The Natural Beauty of Park Shin Hye Showcased in Latest Pictorials

The modern mores of beauty increasingly distress me, with a fear that future generations will only know it as a homogeneity of looks achieved under the knife to conform to a certain standard. Wide manga heroine eyes, knife blade sharp cheekbones, artificial plumped up picker, blindingly white veneers, ramrod straight and high noses with tiny nostrils, a perfectly pointy chin sloped at just the right angle. That isn’t beauty to me – that’s building a beautiful robot at the expense of our individuality and humanity. The price to pay is that it all falls apart when one inevitably ages, except the scifi geek in me thinks someday someone will stop aging as well and then we’re all stuck in this creepy world where we stare at ourselves all around us. Until that day arrives hopefully far far in the future, I can still appreciate true beauty amongst the entertainers as I see it – and Park Shin Hye embodies everything I love about being beautiful. She’s never gone under the knife, looking identical to her child actor self but older and more beautiful (singlehandedly the rebuttal to all the actors or actresses claiming no-knife work and just growing up or losing weight, despite the fact that their before-after pictures are completely different). Her snub nose is too large for her face, her eyes a tad too wide-set, and her chin an unfashionable tiny cleft. Yet the sum of all the parts is pure perfection in my eyes, a visual collage that says “I am me” in a world where everyone wants to borrow bits from others. She’s dowdied up in Flower Boy Next Door so have the latest gorgeous pictorials from Marie Claire and First Look magazines.


The Natural Beauty of Park Shin Hye Showcased in Latest Pictorials — 31 Comments

  1. I agree so much. I cannot understand actors who do so much surgery that it hinds their performance and ability to move their own facial muscles. It is such a shame. Nowadays I find overplastic-y actors and actresses hard to watch and puts them firmly in that uncanny valley that I find eery and repulsive.

    • I agree, espcially the older ones who have worked their whole lives on their craft.
      I love Im Ye Jin, who played EVERYONE’S mother, is Joo Won’s mom in 7th Level.
      She is allowed to look old, but instead chose to be wrinkle free, which means who can’t really see her expressions change.
      I understand the need to look young to get jobs, but there has to be less extreme methods.

      • I am waiting for everyone to be so wrinkleless that wrinkles are considered a novelty and are attractive again! Well, at least crows feet! I can hope right?

      • I think she had something done. He eyes and cheekbone are look especially tight. She looks younger now than when she was in BOF as Jandi’s mother.

  2. I have only one criterion for girl’s beauty: she has to have a thin waist. This is the only bodily change I can approve.
    Park Shin Hye is beautiful!

  3. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Every time I watch FBND I find it so refreshing to see Park Shin Hye looking like a real girl. And then I see Do Hwi and the contrast is upsetting, to say the least. I agree that it is our differences that make us beautiful.

  4. Wide set eyes are very attractive and coveted. Her nose is just fine and fits nicely with her features. What I like about her is she’s maturing into a soulful beauty instead of inert one like the mannequin perfect Song Hye Kyo.
    I have stopped watching Kdramas and anything Kpop because I have been getting turned off by plastic clones and the obsession with physical beauty.

    • I don’t think Song Hye Kyo has ever been under the knife, she even put on a bunch of weight while she wasn’t working, and was pretty okie dokie about it. On the other hand I think Lee Da Hae fits the description a little more aptly. Nevertheless, I don’t think cosmetic surgery necessarily says everything about the person underneath all the visual facade.

      • True. I like Song Hye Gyu. She is beautiful. Even artists with cosmetic surgery have wonderful personalities. For me, it’s about the complete person not just superficial appearance. It’s about personal criteria for beauty which varies from person to person.

  5. “PSH embodies everything I love about being beautiful”
    This is what I feel about her too. For me her expressive eyes, beautiful skin, the dimple in the chin and her figure is just perfect as far as physical appearance go…….even her nose. But it is the wide range of expressions that give her face a liveliness which is unique. It is never boring or same. This is the reason why in spite of being dowdy in FBND she is beautiful and glowing.
    But for me her real beauty is she herself. Her personality and mannerisms, lack of artificiality and outlook towards life. I admire her for the fact that she keeps testing her potential by setting new goals all the time and on achieving them stays humble. She is a perfect example of a natural beauty who retains her “individuality” in multitude of “beautiful robots” .

  6. I think that personality is more important than physical appearance. However, I really hate those celebrities who has plastic surgery but deny it. I can obviously see the change in their faces.

  7. Strangely, I’ve grown more tolerant to the idea of plastic surgery as I’ve gotten older. It’s not something everyone should feel forced to get, but at the end of the day it’s your choice, and if you think it’ll make you happier, then why not. I get the point you’re making here Koala, but let’s be real. Not all of us are born looking like Park Shin Hye, and as much as we try to be high-brow and say you should accept who you are, your life is heavily impacted by how you look.

    Instead of snubbing and insulting people who went under the knife, I think it’ll be better for everyone if we try to empathize just a little. After all, they went through a whole lot more pain and trial to get where they are than someone who was born beautiful.

    Now, I definitely don’t apply this logic to people like Heidi Montag, but for smaller work or for people who couldn’t possibly be where they are had they gone the natural route(Park Min Young), I hold off the judgement.

  8. 100% agree with you!!
    That’s why i ♥ ♥ PSH
    Her character is always easy going with everyone. And i think PSH is the only one actress that can look cute and beauty in the same time 😛

  9. The beauty standards forced on women are very strict and the society has the biggest part in this mess I believe. Those who get plastic surgeries most of the time are subconsciously forced to believe that they have to look in a certain way in my opinion. Some of the things I read about the plastic surgery craze in South Korea is disturbing.

  10. I’m just wondering, if she didn’t look as beautiful as she’s right now (wide big eyes, unique shaped nose + good looking when combined altogether), will she choose to go under knife too? The answer is probably yes…Who knows? Physical beauty (face) is something you’re born with. Not something you earn. She is lucky with her appearance (lovable face features). I do love her, because of her talents and personalities. I won’t judge other celebs who chose to do the face surgery. It is their job demand. Sadly but true, it is how our society are right now. Talent itself sometimes is just not enough. (Although some of them really look ridiculous after the surgeries)

    • I have nothing against anyone undergoing cosmetic surgery ….its all about personal choices of what makes a person happy and feel good about themselves….but from what I know about PSH from having followed her for the past 2 years, I doubt very much that she will choose to go that route even when older.

    • i totally agree. celebs need to maintain certain beauty level that may have been dictated by the products they endorse.

      In whatever case, and this may sound old… true beauty emanates from within. Little imperfections are disregarded and taken for granted if the person’s aura of goodness more than makes up for it — that it even blinds us to pay more attention and appreciate the beauty in front of us.

      PSH may not be as beautiful as the other actress but at least I don’t get tired looking at her; and at times I get surprised at how different she look depending on the angle and situation.

      She ain’t so pretty in You’re Beautiful that she passed off as a boy; She was way too bratty in Hayate; cute and caring in I’m a Ghost; Lovable in Stairway to Heaven… whew! Can’t remember all…

  11. I’m old enough to be PSH mother but i liked Kpop since seeing her in Tree in Heaven and Kimcheed when she had pimples then. There are many more beautiful actresses than her and some are talented too. But I don’t know why I am mesmerized by her. She has myriad expressions and she really has an INCOMPARABLE CHARM.

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