Yoon Eun Hye Discusses Career and Love at Solo Press Conference

It must be hard being Yoon Eun Hye, so popular as an entertainer that her every move garners comment and conjecture. I love her as an actress but it’s hard to discuss her craft without fans and antis mucking up the discussion with personal swords and shields. Missing You was her first foray into traditional K-melodrama and its low-teens ratings but copious media coverage would probably render its success a rather mixed bag. I thought acting-wise she was the most consistent of the three leads (which isn’t saying much since one character completely had a personality and motivation transplant midway through) but her character had the most non-existent thoughtful character development. One minute she was a rape-scarred fashion designer escaping from her past and after some smoldery staring and one hot kiss all her unresolved trauma magically evaporated and she was back being her old self, only a bit wiser. It’s a beyond ridiculous message all things considering, but she sold it convincingly as only she can do. Even Moon Geun Young, as hard as she tried, couldn’t quite pull off a fully convincing conclusion for her very haphazardly written character in Cheongdamdong Alice. Yoon Eun Hye held a solo press conference this week where she chatted about her recent experiences and future plans. She’s been receiving tons of scripts, especially for movies, and is seriously considering her next step. Whatever she picks, she plans to start filming it right away. She also expressed a desire to do a sageuk soon. I totally support that – one cannot really challenge acting limits without donning a sageuk costume at some point.

She expressed a recently sense of loneliness, likely brought about by her getting closer to turning 30 soon. During the filming of MY, that feeling of loneliness was especially keen. She wished for someone to talk to on the mundane things, such as asking if the person ate or what he did today. When Yoochun was filming and she was standing by, she would feel the sadness set in. It was much better when she was kept busy. For the longest time she told herself she didn’t need a guy, but now she really wants to meet the right guy and isn’t averse to going public about a relationship. She revealed that she’s never dated a guy younger than her, but her dating history is very slim to begin with. What she hates the most about going public is gaining antis because of the relationship.


Yoon Eun Hye Discusses Career and Love at Solo Press Conference — 66 Comments

  1. As successful as she is, she also needs someone to love and take care of her for the rest for her life…Maybe she already has one we just don’t know it and this conference is just her way of telling us if we are keen enough…Whoever she’ll end up with I will continue to love and support her..I ship her with a certain oppa..and I will be happier if they end up for real.

  2. She needs help in choosing her next project. Her past projects have been duds. She should ask other successful actors for advice.

    • I dont think u can pick a good project unless its ur luck, they dont know the script until they sign contact with production, they only know the synopsys, so its hard to pick, noone want a bad project in the first place, do u agree with me?

      She is not stupid to do a crappy project if she knew it is

      • Not quite. You can carefully consider who is doing the project, who the director and the writers are and what kind of things they have done in the past. That will tell you quite a bit – though of course not everything. You can also weigh who else has signed on, although that’s a bit trickier.

        No one wants a bad project but some people also have less of a choice (they need work – though this probably doesn’t apply so much in her case) and we also will have some differences in criteria of what makes a good project and what not.

        From the sound of it, it’s not just a guy she needs, but some good girlfriends, fierce ones like Ha Ji-won who can impart their slightly older wisdom on her, or the ones like those Taiwanese actresses that galloped off to Boracay to celebrate turning 30 with joie de vivre.

    • @alua, she is already friends with Ha Ji Won, Son Ye Jin and Gong Hyo Jin.
      She was spotted having lunch with Ha Ji Won and Son Ye Jin awhile back.

      The writer’s has a pretty good resume. She penned Can You Hear My Heart, Last Scandal and Smile You.

      The tricky part of picking out a korean drama, is that all they give their stars are synopsis, they dont give out a finished script which is subject to many changes during the shoot. Not to forget the live shoot. There’s really no way of knowing if the project they pick out will turn out great. It involves a lot of luck. I have seen a lot of drama that involve PD’s and writers with impressive resumes, but drama turned out a nightmare. The live shoot during I Miss U was totally insane, they were still shooting a few hours before the last episode was aired. Yoon Eun Hye’s body could no longer take it that she fainted & was rushed to 2 hospitals and had 4 IV drips.

      I think it’s the system that needs to change.

      • @Alua: She is friend with a lot of top actresses but still i dont think her friend can help her pick her project because they have different taste, what if they pick something that yeh doesnt like.

        Are you talking about her acting or her project? There is nothing wrong with her acting, its just that the script wasnt written well which she cant help it.

        As for actors that she will pair with, i know a lot of actresses who look for a good and top actor to get paired withc but yeh doesnt care about that. As an actress, u can rely on the other people, so she doesnt care who she will be going to pair with… Thats a reason why she has never gotten a good actors like what we all expected

  3. She really should do a saguek!

    It breaks my heart when these adored by many stars talk about their loneliness. Being a star certainly doesn’t guarantee happiness in life.

  4. Go YEH! Fighting.

    I definitely think she should consider a sageuk. 🙂 I love the genre. Anyways, I haven’t been too into any of her recent project choices except drama crack LTM for me. I think the writing just really kills it… 2 choices in a row.

    Hope she can find the happiness that she seeks in a partner for life. 🙂 I think that antis are just a fact of life for them. These antis just don’t give up. 🙁

  5. Wel I guess dating Yoochun is out of the question since he’s got a massive fans ready to attack her if she ever dates Yoochun.

    • Actually, fans are supportive of these two….. Their fans, international and Korean, are finding themselves falling for their idol’s partner. YC’s fans are falling for YEH and YEH’s fans are falling for YC…. It is rather unexpected and heartwarming, actually…. We thought that it will get ugly between the fandoms but they are actually polite and welcoming of each other….

      Saessang fans are different…. You have to associate them on a different category from the loyal fans who want the best for their bias…

  6. The constancy of my love for Yoon Eun Hye beats my k-drama addiction, which has waxed and waned over the years. In fact these days, I am experiencing a major glut in my watching experience because not a single show has caught my interest after School 2013.

    But I did finish IMY, yes, you guessed it, only because YEH is in it. I find her beautiful inside and out. I am saddened to learn that she is experiencing loneliness in this season of her life. I hope it is short-lived and that love will find her soon. She deserves to be treasured and adored so I hope she will not settle for less than the best.

    I used to ship her with KJH, like really crazy. Recently though, I have been hearing a lot of things about him, so I am beginning to think that perhaps, YEH is better off with someone more mature, smart, kind, loving, sweet, romantic, more… just more.

    • There is nothing wrong with Kang Ji Hwan. He only has problem with his management company. On personal level, he is a great guy with tons to offer to whoever the lucky girl is. If you dont think that he is good enough for Yoon Eun Hye, then I dont think that she is good enough for him either. Please dont make a statement that sounded degrading KJH. The ship never sailed despite so much obvious signs and tht may be because they outgrew the feelings as both have commitments elsewhere. Yoochun used to have long going didpute

    • Come on. There is nothing wrong with Kang Ji Hwan. He only has problem with his management company. On personal level, he is a great guy with tons to offer to whoever the lucky girl is. If you dont think that he is good enough for Yoon Eun Hye, then I dont think that she is good enough for him either. Please dont make a statement that sounded degrading KJH. The ship never sailed despite so much obvious signs and tht may be because they outgrew the feelings as both have commitments elsewhere. Yoochun used to have long going dispute with his previous management company (SM) and you didn’t even mention anything that sounded like he is the one with the problem, like the way you bring down KJH.

    • “mature, smart, kind, loving, sweet, romantic, more… just more.”

      Not a fan, but this is nothing more than idle conjecture. How do you know he’s not all that and more?

    • @ wits

      So you base your opinion about a person (in this case KJH) on what you hear about him? Really? Have you even verified if the things you’ve heard are factual, let alone truthful, before you formed your judgment?

      I for one have heard a lot of things about this or that actor/actress. Did I take them as gospel truths? Hell, no. Because I know that in this day and age, everyone can talk about anything and anyone, anytime and anywhere they want. But reason dictates that I need to filter what I hear in order to separate truth from trash.

      • Agree,100% with you, rainqueen. For all we know, YEH was trying to prep fans for her future plans to settle down. Btw, is it common for stars to have their PC to discuss about love, etc?

    • i agreed this man seems to be problematic though solved but why create such problem and made himself a troublemaker. Does not mean that mature/older men has a better mind set!

  7. i want hyun bin and yeh drama or movie anything as long as it’s both of them….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee drama god! make it happen!!!

  8. So i’m guessing her and KJH dated for awhile but it didn’t work out.
    I feel sad for her that she feels that way but my goodness, she was so candid about her personal feelings! Very interesting.

  9. This is one thing I don’t like about Kdrama culture that there are so many antifans and I’m surprised to see that as in my place, there is no such thing. People here like or dislike but they don’t go to so much extent for their priority….

  10. She revealed that she’s never dated a guy younger than her, but her dating history is very slim to begin with. What she hates the most about going public is gaining antis because of the relationship.

    Waitaminute. I she tlaking about Yoochun here? 1)younger than her 2)very persistent fanbase. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    • lets try to dissect her words in here. NEVER DATED YOUNG– its true she never dated young men cause she’s looking for a more matured men. Its a common fact that men takes time to mature and women are more matured than men, so she maybe have this thinking, older men are matured. Though maturity is not really inlined with age, but more on the environment where you had grown.

      DATING HISTORY IS VERY SLIM– well for me, it speaks more on the # of her relationships. What im aware of she only have 2-3 relationships and a woman who would be turning 29(western age) or 30(korean age) see this as SLIM or hasn’t gone to have lots or relationships with men. She could have a boyfriend now, where in she had been dating for all these years but, is just afraid to admit it publicly, cause she had face alot of negative reactions among fans. Though at that moment, it wasnt Yoon Eun Hye who said she was dating with someone but the guy admit it in one of KBS variety show. And since, there were alot of negative reactions among fans, even though there are fans who supported the two, but still it caused chaos among their fans. They just let the news die off and Eun Hye in the other end, made a general message to the fans about the news to end it up and helped cleared the name of the man. This, thus entails that they had talked(with the man) about it and reached the conclusion of denying it and trying to avoid any projects or shows that would brought them close hoping to end the rumours between them. Rumours will die off, if and only if, no proofs or statements linking them with each other. and it does work with Eun Hye’s scandal except for the scandal she had with singer and entertainer Kim Jong Kook.

      I dont know the relation between the two, but based on the facts given, i can say there is more happening between the two of them. Their interviews would always direct to each other, colleagues and close friends teases them. If there’s nothing in between them and yet people surrounding them keeps on teasing, then i dont know what you call it.

      People are not blind to see the possibilities and the hint given them but then again, we always have our own bet to whom Eun Hye suits with. Eventhough we know there is no or little possibility, still we ship her with them just to ease our hearts.

      For Eun Hye ssi, just follow your heart. Real fans would always accept, support and love the man you are going choose as the your other half and whom you’ll spend the rest of your life with.

    • Yup, one can dream. And one can sail with his/her own ship too. Only time will tell if that dream will turn into reality, or if that ship will reach the port. But for now, don’t mind if it’s old news or if it turns out to be a fantasy. Just dream and ship and be giddy. ^_^

  11. As much as I’d like to see her pair up with Hyun Bin, I think she should find a non-star boyfriend. She has borne the brunt of antis her whole career. I think her personal life should stay as private as possible and her best shot at that is to get someone who can understand her role in the industry and who is successful in his own right so that she can live comfortably in love.

  12. Yoon Eun Hye is beautiful, smart, funny and successful as an actress, she deserves find love,candidates to be her boyfriend should overrun. I love her, she is my favorite actress and I wish you always the best both in his professional and personal life.

  13. Do you think she dated Gong Yoo?? hehe. Like I previously said, either Kang Ji Hwan, or Gong Yoo 😀 would make me happy. Or they could just do another rom-com drama and I’d be totally satisfied. I wish kdramas would occasionally get the same couples because 16/20 episodes is never enough.

      • Nooooo! Moon Geun Young’s got her hands on Park Shi Hoo hehehe.
        I think as an actress she should be challenging herself and should take on sageuks, melos, but I like her rom-coms the most (Goong, Coffee Prince and I consider LTM haha).

      • Lee Min Ho is younger, I thought she said she doesnt date younger men. But since LMH is very handsome, maybe it can be an exception, but I hope he’s mature too so it can work!

    • This pairing would be perfect. Synopsis would be: a good girl very sheltered by a controlling single rich dad bec of his wife’s “cheating”. Girl invited to a country club bday party, tried to rescued a waiter who was being bullied by rich kids. Events happen and guy impregnated girl, they married without dad’s knowledge.Very rich/powerful dad was furious. Tried to buy him out. Guy was from a poor educated family background, recovering alcoholic dad. Guy is finishing MBA and working at the same time. Later guy had to work overseas. Thought girl aborted baby. Dad filed “divorce papers”.

      • Er, let’s credit the source, shall we?

        You are suggesting PSH and YEH remake the K-drama version of the romance novel Paradise by Judith McNaught? I can see it.

      • It would be good to see Kdrama that touches on pre-marital sex, abortion, alcoholism, infidelity, single parenthood and what the power of money/connections can do. A story about a man’s struggles against poverty and acquiring an excellent education through hard work, determination and the will to succeed. A story about a rich playboy who was once in love and vows never to marry until he met her again. A weakling who turned out to be a beautiful, hardworking department store president who uses work to hide her loneliness.

    • Two great kissers, it would be a combustion waiting to happen as long as PSH does not turn his head sideways too much like he did with Moon Geum, looks very scripted. Best kissing scene that was tastefully done was the snow kiss and alien kiss.

  14. KBS’ Road for Hope featured YEH in Madagascar. She was visibly affected and just watching her cry for the children made me cry too. It was lovely that she prepared a children’s song before her trip and she played the ukulele and sang with the children in their native language. Love, love, love her!

  15. I just adore YEH…I wish her lots of love and happiness, and I hope to see her soon on screen after a much much needed rest…
    She fainted during the final episodes of MY and was taken to the hospital, and some important scenes were left out as a result of this.
    The poor girl was overworked and she already had a fragile health to begin with, and my heart just breaks hearing about her loneliness..

  16. Yoon Eun Hye is the reason why I noticed Kdrama. I find her very beautiful and talented actress. I love her pair with Yoochun and wish the two will date, so I am not an anti fan when it comes to her relationship, so I wish her good luck if you already find or will meet someone who will love and accept you for what you are. When it comes to your career, you are a very intelligent persona and hopefully you will be able to star in a project where you can even more display your acting prowess. One thing I admire you about is that, once you face the camera, you become the character, not Yoon Eun Hye, that is how versatile you are to me. Good luck to you and hope to see you soon in a big or small screen.

  17. awwwww hugs to my fave Korean actress of all time!!!!

    i hope someday you will find Mr Right and everything will just fall into place.

    love you eun hye!!!

    fighting!!!!! 🙂

  18. i wish eun yoon hye and lee min ho will be team up together in a korean drama..love them both and they have chemistry..fans like me would love that combination..i do wish it will be real..

  19. a few actors rumored with YEH even after drama ended took advantage of kindness would be attraction to promote career.one actor i even shipped with YEH but later on decided a big mistake.where as a man with true feeling for a woman seemed protective of her, that man i found using supposed to be object of his affection in a way harmful to YEH’s name and career.YEH never dated this guy after a drama.a long waiting game went on until finally it was done.i am glad.unripe fruit became rotten still hanging on a branch.
    YEH is a person who will never make the first move. when she was diligently pursued for the first time it made her think.YEH ready for a relationship or to even announce it was a surprise.talking about her state of emotion, a mention of a man’s name in particular is mind boggling.it never happened before but it is now.
    i wish YEH a content heart and an easy mind.

  20. Can it just be the Yoon-Yoon couple in real life? They are both looking for the right one 😀 I so love them together! Yoon Sang Hyun & Yoon Eun Hye please 😉

  21. Maybe YEH needs to go out of Korea to meet her match. The most Korean actress I like is YEH; and I am also a fan of this great-looking Taiwanese actor, Joe Cheng. I’ve seen most of their drama, and I find them so similar in so many ways; skin white as snow, lips red as blood, hair as black as the night. (Hehehe, really the dreamy kinds just like in fairytales.) But seriously, both are telegenic on-screen, photogenic in-print & modeling, most favorite product/brand endorser, great-looking actor/actress, very cute & funny when acting like childish, very high star appeal, and etc.etc. To sum it up, they are like demi-gods of Asian drama, so why not try dating each other?? (I hope Joe Cheng doesnt have a GF now.) But they need to solve the language barrier problem, either each learn Korean or Mandarin & English.

  22. I love YEH and KJH in Lie To Me so much! I wish they could be dating for real in real life….too bad their ship couldn’t last long ;-(

  23. I recently started watching her KBS special Road To Hope and it’s already one of my favourite YEH appearances. I’m really too old to be a typical fan crushing on a star, but everything I read and see of her suggests that she truly is a good and nice person off camera too. The warmth, affection and tears she showed in her trip to Madagascar were touching, and as a person of faith myself, I love that she’s not afraid to publicise hers, with her tweets being almost exclusively scripture citations. For all those reasons, I hope that she will find happiness and contentment, especially if means she stops being so skinny!

  24. can’t you feel it guys? who is the guy that made her feel the loneliness when “he” is not around? ITS PARK YOOCHUN RIGHT? need i say more?

  25. She mentioned in a talkshow that she doesn’t like an attractive man. Maybe she won’t pick someone who is an entertainer and prefer an ordinary guy. I hope she has new dramas with lee min hoo and hyun bin, and also guests in running man. God, when will that happen?

  26. How about gong yoo,,what’s happen both of them,,it’s already done…means nothing at all,,i like her to gong yoo is possible…gong yoo dont want eun hye?why?eun hye is a women perfect…

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