Top C-stars Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei Showcase Their Swoony 16 Year Friendship

This true story celebrity friendship is just too good not to share. C-actress turned director Zhao Wei (Vicky Zhao) made her directorial debut last week as she celebrated her 37th birthday while making the rounds promoting her new movie So Young (Literal title is To the Youth that is Fading Away) adapted from the popular novel of the same name. She was on a talk show with her movie production team when mega C-actor Huang Xiaoming made a surprise appearance that also took a turn for the sweetly nostalgic and playfully romantic. They were college best friends in college and Huang Xiaoming has been vocal over the years about how he fell in love with Zhao Wei on first sight. During the show, he was staring at her so adoringly and so solicitous that Zhao Wei said that whoever becomes his wife is bound to be so happy. He brought out a cake for her birthday, and she stood up to give him a hug. Huang Xiao Ming arrive on crutches since he injured his foot filming and he actually tossed the crutches aside and picked Zhao Wei up for a princess carry that made the audience go crazy. Might I point out that Huang Xiaoming has been dating Angelababy for the last 3 years while Zhao Wei is married to a private citizen Mr. Huang and has a baby girl with him. But these two have never shied away from PDA in public, though of the cheeky chaste kind. After this appearance, fans swarmed weibo and dropped some amazingly sweet commentary on this very long-lasting friendship that makes their fans both happy for them and sad it never could be. Huang Xiaoming now has also gotten a new moniker – Real Life Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen’s BFF character from In Time With You). So cute! Read on for more swoony sweetness. And its truly a shame these two have not worked together before in a drama or movie.

A fan wrote: There is a type of friendship called Zhao Wei/Huang Xiaoming. There is a type of first love called a college confession. There is a type of steadfastness that says 16 years later I am still here. There is a type of man that says I have a broken bone but I’ll still carry you. There is a type of quietness that says smiling contently when embracing you. There is a type of companionship that says I am here when you need me. There is a type of hope that says I’ll wait for you another 16 years. There is a type of distance that makes you Mrs. Huang but not married to Huang Xiaoming. There is a type of memory that says To Our Youth That is Fading Away.

Two years ago on Zhao Wei’s 35th birthday, Huang Xiaoming posted the following birthday greeting on his weibo. Read it and weep. “The Summer of 1996, you appeared just like that. Your lean silhouette and long hair billowing in the wind. You turn around and smiled with your heart-stopping wide eyes that seem to speak………Everything was as perfect as a fairy tale, imprinted deeply in my mind. You, 15 years later, still with the long hair, still with the same silhouette, still so beautiful. The sense of happiness has only increased, that blinding brightness belonging only to you. Today is your birthday – one greeting, one wish, one hope that all your dreams come true, a lifetime of peace. Happy Birthday!

And for this year’s birthday, crashing her talk show appearance with a cake and a hug wasn’t enough, Huang Xiaoming weibo’d the following. “Everyone’s youth is unique. The happiest thing is having it once before, so no need to be sad that it’s gone. Thank you, for leaving your imprint on my youth. I hope today you can still be as you once were that year – bright, happy, optimistic, and beautiful. Happy Birthday!”

Huang Xiaoming weibo’d this picture of him and Zhao Wei through the years.

And not to be outdone, Zhao Wei doesn’t just one super hot guy best friend from college – she has 2! Voila, her and Chen Kun through the years. Yup, this shiz is so not fair, how can one girl have it all?


Top C-stars Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei Showcase Their Swoony 16 Year Friendship — 28 Comments

  1. I love Zhao Wei since ~14 years ago when I was a teenager watching HZGG. As I grow up, I keep following news about her and find her a smart and hard-working lady. She must have had a very bright and sincere personality to keep her friendship all this time among the chao and scandal of showbiz 🙂

  2. Super duper sweet… I’m so jealous and happy at the same time for their friendship! To think such friendship can happen between a man and a woman is restoring my faith in friendship…

  3. I don’t know either these actors, but saw the trailer for Zhao Wei’s film recently. It’s got the most boring synopsis (about a girl who has to choose between her two ex-lovers), but the trailer looks really, really good – like a much more complex and interesting story than that synopsis would suggest.

    Their friendship – love it!

    • The original novel is worth a read although not entirely inspiring, and the story did make it seem a difficult choice to pick between the two ex-lovers who were both flawed. Perhaps the most uninteresting character in the story is the heroine…

  4. I don’t actually like HXM, as I thought he appeared smarmy. But he is so good looking in these pictures with Zhao Wei! Awww!!! It’s so sad that Zhao Wei sees him like a cute little boy, while I think she might have actually liked Chen Kun in the past. Hee. Love it!

  5. As great as these 2 guys were, I think they lacked that certain chemistry or something she needed to be on her #1 list/choice for a husband and then she found her Mr. Perfect and married him.

  6. Awwww…. I have loved Zhao Wei since she debuted, and HXM since his return of condor heroes days and had been sooooo bummed over the yrs that these two never got together. But their long lasting friendship is just too sweet and who says that two ppl need to b lovers to share a lifetime together, you can easily do it as friends as well! And here’s the living proof ^____^ And yes, girlfriend makes me soooo jealous to have 2 hot BFF guys, one on each hand! Damn! If I didn’t love Zhao Wei so much, I would have been shooting her daggers! Hahahha…

  7. Seriously, Vicky must have saved her country in her past life to be BFFs with Chen Kun and Huang Xiao Ming. Chen Kun was the first to leave her a b’day message on weibo at exactly 0:00 on her birthday *swoon*

  8. I simply weep when reading his b’day message to her.. Awww, to him, she’s the 1 that got away, yet stay close to him, keep support him, and loving him as good friend.

    I like HXM. what a guy to be able to write such heart-clenching message.. *weep*

  9. GOD!! OMG I’m tearing so bad. And I’m so overwhelmed, cant tell if it’s tears of joy (because this is just too sweet) or tears of sadness (sadness that they aren’t meant to be). Thank you koala for this.

  10. The two looked so cute and comfortable to each other but they don’t mean for eac other. I melt reading the birthday wish from HXM to ZW, it’s so poetic and romantic 🙂

  11. This is such a small world for them, she knew them in her acting school together. What’s even Crazy is that both guys are the one that I think is soooo HWAT !!! But I really prefer Chen Kun. Vicky already got to play “Painted Skin” with him and I’m already eXcited, not only that, they played husband and wife and lovers. ^•^
    I thought that Vicky was going to play a movie with HXM but I guess I misunderstood that. 🙁

    Such sweet friendship ^•^
    I pretty sure, he still really really LOVES her. 🙁

  12. Ugh, I know that neither of them are single, but I ship them SO BADLY it’s not even funny. I’ve probably watched every youtube video about the two of them 😛 It’s just so touching how unwavering his love for her is… Does anyone know where I can watch this?

  13. Based on a few different sources I found, Angelababy canceled her work schedule to be with Huang Xiao Ming while he was in the hospital. Talk about being there when someone needs you! He had a high fever and it was Angelababy there to sponge his brow and not this Vicki Zhao. Vicki Zhao has expressed no concern for her so-called “great friend” and only talks about his injury in the context of “but look what he still did for meeee!” He’s a sweet man and she’s a selfish cow. My only hope is that Ming doesn’t keep trying the seemingly but probably not infinite patience of Angelababy who actually you know…. loves and cares for him.

  14. Actually I’m sorry. I was corrected on one point. It seems Vicki did visit. Which means she had some notion of his condition, how bad it was.
    I’d almost be inclined to apologize for my former words however upon reflection realized something.
    Vicki had been to the hospital… had seen how poorly Ming was at the time and was still over-joyed at his defiance of doctor’s orders, his pulling all nighters on the set and his picking her up and carrying her around on a half-healed foot. That is cause for horror, not rejoicing.
    So Vicki is not merely selfish and callow. She may be a sadist.

  15. You’re talking nonsense:

    1. Huang Xiaoming broke his foot last year, the third week of November, almost 4 months before he went to see Vicki Zhao. By that time he was healthy enough to do short displacements with crutches and putting some weight on his injured foot. With a short public appearance like this one (or like the press conference he did for his new movie, a few days ago) he was by no means putting himself at risk.

    2. Yes, he lifted her up, but he didn’t carry her around (you can look at the pictures, there’s a bunch of them online). Actually he didn’t move his legs at all, which means that in order to lift her from the ground he majorly used the muscles of his chest and his arms, without risk to his foot.

    3. She didn’t rejoice because he didn’t sleep and rushed things at work to give her a surprise for her upcoming birthday, on the contrary, she was deeply moved (her words, not mine) by his display of affection, the same way as practically half of China’s “netizens” and almost everyone who read about this, and of course that sentiment was conveyed through expressions of happiness, or what did you expect? (But I guess we all are a bunch of sadist, callous and selfish people)

    4. They are very close, yes, but the dynamic of their friendship isn’t defined by just the two of them, there’s a solid group that also includes their teacher and many more of their classmates from the Beijing Film Academy, Chen Kun included. They are all supportive of each other, always trying to keep in touch and, when time allows it, even making a public appearance. But sadly, in some occasions that is not possible. Maybe they are all “selfish cows”?

    5. There’s been public displays of friendship between Vicki Zhao and Huang Xiaoming for more than 12 years, fully documented for anyone to see, with photos, videos and written interviews. At the same time, you have 16, 17 years of undisclosed moments and experiences, the private development of their relationship that is unreachable to both you and me, but it is cheerfully commented and celebrated by those close to them. Do you really think is it wise of you to use your half-assed assumptions in the attempt to contradict all of that?

    Frankly, you baffle me.

    I don’t understand your harshness towards Vicki Zhao, the tone of the adjectives with which you qualify her or your persistence to find her at fault, guilty of something, by any means possible.

    Is it inconceivable for you to think in a positive way and consider the chance of Huang Xiaoming doing what he does because she’s worthy of it?

    Could it simply be that their friendship brings happiness to his life, as well as it does to hers?

  16. Vicki certainly has a charm that makes people love her. Too bad Huan Xiao Ming wasn’t her type but it’s really precious the kind of friendship they have. I think he still can’t forget his first love but is happy for her that she found her own. Reading HXM’s post, I can’t help but feel he must have loved her in a past life or something, even though I don’t even believe in past lives! Very touching that it lasted all these years.

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