Ha Ji Won and Song Joong Ki Receive Medical Korea Appreciation Awards

Has anyone ever pondered pairing up Ha Ji Won with Song Joong Ki? I confess it never once crossed my mind. Until now. But I’ll get to that later – let’s first talk about how utterly wonderful they were today using their celebrity to heartfelt use for their work with the initiative Medical Korea. They were feted today at an Appreciation Day for their volunteer efforts in helping children in need of expensive medical care get the treatment they need regardless of financial or social ability. Ha Ji Won and Song Joong Ki, looking every bit the glamorous and beautiful stars they are, walked into the ceremony hand-in-hand with some very sick children who have recently received the medical treatment they need and are recovering. Prior to receiving their appreciation awards, both spoke at length about how this is a cause near and dear to their heart, and how it is truly gratifying to lend a hand and raise awareness. I love how they got down on their knees to the level of the children to chat with them face-to-face, and with such bridled tenderness and sincerity. It’s gratifying but not surprising since both are two of my favorite actors in K-ent and I’m aware of their activist streak and charitable efforts. Song Joong Ki was especially adorable in how he coaxed laughter out of this one boy who is severely facially deformed but just beamed to be the center of his attention. I hope hope hope Song Joong Ki doesn’t go to the army this year before doing another project, and now that I’ve seen him next to Ha Ji Won, I can’t unsee how cute they would be as an OTP in a rom-com movie. Make it happen, Korea!


Yeah, two these rock. I bet they will rock and roll if allowed to actually do a project together. *squishes them together*


Ha Ji Won and Song Joong Ki Receive Medical Korea Appreciation Awards — 26 Comments

  1. These two are great!! Bless their hearts for helping to fulfill this great need. Also bless the children for their courage and amazing strength. I hope they all can have good and speedy recoveries.

  2. Oooooooooppppppppaaaaa~~~~! I told a friend of mine yesterday that I will cry tears of anguished sadness when my ILU Joong-ki oppa goes to the army. I hope he does another drama before he goes, but I’ll settle for a movie, too. And rewatch Nice Guy ad naseum.

    It breaks my heart to see those children. It’s wonderful that they’ve gotten the help they need, but it’s so sad that any child, especially ones so young!, ever have to suffer. :”(

    • I thought so, too. But then, when I first scrolled through the pictures I couldn’t help thinking, of course she is doing things like this, she’s the Queen, after all… LOL

  3. I wasn’t sure there’d be a lot of pictures out of consideration for the children, but I’m glad there were many and that these drew heartfelt comments on the portal sites (rather than the usual insensitive, knee-jerk reactions). As for SJK, I doubt he’d enlist before another project, I think it’s rather a question of whether he could squeeze in two (or more). We’ll see… I read his letter to his fans over the weekend (which he posted around 4am), and he seemed in a good place emotionally and mentally to decide whatever’s right for him.

  4. Why does this woman have chemistry with every man she stands next to?
    Jeez. Ha Ji Won. Epitome of class and glam.

  5. yeah when i saw the picture i was already thinking the two of them together in a drama.,both of them are great whether its rom-com or melo.,ha ji won can really establish good chemistry with whoever she’s paired with

  6. I adore both individually but I’m not crazy to have them in drama together. In CF maybe, but not drama or movie. These two look like noona donsaeng to me, so I’m ok if they are not pair together.

  7. Omg i think I’m falling in love!! Did you see the look of tenderness while he was looking at the boy? It just tugged my heart! Lee Seung Gi watch out, you finally have competition for husband #1 position!!

    • Haha! Joongki has a very sweet and serene face. But between Seunggi and Joongki, I’ll pick SG for two reasons:
      1) SG’s already got my heart
      2) I wouldn’t want my husband to look prettier than me!
      Of course, this is if I were 25 yrs younger and not married already!

  8. Wow. Those photos are awesome. I hope these kids really do get to feel special because of these celebrities. This is a good way to use your fame.

    Both stars look amazing, but I had to go look twice to see HJW next to SJK. His charisma on camera is off the charts. What is he like IRL?

  9. Omg ! I swear that I have never seen SK more bright ! And her Omg ! Can she be more amazing ! And those kids ! I’m so happy for them to get Their treatment ! I would love love love to see them together ! Salam !
    PS . Does SK look amazing great in that pic where he is at the boys eye level and smiling warmly ! Oppa u made me cry ! U r sensational !

  10. I would looooooove to see these two in a drama together. Both of these two could have chemistry with a rock. Imagine them together! The screen would explode!

  11. He is very sweet and she is always graceful and beautiful. Doesn’t show her age at all. However, they do look like elder sister and little brother to me. Hard to imagine burning passion between these two. It’ll take some fantastic acting to be convincing.

    • I think its possible. Who is older LSG or SJ?.The chemistry between LSG and HJW was pretty good during K2H and she’s 9 years older.

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