Second Teaser and Stills of the Ladies of Gu Family Book

Yay, another teaser for upcoming fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book dropped, this time with more of the younger generation leads Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, Yoo Yeon Suk, and Lee Yoo Bi. But where is Sung Joon! Where is the bodyguard with with the crush on Suzy? I protest the the lack of Sung Joon so far in the promos. After releasing adorable official stills of Seung Gi as Choi Kang Chi, MBC dropped the stills for Suzy’s Dam Yeo Wool and Lee Yoo Bi as Park Chang Jo. I love Suzy’s androgynous styling for this drama, since she plays a martial arts instructor. I hope she and Seung Gi fight all the time, and hopefully she kicks his ass. I always like seeing Puppy get his ass whalloped, whether its by the gumiho Shin Mina in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or by his North Korean spy nemesis Ha Ji Won in The King 2 Hearts. Though Suzy is so young and cute, I wonder how convincing she’ll be as a trained warrior? In her first stills, she wears a veiled hat in some pics and appears to be standing in a market place observing something. Betcha she’s watching Kang Chi cause trouble. I’m actually worried about Lee Yoo Bi now that I’ve seen her stills. She looks like a deer in headlights! Unless her character is supposed to be acting like that, then it’s very worrisome that she’ll show how inexperienced she is with this role. She did alright in Nice Guy, much better towards the end than in the beginning, but still pretty rough around the edges. Her character is Kang Chi’s first love and the daughter of the family that took him in and raised him. But she’s apparently not some innocent miss and ends up betraying him, perhaps picking another guy better suited for her needs in life. Keeping my hopes up on this one.

Teaser 2:


Second Teaser and Stills of the Ladies of Gu Family Book — 20 Comments

  1. Yoo Yeon Suk is the second lead and he only appears now in the stills and teaser. It’s only right that there’s none of Sung Joon yet as he’s more like a third or forth lead.

    • Third, fourth… whatever! I am watching this because of HIM! (I was totally “meh” for the drama before he was cast) Sung Joon may have only been in a few dramas. But I think he has already proven himself to be very talented. He is lead material, and he knows that. So I am expecting an important, meaty role.

      The teaser is well done. Looks like a lot of fun. And yet… just like you capt. k, I am missing me my SJ!

      • hope your not to disappointed, but don’t count on him having the kind of role your hoping for, he is not a lead in this drama, just another character. if he is lead material and knows it, than he picked the wrong drama, lol I like the guy, but he is not a lead in this show Not 1st and Not 2nd.

      • I actually started getting more interested in this show because of Sung Joon too!!! I almost never watch historical dramas (lately) but I really like him. Watching the teaser I can see why they chose Lee Seung Gi for the role because of his playfulness, and seems fun to watch (at least the first few episodes) but I hope they give Sung Joon an interesting role that befits him 😉

  2. Suzy is looking good. She reminds me of Sung Yuri in Hong Gil Dong. I am so nervous to see how she will carry this character. I heard she prepared a lot. All the best,Suzy! Omg..How i wish we can watch this drama next week. I’m so can’t wait anymore. Please be awesome,drama.
    Lee Yubi looks matured in her hanbok. Never seen her acting so i’m excited to see her. Btw,that is the 3rd teaser already. The second one is not much different from the first one,just different background music and a couple of new shot of Seunggi and Suzy. I think we will get another new teaser tonight but probably not that much different than the third one…lol Also rumor said that the PC will be held on April 2. I hope we can get the official poster this week. 🙂

  3. I wanna see this but Suzy looks out of place in her stills and the teaser that I saw…. maybe because the stills aren’t moving and the video teaser is short, but I don’t know.
    Can’t really tell from anything until the actual show so I will hold off my thoughts…

  4. From the promo it looks like Yoobi might be watching Kangchi fighting/causing trouble? so that could account for some of her look. Though they did say she was very nervous the first day she joined. As long as she gets over it it’ll be okay. This role is a whole lot harder than Choco ever was. Suzy does look really confident, though not completely convincing and I still see Suzy playing the character and not the character. But that’s just me…

    As for Sung Joon , I get the feeling his role isn’t that important or maybe it’s important, but small. He’s pretty far down the list of characters who have relevance to the plot. I like the actor, but it still irks me she has to have a bodyguard.

    I really like the OTP already though! Cute chemistry even if there isn’t much of them yet.

  5. I hope this turns out well, I really do. So excited for this drama. And I honestly forgot Sung Joon was in this until you mentioned him XP
    I’m watching for the concept, because it’s honestly intriguing, and Seung Gi because I love him to bits. He just keeps improving with every project and that adorable ponytail he sports here! How can I not watch it now?
    He’ll probably be in the next batch of stills seeing that he’s the 3rd lead..or 4th. I can’t even tell. I assume he took the role because he wants saeguk experience but doesn’t want to headline and mess something up. I think this is a good way for him to go. See if this is his niche or not.

  6. I’m thinking that Sung Joon’s character will be the love interest for Yoobi’s character in the end? That would be a great STP would it?

  7. This is completely unrelated… but I have just noticed the header…aaaah! I want 1st April NOW! Hyuga! Makoto!!!

    PS Though I like Suzy’s looks so far… and I’m waiting for SJ appearance…

  8. Suuung Joooon! He is certainly the most exciting piece of the entire drama for me! Even though he plays a bodyguard, he is definitely going to overshadow some of the leads for sure!! haha

    • If you want to fangirl over him thats great. But show some respect for the actors in this drama.
      Comments such as yours are rude and immature. He is not going to outshine anyone, most certainly NOT Lee Seung Gi so you can erase that thought out of your head now, you are in for a world of disappointment I am afraid. If he is the only reason for you to watch this drama, thats good too, you can stick to watching his scenes only. I think very little of your time will be taken up.

      • umm sorry but i think your comments are kind of rude and immature. From your comments alone i get the vibe that your not a big fan of Sung joon and are sort of attacking any one who might prefer him to Seung gi? i don’t think it’s wrong for people to fangirl over their biases as long as they are not offensive towards anyone else. I personally Love both and think they are BOTH extremely talented and can’t wait to see them on screen.

      • As im 이승기 fan, i believe in him & i hope 이승기 can shine as choi kang chi with others in the drama. That’s my hope. I respect sung joon fans. Hope you guys will do the same too.^^ world peace

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