Latest Goodies from the Two Sexy Leading Men of King Flower

I was going through my pictures this week and I came across this picture above from the pre-premiere press conference for the cast of King Flower. Either it was just a major coincidence or the cast knows something I don’t, because the two couple posing above is the very ending I am angling for. If I don’t get my ending I’ll survive, but hot damn I really want that ending. After successive dramas where James Wen frittered away the goodwill I had for him since My Queen, he’s back on top by showing me his earnest and easy-going side when it comes to acting. It’s really not his fault his character arc is so weaksauce (all he needs to do is find a way to hold down a stable job, period), whereas Chris Wu gets a million and one ways to break my heart in each episode. When it comes to acting, Chris is batting home runs in every scene, whereas I feel like James hasn’t found his groove yet simply because his character has no stakes. That looks to change soon as his character gets more involved in the main story with the land auction and Terry’s tenuous tenure at the company tied to it. I actually want to see both men fight for Da Hua, though I’m not sure Terry will do so if he believes she loves Guan Jun and is just staying beside him out of obligation and loyalty.

After the slow farewell of the last crop of leading men from Taiwan dramas (Ethan Ruan, Ming Dao, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Joe Cheng, et. al.), with the exception of Roy Qiu, there hasn’t really been another breakout former second male lead that has really assumed the mantle of leading man comfortably. A few youngsters such as Chris Wang and George Hu are very promising, but acting-wise still lack punch and consistency. Watching Chris rise to the occasion here is truly satisfying, and James has been a drama staple for years and I love that he always gives it his all no matter the character. I sometimes wonder if Terry wasn’t written as the male lead, and James turned it down since he’s been playing rich confident types for some time now, so he wanted to play the rough-and-tumble neighborhood oppa for a change? As much as James is doing his best, there is nothing he can do if leading lady Nikki Hsieh has mindblowing chemistry with Chris (the kind where I want them to get a room and no need to come out and keep acting). So I am anxious and excited for what KF holds and as a treat during the wait, have some recent gorgeous pictures of them. Chris was just in Japan and filmed a tourism video there, while James celebrated his 35th birthday last month and had the pleasure of recording and releasing his first single called “Why Bother” as a subtheme song for KF. Check out pictures of Chris in Japan, the album covers from James’ EP, and the broody official MV for the single.

I love how these pictures are the reverse of their images in King Flower – Chris is the casual boyish one while James is the suited mature one.

And as a bonus treat in case folks think I’m not loving James enough, have the just released sexy official MV from his first EP.

Official MV for “Why Bother”:

[tudou id=”JM2MU5sRz24″ w=”650″ h=”450″]


Latest Goodies from the Two Sexy Leading Men of King Flower — 21 Comments

  1. Thanks for the pics! Those eye wrinkles when Chris smiles… *dead*
    I’d be OK with that ending too but I just hope everyone will be happy (and alive) at the end. Preapare for the worst, wish for the best.

  2. OMG koalaaa, why I checked this drama before it ending? Now I’m dying to watch the next episodes plus I really want Terry and Dua Ha couple togetheer 🙁 and the one who plays Terry, I think I fallen in love.. he is so charming!

  3. When you say slow farewell, do you mean to the army or to mainland China? It definitely seems like a lot of them intend to work there permanently.

  4. Agree with you about George Hu whom I absolutely loved and found to be sooo talented on “Love, Now” has become an amazing actor. Not only George can act, sing and dance, he has a mesmerizing voice like Jang Keun Suk and he speaks perfect English when needed. He also excels in martial arts. With his continued efforts in acting, martial arts and a good command of English, if George desires, he can go international and may become the next Jackie Chan.

  5. Why can’t Chris have this kind of hair on the show? :/ And, I hate to rain on the parade, but from 10, Terry still seems to be the second lead(and I’m not just saying that; I ship Terry and Da Hua as much as everybody ese!)… Maybe it’s just me though. Anyways, off to watch ep 11!

    • really? I don’t think so. The other guy seems second guy more.

      the one whi turns crazy jealous and bad when the main girl doesn’t do as he wants.

  6. Woo… I’ll be honest, while I like James and think he is pretty hot, I was still pretty indifferent about him. But he looks fantastic here! Thanks for sharing capt k!!

    Chris looks good here but I still like him in the boyish charm look better. 🙂

  7. Thank you okoala for this update! I ship Terry and DaHua but, this voice inside me keeps saying she will eventually go for Guan Jun Ge T_T
    I really love the interactions between Terry and her, and after watching episode 11 ( even if it was amazing for us TTTies I am still afraid to receive the BIG BLOW when she chooses her oppa instead of Terry!
    Guan Jun is not a bad guy; I Love James Wen, he is such a good actor, but I connect just so much with Terry and I love watching a love story progressing!
    With Da Hua and Guan Jun is was already sold before the drama even aired lol but I was hoping to watch GJ actually developping feelings for her but it was so sudden, I don’t FEEL him like I feel Terry being so vulnerable and letting Da Hua in a bit more after each episode! The way she feels for Terry seems to have overtaken a mere friendship but what is it…Loyalty, pity or the start of a beautiful love story!
    Pretty please writer nim let it be the LAST ONE!
    It is always a pleasure to read your blog!
    Bonjour from France ^^

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