Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Confirmed for Bu Bu Jing Qin, Kevin Cheng and Yuan Hong Reportedly Out

I always thought that there could be no genuine Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 (步步驚心) without the involvement of Tong Hua either writing the script or approving it. Yet here it is, with her going on record on her weibo page stating that she is not involved in upcoming so-called sequel in any way. I think the clearest indicator that this is simply a completely different modern drama using a few of the same character names and perhaps a overarching construct from the original story is the fact that the new drama has a different name of Bu Bu Jing Qin (步步驚情) and the synopsis submitted to SARFT for approval earlier this month I have translated here. The drama is slated to start filming at the end of February and the latest developments have 4th Prince Nicky Wu and leading lady Liu Shi Shi confirmed but the news reports are saying that 8th Prince Kevin Cheng and 13th Prince Yuan Hong are out. This comes as no surprise since both Kevin and Yuan Hong have said they have never gotten a script nor officially been asked to join the drama, despite Tangren mouthing off repeatedly that the entire cast of BBJX will be back. Kevin and Yuan Hong are scheduled to begin filming any day now the drama adaptation of the Tang Qi Gong Zi novel Hua Xu Yin (drama is called The City of Devastating Love) with leading lady Jiang Xin. The news reports are adorably saying that Ruo Xi and 4th Prince are getting back together while 8th Prince has eloped with Consort Hua (Jiang Xin’s scene-stealing character from The Legend of Zhen Huan). Tangren has been freezing 14th Prince Lin Geng Xin for the past few months (poor baby, I hate that agency with a passion these days) so if he goes get out of his contract and goes to Hua Yi Brothers (as rumored), then I’m all for him giving Tangren the middle finger and saying no to BBJX 2 as well. Which leaves 9th and 10th Princes possibly joining, though both are on a hot streak and I’m not sure they want to or have time for this pointless exercise either.

The filming for BBJX 2 is slated to take approximately 10 months and won’t be released until 2014. It won’t involve time-travel and will simply be the story of a modern white collar working girl getting embroiled in a corporate successor battle between two hot guys that work with her. Yawn. While I am happy that Liu Shi Shi and Nicky are reuniting for a project, I have no expectations for BBJX 2 being any good mostly because the script written without Tong Hua’s lyrical hand is just a run-of-the-mill C-drama workplace/love triangle production. Despite loving the sizzling chemistry between Kevin and Liu Shi Shi in BBJX, I’m fine with him being out because I think the drama adaptation of Hua Xu Yin will be my next C-crack. I just finished the novel (HOMG, so so SOOOOOOO good) and am eagerly waiting for it to start filming. But I read the leaked entire 30 episode drama synopsis and it is nothing like the novel. Characters are the same but almost everything else has been changed to the point I take it as a completely different story. Not as good as the novel, but interesting enough that I still want to see it. The novel is something else – utterly mesmerizing. Just out of curiosity, does anyone want me to write about it? Based on the leaked detail drama synopsis, Kevin Cheng will be playing Mo Yen/Prince Su Yu, Jiang Xin is Princess Ye Zhen/Jun Fu, and Yuan Hong will be Jun Wei.


Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Confirmed for Bu Bu Jing Qin, Kevin Cheng and Yuan Hong Reportedly Out — 36 Comments

  1. Ahhhh super excited! I totally get your disappointment about Tong Hua not being involved since I really hoped that she would be so that the drama would be just as epic as the firsy but no 🙁 but I’m über happy that Nicky and Shi Shi are going to be in it again cause I totally ship their chemistry! (: my expectations honestly aren’t that high with the recent news and synopsis so I’m just hoping for something that won’t be illogical and screw up near the end! Light and fluffy is perfectly fine with me. 😀 <3

  2. Yes I would love it if you decided to write about it. So count me in!
    I liked consort Hua even though she was the villain. She was very interesting! So I can’t wait to see what Jiang Xin will do with her next role.

  3. Apart from the leads there’s really nothing holding the ‘sequel’ together. I would use the term ‘sequel’ sparingly as well. Oh well, at least there’s some good chemistry to look forward to.

    Yes please! 😀

  4. It’s such a shame because there was so much potential – the psychology and character development of Zhang Xiao having to re-adjust to modern life and build a relationship with the man who looks like 4th but doesn’t have her memories would have made for an excellent and nuanced story. Is it because of the time-travel ban that they can’t do that? Or just plain laziness? I completely agree that if Tong Hua isn’t in on it, it’s not going to be worth watching. I just wish they would put it to rest so that ShiShi and Nicky don’t have to be pressured into wasting their time and talents on it.

    I would love to read more about Hua Xu Yin! You’re the best, Koala!

    And a question for C-drama fans: didn’t Yuan Hong film a Mulan drama? Is that going to be broadcast any time soon?

  5. Wait a minute…BBJQ is not BBJX2. Sniffles. No Kevin. No Yuan.

    I’d like to read the novel so please do write about it with lots of Kevin Cheng pics to boot.

    • I am curious about that too. Usually agencies freeze actors when they do something bad or get involved in scandals. But it seems that Lin Geng Xin is free from scandals for the past months and his drama with Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang is airing well. Can someone enlighten me about this? Tangren seems like a wreck but I like their dramas and actors/actresses.

      • Its apparently because he wants to do too much right now and he also feels like he’s not getting a lot of credit for what he’s doing so he vents and now Karen is being a Queen B and freezing him, aka he just goes to a coffee shop everyday.

  6. I’ve been wanting to read Hua Xu Yin since you raved about it last time, but can’t find it anywhere online. Would love to hear more about it, also if you know where I can find it online I’d be super grateful!

  7. Hi Koala! It’s always nice to read your blog and been introduced to good novels and stories!! I am all in!

    I really hoped that Tong Hua could be part of the sequel and the other princes as well. Just hope they can come back with a stronger plot and development of the characters.

  8. Was only going to watch this for the 13th Prince. Now I’ve lost all motivation (I’d make a sad face but i still don’t know how to write in emoticon)

  9. If there is no Kevin Cheng or Yuan Hong there is no point in calling this BBJ2. It’s like watching Harry Potter without Ron and Hermione, it’s just not the same. Just remember not to give yourself too much hope cause there will be a lot of disappointments.

  10. yes yes yes please write about it koala, please please please! i read all your book translations of tong hua, the ballad of the desert and the song in the clouds and wow they were amazing. i liked them so very much, read some chapters over and over again. so please do recap that book or the drama synopsis too, especially with your casting. the pictures you have chosen for your recaps were so matching to the content and your casting was so mind blowing, i enjoyed every bit of it! i will eagerly be waiting for your translations with the rest of the community! 🙂

  11. this whole ordeal remind me of that storyline in drama go go go. seriously, why ruin a good thing? why cant they have the dignity to leave it be?

  12. This isn’t a sequel so much as a drama with two of the main actors from BBJX. But who am I kidding? I’m going to watch it for the LSS/NW chemistry; that was my crack in BBJX. It’s too bad the others can’t join in for it though.

  13. What an anticlimax to the much expected BBJX2!The script should be free of complaints as it took such a long time to complete. Well, if the filming begins in March, Yuan Hong and Kevin should still be ready to be in the series as they are supposed to finish Hua Xu Yin at the end of Feb. I do hope they will be able to do it.

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