Hong Sisters Cast So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin in Upcoming Scary Romantic Comedy

I’m sorry, BUT COME AGAIN? So Ji Sub? In a Hong Sisters drama? With Gong Hyo Jin as his leading lady? Okay – Officially Mind Blown. I know the majority of the drama watching world is still pissed at the Hong Sisters for last year’s Big, and perchance they did bite off way more than they could chew. But I was one of the few who loved it for the little tiny thing it did right in creating a very compelling OTP for me in teenager Kang Kyung Joon who borrows his older brother’s body and ends up falling for his fiancee Gil Da Ran. What can I say, I was lost at the very first stare from Shin under the umbrella. Back to this casting bombshell, never in a million bajillion years would I imagine moody, broody, melodramatic and angsty So Ji Sub starring in a Hong Sisters comedy. This is a guy who made eating ramyun sad for me forever more! And you know it’s going to be a comedy, those two never veer from the playbook even if Big was surprisingly serious at times. Looking back towards all their dramas, this is also the first time they have recycled a leading lady, which is Gong Hyo Jin who did their Best Love with Cha Seung Won. That was the most anticipated drama for me back in 2011 and I liked it well-enough when I watched it but ultimately the disparate chemistry between the leads ended up mellowing my high and the drama ended on a low note. At least Gong Hyo Jin must’ve loved working with the Hong Sisters because she’s back for more (pleasure? torture?). The drama is tentatively titled The Sun of My Master and is slated for a Summer premiere on SBS. Here’s the kicker – it’s being called a “scary romantic comedy” and the heroine can see dead people! Oh. My. God. What are these two sisters cooking up now?

Seriously? She can see dead people? And this is supposed to be funny? Maybe like Park Shin Hye‘s one-shot drama Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost. Or the totally not a romantic comedy and actually pretty freaky Lee Min Ki and Son Ye Jin movie Chilling Romance? The one sentence blip says this is a drama about a woman who can see ghosts and the man who stays by her side and keeps his promise, which is like saying nothing at all. Neither have of them have officially been cast but both are pretty much onboard as their agencies work out the final contract details. I am simultaneously nervous and excited. It’s getting harder and harder to shock me and this pairing jolted me right out of my chair for sure. We’ll have to wait and see whether this works or not.


Hong Sisters Cast So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin in Upcoming Scary Romantic Comedy — 45 Comments

  1. LOL. I am so looking forward to this! I love the Hong sisters humor. I hope they won’t try to deviate from their tried-and-true style because Big didn’t do it for me.
    Just imagining So Ji Sub doing hijinks is already giving me laughs. I’m sure by the time this drama premiers, I’ll shed tears while laughing to the extent my stomach can’t handle it anymore.
    Can’t wait!!

  2. So Ji Sub is pretty prone to typecasting – always the cold, stoic anti-hero type – so I’m glad he’s trying out a comedy for once! Even better, with Gong Hyo Jin! Talk about some serious eye candy. Just crossing my finger that the Hong Sisters don’t drop the ball on the plot as they did with Big.

    • And I’m probably just seeing things, but at that angle above, Gong Hyo Jin is giving me some Im Soo Jung vibes a la Finding Kim Jong Wook (though I know they look nothing alike in reality).

    • LOL, whut?

      So it is their diabolical alternative universe dopplegangers?

      If you are thinking of the other Hong Sisters, they did The King 2 Hearts and Beethoven Virus. I can assure you this particular duo did indeed do Big and Best Love.

      • lol…sure, for everyone’s sanity, let’s make those two different…
        the wonderful Hong sisters who wrote my ultra favorite Greatest Love are, in an alternative universe, different than the Hong sisters who made the forgettable second half of Big.
        ok? ok…

  3. What!!!!! Is this for realz??? I’m in a love/hate relationship with the Hong sisters. Yet I love Gong Hyo-Jin, she has yet to fail me in a drama..

  4. Don’t get me wrong, i appreciate So Ji Sub coming out of his comfort zone and trying something new. But i cannot imagine him in a comedy. Im trying to picture it, but it’s with unintended laughter. Then again.. perhaps that’s what will make me laugh.. Just seeing So Ji Sub in a comedy would feel awkwardly hilarious.

    • I think you just summed it up: “awkwardly hilarious” What would it be like to watch an ultra-serious stoic deal with the absurdity of “I see dead people?” I think I’ll watch it to see him unravel; it would be fun.

    • yeah, actually if you watch SJS in some behind-the-scenes and when he’s “comfortable,” he’s actually quite funny!! my guess he does deadpan humor and sarcastic comedy quite well. haven’t seen him do any physical comedy, though, but i’m looking forward to that! maybe he’s like a song seung hun – not so impressive with the acting, but can actually surprise us with comedy! 🙂

    • just watch a thousand years of love. it’s a bad drama but i love it anyway. and so ji sub is so funny in it. i loled almost every time he was on screen (not lying he made me cry too) in glass sleepers (one of my faves sjs’s characters) he acts like bruce lee and was so ridiculous and lovely… the drama is worth watching just because of him… so he can do funny and do it great!!!
      this is from TYOL (credit to uploader)

  5. did anyone hear about gong hyo jin signing up for another drama a few weeks ago? i was sure it was a different drama…

  6. I actually really liked Chilling Romance so if it along those lines I may end up watching this…but if they do have a lot of room for error. I mean trying to mix multiple genres like that can get tricky and people can get nitpicky

    • I liked Chilling Romance as well, so I can totally get the combo idea. I also think it is interesting that they have her seeing ghosts and him being the support network.Because of his “broody” rep, I could really see it the other way round, so I am excited about it being her that can see ghosts.

      I am excited about this drama. I did not like the ending of Big, but I did like the rest of it even though I am not fond of the actress: they really got a lot out of her. I find that the Hong sisters need a male lead who can do gravitas because their comedies always have some weight to them somewhere and Gong Hyo Jin? I love her. She is one of if not my favorite Korean actresses!!!

      • Hi Trotwood, nice to hear from you.

        I like So Ji Sub is Ghost a lot although there wasn’t any romance btw the 2 leads. And Gong Hyo Jin in Pasta, she was a great actresses. Humm… With these 2 together, I’ll be very interested in their acting production. Hope, it will be a good one.

  7. Thanks for this news Captain! 🙂 LOL at this sentence: “This is a guy who made eating ramyun sad for me forever more”.

    This pairing looks interesting because as you pointed out SJS is not known for his comedian skills. So, it might really deliver a super funny drama. But this drama having a character who sees dead people sounds like one we have seen very recently before. Didn’t the Magistrate in “Arang and the Magistrate” see dead people too? Hmmm…Maybe it’s a different kind of dead people that Hong Sisters’ character will see. I guess I’ll have to watch it to find out. 🙂

    • Agree with your first sentence. :This is a guy who made eating ramyun sad for me forever more.” I start laughing after reading this words..

  8. whahhhh
    This is mind blowing! Finally so ji sub pick a rom com! LOL LOL
    my wish come true finally!
    But.. I wonder if he he can doing a comedy.?

  9. Hahahaha…so much nervous laughter going on in my head right…So Ji Sub the angst muffin in a Hong Sister’s drama?! I’m sorry to say I’ve not seen SJS in anything since most of his stuff is so heavy… even though some are on my to-watch list forever….but having seen stills from his previous dramas, I’m trying to imagine this guy smiling and it just isn’t happening..lol…but I don’t doubt his acting chops and I look forward to this pairing….O man…I hope these ladies deliver though…Best Love was their last drama I liked but honestly even with that show I’ve come to think that they have gotten a little rusty with their story telling techniques…I don’t doubt that they’ll make me laugh but I do worry about them making me care about the story

    • oops got cut off
      For me the Hong sister’s track record is always and hit and them miss…so since Big was such a miss, will this be a hit? Please deliver dramagods!

  10. Wow, I had never imagined these two would be paired up together. Too bad they picked the wrong writers to collaborate with.

    I pity So Ji-Sub so much. He has the talent, but he doesn’t know how to use it. He has never been in one decent drama ever since Misa and continues to make bad choices again and again. It’s just…sad.

    And Gong Hyo-Jin. God. Haven’t you learned from the past experience working with the Hong sisters? How awful The Greatest Love is??

  11. Count me IN !!
    Its my long time dream to see SJS play romcom. I’m soooo bored with his one kinda type of character over and over. I like Gong Hyo Jin too since Pasta. But I’m not sure with this otp. It’s like hearing Yoon Shi Yoon pair with Shin Hye in FBND. Never in mil years you would imagine these two be part in a drama together, but when they did it, the result is great. I’m kinda hoping same thing would happen to SJS and GHJ too. Because i like both of them individually.

  12. two thoughts:

    -description totally reminded me of Chilling Romance.. almost same storyline (at least from those two lines)

    -So Ji Sub? Really?????????? I know he’s famous, but I don’t get his appeal.. mostly because I don’t think he can do anything but brood……… he looks the same in almost everything I have watched with him so far..

  13. Eeeeeh, I’m just not seeing this. This is such a unlikely pairing that I never ever thought I’d see. I’m still not believing it.
    To my shame I admit I enjoyed best love…..
    But I hope the Hong sisters create a better script this time, I couldn’t even finish Big.

  14. Am I the only one who imagined SJS will be a ghost in this one?
    “The man who stays by her side and keeps her promise” — sounds like a dead boyfriend to me.

    If SJS will be a brooding, jealous ghost who eventually learns to let GHJ go, I can see this working.

    Speaking of “Ghost” and SJS, I wish Daniel Choi was the one doing a Hong Sisters comedy instead. 🙁

  15. I loved SJS in It happened in Bali. This is sooo different from anything I’ve ever seen him in. Will be worth watching to see how he fares. He might have comic timing we never knew existed. At any rate, if he takes off his shirt again, I’d be happy.

  16. I think So Ji Sub will be a hoot and it’s time he makes the move from serious roles. Watching his music videos, one can tell there is a very creative side to him which will definitely be proven and what better vehicle than a Hong Sisters collaboration. I just hope the script is well-thought out ’cause even in Best/Greatest Love was a laughfest, it was silly at times and the OTP I enjoyed the best was Dokko Jin and Ding Dong (the little guy who stole the show 🙂 ).

  17. ***she sees dead people. he stays by her side like his promise.***

    I just hope she does not see him dead & he does not stay by her side as a ghost. If that’s the case, you can’t say SJS comes out of his comfort zone. He is still in his comfort zone while brooding as a ghost.

    On the bright side, SJS is in front of the camera again. That is all I care. 🙂

  18. i’m so excited about this news… seriously i can’t tell you how excited i am, so please i need this news to be true!!! sjs in a new drama, and more that this in a Hong Sis Drama!!!! after Big i don’t think they could do worse so this must be good. GHJ is a hit and miss for me, but i love her in Best Love, so i have high expectations…
    and if it turns out a bad drama i wouldn’t care… as long as i have sjs on screen i’m a happy girl :)))
    i don’t know how i would sleep tonight… i’m so happy and excited!!!

  19. I like GHJ really, but she’s just too “cute” for my tastes (and for the scenes I imagine and hope they will put SJS into). I think it’s this cute element that made Best Love not too magical for me (Cha Seung Won was too intense and he has that err pervy vibe in comparison) It would be really funny if they are to make fun of SJS alongside Kim Sun A. Dunno. I want the drama to be funny and hot. 😛

  20. i love this pairing..if im not mistake,this is the first time hong sister did recycle their heroin..and i’m hoping HYUN BIN will be in their drama one day..fighting our BINNIE..

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