The Incarnation of Money with Kang Ji Hwan and Hwang Jung Eum Release Teasers

It’s weird how a disappointing streak with dramas can color even upcoming releases. With Cheongdamdong Alice wrapping up this weekend, its follow up drama has been quietly preparing for its premiere next week and released two teasers recently. As a die-hard Kang Ji Hwan fan I should be all over The Incarnation of Money like cat on cream but the premise and promotional materials just turn me off big time. But I’m not worried because this comes from the creative writing-directing team behind the epic Giant and black humor History of the Salaryman and I loved both, so I trust the drama will be good even if I’m not all that keen on the story or half the cast. Kang Ji Hwan apparently is a prosecutor who gets committed to the mental hospital at some point, while Hwang Jung Eum goes from fat girl (where she dons a fat suit for that portion of the drama) daughter of a loan shark to shedding all that weight to break Kang Ji Hwan out of the mental hospital by pretending to be his wife. Or something like that. Reuniting from their Giant days is Hwang Jung Eum and Park Sang Min, though he’s not playing her super awesome oldest brother here and is instead playing the villain of this piece. Eunjung was originally in talks for this drama but her role has now gone to Oh Yoon Ah, with Choi Yeo Jin and Kim Soo Mi rounding out the main cast. I’m really baffled by the terribly styling in this drama, ranging from Kang Ji Hwan’s ridiculous bowl cut to Hwang Jung Eum’s equally fugly complementary short do. I feel like every other drama aims to out-ugly its main cast, and for what purpose I don’t understand. It’s not like there is a proliferation of preternaturally good looking people out there who somehow are complete epic fails when it comes do getting a serviceable haircut or wearing clothing that isn’t cobbled together from the recycle bin. Anyhoo, the stills and teaser do nothing to arouse my interest but I’ll definitely check this out when it airs next weekend on SBS.

Teasers for Incarnation of Money:


The Incarnation of Money with Kang Ji Hwan and Hwang Jung Eum Release Teasers — 15 Comments

  1. I loved History of the Salaryman and I hope this will be a great one as well
    but last year Hong Sisters disappointed BIG time even though I liked everything they did before, so…I will try not to expect much

  2. I knew Eunjung wouldn’t be in it!
    Maaan why the hair? Hwang Jung Eum is on an ugly hair streak I don’t even remember the last time she had decent looking hair! In High kick through the roof and Golden Time he hair only looked good when tied up *sigh* stylist why?????

  3. I’m all in if for no other reason than to see a fat chick kiss Kang Ji Hwan. Mmmm. I have missed seeing him kissed.

    I too have felt Meh about KDramas lately after abandoning CCDA at episode 8, but I have to believe there is gold still to come.

    In the meanwhile, I am over watching JDramas like Nobuta, Hara-Chan and the one with the time traveling chef.

  4. I am thoroughly not excited at all despite liking kjh. I have been really meh about kdramas lately and with the end of CDDA, I am not watching any of them – returning to mainly watching twdramas until some other kdrama peaks my interest. I do want to check this out though… My expectations are very low. His hair is really awful… Is it part of his character?

  5. KJH I miss U. Your hair not suit you many be for the youngster ,
    I cant wait? When is the drama on air?
    KJH Good luck and keep flighting

  6. Fighting! KANGJIHWAN . I’m hope you happy. I’m exciting for this drama. This is kangjihwan he never afraid of looking ugly in appearance. I love you. He’s a great actor. Good acting.

  7. Incarnation of Money is daebak! I love it! It is just sad that it only has two more episodes. It has me glued to my computer every weekend. KJH fighting! You are one of the best actors I have ever seen.

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