Official Posters and Christmas BTS Stills for Flower Boy Next Door

You know, even if Flower Boy Next Door turns out to be a dud, which can totally happen, I will always remember fondly how wonderfully creative and refreshingly fun the promos for this drama were. This is exactly how I fondly remember Heartstrings (You’ve Fallen for Me), Park Shin Hye‘s last drama with Jung Yong Hwa that I was so eagerly anticipating in the Summer of 2010 but ended up being totally disappointed with. To this day I still remember how beautiful the posters and how young and charming the promotional stills and teasers were. Currently FBND is running the reverse of Cheongdamdong Alice but I’m hoping it’ll end up tickling all my happy nodes the way CA is doing right now. So two official posters came out today and I love them both to pieces! I’ve been complaining about deadly dull and repetitive posters lately since it’s hard to do anything new but one way to stand out is to try something that resonates with the viewers. The first poster has the three leads but directed in a way that we get a glimpse of their personalities and connection with each other. Yoon Si Yoon rocks the goofy carefree vibe with his broad smile as he pulls a reluctant Park Shin Hye along, and while she’s standing closer to Kim Ji Hoon it feels like he’s on the outside looking in. The second poster has only the two main leads and once again Park Shin Hye looks grumpy and reluctant around Yoon Si Yoon but he’s totally happy and oblivious to her annoyance with him. Plus having the background for the posters be a manhwa sketch of apartment buildings ties in with its manhwa roots. So. Cute. Check out the posters plus a bunch of official BTS stills from the Christmas teaser filming. I have to say this cast looks like they are having a blast filming. What I would give to be a fly on the wall.


Official Posters and Christmas BTS Stills for Flower Boy Next Door — 24 Comments

  1. I didn’t notice it during the actual teaser, but … WHAT ARE THOSE HORRENDOUS THINGS ON YOO SHI YOON’S LEGS??? Dear god please not let his fashion sense in the drama include “pants” like those. I’ve found that I can get REALLY distracted by a male lead’s choice in pants during a drama *stares at Lee Min Hot* I mean all our other cuties got nice regular pants so why not our male lead?? But I’m totally excited for this since I loved both of the previous drama’s in the Oh Boy’s series. Is January here yet????

    • … I just checked the synopsis about the drama… I don’t care how ‘stylish and bohemian’. I just want to rip those pants of him (both for my hatred of those pants and in the rawr sense ;D)

    • I think its his eccentric Enrique character…he’s like designer or something?…it’s always the design ppl in dramas with the most bizarre outfits *looks at HJE’s character in FH2*

      • So true!
        I must not be fashionable. Because the more I hate an outfit, the more everyone fashionable likes it.
        Or maybe it’s just ugly IS fashionable now.

      • Ah, the fashion sense in Full House 2 . . . it does not make sense. *scratches head* Must be opposite day everyday for stylists in dramas.

        And that red cape YSY was wearing . . . I now know where my tree skirt went.

  2. “Even if it’s a dud.” I guess it’s the miss koala version of “break a leg!” Not a bad idea.
    And I agree. The promotion for this show is very well done. tvN, we are counting on you: I need my light Champagne drama, with a lot of bubbles and laughs for 2013.
    Can I kiss my cutie in advance? It’s to wish him good luck…

  3. baaaah….so cute! every time they release stills I’m dying from all the cuteness…the expetations for this show are so high everywhere I turn, at this point I may have knocked on wood a bazillion times…really have to work on tampering down my own expectations too…also is Yoon Si Yoon wearing my Xmas tree skirt as his cape?

  4. If in christmas poster YSY use strange pants, now in BTS poster release today, KJH also wearing that strange pants when YSY wear normal pants. They still look good kekekeee~~

    Ms. Koala, you should check new poster, more cute..cute and cute 😛

  5. I’m not feeling the boyish male lead here. Oh, but not to worry, KJH is here. They better not dial KJH down so viewers can fall for the ML as if some will need encouraging….. LOL.

  6. You have the knack of putting everything in a nutshell , Once again agree totally with your sentiments. Do hope we can have the same fun watching the drama as the cast seems to be having while filming it. Nearly everyday they release something about the drama. Can they really keep it up till Jan 7 looking forward to the appearance of the cast in Strong Heart Christmas special and your review 🙂

  7. First time I noticed how different YSY’s face is now.
    But not to worry, bad cosmetic decisions aside, the boy can act.

    They do look like they are having fun, so that works.
    Either they ARE having that much fun, and it’ll show up on the screen, or they are
    acting that they are having that much fun and it IS showing up on the screen.

    Can’t wait!!!!!

    • True ! That’s a possibility too since they are good at acting. Either way its all good.
      It’s like a prequel drama before the one next year. Am really enjoying all the daily ” mini episodes” with everyone here.

  8. I hate when a drama makes me this excited… I don’t want to be disappointed!

    Love the posters! And I just hope they don’t give the leads bad wardrobe.. So now that we have better hair, we have to mess up somethig else??

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