Jung So Min Attends Japan Fan Meeting of Bad Guy Co-star Kim Nam Gil

Woah, these are two former drama co-stars I never thought to see together in any capacity again. Kim Nam Gil held a series of fan meetings in Japan in early January and his Bad Guy co-star Jung So Min was actually in attendance for all of them. Nothing going on between them, LOL, merely that Bad Guy was very popular in Japan so Kim Nam Gil’s fan meeting was also to promote that drama hence Jung So Min’s presence. Of his three BG leading ladies, she had the least screen time as the third female lead, which made sense since that was her first acting role. I remember watching Jung So Min for the very first time and her natural acting made quite an impression on me. Her character, not so much. But later on I would fall completely head over heels for her talent and charm in Playful Kiss, which she landed the role immediately following BG. Kim Nam Gil’s bad guy character in BG went about seducing all three leading ladies but he started off romancing Jung So Min’s naive rich girl in order to start his revenge plans.Ā I remember thinking she was way too young to fall prey to his depredations but now a few years have passed I must say they definitely still have chemistry and its actually matured to the point I’m not skeeved out by it.

It helps that Jung So Min’s last role in Can We Get Married? was about her in an adult relationship and acting like an adult and planning a wedding. I think she’s crossed over firmly into the adult roles territory. If fact, I can totally see her doing Han Ga In‘s role in BG, though despite all my slams on Ha Ga In’s (non) acting in The Moon Embraces the Sun, she was seriously bringing it in BG opposite Kim Nam Gil. Maybe it was the pornstache turning all the ladies on, heh. Anyhoo, Kim Nan Gil has really taken it slow with his return to the entertainment world after serving in the military. Everyone thought he would do a drama is ease back into the spotlight but instead he’s chosen a thriller movie The Man Who Runs Backwards as his first post MS project. He does impress me with his acting choices, because even if BG was one of the hottest messes of a drama ever, it was one that was an entertaining hot mess and quite riveting to watch live. I still remember when someone pissed off JB demanding recaps of BG and Santa made his first grand appearance. That was truly an epic moment for the ages, and it was all thanks to BG.

Kim Nam Gil totally looks like Jung So Min’s sketchy uncle in BG, which makes his seducing her all the more shiver-inducing. But that was the entire point of the drama, as his character worms his way into her family and leaves a lot of broken hearts in his tracks. In the drama Jung So Min and Kim Jae Wook played siblings (though after the big reveal they weren’t siblings and it was actually Kim Nam Gil who was the real brother), but I always thought those two would ignite the screen if they could do a drama together. After watching Jung So Min with Sung Joon in CWGM, I’m even more convinced she needs to star opposite Kim Jae Wook, who is scheduled to be released from the military in a few months. Yay! I’ll always remember BG fondly for the few things it got right rather than the million things it did wrong.


Jung So Min Attends Japan Fan Meeting of Bad Guy Co-star Kim Nam Gil — 16 Comments

  1. Its not a surprise if BG famous in Japan. The drama execution so jdorama. And they give tragic ending. I can see in jdorama sad ending is quite pupolar.

  2. You said :

    ‘After watching Jung So Min with Sung Joon in CWGM, Iā€™m even more convinced she needs to star opposite Kim Jae Wook’

    I actually would LOVE to see Jung So Min with Kim Hyun Joong again. SHE really brought the ‘good’ acting in him. I hope they do work together again …

  3. Oh BG, I still can’t decide if it was the best kdrama ever or the worst one. Truly a study in contrasts – the good was so awesome and the bad just bloody aweful. It was worth watching for the acting alone, but the cinematography and the music were also stellar. I still have the main theme as my ring tone and get approving comments on it from strangers who have no idea what it is. I keep it a secret.

  4. Looking forward to seeing KNG on screen soon. After CWGM, I also hoped JSM will co-star with KJW playing a bad boy role. She’s starred enough opposite nice, next-door boys lately. In fact I would like a reunion with JSM, KJW and KNG.

  5. Ah Bad Guy, the drama that opened my eyes to k-dramas and KNG was/is my first k-love. I still like it despite the WTF ending. I remember being late every Thursday and Friday so that I could see the subbed episodes of the show as Viki would release them at that time. Then it led me to Dramabeans and finally to here. Good times!

  6. Kim jae wook and jung so min?Hmm maybe they could work,well he certainly has more chemistry with her than with han ga in,actually both guys had more chemistry with her than with han ga in which is why I didn’t ship either men with her.Side note: I just got done watching “nice guy” and now I’m convinced that moon chae won would’ve been the perfect jae-in. She could’ve perfectly displayed the inner struggle and complexity out of the jae-in character which han ga-in seriously failed to do..

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