Hyun Bin Sheds Tears as Fans Gather to Welcome Him Back From the Military

Binnie is back (not to be confused with Baby’s got back)! Clearly his fans number in the crazy digits and are super supportive because the group formed before dawn outside the marine base headquarters where marine service member Kim Tae Pyung was about to be released back to their collective fangirl hearts. When Hyun Bin was officially discharged, with a commendation from his division for his exemplary service, he start to cry and cry as he gave his thank you speech for the honor of being a marine and learning so much from the process. Seriously, Binne, where’d you come from? He is just too sweet for words, with his overflowing sincerity and none of the airs of a mega star itching to get back to being a star after nearly two years of living like every other male young man in South Korea needs to do when they enlist for their mandatory armed service. Hyun Bin expressed his desire to get back to acting and promised to give it his all. I heard from the grapevine that he might be starring in a drama as his first project, though until the news is announced its all speculation. The projects I’ve heard areΒ The Incarnation of Money by the writers of Giant and History of the Salaryman or Golden Empire by the writer of The Chaser. Both would be fantastic choices, and would skew more towards the drama style of my favorite Binnie drama of all time Friends, Our Legend. Epic, I tell you! I hope he stays away from brain dead rom-coms like the Secret Garden variety, though I’m sure he’s fielding calls for tons of those since he left right after SG and most folks still remember his freshest as Kim Joo Won, asshole loverboy extraordinaire. His acting talents is truly impossible to deny – watching him cry his way through his speech today and comparing it to Joo Won, I think I just finally found one good reason I wasted 20 hours of my life on that craptastic drama. Welcome back, Binnie! I missed you so so much. *muah*


Hyun Bin Sheds Tears as Fans Gather to Welcome Him Back From the Military — 34 Comments

  1. aww, this is too sweet. Kinda got teary-eyed that he got overly emotional at the fan reception. The last 21(?) months must’ve been quite a learning experience for him. In fabulous Kim Hang-Ah’s words “Hyun Binnie” welcome back – we await your return (hopefully) to dramaland!! <3

    ps – SO glad that he chose not to sign w/ SME and that he & SMA will jointly start an agency. YESHHHHHHH!!

  2. Ecstatic to have him back. now, i can say “how time flies”… it was just last year when i said “cant 21 months come fast enough”… can’t wait for his first drama/movie comeback. sigh!~

  3. I am truly glad his back, I love this guy so much, from the time he entered the military service until now I could sense his sincere feeling to his fans. He is still the number one KOREAN actor! Good luck Hyun Bin to your new endeavor I keep up the best in you. We love you!!!!!!!1111

  4. See! He is the best at playing a jerk cheabol but in fact he is only a melting chocolate cake. He is just frigging adorable, handsome, talented… And he has a serious fanbase, that’s for sure. What will he choose for his next project? Mystery… Let him rest a bit and enjoy the company of his dear ones before resuming crazy schedules and media delirium. Oppa Binnie is back in one piece and for now that’s enough for me. πŸ™‚

  5. Cheesus, that is sweet. I didn’t cry watching the video, but the stills got to me for some reason.
    Those poor manboys having to submit to the crap that comes with being in the Military. I have a military spouse, and it’s not glorius or particularly PATRIOTIC! It is a grind like any other job with a LOT of boring time off.
    If nothing else, I think it teaches them to apprciate how awesome their real careers are. I pray and am proud when they come back stronger, as most of them do.

    • well someone always has to do the job either way, there’s always a sunny side of the street….it’s not that I’m not Patriotic or anything but I would love to learn some culture I am not fully introduced to….hahaha

      • Only because you asked.
        The war and military life are often topics of films since much of the violent and disturbing subject matter is too much for TV.
        The King 2 Hearts showed us a little, so that was cool.
        Operation Proposal, surprisingly, also gave us a glimpse of MS.

        The Frontline 2011 and JSA (Joint Security Area) 2000 show us what it means to be at war with your brothers. Both are good films. JSA is one of my favorite Korean films of all time.

        For a very brutal and very sad and very disturbing portrayal of what most kids experience during their 24 mos, there is The Unforgiven (2005) BUT BEWARE! Swearing, violence, tension, scaryness fill this film. WARNING WARNING not for the faint of heart. It won a bunch of awards, and was much talked about when it was released.

      • I am aware of the DANGER of the film, and have you had NIGHTMARES that becomes REALITY it feels like it’s a CURSE, like it’s a CROSS you have to bear….these films or MAN MADE PICTURES is glimps of the FUTURE…anyway what will happen WILL HAPPEN…so I’s rather PRAY than watch such films….

  6. He is sooooo sweet and cute is criminal!!! There most be a law against his cuteness!!!! I would love to wash those tears away!!!!

    Binnie welcome back!!!!!

    Miss K, what are those green/yellow sacks on the back of the photo?

  7. So happy he’s back. Love his “You still love me” tears. Also hope he chooses another drama of the caliber of Friends, Our Legend.

  8. I have totally lost it! As moving as these picture are the only thing going though my mind is I can’t wait to see what the Military has done to that body:) Binnie alway has the softest looking lips, damm this man is hot!

  9. It’s THIS close to confirmation it’s a movie, then drama. His management seems quite excited to point of eager to spill.

  10. he is no doubt the most humble actor in korea. played an arrogant chaebol in sega but in reality he is just like the sweetest cupcake ever. can’t wait for his future films, i’m sure it will turned out daebak. oppa binnie fighting!!!!

  11. Whether it’s rom-com or serious drama, the most important is if the actor played it well. HB had proven himself. I’m still going to watch him.Actually I like comedy better.

  12. Korean fans have all the damn luck!!! Gosh, hyunnie you are too sexy. His eyes are so pretty and sparkly when he cries, and guy usually don’t have great crying faces. His was manly. He looks as if he needs a kiss, I can totes do that for him.

  13. Binnie is awesome secret garden just another plce to watch him act he was so funny as gilram i thought

    He was crying coz i was not there of coz

  14. I think when he saw how much his fans still loved and him and the relive to get out of his ordeal the poor bloke was reduced to tears. He said that he missed acting …me thinks it’s just that he missed his old life. So humble, sincere and down to earth. I’ve never seen a celebrity be genuine nice. Watching him cry, I teared up too.

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