by Yoon Si Yoon. Kudos for the tiny bit of Spanish instrumental played during the trailer, adding just that bit of otherworldly cuteness. January 6 cannot come any sooner. If it didn’t involve needing to skip over Christmas and New Year, I would make a wish nightly for me to skip the next month. Alas, that would be too Grinch of me. *back to wrapping presents*

Teasers for Flower Boy Next Door:


First Awesome and Adorable Teasers Released for Flower Boy Next Door — 37 Comments

  1. Kim Ji Hoon!!! He’s so gorgeous, and I’ve missed him so much. It’s been 3 years since Stars falling from the sky, so much withdrawal V_V The story seems cute and funny, hope there’s a lot of chemistry between lead actors.

  2. OMG, thanks!
    I forgot about how each Flower Boy show has a posse of, well, flower boys.
    (Swearing en quebecois) Tabernouche, those boys are ky-ute!
    They are all friends, so we will see lotso bromance.
    Grumpy Enrique sounds perfect for YSY.

    OMG! KJH has good hair! KJH has good hair!!!
    Let the joyous news be spread!

    I will be traveling, off the internets, for the second and third weeks of this show. I am already in withdrawal.

    • ,now that I reflect back on it, all of the Oh! Boy series have delivered on cutie pies and bromance.. and a lot of good kisses. *PSY pls be good, none of that puckered lips touching, closed eyes, and 360 camera angle*

      Hopefully, this one will be consistent and deliver it too..

      • *PSY pls be good none of that puckered lips touching closed eyes, and 360 camera angle*
        LOL….what does it say about me that I actually remember all of these Park Shin Hye kisses vividly…damn YAB and other addictive kdramas!

      • LOL i too distinctly remember most of PSH’s typical kdrama kisses.. but I’m hoping tvN maintains it’s rather hawt precedence for awesome kiss scenes. Plus PSH did kiss properly in Goong S and a CF she did with Jang Geun Suk.. so here’s to hoping? First time I’ve been excited about a drama before it airs 🙂

  3. Omo! Im already on the second lead ship. That man is soo good looking. This better be good since I’m still getting over the sadness that is I miss you. Thank you Ms Koala, I would probably join you in that support group if things go south.

  4. AH I’M SO EXCITED!!! I’m just a little hesitant whether PSH can deliver on the kiss scenes since she usually has a perpetually shocked look during them. Sigh let’s hope YSH can bring out the naughty in her hehehe >:-)

  5. KJH’s look here kinda reminds me of Mike He’s Amon character from DBY, sans the wavy hair and sneer.. uhm, can anybody tell me where that neighborhood is? so I can move in? so many cutie pies neighbors.. 🙂

  6. OMG, could this look any more ADORABLE??? They are all so pretty and cute and I want to squeeze them! YSY and PSH look great together, and for once she seems happy to be kissed by the guy! I love her, but generally she just closes her eyes and does this tense face like she’s ready for a punch, LOL. Can’t wait for january. I’t gonna be daebak!!!

  7. Oh how embarrassing think that got a squeal out of me.I already have lost hope.Stuck on this how come what may .The bonus will be good kissing scenes.

  8. I really like Park Shin Hye. But not Him, I don’t know but He is the kind of actors that I don’t like by man lead , but just for her I’ll watch the drama. 😛

  9. If this drama has the same vibe as Flower boy ramyun shop, it is going to be amusing, because it was also produced by tvN and had a bit of a manga thing. Although I dont fancy Park Shin Hye because she`s always repeating herself in her characters (same silly faces), I hope this drama achieves its potencial as a comedy!

  10. With every teaser or news the expectations rise dramatically. Can the drama really live upto all the fanfare and hype. That does not stop me from eagerly waiting for the time to pass. If nothing else watching this cast specially PSH would be awesome

  11. I finished stars falling from sky yesterday and in love with KJH, so lucky right now he is in a drama:D LOL I actually half watched love marriage, dont know why but couldnt finished:( SFFS was epic!!!

    I find YSY cute actually but why is he looking like a real cartoon character in the press photoO_o not a bit charming:(((

    after watching running man loving PSH::D lucky to see her with KJH also:D

  12. i love the “flower boy” series of tvN. well, I LOVE TVN! (now known as chanM hehehe)

    i enjoyed “shut up flower boy band” and “flower boy ramyun shop”. this one is something to look forward to! (and i have to say reply 1997 was the best from tvN hehehe)

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